Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Virus Season - Have You Seen the Entre Doc Yet ?

The Entrecard Virus Season has started again - Oh Wait, when did it end ?

Has This Happened To You, Browsing and BAM a Pop Up ?

Queen Katherine has written on her blog about the latest round of "Virus Baiting - Thanks Pranks" as we like to call them.

there are widgets displaying Thanks as though they've been dropped on, even when they haven't. it's caused mass confusion and havoc with lots of Entrecarders computers. many of these Entrecarders got the same virus that appears to be again making it's rounds on Entrecard - by way of some very unscrupilous characters.
my statement to them is the same as it was the first time I made it " If You Hate Bloggers So Much - Stop Blogging and and Get Out of Entrecard".
now undoubtably someone with really sore little balls will see this and think I am specifically targeting them. well Lil Balls, to quote my mentor Bob " Jah Rastafari" Marley - "If The Cap Fits, Let them Wear It". so to you today We dedicate this post.

This is the Doctors Prescription for Entrecard Virus Protection :

If You're In the Drive Through Lane - Click Here Fast

Check out Our Podcast of This Post, complete with a Bangin Reggae and Ska Soundtrack - Entrepod Has the Prescription

First Get Your Copy of these three free pieces of software -

  1. Malwarebytes Anti Malware Software
  2. Ad Aware Anti Adware Software
  3. Spy Sweeper Spybot Remover Software
Next Take a Day Off of Entrecard -

Clean Up Your Computer; Clean and Detrash Each Hard drive Separately. then run Defrag to get your space back.

This Video will tell you HOW To Fix This Mess

Next Take a Good Look at your drop pattern - Seriously Doh,

is it consistent ? do you visit the same blogs daily ? if you have more than 150 blogs in your friends blogs list on entrecard, maybe it's time to really look at what's on those blogs that make them Your Favorites.

Somewhere in this list of Friends who drop consistently is a blog that somehow you enjoy, but maybe they don't think the same of your blog. Yes I'm speaking of " Blog Envy". many folks don't admit it, but there are many blogs that we visit and wish that we were that popular; or our template was tweeked just so. yeah, I said it. Blog Envy.

take a few minutes and look at those blogs you envy - what is it about that blog that makes you like it ? is it the design, the layout, the amount of interaction and comments ? You're looking at your growth plan when you examine these elements.

Next take a look at your inbox and see who from this list of Blogs You Envy drops on you consistently. this is what you want to assess. why do the folks who drop on you comeback ? if you don't know, drop them a comment or even a note and ask them - what keeps them coming back.

next look at those blogs in your drop list who consistently visit, but don't update or comment - These Are The Problem Blogs - or as I call them the Coverts who are covering up why they are visiting you and others regularly, without interacting.

there is one thing Entrecard needs to do - create a way to Block Drops from those who may have possibly been in some way a bad blog experience for you. if Entrecard allowed this - do you think it would stop this Blog Envy and present the ability to really enjoy Entrecard for you ? I'd say YES.

there are clickfarmers still raping our blogs and many of them are doing it with bad intention. Entrecard still has not owned up to their part in enabling this behaviour. until they look at it as an abuse issue, instead of ignoring it - the problem will only intensify.

My final bit of advice is to avoid blogs that offer you NO Interaction - No Comments, and nothing but using Your Blog as a source of credits.

Entrecard needs to mature in the sense that bloggers should be Respected. Blogs should also be given a fairer assessment in terms of credit value.

how can a blog which updated 3 months ago still be valued at 512 credits per day - when they have nothing to offer different than the last 89 days you saw it ? STUPID and one of the causes of Extreme Blog Envy.

Instead of asking for more realestate on blogs - Entrecard needs to learn to manage what space they have already on your blog more effectively. Do Not Allow a Blog which is more than 25% Ads INTO Entrecard - Simple.

if you are not a Blogger - Become an Advertiser. Stop Ruining the Blogging experience for so many others who consistently find time to write, interact and comment. those who've found friendship and like mindedness in bloggers who they visit daily, because they Enjoy The Writing and Experience, Not because they want to raise your bouncerate and devalue your blog by infecting it with a virus, on your return visit to them.

Courtesy is important, but Safety is Much More Relevant in this case

If You've dropped on me and I haven't returned the drop - stop dropping on me. it's because you aren't writing about anything I find interesting. probably I've read your blog the first time you milked me, and felt the drop fever, not the love. that means I won't be back.

why not take the hint and be a good egg and find somewhere else to deposit your clicktrash like on a fellow clickfarmer.

Ever Think Maybe. Entrecard needs to invent a category just for Clickfarmers

We think if they did, no one would willingly join it - but maybe if you were caught clickfarming or virusbaiting - you could be put there by fellow entrecarders; who would then know Who You Are and What You've Done.
Check out Our Podcast of This Post, complete with a Bangin Reggae and Ska Soundtrack - Entrepod Has the Prescription

As SmartCarders, Isn't it time We Started Dropping Smarter instead of being Baited Harder ?


Rebecca @Freaky Frugalite said...

GREAT post and I liked the videos. Thanks for writing this. And you ae SO right--- Entrecard should have a category for Clickfarmers... as well as Splogs and Trojan Spreaders.


RE Ausetkmt said...

Thanks Rebecca, it's nice to know that we're on the right track.
do ya think entrecard has considered the clickfarm category ?
maybe we should flood their inbox with the idea. ;)