Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Time to Lock BP's Bank Acount Mr. Obama…

This is the Baddest Tune about Holes We've Ever heard. Today we want Humble Pie to Remind YOU that We're Blogging About OUR Beloved GULF. It's been over 60 days that BP has been lying and messing with the hole. We need YOU to help us get the message out that they need to step off.




Saturday, June 26, 2010

RIP Empress Njeri Alghanee - 06/24/50 - 06/24/10 Our Spear has found peace

RIP Empress Njeri Alghanee - 06/24/50 - 06/24/10 You were Our Leader, Revolutionary, Mother, Sister and Advocate.
May the Creators Peace Be Upon You Beloved

Njere Akosua Aminah Alghanee

We Remember Empress Njere Akosua Aminah Alghanee, Freedom Fighter, wife of Ras Mausi Alghanee (36 years), mother of six, grandmother of three and counting.

Sister Njeri was killed in an auto accident last night in Atlanta, Ga. It was her birthday and she had flown back to Atlanta to visit with her family before heading onto the Ncobra conference in New Orleans today.
We have heard that the Ncobra board has added Sister NJeri as one of those who are honored at this years conference. She Truly Deserved The Honor.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Power Relationships with Dr Josef Ben Levi

We Support Our History and Our Culture Always. this is an event that is of major importance for those interested in both History and Religious History. it's going to be held in Detroit on Saturday June 26, 2010. The Speaker is a man that needs little introduction. Dr. Josef Ben Levi, is and has been known as one of the most forward thinking theologians in the African Socialogical Paradigm.  He answers questions about Post Racialism in America - and he clarifys what that term really means.  This is from the viewpoint of A Black Man.  

John Meyer is one of my favorite musicians, and I was shocked and put off by his statements. yet Dr. Ben Levi clarifies what we want to step away from, and pretend doesn't exist. it's there and we need to deal with it. that's why he calls it A Power Relationship.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dudus Ratted Out - Snitches and Bitches pullin Switches;

Police say Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke was wearing this wig (above) when he was held yesterday.

According to our confidential sources, the amount of money on the head of Christopher Dudus Coke convinced a snitch to phone in to the JDF the Location and Time of the Surrender. the snitch was inside the US Embassy. YES Inside the US Embassy - this tells you that the surface of this simmering pot has been deceivingly cool for a little while, which the bottom bubbled with deceit.

Today somewhere in Jamaica there is a Very Rich Snitch, and We Hope that Their Peers Points Them Out. that's right we hope that someone RATS Them Out and then they meet their due. there is never a time in a situation like this to turn on the people who have supported you by playing along in your game. this is not going to end well, and we told you that in October 2009.

For All Those Who Didn't Know, This is the Door to Hell Opening in Jamaica. Get Ready for the Scorch Jamaica, cause you wanted it and now it agwan,

Cops tailed ‘Dudus’ for hours before pulling over car

‘Dudus’ captured

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CHRISTOPHER ‘Dudus’ Coke — Jamaica’s most wanted fugitive — was captured yesterday afternoon in a police dragnet along the Mandela Highway in St Catherine.

Coke, is without his beard when he was held yesterday.

The capture of Coke, who is wanted by United States authorities to answer drug-trafficking and gun-running charges, comes just short of a month after he escaped from his former stronghold of Tivoli Gardens in West Kingston when the security forces stormed the community to execute an arrest warrant on him and restore order after gunmen loyal to him barricaded all entrances to Tivoli and launched unprovoked attacks on the State.

Coke was travelling in a car with the Rev Al Miller when he was held at approximately 4:00 pm at a motor vehicle spot check set up by the police who apparently had information that he would be travelling on that road yesterday.

A cop, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the Observer that the vehicle in which Coke was travelling was being escorted by two cars carrying gunmen and that police officers were following the convoy for several hours. The cop said the car in front of that in which Coke was travelling was allowed to get away as Coke’s capture was their main focus.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Girl Fights - Whewwwww ! Hot Gal Nah Fight Ova Man

Yes we said Gal Fights. now some of you will pretend yuh well highty tighty and nah pap down fi watch gal fight. But we already a know how di ting run. see it here now, at 1:40 - check how she move into action, a real heavy weight dis, ooh ooooh whaaa, she snatch off her opponents lacefront and the ting start get sort out, wow, look pon dem,

There was reportedly a subsequent altercation and both women argued openly as to who the soldier wanted, and even threw blows at each other. The soldier over who they were fighting reportedly had to step in to quell the fracas.

"Hot Gal Nah Fight Ova Man, It Real - Show the ring a wha yuh boyfrien gie yuh, it real".. Mr Vegas - Hot Gal Nah fight Ova Man,  2008

now tell me now, yuh nah watch gal fight, eeeehhhh mi see unu a watch.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mothers - Who Father, Yasus Afari

There are many Mothers who are both Mothers and Fathers to their children. today we honor them, with this video from Yasus Afari.

Thank You Mother Because You Are Always There With Love,

Biggest Love and Happy Fathers Day To All Of Our Fathers

I was lucky enough as a youngster to get to see Horace Silver live at my junior high school. yes, he and his quintet came and gave us a free concert, since his sister worked as a teacher at the school. Amazing and Wonderful all at once. so today we wish All of the Fathers a wonderful day and dedicate this jazz classic tune just to you.

We’d like to add a couple very special Dedications :

Papa ASID – Always First in Everything ASID ! Ya Large and In Charge
The BASSA ! – Running the show on autopilot. when we grow up we wanna be just like you.
Horace Coleman – The Man who keeps pushin the buttons and postin the mail. it couldn’t work with out you Cap’.
King Bussy Lutalo – Only You Have the Keys.. Now Drive Boss.
Mr. Bertus – Our Singer and the Voice of the RawRootsPodcast; yes it’s true they can not hurt us, as long as we have you Big Singer.
And to ALL Our Friends, Entertainment Fathers, and Family – Stay Blessed and Remain Level as that’s how we can ALL Move Forward.

Biggest Love and Happy Fathers Day To All Our Fathers,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

HAPPY JUNETEENTH DAY AMERICA - IT'S Time This was a National Party don't you think ?

It’s Juneteenth – Lets Party Every Where America !!!

What is Juneteenth Day all About ?


Today we take a break and celebrate. Be sure you take a moment and remember what freedom really means TODAY. Because it’s not free for anyone EVER. We certainly support the premise that Juneteenth should be a national holiday; and as such we present a teach in on Juneteenth – so you know how it all began.

Happy Juneteenth Everybody !

Juneteenth should be made national holiday
By Heber Taylor – The Galveston Daily News
Published June 19, 2010
For the past several years, The Daily News has been asking the president of the United States to make Juneteenth a national holiday. Juneteenth, of course, marks the day slaves in Texas learned they were free.
Those who are lobbying for a national holiday are not asking for a paid day off. They are asking for a commemorative day, like Flag Day on June 14 or Patriot Day on Sept. 11. All that would take is a presidential proclamation. Both the U.S. House and Senate have endorsed the idea.
Why is a national celebration for an event that occurred in Galveston and originally affected only those in a single state such a good idea?
Because Juneteenth has become a symbol of the end of slavery. No matter how much we may regret the tragedy of slavery and wish it weren’t a part of this nation’s story, it is. Denying the truth about the past is always unwise.
For those who don’t know, Juneteenth started in Galveston. On Jan. 1, 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation was issued. But the order was meaningless until it could be enforced. It wasn’t until June 19, 1865 — after the Confederacy had been defeated and Union troops landed in Galveston — that the slaves in Texas were told they were free.
People all across the country get this story. That’s why Juneteenth celebrations have been growing all across the country. The celebration started in Galveston. But its significance has come to be understood far, far beyond the island, and far beyond Texas.
The holiday is a perfect solution to that uncomfortable question: What do you do about an awful legacy?
You do what people in Galveston do year after year. You join together to celebrate its end and to pray for reconciliation and healing.
How can a national day of reconciliation and healing not be a good thing?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Is This a Parody, or the Reality of The Day in America ?

Somehow I'm still not sure that this is really a parody -
watch and then tell us what you think in the comments.

Is This a Parody, or the Reality of The Day in America ?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why Is Ms. Jackson Wearing Butt Pads ?

ooooooo Ms. Jackson are you Padded Up or What Baby ?

there is so much talk going on in the entertainment world today about wardrobe that we've decided to continue it today with the latest fashion question mark.

Is Ms. Jackson Wearing Butt Pads ?

First off why aren't we focusing on her new look ? or her 34 number one hits ? or her new man ? well because those butt pads are just too big too ignore. it started apparently on the Oprah show when she showed off her new look and the photogs got a peek at the pads. hmmmm ?

this is from our girls over at

Those are definantly not regular cheek shapes. these are pics from AI. uhh uhhhhh, oh no. then she went on Jay Leno to premier her brand new hit. This is from American Idol;  the video shows us more strange square shapes eminating from her behind area. stop the video at the :50 mark and then look at her, let it play a few more secs and look at the strange shapes.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why does this resemble a barbie corvette porn remake

When you're not interested in something you literally have to be drug to see it, in most cases. this is the case for me and this Nikki Minaj video with Sean Garrett. when I heard the line "We got tom toms over here bigger than a Monster".

What ?

The first reason we wanted to see this video, was to see this Pink Lambo that she has to pay to fix - 15 g's.

Yepper, she rented it to do a video, climbed in and Amber Rose and She rode off into the dessert. she apparently wasn't told that you don't drive a rented Lambo on rocks unless you pay for the repairs; and you return it ontime or pay overdue charges.  Anyway, you can see Amber pushin the Lambo at the 1:40 mark and Nikki siting there with her legs stickin out the window. like any of this is ever gonna happen in real life. (side-eye) for some reason this resembles a barbie corvette porn remake.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Free Mixtape Friday 13mins of Badumix – Remix from ASID Hi-Power

“Hip Hop is bigger than Religion, HipHop”
Erykah Badu 2010 – New Amerykah

Free Mixtape Friday 13mins of Badumix – Dubstyle Remix from ASID

We Love Badu without a doubt, and this week we wanted to give you a taste of the Ladies with topics.  so we reached out for a big time singer with hot views and a big sound – who else but the one and only Ms. Erykah Badu herself.
Badu’s Neosoul mixes are a Dublovers Dream come true – which is why we decided to share just a touch of it with you, for free.
Ms Badu has wowed us repeatedly with her outspoken views and evolving attitude. she’s never far from the center of the universe; as she is a true moon mama.  Her newest masterpiece is entitled New Amerykah, and we think you should click on over to cd baby and get a copy now.  it’s filled with flowing melodys, meaningful lyrics and a neosoul influence that Badu herself links to her love for J-Dilla; Producer Extraordinare.  Like Badu we have a great love for the work of Dilla and Jay Electronica has crafted a lush Dillaesque musicscape for the harmounous riffs of Badu.

Reba, Girlllllll,, You Need to Shave

Well lo and behold, there they were side by side at the CMA's.

Can You Say Howdy Do Ms. Reba !

Some of you may remember a few months back when we posted Keenan Thompson from SNL in a skit as Reba.McEntire with Andy Sandberg. it gained instant cult status. it was one of the only things produced that season of any real comedic value. even if it was at the expense of Reba, who is a Queen. (side-eye) Hey don't get it twisted, I'm Talking about the Real Reba, not the one who's lettin her... anyway, 

"Reba from Haystacks to Maybachs, Our Love Will Survive"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tivoli Under Visa System - WTF ?

"During the curfew hours of 6 p.m. to 8 a.m., persons entering or leaving Tivoli Gardens are required to obtain an access pass which is issued by the police commander who is located at the police post in the community.

"Persons qualifying for this entry/exit pass are, for example, members of the essential services (nurses, doctors, JPS, JFB, Correctional Services, etc), students who have evening classes, and others who may have various emergencies."

Can You Imagine ? You Leave your home to go to work, then when you return you are told you need a pass to enter your own community and to leave ?

What are they thinking ?

Obviously the Government of Jamaica has some problems to control, but putting people under Lock Down in their own communities with Passbooks and Visas will not work. this is the highest violation of privacy rights. free movement is a right of all individuals and this pass system that is being instituted in Western Kingston can only lead to deeper and deeper rifts between the community, the government and the security forces.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

58 is Colorstruck – so lets hope lightning finds him

I’m Sorry but This is Some Real Ugly Mess in so many ways

Chad OchoCinco Rejected Black Girls From His Dating Show?

Talk about some real boo boo.. Who Does Mo5Head Think He Is ?

Has he forgotten that HIS Black Ass  slid out of a Black Womans Hole;  and he thinks he can be excused for this ?  this clown is mr coon. He’s totally Sold out.  we shoulda admitted it when he was pouring himself on his dwts partner.

No Looking Away this time – Oh Hell To The Nawww.. this clown has repeatedly insulted and embarrassed BLACKFOLKS as a Group since he got his shiny head on tevee. it’s time he stfu and shad.  Who does he think he is Calvin Lockhart ?  well honestly number eight can kiss my number two.

He is hereby confirmed as the worlds largest walking  piece of wasted humanity and money. the world should demand an immediate clean up of this brownfield.  there is obviously a huge problem all up in here.
I took more than a moment and examined my rage in this and decided that it really wasn’t rage at the issue, but more at the attitude in this day and age.

He comes out colorstruck in 2010 ON TEVEE. WTF Is This Really All About?

Friday, June 4, 2010

88 GIGABYTES in May 2010 - We're Comin In Hot This Year

Three Million, Four Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand, Four Hundred Thirty Two Visits - over Eighty Eight Gigabytes of Data and Streaming Sound served up in one LARGE Month. Yes That's the Number for MAY 2010.

All We Can Say is W O W..

Lots happened during the thirty one days in May 2010. Most of it we'd like to forget. Yet We Cannot.. and apparently neither can you. We'd Like to take this time to say to all our visitors and friends - THANK YOU FOR THE TIME AND VISITS; Because Without You There'd Be No

Large Up Ya Selves cause YOU Are the Best Fans a Radio Station can have. A L L O f Y O U Each and Every One

Thanks Again for Another Record Month,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

This is a saga, not a story - so we continue WHEN The Supermodel Talks

This is a saga, not a story - so we continue
WHEN The Supermodel Talks..

Honestly we hope that those folks in the Hague have a really good backstage crisis team because we hear that this catwalker freezes like an IPhone when she wants to. So if the perrier is not at the right temp, it may be a case of Strike a Pose and VOGUE, as you can see she even threw in a little nip-slip to keep it interesting. that tells us she's trying to make them want to pay her price. you know she's not doing this because she has to.. they're gonna have to give her some kinda guarantee. 

Tyra Banks clarified for us that This is a franchise chica remember ?

Lets See what kinda work The House of Orange is designing for the show. From what chuckles is saying we get the hint that the theme's gotta be skrate dominatrix wear;  if they want this catwalker; as it appears she's become totally a mime.

once again we say "Supermodel - You Betta Work"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Houston We Have a Problem, AGAIN

NYP: Matt Lauer's Non-Mistress Was A Man: 

Alexis Houston, the woman and self-proclaimed relative of Whitney Houston who held a press conference with her lawyer Gloria Allred to DENY an affair with Matt Lauer, was born a man, the NY Post reports.

Whitney Houston sued Wellington (whose original name was Stuart) in 1996 because he was claiming to be her cousin. Whitney alleged that Wellington used the false relationship to defraud an elderly New York doctor of $100,000 using credit cards and forged checks, the AP reported at the time... According to one source who has known the singer for years, Wellington had sex-change surgery three years ago after a man fell in love with the cross-dressing singer and paid for the operation.
Keep reading the WHOLE article here.