Sunday, September 20, 2009

What makes this man soooo..... You Know,

okay we watched the fight. as everybody knows by now the fight was basically a "Showcase" to allow Floyd "Money" Mayweather to come back into the market and make more money. his talents as a boxer are legendary (yawn..) as well as his attitude.

we don't often get into sports chat, but this was a special occasion at our house; and for $50.00 you tell somebody. smdh

Tonite after the fight Mayweather was being interviewed by Max from hbo ppv; and to be honest he was just an ass. so much so that HBO shut off the mic and cut to another group of ringside announcers, just to end the spectacle.

I wonder why he has to take the victory and tarnish it so ?

is it that Floyd has the issue that afflicts many boxers - The Inability to Hear after Boxing. he seems to be unable to hear anyone else after a match. maybe it's me, but I looked back at some of his previous behaviour and it seems to match Saturday Nite's performance.

All in all I can assure you that This was NOT a Fight
In fact Floyd paid $600.000 to Marquez PRE-FIGHT because he jumped in the ring to fight at Welterweight Weight - 152 lbs. so as you can see, it was an "arranged match" so to say

his opponent was at the proper weight of 144 for the top weight of 146 for his class. Why didn't the Marquez camp insert a cotticle into the contract that mirrored the overweight clause - saying that if Floyd is into the next weight class, He Forfeits and Pays the purse to Marquez - Plain and Simple.

That would have made it more of a fight I think

when watching the fight I could swear it was choreographed, like by someone like say Paula Abdul. they should have gotten the guy who did Bad for MJ; because I'm sure he could have made it more realistic, and probably more entertaining. (yawn)

Sugar Shane Mosley was ringside and Floyd made sure to wink at him as he was entering the ring; in his blue fake fur sleeveless hoodie. (yes I said blue fake fur hoodie) I'm sure that this was aimed at bringing suspicion that they may soon be paired in the ring. That's a Fight Everyone Wants to See, Ohhh Yeah Baby, Especially Sugar Shane Mosley.

Trust Me, I'll Pay for the Chicken Wings that Nite

it's being circulating that Floyd plans to take on Manny Pacquiao. just so you and I know that he is serious, and this is not another of his productions - this is the youtube announcement from july 09. I'm not holding my breath waiting on the announcement of the fight, because Floyd is waffling bad.

Pound for Pound Floyd Mayweather is supposed to be the best in the sport at this moment. I personally don't agree. In fact based on his present condition and past record - I believe that if he were to get into the ring at his present weight with Sugar Shane Mosley; we could all do a little dance and sing a lil song. cause it would be on that nite, Oh Yeah.

Boxer- Shane Mosley

Just Look at This Work of Art - Sugar Shane Baby !

Sugar Shane came into the ring post fight during the interview. he tried several times politely at the urging of the ring announcer Max to ask Floyd to Put Up That Belt or Shut The Frick Up. As Per Usual Floyd Jr. was still yappin; but not about the title shot.

I firmly believe now, it's because he knows he's gonna get his butt pushed back into the fly weight class that night, LOL. Sugar Shane Honey, Have No Mercy. Please Please Please, as JB Would Have Said.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather jrIt is my belief that lightweight intellects who "get" money should hire folks to teach them to keep their mouths shut in public; to prevent anyone knowing how stupid they really MIGHT BE.

That's enough sports smack from me. We hope you enjoyed the break because it's back to the grind on Monday.

Watch the Replays of the quite boring and choreographed fight to see for yourself on the hbo site. HBO Should Make Mayweather Refund Everybody's Money from his stupid fashion show. the only thing missing was Kanye West. Damnn..

Mike Tyson was there so I guess that makes up for it (yikes)

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