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Black Moses Barbies' Got His-story, and Her-story too

I expect that if you watch this, some of you may get a lil ticked. well just remember it's history. that thanks to itself is here to be referenced in even ways like this. Meet Black Moses Barbie. she's the doll I prayed for as a child.  yes, I tore the head off my blond white barbies and drug them in the dirt. they still were never like this. oh how my dreams came true - I can hardly wait until they hit the store.
I wonder if the gun comes as an accessory ?

Black Moses Barbie commercial #2 of 3 from pierre bennu on Vimeo.

This mock commercial for a Black Moses Barbie toy is the 2nd in a series of 3 celebrating the legacy of Harriet Tubman. It is part of Pierre Bennu's larger series of paintings and films deconstructing and re-envisioning images of people of color in commercial & pop culture.

and yes we do plan on presenting them each one at a time.. so getcha snacks,

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kwame Ture had a Vision - Do We Still Have Ours ?

Stokely Carmichael, 1966 Black Power Speech at UCBerkeley

It was at this rally that the call was first heard for Black Power. When He Said it the Entire World Repeated It. Today we remember the originator of Black Power - Dr. Kwame Ture. Please feel free to repost and to forward this tribute widely.

This Is a Day when we should all say "Black Power" and mean it.

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Stokely Carmichael Sound Clips

"This country told us that if we worked hard we would succeed, and if that were true we would own this country lock, stock, and barrel, lock, stock, and barrel, lock, stock, and barrel.

It is we who have picked the cotton for nothing. It is we who are the maids in the kitchens of liberal white people. It is we who are the janitors, the porters, the elevator men; we who sweep up your college floors.

Yes, it is we who are the hardest workers and the lowest paid, and the lowest paid. And that it is nonsensical for people to start talking about human relationships until they're willing to build new institutions. Black people are economically insecure. White liberals are economically secure.

Can you begin to build an economic coalition? Are the liberals willing to share their salaries with the economically insecure black people they so much love? Then if you're not, are you willing to start building new institutions that will provide economic security for black people?

That's the question we want to deal with. That's the question we want to deal with. We have to seriously examine the histories that we have been told. But we have something more to do than that.

American students are perhaps the most politically unsophisticated students in the world, in the world, in the world. Across every country in this world, while we were growing up, students were leading the major revolutions of their countries. We have not been able to do that.

They have been politically aware of their existence. In South America our neighbors down below the border have one every 24 hours just to remind us that they're politically aware. And we have been unable to grasp it because we've always moved in the field of morality and love while people have been politically jiving with our lives.

And the question is, How do we now move politically and stop trying to move morally? You can't move morally against a man like Brown and Reagan. You've got to move politically to put them out of business. You've got to move politically.

You can't move morally against Lyndon Baines Johnson because he is an immoral man. He doesn't know what it's all about. So you've got to move politically. You've got to move politically. And that we have to begin to develop a political sophistication, which is not to be a parrot: 'The two-party system is the best party in the world.'

There is a difference between being a parrot and being politically sophisticated. We have to raise questions about whether or not we do need new types of political institutions in this country, and we in SNCC maintain that we need them now. We need new political institutions in this country. Any time, any time Lyndon Baines Johnson can head a Party which has in it Bobby Kennedy, Wayne Morse, Eastland, Wallace, and all those other supposed-to-be-liberal cats, there's something wrong with that Party.

They're moving politically, not morally. And that if that party refuses to seat black people from Mississippi and goes ahead and seats racists like Eastland and his clique, it is clear to me that they're moving politically, and that one cannot begin to talk morality to people like that. We must begin to think politically and see if we can have the power to impose and keep the moral values that we hold high.

We must question the values of this society, and I maintain that black people are the best people to do that because we have been excluded from that society. And the question is, we ought to think whether or not we want to become a part of that society.

That's what we want to do. And that that is precisely what it seems to me that the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee is doing. We are raising questions about this country. I do not want to be a part of the American pie. The American pie means raping South Africa, beating Vietnam, beating South America, raping the Philippines, raping every country you've been in. I don't want any of your blood money. I don't want it, don't want to be part of that system."


Kwame Ture' was the voice of My Generation. his words rang out across the airwaves and I was able to watch. America unknowingly helped push the movement, because Blackfolks with TV's watched and invited others to watch. it was the first experiement in social education - conducted unknowingly by Black People For Black People.

This was during a time when Bull Conner was turning dogs and fire hoses on Dr. King and his marchers, and shooting live ammunition into the buildings of Jackson State College; where Kwame and others of SNCC were recruiting for the long hot summer ahead. how can we forget the 1966 - 1967 race riots. Major cities exploded into tension so volatile that white governors like George Romney of Michigan - Called in the National Guard and Tanks into Black Innercities to quell the violence. Black Power was In The Streets

“This country knows what power is. Knows it very well. And it knows what Black Power is ‘cause it’s deprived black people of it for four hundred years.

So it knows what Black Power is. But the question of why do white people in this country associate Black Power with violence, and the [answer] is because of their own inability to deal with blackness.

If we had said ‘Negro Power’ nobody would get scared. [laughter] Everybody would support it. If we said power for colored people, everybody’d be for that. But it is the word “black.” It is the word “black” that bothers people in this country, and that’s their problem, not mine. Their problem.”

This is an interview that Dr. Ture did right before his passing in 1996. It discusses many issues of importance to Africans and Pan Africans, even today.

Get yourself a delicious libation and settle in for an hour with our brother Kwame Ture' - (also known as Stokely Carmichael) as he speaks in a 1996 Interview on various subjects


Stokely Carmichael (Cancer), Born June 29th, 1941

“The love we seek to encourage is within the black community, the only American community where men call each other ‘brother’ when they meet.”

“Go home and tell your daughters they’re beautiful.”

“This is what white society does not wish to face; this is why that society prefers to talk about integration. But integration speaks not at all to the problem of poverty, only to the problem of blackness…

Integration, moreover, speaks to the problem of blackness in a despicable way. As a goal, it has been based on complete acceptance of the fact that in order to have a decent house or education, blacks must move into a white neighborhood or send their children to a white school.

This reinforces, among both black and white, the idea that ‘white’ is automatically better and ‘black’ is by definition inferior. This is why integration is a subterfuge for the maintenance of white supremacy.”

Furaha Kuzilawah Brother Kwame Ture’

Stokely Carmichael, “I maintain that every civil rights bill in this country was passed for white people, not for black people”.

“Now, then, in order to understand white supremacy we must dismiss the fallacious notion that white people can give anybody their freedom. No man can give anybody his freedom. A man is born free. You may enslave a man after he is born free, and that is in fact what this country does.

It enslaves black people after they’re born, so that the only acts that white people can do is to stop denying black people their freedom; that is, they must stop denying freedom. They never give it to anyone.”

19 year old Stokely Carmichael’s (later known as Kwame Ture) mug shot during the 1961 Mississippi Freedom Rides.

“I’m not gonna beg the white man for something I deserve. I’m gonna take it, I’m gonna take it!”
Stokely Carmichael (from archive footage featured in Scarred Justice: The Orangeburg Massacre)

(Link) View more Stokely Carmichael Sound Clips and Black Power Sound Clips

"Now the question is, How is the white community going to begin to allow for that organizing, because once they start to do that, they will also allow for the organizing that they want to do inside their community. It doesn't make a difference, 'cause we're going to organize our way anyway.

We're going to do it. The question is, How are we going to facilitate those matters, whether it's going to be done with a thousand policemen with submachine guns, or whether or not it's going to be done in a context where it is allowed to be done by white people warding off those policemen.

That is the question. And the question is, How are white people who call themselves activists ready to start move into the white communities on two counts: on building new political institutions to destroy the old ones that we have? And to move around the concept of white youth refusing to go into the army? So that we can start, then, to build a new world. It is ironic to talk about civilization in this country.

This country is uncivilized. It needs to be civilized. It needs to be civilized. And that we must begin to raise those questions of civilization: What it is? And who do it? And so we must urge you to fight now to be the leaders of today, not tomorrow. We've got to be the leaders of today.

This country -- This country is a nation of thieves. It stands on the brink of becoming a nation of murderers. We must stop it. We must stop it. We must stop it. We must stop it. And then, therefore, in a larger sense there's the question of black people. We are on the move for our liberation. We have been tired of trying to prove things to white people. We are tired of trying to explain to white people that we're not going to hurt them. We are concerned with getting the things we want, the things that we have to have to be able to function.

The question is, Can white people allow for that in this country? The question is, Will white people overcome their racism and allow for that to happen in this country? If that does not happen, brothers and sisters, we have no choice but to say very clearly, 'Move over, or we're going to move on over you.' Thank you."

Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) was chair of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and Prime Minister of the Black Panther Party.

A charismatic speaker, his call for “Black Power” sent shock waves throughout the civil rights movement and the white establishment. In 1969, he moved to Guinea and changed his name to Kwame Ture.

From his new base he advocated Pan-Africanism. He dedicated the majority of his life as a member of the A-APRP. He died in November 1998 at the age of 57.

All Power to the Teacher - Dr Kwame Ture,

A Luta Continua Kwame - Black Power !

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Let Me Amaze You Today

Please take a few moments and watch this - you will find yourself wondering how they do that, no doubt.

Totally Amazing,

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The Thriller is with us always - Remembering Michael Jackson

No One Could forget this day.. ever. it's marked in our memories, with indelible pain.

Not Even Google Forgets..

Michael Jackson the King of Pop has left the building.
Today we celebrate his legacy with pictures, videos and more from our bumper crop of MJ. Be Sure to check it out because there will be more than 40 posts today. almost all of Michael Jackson.
Feel Free to Share This Post and Repost It - to celebrate Michael today.

Who could ever forget ..

Michael, WE Will Never Forget Your Greatness

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Did you hear that a man flew in panties, a bra and heels today ?

Today we're going to do a short order catch up on some news items that seemed to fall into the news cracks. There are things that are wrong in this world that totally make no sense at all..  Things such as this woman microwaving her six week old baby to death; in California. she is obviously in need of mental evaluation and treatment. hopefully she hasn't hurt anyone else. she's in custody and the charges will have to be murder.

California Woman Arrested for Allegedly Microwaving Baby to Death
(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — A California woman was arrested Tuesday for allegedly microwaving her six-week-old daughter to death, shocking even the most seasoned police detectives who conducted a three-month investigation to determine such a rare cause of death. “We had never seen a crime this unique and disturbing,” Sgt. Norm Leong of the Sacramento County Police Department told ABC News.

This is one of the things that escaped the news in place of Michelle Bachmanns guessing game. why is the mainstream media so repulsed by real news ?  isn't it time we started asking them directly ?  look at all the issues that they ignore.  instead they beat a high name factor bad news story to death, again; and ignore stories of lesser star value. such is the case with the jackass actor who killed himself and a passenger Monday nite.  why was he more important that that six week old baby ? 

hmmmmm I'd venture to say it's because he had fame and she was no one yet.  that's why this is so disappointing. they spend hours over playing the death and suicide by vehicle of a stunt man; yet ignore the baby who is a true victim of the heinousness of society.  maybe it's time we started asking for real news on a regular basis, instead of the same stories beaten into a pile of bloody meat.

did you realize that Chinese Dissident Ai Wei Wei was released today ?

understanding ai weiwei’s release - view.
I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence”- Lupe Fiasco

Once Again Lupe nailed it; and again we seem to be in a time vacuum where any news that manages to seep through is better than not really knowing what's really going on in the world today.

Did you realize that there are political campaigns being waged on the legalization of Marijuana ?

First we see this video from the Judges and Others interested in setting up shop now, so immediately opportunist Ron Paul jumps on it and signs himself up for Legalization. That swings like a double edge sword, simply because many of his views are not so kind toward POC. amazingly thats' not important, since apparently POC don't give much of a hoot about Ron Paul until he signed onto Marijuana Legalization.

All I can honestly say is that it looks like a commercial for legalization; for industrialization. lets just see if the major tobacco companies don't suddenly join hands with the courts, and the drug companies to ramp up the legalization efforts. however it works out, it's going to be even more gangster, we're sure of that.

Corrupt Politics: externalities: Two remarkable press releases: Thurs: Members of...

The Legislation, Modeled after the Repeal of Alcohol Prohibition, Comes on the 40th Anniversary of the Failed War on Drugs and on the Heels of a Global Commission Report Recommending Marijuana Legalization
The legislation would limit the federal government’s role in marijuana enforcement to cross-border or inter-state smuggling, allowing people to legally grow, use or sell marijuana in states where it is legal. The legislation is the first bill ever introduced in Congress to end federal marijuana prohibition.
 And also -

“The war on drugs – declared 40 years ago this weekend – has been the principal driver of mass incarceration in America,” said U.S. mayors in a resolution adopted on Monday at the United States Conference of Mayor’s annual meeting in Baltimore. The mayors pointed out that the U.S. has by far the highest incarceration rate in the world, with 2.4 million of its residents in prison or jail, including roughly 500,000 Americans behind bars for drug law violations – an increase of 1200 percent since 1980.
In their resolution, the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) officially endorsed pending bi-partisan federal legislation, the National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2011, sponsored by Virginia Senator Jim Webb and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.  The Act would “take the long-overdue step of creating a national, bi-partisan, blue-ribbon commission charged with undertaking a comprehensive, 18-month, top-to-bottom review of the criminal justice system and proposing concrete, wide-ranging reforms,” according to the resolution.
The marijuana bill will get “more [debate] in the media than on the floor of the House” but it’s still good to see, and may be something that people go back to if any state legalises in 2012 (international law aside, but that doesn’t seem to apply to the US).
I seem to remember writing about Webb’s bill last year, when nothing came of it, but I dearly hope that it gets somewhere.
Shits' so crazy these days that this woman got fed up last week in Texas at a Walmart and went after three Sylvester's after she saw them walk out with three cases of beer. them damn people of walmart.

So it clearly shows us that people are acting all kinds of ways these days in America. who walks into a store and walks out like that ? besides that, who names three children the same name ? ooohhh I forgot about George Foreman. forgive my ranting old mind for failure.


“A painted metal mural attached to the Mexican side of the US border wall in the city of Heroica Nogales, Sonora. The mural is titled “Paseo de Humanidad” (Parade of Humanity) and was created by artists Alberto Morackis, Alfred Quiróz and Guadalupe Serrano. It depict the struggles and harsh realities of economic refugees traveling through the Sonoran desert to reach the US.”
“A painted metal mural attached to the Mexican side of the US border wall in the city of Heroica Nogales, Sonora. The mural is titled “Paseo de Humanidad” (Parade of Humanity) and was created by artists Alberto Morackis, Alfred Quiróz and Guadalupe Serrano. It depict the struggles and harsh realities of economic refugees traveling through the Sonoran desert to reach the US.”
 The TSA and US Scareways makes me really confused when they behave this way. jYou pprobably didn'thear about it but just last week they kicked a  young football player from U of New Mexico who was a POC off the flight;and Arrested Him. Why - because they said they could see the top of his undershorts from above his pajama bottom pants. the pants were covered by a shirt. The POC was removed by the tsa for having the top of his underwear showing .  Yet they said nothing to a man wearing women's underwear and no clothes.  why ?  is this a trick situation or what am I missing here ? 

To us this sounds like a profiled test of the dress code by the TSA and US Airways. not good folks.. not good.

US Airways Allows Man in Underwear to Fly

(SAN FRANCISCO) -- At a time when airport behavior is closely scrutinized for anything unusual, passengers on a recent US Airways flight were surprised to find a fellow traveler dressed only in a blue bra and underwear, a sheer white sweater, black platform heels and stockings. The passenger was a man.

Jill Tarlow, an Arizona woman who was on board the June 9 flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Phoenix sent a photo of the unidentified passenger to the San Francisco Chronicle. She said that despite other passengers' complaints regarding the man's attire, he was allowed to board.

US Airways declined comment to ABC News, but spokeswoman Valerie Wunder told the Chronicle that employees acted correctly by not removing the man from the flight.

The incident came just days before 20-year-old University of New Mexico football player Deshon Marman made headlines when he was booted off a US Airways flight after airline personnel approached him about his pants sagging too low. Marman was arrested on June 15 after being told to get off the plane. He claims that his pajama bottoms were loose, but that just the top of his underwear were in public view.

Veteran flight attendant Mark Gentile, currently a US Airways union rep for the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA MEC, said that this case of the lingerie-wearing man is "certainly one of the most bizarre."

"I could see how someone could take offense to it because you're sitting inches away from someone on an aircraft and people respect their privacy and don't want to have that invaded," he said.

Gentile, who has been a flight attendant for 34 years, said that passengers behaving in bizarre ways is not uncommon.

"I'm surprised there aren't books written on the situations that occur...I don't think you could dream up this particular one," he said, recalling a time in his career when he witnessed a man try to use a closet as a bathroom on a red eye flight. "There's always something new that comes up."        -    Copyright 2011 ABC News Radio

And did you realize that America was Air Conditioning Afghanistan ?
Statistic mentioned in the audio piece…. [via reddit]

America Is Any Of This News To You ?

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The Internet Is A Mind War

There is a serious war going on right now on the internet and off the internet for YOUR MIND. Yes Your Mind..

Don't Give In

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Happy Fathers Day Fathers, Everywhere

Today we surrender the blog to Dr Boyce Watkins and his positive message to Black Fathers Everywhere.

Brought to you by The Great Black Speakers Bureau, the #1 Black Speakers bureau in the world.  To join the Your Black World Coalition, please visit
Fatherhood Matters at Your Black World
Quick note From Dr. Boyce Watkins:
Hey to the YBW family.  I decided that on this father's day, we would provide balance to the conversation about fatherhood in black America.  While most of us are accustomed to the data regarding all the men who've chosen to surrender their manhood by not managing their responsibility, there are millions of black dads around America who step up to the plate every single day, and those fathers deserve to be honored.
So, we decided at Your Black World to do two things:  1) Celebrate empowered fathers who continue to show the love to women and children that they deserve, and 2) place a mandate on the backs of ALL OF US to let deadbeat dads know that their behavior will no longer be tolerated.   The city of New York uses the slogan "If you see something, say something," in the War on Terror.  Well, this slogan can be used in the War on Deadbeat Dads. 
So, for that uncle, cousin, brother, boyfriend, son or best friend in your life who isn't handling his responsibility in a conscientious manner, let him know that his actions are intolerable, unacceptable and not reflective of what the black community represents.  Deadbeat dads must be informed that it is no longer cute, funny or forgiveable for a man to reproduce in an irresponsible manner and then think that it's OK to abandon his seed.  We must all take a stand right now, for our children are depending on us to speak the uncomfortable truth.
Be well, God bless and Happy Father's Day,
Dr. Boyce Watkins
Barack Obama, Sasha Obama, Malia Obama, Marian Robinson, Janet Kavandi

President Obama Describes the Rewards of Fatherhood


My Dad, Muhammad Ali Uses His Fame for Good


Happy Fathers Day Fathers, Everywhere

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Yeah Exactly Homeland Security, Come Aboard, They're Expecting Youuu

Do You Like Tupac ? Do You Have a Sony Playstation or Sony Pictures Account ?

Well today we bring you a short sing a long. some of you may remember it as the Theme from The Love Boat.

Why does the CIA think we don't know that LULZ SEC put their asses on the Love Boat ?

Yeah Exactly, Homeland Security Come Aboard, They're Expecting Youuuuuu,

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Sometimes Unauthorized Can Be Good

every once in a while we find a video bio that's actually enjoyable. Watch This.

Unauthorized Biography of O. W. (7 of 12) by SHAUN BOOTHE from Biography Series on Vimeo.

Good Work Shaun. No doubt Oprah would be proud.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Longstroke of Injustice gets a Pay Off and a Pass

The Eddie Longstroke seems to have finally hit it's peek. the rumors are flying that the dirty bishop paid some 25 milli to make the gay suit go away. read this from YourBlackWorld News

Bishop Eddie Long Reportedly Paid $25 Million to Make Case Go Away

*Citing an unnamed source, the web site is reporting that New Birth Missionary Baptist Church pastor Bishop Eddie Long is paying nearly $25 million to settle claims he had sexual relationships with four young male parishioners, and has also given an apology to the accusers.
The source, who claims to be familiar with the details of the settlement and did not wish to be identified, said that Long refused to give a public apology, which ended up costing him more, according to Redding’s editor and publisher Robert Redding Jr.
Redding writes:
What began as a $2 million agreement to settle the case for each of the four men quickly rose to $5.5 million for the respective plaintiffs, the source said, only because Long refused to publically admit guilt.
The men are to divide $2.2 million equally and then receive $400,000 in payments until the money is paid out over the next 20 years, the source said. The final figure comes to $22 million for the four men and $2.8 million for the plaintiffs’ attorneys.
The church had already been paying these four young men $40,000 annually each before any charges were filed, the source said.
Still, Long did give a private apology, the source said. Redding News Review has decided not to print the source’s paraphrasing of that apology.
Long could not be reach at press time.
That's Not All Since we know you like a lil Desert with your Tea - apparently the heaven lottery has happened and none of us won.  Creflo Dollar has proclaimed that Eddie Long is IN.. Wowww,,,

Well all we can say is, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..