Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick Or Treat - how far can this go before it kills us

This is A Hot Mess that could actually be a reality if we're not careful. game designers are becoming the social architects of our new generations thoughts; and are pressing the boundaries of acceptance of violence and mayhem. this is supposed to be a snarky look at the problems we are creating for our future. unfortunately it seems to mirror a real game that will be released in a couple days.

Pay attention and you'll recognize Bobbie Battista formerly of CNN.
wellllll you gotta get ya bread where you can these days in media;
and she looks great. good to see you working Bobbi.

when will we stop feeding the monster that wants to eat us ?

Hot New Video Game Consists Solely Of Shooting People Point-Blank In The Face

Modern Warfare 2, through the eyes of controversy
October 29, 3:48 AM - Robert Workman

Controversy Abounds - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is set to hit shelves in less than two weeks’ time, and it’s expected to be a million-plus seller within the first few hours alone. Intense war situations, unbelievable graphics, unparalleled gameplay and multiplayer potential await in this much-anticipated game. However, it isn’t without its fair share of controversy. Many people weren’t willing to accept the over-the-top action by itself, but now a new angle has made the game content even more questionable, at least to some.

Recently, a clip of leaked footage leaked onto YouTube from the game (which has since been removed), showing a sequence where you’re not in control of a hero. WARNING: spoilers ahead.

In this sequence, you control a terrorist, who’s a part of a Russian team that’s invading an airport. As you proceed through the airport, you’re asked to eliminate innocent civilians, before eventually succumbing to a gunshot wound to the head from your own boss.

Click the title link to read the entire article.

IMHO, these war games will only produce warriors.  Not Doctors, Not Teachers or Scientists. when will we see those games on the top shelf, instead of these dehumanizing mental twisters ?

An Aside From the Violence to the Entrecard Violation - 
this is day two with a violation banner. they notified me at 11:27 AM 10/29/09 :

Your account 'BadGalSays' on has been warned. The administrator provided the following message:

Your site has auto playing audio. This is against Entrecard's TOS. Please remove this within 72 hours to avoid being deleted from Entrecard.

Please contact if you have any questions regarding this warning.

PLEASE NOTE: You are expected to resolve this issue promptly. Failure to do so will result in the removal of your Entrecard account.

I Replied by email immediately at 1:15pm after I had complied; yes, just that easy and fast.

Okies, I got your message and at 1:00pm I changed the video and the entire post. Instantly.
then I went to my dashboard and notified them that I had done so, and that they could remove
the violations ribbon from my dashboard.

Okay it's now 10/30/09 - 01:00 am - this is my third response to let them know I've complied.
Their ribbon is still there on the dashboard and very clearly they are ignoring my messages.

this is my latest response to them :

wowwww..... do you guys read your mail ?
I have two new posts since that warning was posted.
it's amazing to see how little you pay attention to
your own box for responses.

fyi - still no music on my site, but loads of fun !
DROP By and See,

Happy Halloween Entrecard

Thursday, October 29, 2009

More FABU ! Wendy Does Wigs For Haters

It's Time for a Lil Wendy Break.

Apparently Some Of You Do NOT Like Wendy -
so you complained to Entrecard that your version of the
previous video - was Autoplaying.

Well Just For You - Here's a New Wendy.
This One Does NOT Autoplay, and it's all about Wendy
and Her Wigs.

Some of You may wear wigs; some of
you may want to know more about How to Rock a Wig.

Well Who Betta to Tighten Up YO Tracks Than Ms. Wendy.

so have a betta Thirsty Thursday,

How YOUUUU Doinnn,,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No Twister Tuesday - Family Values and Sexual Politics are Not The Same Thing

My Dear Friend and Colleague Yvonne McCalla Sobers
wrote the column below my signature;  on the whole
Buju Banton and the Gay Community Fracas -
after a recent show on RJR Jamaica a few days ago.

It is clear that Buju Banton is not the only artist who is
living in the shadow of constant scrutiny from a group of angry people.
These people have tried to make Buju their whipping boy;
when in essence he has nothing to do with their real beef;
Their Sexual Politics.

you see Buju's Platform is Family Values - as a Rastaman that's what
Life Is All About. Speaking From Personal Experience; as well as
Personally Knowing Buju for many years. He is a Family Man.

This case has just reached a point of senselessness
and the people who are spending the money to produce shows;
need to stop the disruptions.

the song that this group keeps harping on was produced when
Buju Started His Career More than 20 years ago.
Yeah.1 Song  MORE Than Twenty Years Ago -
how about the other 10 cd's he's put out in that time ?
how bout the awards he's won for his music ? and his
philanthropy as a Community Man and a Musician ?

Since then All of his material has been purely "Family Values"
He is a product of Jamaica - and a Rasta MAN.

The California-based gay activists reportedly demanded that the DJ hold town hall meetings to profess respect and love for gays, make donations to Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays and sing songs about loving gay people.

Buju Banton and his management team reportedly rejected out right all the suggestions put on the table.

In Jamaica homosexuality is known as Buggery
- an english term and law. it's still on the books
and prosecuted today. if you get caught you pay.

In The Caribbean, Homosexuality is seen as a taboo
and representative of non family values.Jamaica is like
most of the world. But unfortunantly it is clear from the
conversations with the gay rights people; that they want
Buju to act like a  puppy and toss aside his Rasta Morals
and his entire lifes fiber for the sake of their approval.

What planet are they from ?

It's Not Gonna Happen ..

If it takes the planners of shows to get a better handle on their
venues, then so be it. Madison Square Gardens seemed to have
no problems when Buju appeared there twice recently
- to sold out crowds.

the artists personal politics don't appear on stage - their music does.
that's how I see it, when groups like Black Flag; and Prussian Blue
can tour freely; and appear unharrassed anytime and anywhere they want.

The bottomline should be that if people want to go see Buju Banton Perform,
Let Them. Only Buju Should Rule His Destiny..

Family Rights should not be twisted
in with sexual politics - 
please people; Lets Not Get It Twisted,

Gays may have overstepped their bounds giving Buju ultimatum – McCalla-Sobers
Sunday, 18 October 2009

Buju Banton.Human rights activist Yvonne McCalla Sobers is contending that the overseas gay community may have overstepped its bounds in the demands put to local artist Buju Banton.

News came earlier this week that Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie met with representatives of the gay community, following the cancellation of several of his concerts.

However Mrs. McCalla-Sobers who was speaking Sunday on RJR's weekly news review programme "That's a Rap!" argued that international gay organizations may have pushed too hard and may have been working at cross purposes to the aims of the local gay community.

She said she has spoken with persons in the local gay community directly and through workshops and during these discussions, the rights they were interested in were not those put forward to Buju by the international gay community.

Yvonne McCalla-Sobers.
"If discrimination and the buggery law were some of the issues raised by the international gay community I would say yes you have been speaking to persons here and this is what matter. But I'm not sure about any of those issues that they raised and how in fact these may create the local backlash that the local gay community may not want to experience,"
Mrs. McCalla Sobers said Sunday on RJR's weekly news review programme That's a Rap!.

The California-based gay activists reportedly demanded that the DJ hold town hall meetings to profess respect and love for gays, make donations to Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays and sing songs about loving gay people.

Buju Banton and his management team reportedly rejected out right all the suggestions put on the table.

Monday, October 26, 2009

MM: Baduizms - Annie Don't Wear No Panties

erykah badu

Welcome To Music Monday

Today we're giving you Erykah Badu Live.
She's doing one of our most favorite Badu-hits.
"Annie Don't Wear No Panties"

this is our Make up for Fitness Friday
since we were so tied down in the studio
we just had no time to blog, apologies.

Turn On Those Speakers, Push Back that Chair;
Get Up and Shake It Like You Ain't Got on No Panties,
or Guys - No Boxers. Yeah Get a Sweat Goin and
enjoy the Funk with us on music monday, as we play catchup.

please take a moment and check out the post below,
for Precious. this is a very important movie and we
want to spend a few extra moments reminding you that
this movie will be opening in two weeks nationally.

Please Drop a Comment as it gets lonely when
I'm All Alone ;(

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How Precious Are You ?

Many of us have seen the blogchat lately on the
upcoming movie release - Precious.

we want to help you to decide to see the movie.
from all indications, this movie exposes one of the
worst sides of our culture - abuse, rape and incest.

Clarice Precious Jones is someone we all know.
she is the girl who sits quietly and suffers
as we all watch and live our lives.

take a look for yourself, and if you think you
know a Precious - reach out to her.
show her some love and let her know that
she is not invisible. let her know that she
does matter and that her struggle is real.

this is a movie that I will be adding to my
collection as soon as it's released in dvd.

Take a Moment and Look Deep into yourself today
and share that Love with Someone, Who Needs it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

WE Support the NO To PISSIN On Women Movement - piss off Arrakells

We Want to Throw our Support behind the folks in ATL and Philly for saying NO to The PISSMAN

 For Immediate Release 
               The Atlanta Community joins the Million Woman Movement (MWM) & Black Women's Defense League (BWDL) in saying…"Enough Is Enough!" 

R Kelly WILL NOT come to Atlanta UNCONTESTED!

Protest Demonstration to be held at the
"R- Kelly Concert"
In front of The Fox Theatre on Thursday, Oct. 22nd and Friday, October 23, 2009 at 6:30 PM (concert begins at 7:30pm)
660 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30308

It's Time To Take A Stand...
Stand Up For Our Women and Let Our Daughters See That WE CARE...
October 6, 2009

Atlanta, GA
 The organized showing of Unity as a People, and the actions of distrainment, disgust, and protest start now....
 Not JUST R Kelly, it is time to let the Music (Entertainment) Industry as a whole know we will no longer tolerate the disenfranchisement, degradation, and devaluing of Black women. 
Let the protests, boycotts, and dialog begin!
 We must once again operate under a strict code of accountability and responsibility.  We’ve allowed a stance of complacency to fester for far too long.  Our elders and ancestors would not be proud! 
We have women and children to protect, and a great history and legacy to uphold.
 "This demonstration will serve as a message to whomever, that if you are coming to or near Philly (or Atlanta), it’s not going to be unchallenged…
We don't care what the courts say; there is a price to pay to The Village." ---Empress Chi
 We do extend the opportunity for R Kelly to convene with the Atlanta Village (extended family) to discuss the matter and set the table for accountability and reckoning. 
Forgiveness is always an option, but one must first SEEK atonement.
 Join the Fight to End the Industry's Abuse of Our Women & Girls…Help "Save Our Daughters"
Contact:   or   215-471-5186 (Philadelphia) 
           or   678-334-3592 (Atlanta)


BWDL has set forth efforts to very clearly, specifically identify and relentlessly “STEP TO” any of those in the music industry (man or woman alike) who have supported and perpetuated the exploitation of Afrikan women.  The intent is to collectively convey who they are and take action.  BWDL and all supporters intend to do that in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.
 The names of the top ten artists, record labels, companies, etc. that have made it a priority to create  and push the industry's stereotypic mind game and exploitive objectives, will be obtained by way of several polls conducted by the National MWM.  These identifications will be released at the May 2010 Summit.  MWM and BWDL will then begin the process and work to decrease the sales of these persons’ and/or companies’ concert tickets, CD's, clothing line products and so forth. 
As mentioned above, before taking actions MWM, BWDL and their supporting communities we will be prepared to sit down with anyone to discuss this matter in a Village (extended family) and/or business manner; however, we will also be prepared to handle it in whatever way necessary.  

Sunday, October 18, 2009

MM: Insane In The Membrane - Glenn and Rush find True Love

Do You Believe This, How to be a Player Gods way?

aaaawww heydes nawww,,, (side eye and turning my head)
what the John 3:16 does she mean "Light the Way with Your Burning Bush"

Oh Sweet Minty Jesus - We Just Caught it
This is just what the rightwing needs - a lil lift from the Flirty Faithful, at Magdeline Manor. You Go Javina, no really we mean it, You Go Somewhere Javina, cause we ain't flirtin for christ.

FYI - Christ Can Do His Own Recruiting and You Javina, Glenn and Rush should all Stick to The Virgin,, If You Know what Weee Meeeeannnnnn.. if not watch the second video.

We need to send this video enmasse to Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck. there is no doubt in our minds that they'd find the "Mary" of their dreams in this retarded rightwing retreat.

Have Mercy Please, Sweet Minty Jesus

It's Music Monday so Here's Our Contribution - a special request for them insanebwoys "Glenn and Rush" cause Ya Insane in the Membrane from wayyyy back.
Sing along Kids - and Jump Around Jump Around,
today makes up for our past Fitness Friday which we
donated to our PSA of lastweek - The Pillbillies.
We Thank You ALL For Your Comments, Visits and Friendly A-List Support. That's What Being a Blogger is All About, REALITY.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thirsty Thursday with the Pillbillies - Have Mercy !

Pillbillies.. Yes that's what they call themselves.

This is the complete Vanguard Video Documentary " The Oxycontin Express"

We watched it live tonite on television, and it was very much enlightening.
We've seen these Pain Management Clinics popping up all over the place but we had no idea what it was related to, or who their patients were. now we find out that they don't have patients, but customers. aahhhhh.
that's not good.

As customary, since it's Thirsty Thursday we're serving the drinks over on the bar at today - because there's just so much more space. you know thattt..

Now after watching this documentary, not only do we know, we wish we had known sooner. it's obvious that there is a problem, and the addicted population needs help getting it resolved.

why will the law enforcers continue to lock up people for behaviour that is not monitored and infact enabled. by the same system.  this is such a quagmire. someone needs to make this a federal priority. this needs to be addressed by the new health care bills working their way through the u.s. senate now.

Lots of top stars have addiction issues, playing out on the screen and stage right in front of us. yet there seems to be no one saying, Hey Wait, maybe you really need some help now. Why Not ?

maybe that's what we really need to ask the Big Drug Companies - Are they purposely creating a new generation of consumers, specifically for their third generation profitline ? this is so crazy that there needs to be some immediate intervention, to stop this from becoming the bain of a new generation.

and to think they call themselves "Pillbillies"..
Lawd Have Mercy Sweet Jesus,

Weezie Please Tell Us Is This what you call an alter ego shot ?

No Doubt someone is gonna ask me why,
well just watch this video and it explains it all.

no further words are needed from me, but it you're interested in what we said, you can read it right here - and we warn you, it's not pretty. but then neither is Weezie

Enough, Please Stop Weezie

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Y'all Gon Make Me Loose My Mind, Up In Here..

Have you ever wondered what he was singing about ?

To Save Time This is the bridge so you can continue to Sing Along.
We all do - regardless of the fact that most of us say
he is totally crazy - but still this is a catchy tune

sigh.. shm already

Y'all gon' make me lose my mind
up in HERE, up in here
Y'all gon' make me go all out
up in here, up in here
Y'all gon' make me act a FOOL
up in HERE, up in here
Y'all gon' make me lose my cool
up in here, up in here

Lyrics | Dmx lyrics - Party Up lyrics

Lets analyze it with the lyrics okies !

Many folks say that they can't understand what he is saying, and we at onetime had to agree, because his delivery is kinda hard to understand with his raspy slurring and the overdubs of the other dj's rampin his deeep ruuffff chorus.

Yeahhhh,, It's X - the original Iron DOG

Yes that is him with his wife on the cover of sista to sista magazine

Now Ladies, if he don't look skrate whipped up and peaked
I ain't neva seen it. co'mon girlllls you know that look.
he got it alllllll over his face, and he talking all hard.

Yeahhhh Suuuuuuuuuure You REAAAALLLLLLL Hard Earlllll, ooo I meant X.
yeah his name is Earl. (wink*wink and a sideeye)

okay we can see from the lyrics he is talking about feeling that his life is Hectic. yeah hectic. what the hell is he talking about. he lives in a mansion in a gated community in Mount Vernon N.Y Duhhhh.. is that like Hectic Dull ?

he ain't up in the Hood like Ricky "So not the boss" Ross says
"Hustlin Hustlin"

Hectic: thats' one of those over used hiphop hype words
like it's old ass british cousin: at the end of the day; yeah..

anyway what is it that's so hectic for X ? he's done everything you could do and get fame for it - on the bad boy side of things.

Y'all gon' make me lose my mind
up in HERE, up in here
Y'all gon' make me go all out
up in here, up in here
Y'all gon' make me act a FOOL
up in HERE, up in here
Y'all gon' make me lose my cool
up in here, up in here

he's done time in multiple states; ran from the cops after impersonating one; tried to steal a car from jfk; worn pink in sheriff joe's jail in az; had to run after getting busted trying to lie about "who he is" in walmart (wtf x ?)

how the hell is he gonna lie about who he is, when errybody and they granny don sung his damn song "All Up In Here".that's pure craziness; if I ever seen it in a crowd of fools. please X, we ain't crazy - You Are, Remember Dog ?

and about that dog thang

when did men start calling each other Dog ? that is some skrate skunk bs rite-chere donchaknow. please squash that now, cause ain't no human being
with any stitch of sense going to relish being referred to as a DOG. Naww X that dog ain't huntin roun here My MAN.

we all remember the Dog incident in AZ; and how many times have we seen him say, Ohhhh I'm Sorrryyy.

Well Yeah Earl You Are Sorry. Sorry as sorry can be. what kind of dad goes out and sets the type of example you have, for your kids; and the so called puppies
Ie: young dj's in his posse' - the Rough Ryders. (yes I know it sounds like a condom; that's cause it is)

WE remember his acting career, he was good. in Belly He Was VERRRY Good. and he looks great in a suit pushin that hawt ass Masarati too. it just makes no sense when he tried to act, ON The Street; instead of in movies. No Body Ever Believes Him. he has never yet gotten a pass from a cop anywhere. that's probably because he puts himself in the line of fire; often. he doesn't "Give a Phuck" about anybody or anything. basically that's what he tells the judge in Fla, who is about to extradite him to AZ to stand his time; after the time he is spending in jail in Fla for Drug Possession. That Crazy Crazy X..

We also remember when you said recently that you turned christian
and found God too. but wait a minute, didn't you rock
that gigantic jesus piece long before that ?

DMX "Lord Give Me A Sign" 

Tell Us X -Were You already a christian in the video "Lord Give Me A Sign, ?
which was released before X went back to jail if I'm right.
if I'm wrong - somebody correct me in the comments.
I'm no expert on X - well Earl. (sorry I forgot for a sec)
hopefully NO-One is an expert on X.

Earlier Tonite I watched him performing live on the VH1 Hip Hop Honors DefJam.
He was good. suprisingly he was really good. he still rocks
the mic and controls the stage. the only issue is, why does
he loose his head everytime he starts to blow up, in the biz ?

"Yo Son, You Do You" never truer words Mama DMX

Show business, that's some craziness that might make anybody loose their mind.
butterah it seems X has made a career screaming about how crazy
he is. so why don't we believe him ? he's proven it over and over.

This time, I think I'll believe him; who better to confess Than DMX.

Y'all gon' make me lose my mind
up in HERE, up in here
Y'all gon' make me go all out
up in here, up in here
Y'all gon' make me act a FOOL
up in HERE, up in here
Y'all gon' make me lose my cool
up in here, up in here

OYYYYYYY VEYYYYY Y'all! What's a Hiphopper to Dooooo

Sunday, October 11, 2009

MM: The Tuff Gong LIVE - NO MORE WAR Mr. Obama

Can WE All get a laugh With the President,
about this Nobel Peace Prize conundrum ?

SNL Took their shot at Mr. Obama with this cute skit.
we most enjoyed the part where he says he's going to meet with his
financial advisors and decide if they should take the one time
pay-out or the annuity. Hillarious.

The serious side of this is that most of the world is asking
the big question "What Did He Do to Win the Peace Prize" ?

The Albert Nobel Foundation says it's simply that he's promoting the
cause of peace to all nations. Interesting, since he's
ramping up his own war, in afghanistan; instead of bringing
the boys home.

with that said, we give you our Music Monday Selection
All About PEACE - and Aimed Square at Our Presidential
Peace Winner.

It's Music MONDAY and We Want You to Sing Along For Peace

You Hold This Mr. Obama

MM: From the Tuff Gong - Bob Marley and the Wailers;

Sing Along My People -

IN The Immortal Words of 
HIM Haile Selassie I - War,

"Have the Courage to Speak and Act and to Die for International Peace"
HIM Haile Selassie I - 1963 @ the United Nations

Friday, October 9, 2009

Can T-Pain Autotune Our Healthcare Plan ?

It's Fitness Friday and this video is related in a sidebar way

It's a parody from Jimmy Kimmel about the fitness of americas' health system and the new proposed health care plans from the President. Jimmy gets a little help from T-Pain with Autotune and the I-Phone.

Now Imagine that, T-Pain Autotuning the President.
This is why I Do Not Watch Jimmy Kimmel.
and now that I think about it, T-Pain is not on my friends list either.
hmmmm.. just watch this and then go Hmmmm, okkk..

No Dancing Required - since we danced to KC a Day or Two Ago.

Happy Friday Everybody,

1.706.955.2001 Call Mi Nowwww .. ooh make that Between 5 and 6pm

Today On The Suss – we’ll talk about our wildest hair era’s and what sparked them. Make Sure You Call In –


Peace and Hairgrease My Peeples,

What Kind of Good Hair Do You Have ?
I'm Straight and Silky - Naturally
I'm Curly and Loctastic
I'm naturally beautiful Afrolicious Baby
I'm strictly an Indian Hair Girl
I'm Addicted to The Creamy Crack
I Am Woman See MY Sistah Locs
I'm Rockin the Microbraided Crown
I like it Chopped Down Baby - Like Amber Rose
I got my Clip-Ins and My Tracks keepin me On Point
If you Peep My Mohawk you'll know who's runnin thangs
I'm the Queen of the Lacefront
I'm the Original Hawaiian Silky Goddess
I'm Short and Cute with a Lotta Texture
I'm An Oldstyle Ceramic Gal - Rockin My Press and Curl
I'm the Queen of the Quick Weave Wig or Quick Weave Clip On
I'm a Ponytail Diva
I'm rockin 3D Underbraids
I'm Still Gellin Baby and Wrappin It Up
Please Specify:
uggs boots

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hey Look it's KC and the Sunshine Band - Do A Lil Dance

mens danceshoes
Do A Lil Dance, Sing A Lil Song - yupper, that's the Entrecard Management
at it again.

Please Enjoy our Friends from Jacksonville,
KC and the Sunshine Band, then the crap.
oh yes, we do inject our comments - as per usual.

You are probably asking yourself What's KC and the Sunshine Band got to do with this ? well you know we reach for metaphors on this blog. this metaphor is simple.

This is a GREAT Band. In Capitals. These Guys are the Best of the Best. Look At Them Dancing, Playing their Instruments, Singing and Looking Oh So Fine.. Yeahhh Baaaay bay (ala austin powers)

The way they are as individuals; but as part of a group, that functions together. not perfect or precision - but functioning. they're not the tempting Temptations; all wrapped in silk and gliding past. these guys work the sweat up on your neck. and you want it, baddddddd. kinda like how pissed we get when Entrecard makes these Funky changes.. Ahhhhhhhh There You Go,

This is what we think our blogging buddies remind us of, that unconstructed FUNK.
the real Sho Nuff "Get Down Tonite Baby".

this isnt' easy to achieve; but we've been through our favorites list tonite and dropped 300 cards, before 2am. yes from just this blog.

why ? 

well partly because we wanted to see the widget in action and also to see what's going on in the entresphere with blogs departing. it's different, but not as bare as some might have predicted or feared. it's pretty much business as normal.

there are some of my favs gone, or missing. when they left, there was no doubt that they had come up with a plan to replace those hits from entrecard; and hopefully a link to keep us together.

I've subscribed and friended so-many blogs in the past two weeks; that I am reading as many of them on my desktop as I can, from my inbox google feed. yupper. we get it in the mail when we dont' feel the card game.

ok more comments after the Entertainment
- here's KC and The Sunshine Band - So Lets All Do A lil Dance -

Sponsor ads launched (beta)

Posted: 06 Oct 2009 03:59 PM PDT

The sponsor ads system is starting today. Currently, we are not taking any outside sponsors. As of now, there are only 2 ads in circulation. This first is an Entrecard ad that links back to The 2nd ad is promoting Entrecard Market which is linked to You can view the list of sponsors in your dashboard under the “sponsors ads” tab. Please note that you can disable one of the ads (not both) by clicking the button below the image. The remaining ad will run no more than 15% of your widget impressions. If you wish to opt-out completely, you can do so at the rate of $5/month or $50/ year (optional). This is also located under the “Sponsor ads” link.

Please note that this is a “beta” launch and we will carefully monitor the program. Please report any bugs, problems, and questions to All emails will be answered within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


ENTREALERT* Please BE SURE to Go To YOUR ENTRECARD DASHBOARD There Click the Link in "YOUR ACCOUNT" on the Top Right Hand Column labeled "Sponsor Ads". 

Clicking this link opens to a brand new page on your dashboard. now this is interesting. how can they design this page and get this widget all up to run with ads, from entrecard - yet never take a moment to create a link on your dashboard to a page where you can see your mail between the ADMNS and YOU ?

That's just one of the simple mysteries of Entrecard.

Yesterday alot of bloggers departed from the Entrecard community - because they were afraid of what this change would reflect on their blogs. I think they may have faired well.

"Justa FYI - Subscriptions, and rss feed captures are wayyyy up all over entrecard "

there are more Please Subscribe Requests being posted on the front of blogs - and more RSS Feed Subscription Widgets appearing than every before.  this is obviously the smartest move most of these bloggers have ever made.

Leaving this cardgame will probably ensure that their blog has Live Action and Visitors.
Remember, entrecard can deliver them - but you have to keep them coming back; as well as subscribing.

We've decided to stick it out for the long haul, and we're back to dropping cards, leaving comments and buying ads. we figure that Bloggers will visit to see what you've written; clickfarmers - well they do what they always do, click and run. that's expected from them anyway.

the new bloggers will subscribe if they realize the transiency of entrecard's membership.
most of the blogs here would pass by each-other unnoticed;
were there not a forced socialization mechanizm in place.
That Mechanism - Entrecard, drives traffic; and unfortunately Paid Ads..

the twist is this, Why is entrecard running impressions on the widgets without adjusting their impressions into the cost of the EC PAID ADS that Are Running on the widget during that time peroid ? Ah Ha ! We Have Found the Perverbial Fly in the Ointment

As you can see, we're thinking about it again,
and trying to figure out what this move means,
not figuratively but financially to entrecard.

Are they using this display time of their impressions; as their sales bait to their new advertisers ?

hmmmm ? only time will show us. but until then, I plan to collect as many EC's as I can
and to advertise on as many blogs as possible - since this is Blogging High Season.
lots of people are new to blogging at this time of the year,
and entrecard plans to take full advantage of it, believe that.


we should expect to be seeing our next crop of new bloggers
in full force before the end of the year, no doubt; and probably
more than a few of them will become subscribers, just watch.

but until then, we suggest you start stacking those ec's
because it's gonna be a long cold winter at entrecard this year.
and you are gonna neeeeed lots of ec's
to make those widgets Work For You.

Lets All Do A Lil Dance and See What Happens,

Monday, October 5, 2009

MM: Furaha Kuziliwa Papa ASID - Michael Fabulous Monday

Papa ASID at home in Ochi

Today is a Highlyday around the ASID HighPower Soundsystem Studios. It's The Earth Born Strong of Papa ASID - Our Founder

The Man him deh pon di culcha trail, whey him deh a stay.

We caan sure which part him deh, but mi feel seh him deh a yard;
Him mus somewhere a catch nuff nap unda one big ol'pear tree; maybe him
a eat off the ripe ripe gynip or pine; maybe him deh a kitchen eat off nuff ital stew; but then him coulda anywhere, since we dun kno him rum tings longtime.

Since this Highlyday coincides with Music Monday we get to shine inna fi we element.

This is Michael Fabulous and Capleton - filmed in a yard in Ocho Rios,
right down the road from where we all live. yes both of them live in the
close area. Both Michael and Capleton have beautiful homes in St. Mary,
which is just on the other side of the bridge that seperates St.Anns' parish
from St. Mary. For those who know the area well, it's just beyond The New Pineapple
Place Craft Market; beyond White River and Irie FM;
at the Fork in the road where you head go up a Exchange and Mango Walk.

mama asid in fern gully outside ochi rios

If you are traveling to Jamaica, drop us a line and we'll give you the directions
to some really nice likkle north coast country places, to visit, get a B&B or just go Chill Out - we have the Linkage Tight, and we never mind sharing it.

Michael Fabulous is a great longtime family friend of the ASID Crew; and this is the latest interview and musical compliation of what he's doing this year.

Michael is Our Neighbor A Yard; Yes a Mi Neighbor dis from Ochi

MICHAEL FABULOUS - NEVER GIVE UP from High Vibes Int on Vimeo.

in case you don't know who Michael Fabulous is, just watch this most recent bio video; as the man will tell unu nuff nuff bout him big connections, him tour,
and who him deh wid inna di studio. is pure stars him deh mongst, unu nah seet.

We notice some of unu nah kno seh, we country people.
So today we focus pon country people and nice music;
and show unu how nice and decent country people is.

Today We Give Unnu Pure Roots Riddim' Fi Lively Up Ya Self

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Thriller Friday - Don't Feed the Vampire Widgets ANYMORE

Vampire Killing Kit

Really Now.. why would you feed a vampire anyway ?

"Let Me Rock Your Underworld.."  Said Wanda to the Vampire

yes this is Jim Carrey with Jamie Foxx on In Living Color. Funnny.
it's priceless and it gets the point across better than a Glenn Beck Chart, Have Mercy !

We just wanted to let you in on the new plan,
"Don't Feed the Vampire Widgets Babies "

Most Importantly - choose who and where to leave your clicks carefully. Do Not Buy ADS on Sites that Do Not Return Visits with a real visit of more than 30 secs; Leave occasional Comments or Interact with you on some level - They Are The UNDEAD.. you know it already when you hit that page

Please Stop Feeding The Dead Widgets,

They are Killing YOUR Blog and Entrevalue

This simple action if practiced widely within the community, will force entrecard to re-evaluate their taxes and policies. Because less traffic means less payments to them. Whoooo HA!  who wants to pay to advertise when clicks bottom out ?  Now didn't you just see Wanda whip out that Type O and A Blood, then that coffin ? Think Back, Remember that letter you received last week ? Uhh Huh.

If You are Thinking of Leaving Entrecard - Before You Remove Your Widget
Please stop by EntrePOD blog and read the simple solution to our entreproblem.

Trust Me, You are already holding a Full House, now Lets Play Cards !

As Is Tradition - this is Fitness Friday on A BadGalSays

Today we have a Dual Purpose for Your Heart. we wanted to get you to Shake It Up for Just a Few Minutes - Remember Your Heart and Shake It Real Good !

This Very Popular Cebu Prisoners Thriller Video was especially selected to remind you to send your prayers and support to the many who have lost lives, and are suffering from the Tsunami in the Ring of Fire. Help Us To Bless Our Family and Our Friends in the Storm,

Our Thoughs and Our Prayers are With You All,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thirsty ? Have a Cappuccino and Tell Us, What Makes It Work For You


So How Does one get The Push from RedGage to Blogspot ?

We got  a comment from Reeni - the Cinnamon Girl yesterday asking how does it work ?

So Here You Go Reeni - it's simple when you blog on your blogspot blog, you create a post that we all want to see, and know about.  to enhance your position in the search engines, if you create more linkage to that post; instantly  you begin the process of  "pushing the post ranking up". it happens when you add more links to the post. it's just that simple.

Since this is Thirsty Thursday - we're offering a great recipe for Delicious Hot Indian Blog Shots.
here's the recipe so you can make your own version of the uber delicious warm drink pictured above.

Here's what I'm doing and it's already producing results
  1. Create a Post on Your Blogspot or Blog
  2. Create a New Post on your RedGage Dashboard, about that post
  3. Link the Two Posts to Each Other in Links within the Blogs themselves.

Here's a Working Example of how it works. just click this link and you'll see one of my qualifying links. then click this link and you'll see another of the links. notice that these are linked back to this page, as well as to the other posts. the cross linking creates a buzz in the spider realm.

when Google spiders your post, it sees the additional links, which add weight to your post. then when google spiders the additional links it also adds weight. oooooo, delicious.  we discovered this by reading a post from a fellow blogger over on Hubpages, where we started this whole oddysey.

Our Hubpages opened a whole new door to blogging for bucks. we don't enjoy writing about windows, vacation packages, fancy cars or other stuff. we just enjoy writing and getting paid for doing it. mostly we write about restaurants we've visited; software we've bought; or places we've actually been.

Isn't that one of the reasons most of us write today ? Because We Enjoy It and maybe for a little extra to put into that pot at the end of the day. if it isn't and you're just blogging for fun or comradery, then that's also a part of this marvelous formula. the community of bloggers is so large these days that if you don't explore the many blogging networks, you may find yourself missing some great push.

Tell Us, What Makes It Work For You  ?