Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is a Plea For Help - I hope someone see's it

Why does it appear that our friend Kanye is not himself these days?

we noticed it's become a pattern. Recently he seems to be getting a little worse, with the addition of Hen Hen and Amber Rose to the mixx. all we can say is you tell us, does this look like a stable person to you ?

we compiled these videos from Youtube, with a quick search. there is so much out there about Yeezie's behaviour, that we wanted to focus on the time peroid where this seems to be escalating. if you pay attention, you will see the video of Him and His Mom. He Appears Close to Normal there.

Kanye and Him Mom - Dr. Donda West; on the release of her book chronicalling the life of Kanye West, and How She Raised Him.

It makes us wonder if he still has that book, and if he's even thought of it lately ? I'm sure his mom wouldn't like this latest action, according to what she wrote in her book on "Raising Kanye".

When She died; immediately the strange behaviour manifested

Grief is a powerful disabler. we are speaking from personal experience, and professional advice. when his mom died suddenly, he was on tour. when he arrived home; she was gone. he missed his last moments with her.  they had a very unique bond. you would see them arrive together to the early award shows. she walked the red carpet with him. sat with him at the first grammy awards. she was his rock, and that's what seems to be pushing him toward this type of acting out.

Kanye may not be ready to admit it, but take a look at the changes with us

Kanye and Alexis Pheifer

1. He Jumped from his tame designer fiance Alexis Pheifer, who stood by him through the car accident and early revelations of his sex addiction; to dating a former stripper and admitted try-sexual, Amber Rose.

Kanye and Amber Rose

watch closely and you'll see Amber Rose in this Luda Video - yeah,,

2. We remember when he was a college drop-out in his preppy marc jacobs posse', carrying a Murse.  To being kicked out of award shows globally. he went from being dressed in air yeezies and argyle, to drinking  straight from the Neck of the Hen-Hen dressed in BadBwoy Black Leather and Jeans, much more in style to his companion Amber Rose.

The strange behaviour seemed to start when his mom died. we saw it in the video when he was off the hook with the fan who he told to eat shit and die - On Stage. this was within months of his moms death.

Kanye, Mark Jacobs and fellow fashionistas attend an Event in Paris

3. Slowly in the media, He took on an oppositional attitude toward all other talented individuals; he felt were less than himself.  It was reported int he news that upon hearing of  the death of Michael Jackson recently Kanye declared himself "The New King of Pop".  that was certainly a huge danger sign.

wow.. he's a rapper, so what does he have to do with Pop ?

Kanye and Amber Rose attend Fashion Week 2008

we hope that those who are able to, Get Ye Some Professional Help Quick Fast and In a Hurry.
His "Acting Out"  in this fashion persuades us that he is not the genius, but a terribly troubled soul; who needs to again see the light, instead of the darkness which seems to be enveloping him now.

Kanye is in our Thoughts and Prayers, because we can't see anything good coming out of this. not anything good. publicity can work both ways and this so far hasn't been good. apologizing on Jay Leno and the Morning Show won't make up to the millions of fans who are disappointed. so much so that they decide to boycott his music. that kind of loss of credibility indicates a serious need for help.

Please Kanye, Get Help - No Joke Brothaman,


politicus said...

Who cares? All he does is rap-crap, anyway

RE Ausetkmt said...

awww why so bitter Politicus ?
when your mom died, didn't you loose touch for a while ? consider that before you speak so harshly about someone who is obviously in need of help. badly in need of help as this post says.

compassion is classy, crassness isn't.

THE GUYS said...

We always thought Kanye was a bit unstable. But more importantly....he stopped focusing on his music.

He used to be THE MAN! But he hasn't put out anything original or interesting since,

askcherlock said...

Maybe, like so many, Kanye needs to hit bottom before he realizes he needs help. I saw him teary-eyed on Leno's show, and I don't think he was putting it on. Let's hope for the best for him.

RE Ausetkmt said...

@The Guys - Yeah, he is really frayed at the edges. some of his music is less than it was when he was a producer. I'm wondering if he can make it back from the abyss of grief.

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Cher - he is the person who gets drunk and the next day remembers how bad he made everyone feel; but does it again. I really think he needs professional inpatient help. this is going on too long. I remember when my mom died and I was walking around inside a cloud for what seemed like years. it may have only been a year or so, but I never got into alcohol, drugs or rampant bad behaviour. I just cried, slept and withdrew as much as I could.

he needs help - not AmberRos and Hennessy.

jacqueline said...

I know he desperately misses his mom. Hope he can find some peace for his tortured soul.