Sunday, December 26, 2010

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Welcome to the Tivoli Stories Podcasts

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Truth They Tried To Twist - TIVOLI-STORIES* PART 5

We Present for you TIVOLI-STORIES* PART 5

The Truth They Tried To Twist -

Tell The Truth To Tivoli

So of course you already know that this is the Opening Salvo on the Tivioli Stories Episode Five - The Letter T; The Truth They Tried To Twist - Tell The Truth To Tivoli.

  • First Class - Isiah Mentor w. Turbulence
  • Burnin and Lootin - Kymani Marley w. Alborosie
  • They Call it Murder - Damien Marley
  • Small Axe - Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • Ambush in the night live in Nigeria - Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • Terrorists - Israel Vibration
  • Roman Soldiers of Babylon - Jaob Miller and Inner Circle
  • We Struggle - Bounty Killa w. Wayne Marshall, Mad Antz
  • Rampage - Buju Banton
  • Murda Dem a Play Remix - Bryan Art w. Queen Ifrika
  • Dub Wise - Dubmatix
  • Self Defense - Agent Sasco (Bad Reputation Riddim)
  • Bugle - Give Thanks
  • Vybz Kartell - Bad Reputation - first half
  • Erup - Beat Dem
  • Vybz Kartell - Bad Reputation - second half
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Copyright : all rights reserved to original copyright owners; and RE Ausetkmt for; ASID Hi-Power SoundSystem and Studios UK/JM/US

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Today is National Homeless Persons Memorial Day - we choose Invisible People Tv to speak for us today.

We know that you don't like the Homelessness in America, so we ask you to Remind Your Legislators that Today Homelessness Needs to End.

Lastweek we saw rich dc politicians arguing about a tax bill for the 99ers' and families which recently lost their only income - Unemployment Benefits. They are arguing about helping Feed America, and Give it a Home - after these very same Americans Paid Taxes. How can you deny a person help when they've paid taxes ?

Isn't it time we asked our Rich Politicans How They Do That ?

The real american version of the tax incentive bill was not passed, because the Rich Republicans needed a Bigger Piece of the Pie - FOR THOSE WHO ARE ALREADY RICH.
Today we ask - If Politicians can give huge tax breaks to the rich, why not just a few dollars for the Homelesss ?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Do You remember the saying the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice ? We Do

Today Lets compare styles shall we - Si Vous Plait ?

This is a very popular American Pop / Blues Classic. no doubt you'll recognize it immediately. the twist is that we have both the imitators and the Most Popular Version. when we read the story about the political imitator it refered to this classic as a Beatles tune.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Make Your Holiday Spirit Count - Call Haley Barbour Today

We're supporters of Political and Social Causes like Freedom for the wrongly accused and imprisoned. This means we cannot ignore the Scott Sisters and Their Double Life Terms for $11.00. Today we're asking you to join us by making contact. by just reaching out to the Governor of Mississippi.
*Contact Information For Governor Haley Barbour*

P.O. Box 139

Jackson, Mississippi 39205

Call Governor Haley Barbour tollfree at 1-877-405-0733 and ask him to Pardon Gladys and Jamie Scott. Tell Him that $11.00 does not equal a human life. certainly not two life sentences, for Two Mothers.

Please take a moment and Give With Your Heart - take just a moment for another person today - and Make a Simple Phone Call or Send an Email to Haley Barbour and let him know that the Scott Sisters need Freedom NOW.
Lets Stand Up for The Scott Sisters NOW

For Gladys and Jamie Scott are Each One of US..
Jamie and Gladys Scott both went before the Mississippi Board of Pardons and Parole today. Results from this hearing are unknown at this time. Please continue to call and e-mail governor Haley Barbour's Office in support of their release. Each call and e-mail is very important!
*Contact Information For Governor Haley Barbour*
P.O. Box 139
Jackson, Mississippi 39205
*Re: Urgent Action Needed For The Scott Sisters*
Media activities surrounding Jamie and Gladys' case are diminishing and pressure needs to remain on Governor Haley Barbour to release both sisters immediately.
Please assist us during Monday December 13, 2010 – Tuesday December 21, 2010 by talking about the Sisters and requesting that your listeners call, and e-mail Governor Haley Barbour's office in support of freedom for Jamie and Gladys. This time frame is chosen so that calls and e-mails reach the governor before the Mississippi State Government holiday.
*Suggested Methods*:
*Bloggers* – please copy and paste the information found in italics below in your blogs.
*Blog Talk Hosts* – Please place Action Needed For the Scott Sisters in your program headings so that The Scott Sisters rank higher in Google searches. Also, copy and paste the information found in italics into the Blog section of your Blog Talk Radio accounts. Please read this short script at some point in time during your programs.
*Radio Stations* – Please read the information below on your programs daily. Currently, Rip Daniels of WJZD in Gulfport, Mississippi (; is the only brick and mortar media outlet mentioning the plight of The Scott Sisters on a daily basis.
*Whether the Scott sisters are innocent or guilty, any reasonable person can see that the punishment they received does not fit the crime. In addition, Jamie Scott is very ill and suffering from stage 5 renal (kidney) failure. Currently, it’s up to Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour to commute their sentences and pardon them. *
*Each sister is currently serving double life sentences each for an $11 robbery – that's 4 life sentences between the two sisters. To date the sisters have been in prison 16 years. Let governor Barbour know that you 're seeking justice for the Scott sisters now!
In Solidarity,
Nancy Lockhart, M.J.
Hopefully you've picked up that phone and just dialed Governor Haley Barbour at 1-877-405-0733 to let him know that this Christmas he should give of his heart and Free Gladys and Jamie Scott.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do You Know What's Really Going On at White Mountain ?

Where in the world is the WikiLeaks data housed - 30 meters Inside a Mountain 40 meters above sea level in Stockholm.

The place is called Pionen - White Mountain Data Center

Can You Say Dayumn.. the place uses German Submarine Engines. The same ones that are being used by The North Koreans today. That says alot. why are we telling you this ? so that you know where the data is, incase anyone wants to go get it. snicker, snicker..
Apparently this weekend was a nightmare for the stupid asses at Amazon europe in Dublin. They were sliced and diced and are still trying to recover from a ddos attack. they are saying that it was equipment failure. Surrrreeee it was.

They broke this ugly stick over your thick heads..

Amazon Admit It - Your Servers Were Ransacked and You Know It Just Like We Do
apparently they have angered the folks who could care less about christmas shoppers like 4chan. those guys are so busy ddos'n folks that it's hard to imagine them even having time to get a warm bowl of oatmeal.
And to tell you the truth when we looked at the way they are organizing their attacks, they seem to be in some kind of popularity war on hacking sites with the other hacker collectives - like the oldies but goodies at CODC; and ETA and even the new kids on the block - Anonymous.

It's all so random and shit..

Alex Jones talks about it

when we heard about the wacking of the credit card database at Amazon it was through private channels; because Amazon has yet to talk about that. they appear to want to deny that it happened, again. why we're not sure since the real intention of 4chan is not to steal credit cards but to disrupt operations.
the newest piece of the puzzle has the russian and chinese computer mafias sliding themselves into the mix while the ddos attacks are happening and the systems are vunerable; making them easy pickings.
Visa and Mastercard were also wacked and haven't admitted it.
Sadly we remind you to check your credit card statements and change all your online passwords since it appears the latest hacks are designed to gain information for later use. The credit card thieves always run their botnets, but this rise in ddos attacks has made all the commerce processors particularly vunerable.
and for that bit of information we should all be very thankful.
the moral of todays story is simple, Use Less Plastic; and Change Your Passwords Often. Don't ever let your guard down and know that if there is a chance; that you can be a bot in their army. Regardless of your efforts they will work diligently to secretly recruit you and your data to assist their efforts.

Amazon knocked offline by 'hardware failure'

Amazon screen shot showing error message at about 2130 GMT on Sunday
Visitors were temporarily unable to access the UK site

Wikileaks Revelations

WikiLeaks has refused to link itself with Anonymous, saying "we neither condemn nor applaud these attacks".
Online retailer Amazon has said its European websites were temporarily offline because of a "hardware failure".
British, French, German, Austrian and Italian sites were down for about 30 minutes on Sunday during a peak pre-Christmas shopping period.
The outage occurred during a time of ongoing threats against major sites by pro-Wikileak activists.
A group known as Anonymous is targeting firms, including Amazon, that withdrew services from the whistle-blowing site.
"The brief interruption to our European retail sites last night was due to hardware failure in our European datacentre network and not the result of a [distributed denial of service] attempt," said a spokesperson for the firm.
Amazon sites ending .it, .de, .uk, .fr and .at - which are all hosted in Dublin - were unavailable for about half an hour at about 2115 GMT on Sunday, according to a Twitter posting by web monitoring firm Netcraft.
However, all servers are now back up and running after a brief delay, the firm says.

Suspended accounts
The outage follows a series of web attacks by Anonymous targeted at corporate websites that had withdrawn services from Wikileaks.
Amazon stopped hosting Wikileaks material on its servers on 1 December saying the site was breaking its terms and conditions.
As part of its campaign, Anonymous had planned to mount a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on Amazon on Friday, but publicly abandoned the plans, saying they did not have the "forces".
"While it is indeed possible that Anonymous may not have been able to take down in a DDoS attack, this is not the only reason the attack never occurred," read a statement that appeared to be published by the group.
"After the attack was so advertised in the media, we felt that it would affect people such as consumers in a negative way and make them feel threatened by Anonymous.
"Simply put, attacking a major online retailer when people are buying presents for their loved ones would be in bad taste."
DDoS attacks, which are illegal in the UK, involve overloading a website with high numbers of requests so it stops working.
Several Twitter accounts attributed to Anonymous and its campaign have been suspended over the attacks.
The group's Operation Payback Campaign has also targeted the websites of Paypal, Mastercard and Visa, as well as the Swedish Prosecutor's website after a case was brought there against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
Mr Assange is in British custody awaiting an extradition hearing after being accused of sex crimes in Sweden. He denies the charges.
Wikileaks has angered the US government by publishing large caches of secret documents online, including US diplomatic cables.
The government has written to Wikileaks, saying it believes its actions are illegal, but it has denied putting pressure on firms such as PayPal to withdraw services.
Then we have a new truthiness offshoot from WikiLeaks called Openleaks by former WikiLeaker Daniel Domscheit-Berg. he says OpenLeaks will Not Be in The Shadow of WikiLeaks. their operational strategy is totally different. this is from the BBC and it breaks the ice on why this second organization launched.

Wikileaks' former second-in-command is gearing up to launch an alternative to the high-profile website.
Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who left the site after disagreements with its founder, plans to launch Openleaks in the coming months.
The technology, which can be embedded in any organisation's sites, will allow whistle-blowers to anonymously leak data to publishers of their choice.
Its founders say it will address problems they had with Wikileaks.
"We felt that Wikileaks was developing in the wrong direction," Mr Domscheit-Berg told BBC News. "There's too much concentration of power in one organisation; too much responsibility; too many bottlenecks; too many resource constraints."
He said that the team did not want the responsibility of deciding what was or was not relevant and what would be good for the organisation as a whole to publish.
"This is the wrong question and should never be asked."
Network effect
Unlike Wikileaks, Openleaks will not publish or verify material; leaving that role to newspapers, "NGOs, labour unions and other interested entities".
"We are trying to build a community of various organisations that need or have use for anonymously submitted information," former Wikileaks member Herbert Snorrason told the BBC.
Mr Domscheit-Berg, said the decision to be a "conduit" rather than publisher was made because of the team's experience at Wikileaks.
Wikileaks website The idea came out of a project developed during the team's time at Wikileaks
"That was another constraint we saw - if your website becomes too popular then you need a lot of resources to process submissions," he said.
Instead, Mr Domscheit-Berg said the organisation would be a "technology provider", supplying anonymous online drop boxes for organisations.
"[Openleaks] aims to provide the technological means to organisations and other entities around the world to be able to accept anonymous submissions in the forms of documents or other information," said Mr Domscheit-Berg.
This would form a distributed network of submissions pages across the web, powered by Openleaks technology for keeping sources anonymous and documents secure.
Whistle-blowers would be able to submit documents to an organisation's site, which would then be available for them to use for an exclusive period, specified by the source.
"If after that time you choose not to publish the document yourself the document will be shared with the rest of the subscribers in the system," said Mr Domscheit-Berg.
"If you choose not to publish it, many other parties will receive the document - and we are pretty sure that one of them will publish it."

"We do not think that Openleaks will be in Wikileaks shadow”
Daniel Domscheit-Berg
In addition to the technology, he said, the organisation will offer legal advice to organisations about dealing with and publishing sensitive material.
Initially, the team will work with a handful of small organisations, with the aim of growing the project slowly.
Over time, he said, the group hopes the network of participating organisations will become more "diverse, complex and dynamic", which will afford more protection when dealing with sensitive material.
"With each new entity you are adding more nodes to the network; you're adding more complexity to the network so everyone is protecting everyone else."
The result, he said, would be "technically and legally very powerful".

Evolutionary step'

The project was born out of an idea for a "Wikileaks button" that was developed before Mr Domscheit-Berg left the organisation. All of the team behind the project have now left Wikileaks because of disagreements about how the site was run.
Julian Assange Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is currently in British custody awaiting an extradition hearing
"One of the main issues we see with Wikileaks today is that it has become too much about the project," said Mr Domscheit-Berg, who said he still supports Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
"It has become too much about self-promoting the project and self-promoting people involved with the project which is rather distracting from the content of the documents."
Mr Assange, in particular, has been criticised for his high-profile role; something he has said was necessary.
"I originally tried hard for the organisation to have no face, because I wanted egos to play no part in our activities," he recently told the Guardian newspaper.
"In the end, someone must be responsible to the public and only a leadership that is willing to be publicly courageous can genuinely suggest that sources take risks for the greater good."
One problem Openleaks may face is increased competition amongst a raft of new sites - including Brusselsleaks - for documents from leakers. It may also need to establish its credibility, alongside the highly successful Wikileaks.
But Mr Domscheit-Berg does not think this will be a problem.
"I believe lots of people are aware of some of the issues that Wikileaks has right now and there is already some critical debate."
He said the site was already "drowning in contact requests" and that it would be targeting different material
"Way more people are sceptical about the direction Wikileaks are heading and see what we are doing as the right step into the future. So, I don't think credibility will be a problem."
To build further trust, he said, the group would establish a foundation in Germany to handle and publish its finances.
In addition, he said, the model they had chosen to use would mean that Openleaks would rarely be in the spotlight.
"We're not aiming for any front pages," said Mr Domscheit-Berg. "If anything at all, this organisation is to enable others to do that."
It has now launched a website which will detail the evolution of the project before it goes live in the coming months.
"We do not think that Openleaks will be in Wikileaks shadow," Mr Domscheit-Berg said. "We are a completely different approach. We do not see ourselves as competitors - we are the next evolutionary step."
(end of clipping)
Last Nite and Earlier Today 12/14/10 - All of the Mail Servers at were off line. their intermittent service was blamed on the 600 they wacked. we doubt it honestly.
Reports are that using PayPal is like getting in a revolving door - it opens, lets you in, and goes down; no use at all. That we're sure is a part of Operation Payback. Will the hilarity ever cease ? we're not processing anything through PayPal including our regular subscriptions because they are too deep in the water to be safe right now as a payment portal. Professional Advice is to Be smart, avoid using them for now.

Clearly if you can get into your account, someone is keeping track of that info; to do who knows what with at this point.
Wackers, Crackers, Hackers, and Spooks - All we have to say is Come Out, Come Out Wherever and whoever you are..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

There's So Many Reasons to Lend Your Spirit in Prayer Today

Sunday this week finds us in quite a blue mood. Early in the week we learned the Queen of Soul - Aretha Franklin has Pancreatic Cancer. she's had surgery and is resting comfortably in a Detroit hospital. Aretha always the queen, thanked everyone who lent a prayer and thought for her this week.

We hope you'll keep praying with us for our star.

We Love You Re Baby..

This is from E-News
Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin has cancer, her family announced Wednesday.
The music legend's relatives and sources close to her confirmed the sad news to Detroit's Fox 2 station and The Detroit News, adding they are deeply worried about the icon's health.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Remember A Bad Reputation Can Mek You a Rich Gal

OOooooo cuchie cutchie.. as in cuba. Yes apparently Ms Ardin has an association with the Cuban Disident Movement. so her association with Mr Assange was not coy at all.
Okay di ting start draw ina drama we seh. so from him drop inna station, she pap down inna israel. Whaaa ! She mussa Maaddddd Rich and move like Mosad..
See Dem Here a practice inna Self Defense -

Oooooo,, Self Defense - Agent Sasco;

Monday, December 6, 2010

Damn That Hillary is a Diplomatic Domanitrix

There is so much going on for the Secretary of State these days that of course she had to make her appearance on Saturday Nite Live.  Can You Imagine Hillary in a Crotch Shot ? So does it really have to take a major world crisis to get some funny outta SNL These Days ?

Watch for the Hillary Crotch Shot at the 3:00 Mark

Okay This is Funny.. Damnnn

Actually it's alot funnier than her ass running all over the globe this past week, kowtow-ing to everybody; her damn diplomatic dicks said shit about. Now if she could just stick to giving good head, we'd never have to know about her crotch shots.

Another Good Job Assange,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hey Joe Where You Going with that Lie in Your Head

Well if this doesn't just light our Menora .., (jap side-eye oy)

Joseph Lieberman is now on the BadGalsRadio ID10T List as a Captain.
We disliked his political slant previously, but now we've taken a total dislike to his misuse of power. That's a bad thing for a politician to do. if he keeps this up pretty soon we'll see him as a Geriatric Genocidal Gangster like his buddy Cheney.

There's no doubt in our minds that Joe knew

He knows that by doing what he did he created a deeper well for the truth to emerge from. and the real question is why did he do this horrendous thing ? well we need to ask Joe why He Lied -

Friday, December 3, 2010

Buju For Miami is a GO Jan 16, 2011

Clearly We Can See that He Is Ready to Get Back to WORK

The development came when one judge disagreed with the ruling of another and  will allows the Jamaican Reggae Star to perform at a January 16th Miami Concert.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day 2010 - Will You Give of Yourself to Help Another Today

Today is World Aids Day - and some of our most loved performers are going DEAD until they can help raise 1 Million dollars..

Alicia Keys is dead.

Now Just Wait One Minute Here Mr President..

Now Just Wait One Minute Here Mr President..

Under a World War II-era law, the US president appears to have authority to disconnect computer systems and servers from the internet in the event of a national emergency. But the next US Congress is poised to change that.

If You Evvvvvvaaa, (shaking head side to side with squinty eyes) Think you can just Shut Down the Internet - You betta call ya boy Reggielove to slap you upside your head' cause that day will bring mass chaos to your front door Mr. President.