Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Asta La Vista Kitties - No More Card Games For Us

Ever Get Fed Up ?
well today was that day for us with Entrecard.
Apologies to all those blogs who we cancelled as Advertisers;
as well as the ADS we cancelled. WE Flipped The Script Today

the simple facts are :

  1. the time we spent returning drops to blogs was crazy and not reciprocated equally
  2. time is money so we have to make money instead of Playing cards all day
  3. blogging is to be read and commented - that's not happening enough for us with Entrcard

With that said - we say Hasta La Vista to The Card Game; and get with a smarter program, RedGage

If you enjoy this blog enough to visit, do us and yourself a favor and subscribe to our rss feed, or add yourself as a friend. we visit our friends, often. entrecard devalued our blog remarkably. little did we realize how much until we saw the last six months figures in comparison to pre entrecard levels. all that dropping; dropped us in page rank, and popularity with the search engines.

So with that said, Hope To See You Visiting as usual, but if not -

Asta La Vista Kitties,

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We Found a Great Alternative to Entrecard - No Dropping And You Make Money

What to Do, What to Do ?

that's the question many Entrecarders are asking themselves today.
We searched and delved into the social networking scene to locate
another alternative; with a more enticing twist - They Pay You for Your Content

I recently joined RedGage, a website where you can host and share all of your content in one place. But, the most exciting part is RedGage is a website that pays you for the content you create.

You can see my profile at:

I thought you might like to check it out!

You can join by signing up here:

This is a Great Alternative to Entrecard - No Dropping And You Make Money for Your Content.

Hope To See You Visit Me on Redgage Soon,

Monday, September 28, 2009

MM: The Wu Tang Style is Mentally Strong

Talkin out both sides of your mouth and you still ain't sayin nothin, because whether you know it or not - the membership has spoken -

Pimpilicious - you are not Entrecard..

"The Wu Style is Mentally Strong"

Hello Entrecarders,

We just wanted to update everyone that the sponsor ads will be postponed for another week, until Oct. 5, 2009. When it is implemented, users will have the option to opt out of the sponsor ads program completely for a small fee. For just $50 a year, you can have your widget free of sponsor ads. We have provided this option for those of you who are concerned about the sponsor ads. Thank you for your support.

Now we get this $50.00 Hoe Ticket, that's what it is; Regardless of what they call it or how they try to dress it up - it's a Hoe Ticket.

Why would they say this after less than two months of really bad changes in succession ?

well it plays out like this, they have Money to Make and Pies to Bake !

Andrew.. ur ruh who ever this character in the Entredrama is; has decided that it's time to take the gloves off and see how the entrecarders will react to his stiff hand technique. Personally I'm a big fan of Wu Tang and Kung Fu Flicks so I recognized it as "Stiff Hand" or in America - "Pimp Hand" immediately.

The only remedy my Fellow Entrecarders is to either bow to the master and accept his "Pimp Hand Ticket"; or say that Your Wu Tang is Stronger.

we know our Wu Tang is Really Strong so We're going to see how they push their plan across the table on Oct 5th. We'll continue to see the battle from the inside for as long as our hummer holds out. then we're off to the bunker.
So What's It Gonna Be Carders - The Pimp Hand Ticket or A Stronger Wu-Tang ?

Why Don't You tell us what your plan is for the Entrewar,

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Please Tell Us, how do little children fit into the Glenn Beck drama ?

why are we teaching our children to be fearful of praising the good works they see ?

when we read this story earlier it was appalling to see how these children are being made pawns of stupidity. how do little children fit into the glenn beck drama ? it appears the kids made a little video singing during a celebration at their school; presented it to an author of a childrens book on Barack Obama as a gift; and her pr people capitalized on the kids cuteness factor and put them on YouTube.

What are these kids doing wrong ?

YouTube seems to be getting the rep as the place you find anything to use to stick someone else in the eye with. but why kids and why now ?

the tune is "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" Why is this wrong ?

apparently when they (the political pootbutts) discovered the video it had been up for months, and the becks' folks just discovered it.

Utterly amazing, they are searching for kids videos now to use as fodder in their war of stupidity 

Glenn Beck has turned a page in our nations political history, with his step to a lower level. he thinks kids should be used as tools. how crass and totally idiotic. the kids are not praising any political party or actions; they are only singing about their president, much as other kids have done about other presidents of this very nation.

anything that comes up about Barack Obama seems to make Glenn Beck believe he is writing a new page in history. but who's going to read that misinformation and get anything usable out of it ? we doubt anyone who can read the news in comparison, will know that this is a lame attempt to remain in the media - by a personality with little appeal and less common sense.

Glenn Beck take your finger out of your nose and go sit down somewhere,

Scrutiny rises over NJ kids singing Obama song


BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) - A school for kindergartners through second-graders in a comfortable Philadelphia suburb has become the latest target of accusations by conservatives that schoolchildren are being indoctrinated to idolize President Barack Obama.

The controversy grows out of a school assembly during Black History Month in February, when gripes about the freshly inaugurated president were still mostly hushed.
That month, a group of smiley and fidgety students at B. Bernice Young School sang a medley of two short songs praising the president.

The first song begins, "Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama/He said that all must lend a hand/To make this country strong again."

The second one was set to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and included the refrain, "Hooray, Mr. President."

While the performance is seven months old, the outrage is new and came about because of the discovery of a YouTube video.

It's been fodder for conservative opinion leaders such as columnist and blogger Michelle Malkin and Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck.

The notion that schoolchildren are being subjected to partisan politics rather than taught civics emerged earlier this month before an Obama speech to students was played in thousands of schools.

By then, unlike February, there was broader mistrust of Obama, particularly over his health insurance overhaul plans. Concerns that he would use his speech to students as a political tool grew partly because the White House initially released a lesson plan encouraging students to "help the president."

The plan was revised and the message to students was not overtly political.
News about the song brought a quick response from New Jersey's Department of Education. Spokeswoman Beth Auerswald said the department wants "to ensure students can celebrate the achievements of African Americans during Black History Month without inappropriate partisan politics in the classroom."

Auerswald said the state would also look into whether posting the video online violated the privacy of students.

Superintendent Christopher Manno defended the performance in Friday's editions of the Burlington County Times.

"There was no intention to indoctrinate children," he said. "The teacher's intention was to engage the children in an activity to recognize famous and accomplished African Americans."
He said he would not identify the teacher who led the song. State education officials said she retired at the end of the last school year.

The source of the video is not entirely clear. In Malkin's column, she said it was posted in June on the YouTube channel of author Charisse Carney-Nunes, who wrote the children's book "I Am Barack Obama."

The song medley was presented to Carney-Nunes, who had been invited to the school, as a demonstration of a project the children had put together, her public relations firm said in a statement.

"Charisse feels it is unfortunate that an event put together with sincere intentions to encourage literacy while celebrating the contributions of African Americans to our great nation has become political fodder and hopes cooler heads will prevail," the hoverFly media statement said.
The video was ubiquitous online Friday but was not listed under Carney-Nunes' feed.
Officials at the Burlington Township Board of Education did not return calls Friday to discuss the incident or how much public response it received, and the district's Web site was not available.
Leslie Gibson, the mother of a kindergartner and a second-grader, said the incident was not addressed in Thursday evening's back-to-school assembly.

Gibson said that while parents had different views about how problematic the song may have been, one thing was unanimous: They don't like having television trucks and reporters camped out on the streets near the school.

Friday afternoon, there were two police cars posted outside the building.
There wasn't much protest, though. One man, Chris Concannon, from nearby Magnolia, was outside hoping to speak with school officials about what happened.
"It's just like the Hitler Youth all over again," said Concannon, an unemployed 26-year-old former National Guardsman. "They should be learning history, but instead they're being taught to worship the president."

Friday, September 25, 2009

see you saturday - we're building a new pc today thanks to entrecard

Entercard has cost us a computer - yepper
so we'll be back in a day with pictures and the full story on what the end result was of dropping cards. as you can tell, we are on the way out - it's time.

Have A Red Stripe and Some Patties - We Soon Come, Fitness Friday is replaced this week with this nice video of My Jamaica. Saturday if it nice, we give you a shake it up day.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hot Dog! Have a Beer with Ricky "So Not the Boss" Ross, he got ganked by chicks, AGAIN

Ricky Ross You Ain't No Boss

Today is Thirsty Thursday and again we see Ricky Ross flat on his back underneath some booty. his female fans robbed his fat ass. Whooo HA ! talkin about he's a miami roughneck boss; a big baller, and a shot caller. all that woofin he's been doing and now we SEE how much bite is behind that rah rah.. NONE..

Today we're Dishin out Hot Dogs and Beer in honor of Ricky "SOOO Not the Boss" Ross. cause he can't afford to floss us off with cristal on that Non Boss Budget, grab one on ya way through. Ricky Deserves nothin but dirty sideeye today. such an impersonator.

Fat Ricky, A Real Boss doesn't Have to tell anybody - You Already Know

Check this out -Rick Ross Robbed in Nashville

According to a CBS news report, the "Boss" and his associates had valuables stolen from them in a Nashville hotel.

"Metro police are looking for party crashers at the downtown Hilton Hotel," a news reporter said in a broadcast. "They're suspected of stealing thousands of dollars worth of a rapper's personal belongings right out of his hotel room. The crime was caught on tape and the police need your help to identify the thieves...A call to Crime Stoppers can earn you lots of cash." (CBS News)

Details of the stolen items landed online Tuesday (September 22) morning.

In Rick Ross' case, he was apparently seduced before his shines got the boost. According to CBS affiliate Channel 5 News in Nashville, the Boss got got for over $60,000 worth of his personal belongs including jewelry and a laptop. The four sticky-fingered women then proceeded to do their best Set It Off impersonation, sans the guns and violence, by relieving Ricky of his items and making what they thought was a clean getaway. But cameras in the hotel have caught the suspects and now Crime Stoppers are looking for them. (Lime Wire)

Monday, September 21, 2009

MM: Yep We're busy so Dance With Badu

MM: Yep Yep We're busy, so Dance With Badu and Leave Ya Panties on the bathroom floor..

Annie Don't Wear No Panties - Erykah Badu

See Ya Tomorrow - No Foolin,

Erykah Badu on homebirth and homeschooling

( Hip hop soul musician, Erykah Badu, told Babble about homeschooling her son to give him an academic advantage. Her two younger children currently homeschool.
I wanted to give Seven Sirius special attention academically, to give him an advantage. So by being home-schooled he learned how to learn — he learned how to solve problems in a nontraditional way. In doing that he developed an edge in his schoolwork. He enjoys challenges. He pushes himself. He does his homework voluntarily. He does not want to miss school or be late or be untidy or not have his things in order because that was a big part of how he was brought up.
Erykah Badu's son is in school now, but she says, "when school stops, learning continues. . ."
On Homebirth
Erykah Badu birthed each of her babies at home with siblings present and "a big part of it."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What makes this man soooo..... You Know,

okay we watched the fight. as everybody knows by now the fight was basically a "Showcase" to allow Floyd "Money" Mayweather to come back into the market and make more money. his talents as a boxer are legendary (yawn..) as well as his attitude.

we don't often get into sports chat, but this was a special occasion at our house; and for $50.00 you tell somebody. smdh

Tonite after the fight Mayweather was being interviewed by Max from hbo ppv; and to be honest he was just an ass. so much so that HBO shut off the mic and cut to another group of ringside announcers, just to end the spectacle.

I wonder why he has to take the victory and tarnish it so ?

is it that Floyd has the issue that afflicts many boxers - The Inability to Hear after Boxing. he seems to be unable to hear anyone else after a match. maybe it's me, but I looked back at some of his previous behaviour and it seems to match Saturday Nite's performance.

All in all I can assure you that This was NOT a Fight
In fact Floyd paid $600.000 to Marquez PRE-FIGHT because he jumped in the ring to fight at Welterweight Weight - 152 lbs. so as you can see, it was an "arranged match" so to say

his opponent was at the proper weight of 144 for the top weight of 146 for his class. Why didn't the Marquez camp insert a cotticle into the contract that mirrored the overweight clause - saying that if Floyd is into the next weight class, He Forfeits and Pays the purse to Marquez - Plain and Simple.

That would have made it more of a fight I think

when watching the fight I could swear it was choreographed, like by someone like say Paula Abdul. they should have gotten the guy who did Bad for MJ; because I'm sure he could have made it more realistic, and probably more entertaining. (yawn)

Sugar Shane Mosley was ringside and Floyd made sure to wink at him as he was entering the ring; in his blue fake fur sleeveless hoodie. (yes I said blue fake fur hoodie) I'm sure that this was aimed at bringing suspicion that they may soon be paired in the ring. That's a Fight Everyone Wants to See, Ohhh Yeah Baby, Especially Sugar Shane Mosley.

Trust Me, I'll Pay for the Chicken Wings that Nite

it's being circulating that Floyd plans to take on Manny Pacquiao. just so you and I know that he is serious, and this is not another of his productions - this is the youtube announcement from july 09. I'm not holding my breath waiting on the announcement of the fight, because Floyd is waffling bad.

Pound for Pound Floyd Mayweather is supposed to be the best in the sport at this moment. I personally don't agree. In fact based on his present condition and past record - I believe that if he were to get into the ring at his present weight with Sugar Shane Mosley; we could all do a little dance and sing a lil song. cause it would be on that nite, Oh Yeah.

Boxer- Shane Mosley

Just Look at This Work of Art - Sugar Shane Baby !

Sugar Shane came into the ring post fight during the interview. he tried several times politely at the urging of the ring announcer Max to ask Floyd to Put Up That Belt or Shut The Frick Up. As Per Usual Floyd Jr. was still yappin; but not about the title shot.

I firmly believe now, it's because he knows he's gonna get his butt pushed back into the fly weight class that night, LOL. Sugar Shane Honey, Have No Mercy. Please Please Please, as JB Would Have Said.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather jrIt is my belief that lightweight intellects who "get" money should hire folks to teach them to keep their mouths shut in public; to prevent anyone knowing how stupid they really MIGHT BE.

That's enough sports smack from me. We hope you enjoyed the break because it's back to the grind on Monday.

Watch the Replays of the quite boring and choreographed fight to see for yourself on the hbo site. HBO Should Make Mayweather Refund Everybody's Money from his stupid fashion show. the only thing missing was Kanye West. Damnn..

Mike Tyson was there so I guess that makes up for it (yikes)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Virus Season - Have You Seen the Entre Doc Yet ?

The Entrecard Virus Season has started again - Oh Wait, when did it end ?

Has This Happened To You, Browsing and BAM a Pop Up ?

Queen Katherine has written on her blog about the latest round of "Virus Baiting - Thanks Pranks" as we like to call them.

there are widgets displaying Thanks as though they've been dropped on, even when they haven't. it's caused mass confusion and havoc with lots of Entrecarders computers. many of these Entrecarders got the same virus that appears to be again making it's rounds on Entrecard - by way of some very unscrupilous characters.
my statement to them is the same as it was the first time I made it " If You Hate Bloggers So Much - Stop Blogging and and Get Out of Entrecard".
now undoubtably someone with really sore little balls will see this and think I am specifically targeting them. well Lil Balls, to quote my mentor Bob " Jah Rastafari" Marley - "If The Cap Fits, Let them Wear It". so to you today We dedicate this post.

This is the Doctors Prescription for Entrecard Virus Protection :

If You're In the Drive Through Lane - Click Here Fast

Check out Our Podcast of This Post, complete with a Bangin Reggae and Ska Soundtrack - Entrepod Has the Prescription

First Get Your Copy of these three free pieces of software -

  1. Malwarebytes Anti Malware Software
  2. Ad Aware Anti Adware Software
  3. Spy Sweeper Spybot Remover Software
Next Take a Day Off of Entrecard -

Clean Up Your Computer; Clean and Detrash Each Hard drive Separately. then run Defrag to get your space back.

This Video will tell you HOW To Fix This Mess

Next Take a Good Look at your drop pattern - Seriously Doh,

is it consistent ? do you visit the same blogs daily ? if you have more than 150 blogs in your friends blogs list on entrecard, maybe it's time to really look at what's on those blogs that make them Your Favorites.

Somewhere in this list of Friends who drop consistently is a blog that somehow you enjoy, but maybe they don't think the same of your blog. Yes I'm speaking of " Blog Envy". many folks don't admit it, but there are many blogs that we visit and wish that we were that popular; or our template was tweeked just so. yeah, I said it. Blog Envy.

take a few minutes and look at those blogs you envy - what is it about that blog that makes you like it ? is it the design, the layout, the amount of interaction and comments ? You're looking at your growth plan when you examine these elements.

Next take a look at your inbox and see who from this list of Blogs You Envy drops on you consistently. this is what you want to assess. why do the folks who drop on you comeback ? if you don't know, drop them a comment or even a note and ask them - what keeps them coming back.

next look at those blogs in your drop list who consistently visit, but don't update or comment - These Are The Problem Blogs - or as I call them the Coverts who are covering up why they are visiting you and others regularly, without interacting.

there is one thing Entrecard needs to do - create a way to Block Drops from those who may have possibly been in some way a bad blog experience for you. if Entrecard allowed this - do you think it would stop this Blog Envy and present the ability to really enjoy Entrecard for you ? I'd say YES.

there are clickfarmers still raping our blogs and many of them are doing it with bad intention. Entrecard still has not owned up to their part in enabling this behaviour. until they look at it as an abuse issue, instead of ignoring it - the problem will only intensify.

My final bit of advice is to avoid blogs that offer you NO Interaction - No Comments, and nothing but using Your Blog as a source of credits.

Entrecard needs to mature in the sense that bloggers should be Respected. Blogs should also be given a fairer assessment in terms of credit value.

how can a blog which updated 3 months ago still be valued at 512 credits per day - when they have nothing to offer different than the last 89 days you saw it ? STUPID and one of the causes of Extreme Blog Envy.

Instead of asking for more realestate on blogs - Entrecard needs to learn to manage what space they have already on your blog more effectively. Do Not Allow a Blog which is more than 25% Ads INTO Entrecard - Simple.

if you are not a Blogger - Become an Advertiser. Stop Ruining the Blogging experience for so many others who consistently find time to write, interact and comment. those who've found friendship and like mindedness in bloggers who they visit daily, because they Enjoy The Writing and Experience, Not because they want to raise your bouncerate and devalue your blog by infecting it with a virus, on your return visit to them.

Courtesy is important, but Safety is Much More Relevant in this case

If You've dropped on me and I haven't returned the drop - stop dropping on me. it's because you aren't writing about anything I find interesting. probably I've read your blog the first time you milked me, and felt the drop fever, not the love. that means I won't be back.

why not take the hint and be a good egg and find somewhere else to deposit your clicktrash like on a fellow clickfarmer.

Ever Think Maybe. Entrecard needs to invent a category just for Clickfarmers

We think if they did, no one would willingly join it - but maybe if you were caught clickfarming or virusbaiting - you could be put there by fellow entrecarders; who would then know Who You Are and What You've Done.
Check out Our Podcast of This Post, complete with a Bangin Reggae and Ska Soundtrack - Entrepod Has the Prescription

As SmartCarders, Isn't it time We Started Dropping Smarter instead of being Baited Harder ?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thirsty Thursday: Congress Get Back To Work - NO Nipplegate For YOU !

Do you remember this Janet ?

It's Thirsty Thursday and it appears that the government is reexamining the Superbowl nipple-gate incident. why ? I think they're just a buncha Janet Jack-offs. really doh. the girl is hot, but damn leave her alone.

wasn't it enough that Justin snatched her top off exposing her nipple to the entire Superbowl world ? Gee.. when is enough, enough ?

just look at his face in the pic above, can't you see how mesmerized he is by her super boob ? it's not necessary to mezmerize the American people again is it ?

The facts are clear - it was a wardrobe malfunction and she grabbed herself to cover up so quickly; that you didn't even know what happened, until you read it in the newspaper the next day.

Most folks never even saw the nip slip until the newspapers showed blown up pics of it. that is the most famous nipple in the world, undoubtedly. now the government thinks it should be re-explored again, Why ?

maybe it's their distraction from the Health Care Reform Debates, sad.

Congress Get Back To Work - NO Nipplegate For YOU !

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is a Plea For Help - I hope someone see's it

Why does it appear that our friend Kanye is not himself these days?

we noticed it's become a pattern. Recently he seems to be getting a little worse, with the addition of Hen Hen and Amber Rose to the mixx. all we can say is you tell us, does this look like a stable person to you ?

we compiled these videos from Youtube, with a quick search. there is so much out there about Yeezie's behaviour, that we wanted to focus on the time peroid where this seems to be escalating. if you pay attention, you will see the video of Him and His Mom. He Appears Close to Normal there.

Kanye and Him Mom - Dr. Donda West; on the release of her book chronicalling the life of Kanye West, and How She Raised Him.

It makes us wonder if he still has that book, and if he's even thought of it lately ? I'm sure his mom wouldn't like this latest action, according to what she wrote in her book on "Raising Kanye".

When She died; immediately the strange behaviour manifested

Grief is a powerful disabler. we are speaking from personal experience, and professional advice. when his mom died suddenly, he was on tour. when he arrived home; she was gone. he missed his last moments with her.  they had a very unique bond. you would see them arrive together to the early award shows. she walked the red carpet with him. sat with him at the first grammy awards. she was his rock, and that's what seems to be pushing him toward this type of acting out.

Kanye may not be ready to admit it, but take a look at the changes with us

Kanye and Alexis Pheifer

1. He Jumped from his tame designer fiance Alexis Pheifer, who stood by him through the car accident and early revelations of his sex addiction; to dating a former stripper and admitted try-sexual, Amber Rose.

Kanye and Amber Rose

watch closely and you'll see Amber Rose in this Luda Video - yeah,,

2. We remember when he was a college drop-out in his preppy marc jacobs posse', carrying a Murse.  To being kicked out of award shows globally. he went from being dressed in air yeezies and argyle, to drinking  straight from the Neck of the Hen-Hen dressed in BadBwoy Black Leather and Jeans, much more in style to his companion Amber Rose.

The strange behaviour seemed to start when his mom died. we saw it in the video when he was off the hook with the fan who he told to eat shit and die - On Stage. this was within months of his moms death.

Kanye, Mark Jacobs and fellow fashionistas attend an Event in Paris

3. Slowly in the media, He took on an oppositional attitude toward all other talented individuals; he felt were less than himself.  It was reported int he news that upon hearing of  the death of Michael Jackson recently Kanye declared himself "The New King of Pop".  that was certainly a huge danger sign.

wow.. he's a rapper, so what does he have to do with Pop ?

Kanye and Amber Rose attend Fashion Week 2008

we hope that those who are able to, Get Ye Some Professional Help Quick Fast and In a Hurry.
His "Acting Out"  in this fashion persuades us that he is not the genius, but a terribly troubled soul; who needs to again see the light, instead of the darkness which seems to be enveloping him now.

Kanye is in our Thoughts and Prayers, because we can't see anything good coming out of this. not anything good. publicity can work both ways and this so far hasn't been good. apologizing on Jay Leno and the Morning Show won't make up to the millions of fans who are disappointed. so much so that they decide to boycott his music. that kind of loss of credibility indicates a serious need for help.

Please Kanye, Get Help - No Joke Brothaman,

Monday, September 14, 2009

MM: Is it Black or White - You Tell Us Jermaine ?

So What IS Really Going On with the Michael Jackson Tribute in Vienna ?

This is our Music Monday Submission - Michael Jackson Black or White Full Length

Apparently the people rumored to be performing are now Confirming that
They Won't Be Performing. Voila!  another strange update in this ever
changing Magical Jackson Family drama.

If they have these people on lock, why are they saying publicly No ?
It seems very strange that these types of stars would take the time to
stomp on a rumor, unless they felt some shade developing. Voila!

Jermaine is apparently suffering from the effects of too much
free floating silicone too close to the brain and mouth. he really
needs some serious facial repair. lets hope he makes enough to
buy his old face back (mwahhhhhh !!!!) I doubt there is anything
that can be done about that hair tho.. maybe he can be on Tyra.
She has a Hair Thang going on now.

This seems to be a Very Magical Situation,

Read More from BBC

Jermaine Jackson
 If these artists are not welcome in Vienna, London is more than happy to have them 
Jermaine Jackson
The tribute concert for Michael Jackson set to take place in Vienna this month has been rescheduled for London in June 2010.
Jackson's brother Jermaine said that too many top artists had been unable to perform at the event.
"Numerous stars were just not able to change their schedules to make a live appearance at the Vienna event possible," said Jackson.
The event had been due to take place on 26 September at the Schoenbrunn castle.
Earlier, representatives for Mary J Blige, Chris Brown and Natalie Cole said none of the three would sing at the concert, as previously announced.
"Many artists and performers who I have spoken to personally told me that it would be a great honour to be part of this memorial concert for my late brother," Jermaine Jackson said.
New venue
Mary J Blige
There had been doubts over Mary J Blige and Chris Brown singing in Vienna
"However, due to the short time-frame it was not possible for many of them to change their schedule so that they could be on stage in Vienna on 26 September, therefore we decided, after careful consideration, to change the date of the tribute concert to June 2010 - just a few weeks before the first anniversary of his untimely death.
"Now we have eight months to put this monumental show together and not just eight weeks."
The organisers, World Tribute Productions, said all ticket holders for the Vienna concert would receive a refund.
Spokeswoman Nina Elland told the BBC that discussions on the London venue were under way. "We need time to confirm the location. We are definitely moving to London and Wembley Stadium is our favourite location."
'Bizarre' reports
Michael Jackson performed at the original Wembley Stadium 15 times.
Another reason for relocating the show was the "bizarre" press reports in Austria about the event, the Austrian promoters said.
Jermaine Jackson said he could not understand why the acts he had lined up for Vienna were being ridiculed.
"When artists who have won eight Grammy Awards and sold millions of records around the world and are able to sell out large stadiums are then called 'B-list artists', are made fun of and generally disrespected, is something I just cannot understand.
"If these artists are not welcome in Vienna, London is more than happy to have them."
Speaking at a news conference earlier this week, Jackson told reporters that up to 25 performers had been lined up to sing in Vienna.
Organisers had said they were expecting 65,000 fans at the Vienna show - paying up to 512 euros (£448) to attend.

Mary J Blige
Mary J Blige and Chris Brown will not be performing
Plans for a Michael Jackson tribute concert in Vienna have been dealt a blow after previously announced stars say they will not be performing.
Representatives for Mary J Blige, Chris Brown and Natalie Cole said none of the three would be at the event on 26 September at Schoenbrunn castle.
However organisers have played down the lack of confirmed performers.
"The star is Michael Jackson - it's not about name dropping and who else will be there," producer Georg Kindel said.
Speaking at a press conference earlier this week, Jackson's brother Jermaine - who is also organising the tribute concert - told reporters that up to 25 performers had been lined up to sing.
But Karynne Tencer, a spokeswoman for Blige, said although the singer wanted to perform, "she had a previous commitment in Milan" at a Gucci fashion show.
Brown, who is on five years' probation for assaulting his former girlfriend, Rihanna, would need a judge's permission for any international travel, a Los Angeles court spokeswoman said. No motion to do so has yet been filed.
 I'm sure the show is going to be fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing you there 
Katherine Jackson
A spokeswoman for Cole said the 59-year-old could not be there because she will be attending an event in Tennessee for the Dalai Lama and can not make it to Vienna in time.
Maureen O'Connor said concert organisers had contacted Cole, "but she was never committed to do it".
It leaves only a few performers still confirmed to sing at the show, including Sister Sledge, Akon and German boy band US5.
A list of confirmed acts is due to be announced in Vienna next week, after Jermaine Jackson has personally confirmed who will attend.
"It seems that there is a lot of confusion regarding the confirmed talent for the tribute - we are rechecking and confirming each artist personally," Kindel said.
Jackson's mother, Katherine, pledged her support for the concert in a video message on the event's official website to quash rumours of a family feud over the event.
"I'm sure the show is going to be fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing you there," she said.
Organisers said they were expecting 65,000 fans - who have paid up to 512 euro (£448) - to attend.
Jackson passed away in June after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why is Political Correctness more important than Fact in this Hot Mess ?

She is Claiming Neither She or He - so how does this play out ?

Once we got over our loss of words - we actually came up with some clarity on this Hot Mess right here. this is a MAN - NO OVARIES, NO ESTROGEN; TESTES and TESTOSTERONE = MAN.  

Lets stop the drama South Africa. just because you play head games do you think the rest of the world should subscribe to your idiot notions ? any physical examination would reveal that this is NOT A WOMAN. the DNA and the Hormonal tests have proven it, as well as the physical inspection. so give back the damn medal Caster.

You Ran with Women and You are a MAN

A Handsome Man so we can let it go there. you have been camped out in the womans locker rooms for years. just give the damn medal back and enter the race as a MAN, Which You Are.

Fact Is Caster Semenya is hermaphrodite;

yes both sets of DNA.. Are There

The Telegraph report said tests had found Semenya had no womb or ovaries - or Estrogen; but that she has internal testes, the male sexual organs which produce Testosterone, and her levels of that hormone are three times that of a 'normal' female.
doesn't the olympic committe have some experts on this, and some kind of precedent to set here ? wow, this is really reaching into a whole new area of sexism. does this mean that now we will see the third indicator box for hermaphrodite soon ?
when can a person deny their sex ? that's basically what's happening here
how does this effect the race, and her/his competitors ? there are so many questions on this one, that we are going to be watching with baited breath for the final word from the IOCC.  don't worry South Africa, we're not worried about you vamping on the entire world. so your threats are falling on deaf ears thankfully.

The real deal is that This GUY needs to Stop Competing As A Woman; and Against Women. and South Africa needs to accept the FACTS, and deal with their mismanagement of resources. they should require a physical inspection of the athletes before allowing them to compete; after this. most of us will remember the Russian and Eastern European Drug Scandals of the 70's. Lets Not Go There Again IOCC.

Inquiring Minds Globally want to know,

Caster Semenya of South Africa celebrates after winning the women's 800 metres final

South Africa Threatens Third World War over Caster Semenya Affair

By Wendell Roelf, Reuters

KLEINMOND, South Africa — South Africa reacted angrily on Friday to a report that tests on its world champion runner Caster Semenya had found she was a hermaphrodite, threatening a "third world war" over the affair.
Athletics' governing body declined to confirm the report in Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper, which said the 18-year-old runner had both male and female sexual characteristics.
The IAAF said medical experts were examining the results of gender tests on Semenya, who won the women's 800 meters at last month's World Championships in Berlin. No decision would be taken until late November.
"I think it would be the third world war. We will go to the highest levels in contesting such a decision. I think it would be totally unfair and totally unjust," said Sports Minister Makhenkesi Stofile.
South African President Jacob Zuma decried the invasion of Semenya's privacy and what he called the violation of her rights, although neither he nor Stofile denied the report.
"I don't know why we should not respect the privilege between the doctor and the patient. Why, when the tests have been done, why was it published?" Zuma said.

The Telegraph report said tests had found Semenya had no womb or ovaries, but that she had internal testes, the male sexual organs which produce testosterone, and her levels of the hormone were three times that of a 'normal' female.
It said the IAAF was "ready to disqualify Semenya from future events and advise her to have immediate surgery because her condition carries grave health risks. They have also not ruled out stripping Semenya of her 800m world championships gold medal."
Semenya, who was due to compete in a cross country race in Pretoria on Saturday, in her first competition since claiming the world title, withdrew from the event. Semenya's coach Michael Seme said that she was not "feeling well."
Stofile told a news conference his ministry had "noted with shock and disgust" media reports on the test results, which the South African government had not yet received.
"The issue here is that this girl has undesirable levels of testosterone -- what does it matter? That is neither here not there. She does not have a womb -- so what?," he said.
Nick Davies, spokesman for the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), said media reports on the gender test results should not be considered as official statements by the sports body.
"There is a (IAAF) Council on 21 November and this will be the opportunity to conclusively finalize a decision," he said.
Some South Africans have accused the IAAF of racism for ordering the gender tests on Semenya, saying her broad shoulders and imposing musculature are common in women's athletics.
The controversy may have touched a raw nerve in a country where race is still a highly sensitive issue after decades of apartheid, which ended in 1994.
The militant Youth League of South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) said in a statement: "Even if a test is done, the ANC YL will never accept the categorization of Caster Semenya as a hermaphrodite, because in South Africa and the entire world of sanity, such does not exist."
(Additional reporting by Ingrid Melander in Athens and Alison Raymond in South Africa; Editing by Giles Elgood)