Monday, November 29, 2010

Lets Tweet #Cablegate till they shit the facts

Thanks to Our Friends at WikiLeaks we have the day to read and then blog.  Please give them your undivided attention as they release the truth on the United States State Department and their Lies. Please be patient when trying to access the downl0ad as it's very busy -this is the sign we received when we went to get the full volume torrent earlier :

Too Many requests or Request Incorrect

We are sorry but we cannot answer your request at the moment. We will do our maximum to fix this as soon as possible.
Remember They are Putting it out there to the entire world today so we can wait a few days if needbe to download the cables.  you can access them by country however much more easily.  This is the Cable Viewer and you can feel free to click any of the buttons to see the cables on WikiLeaks site.
Again we ask you to Please Be Patient as there are millions of eyes examining the files. We may need to wait until they cool off a bit if we want to download the torrent. However within the next week we'll make a copy of the insurance policy and the torrent files available on a mirror for our users to download.

We think that Diplomats should stick to Diplomacy, Not Spying/Lying

Mr Obama you need to clean up your Department of State and Get your hands into the secret dealings of the CIA; because clearly they are making America into a very dangerous place to live.

Really Doh, Lets Tweet #Cablegate till they shit the facts,

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Will the Real Truth Please Stand Up

It's our man Robert Foster back on the WikiLeaks Drop. He works this shit out and brings it back to News World Order. Keep watching because we've got a playa for yo ass..Yeah a Playa

Now bout that Shit hittin the fan ?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

America - Welcome to the Home of the Terrified

Today's Protests were minimal but graphic. people are avoiding the pat-downs by opting for the scans.  Also alot of people avoided the airport and the scans totally by driving, taking the bus and the train.

The air carriers have yet to admit that alot of planes flew at only 3/4 of booked  capacity; compared to last year when they were oversold.  there will be a clearer picture in the days following; when airport use figures are published. trust us, many folks are driving.
According to figures released by AAA, the nations highways saw an all time high in road traffic travel over 250 miles; for this year's thanksgiving.  This is a sharp upturn clearly attributable to the economy and possibly the TSA's aggressive patdown demands.
Salt Lake City Utah won the lottery for stupidest tsa screeners - They actually Strip Searched a Young Child. this is the incident

"The father tried several times to just hold the boys arms out for the TSA agent but i guess it didn't end up being enough for the guy...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Yeah Papi, Whatever You Sayyyyy,

The Pope is one very confused fashionista. lately he's taken to saying things that make no sense at all.  Okay I'll stop lying - He's Said Somemore stupid shit.  Like this past weekend when he came out and said that Male Prostitutes can use condoms; but that Female Prostitutes can't demand their Male customers use them.


I think B2's red slippers may be a lil too tight. Somebody Slap Him so they loosen up and he can restore the bloodflow to his brain; since we know it wasn't working when he said that dumb shit.
This from a Man Who Wears Dresses, Lil Pillbox Hats, Flowing Lace Capes and Bling like Mr T. Eerrrryday..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Looks Like Super Vixen Noxema Jackson is starring in a new drama

Looks Like Super Vixen Noxema Jackson is starring in a new drama

Apparently the Foxy New Tax Felon was taken into custody today by several burly mens identified as federal marshals. Whatever shall we do for 90's vamp-ish blackmale superheroes for the next 3 years ???  Heaven Forbid Sam Jackson should have to make another movie.. (side-eye)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Yes We Are All Different Women, Yet the Same - All The Same

No doubt you've seen the commercials and trailers for the new movie For Colored Girls.

This is a parody for the done by the muppets. it says it was done by Willie Tyler and Lester and if that's true; it makes it a big piece of show business history. for those who don't know Willie Tyler and Lester - we'll present them in a feature soon.

check out the For (Stuffed) Colored Girls - This video is For Colored Girls and For Stuffed Colored Girls too.

The Writer is a woman known as Ntozake Shange'. She won an Obie for this play. I was lucky enough to read it when it was first published, and to see it presented on stage back in the early 1980's in a Black Playhouse. It was marvelous. She writes from her heart and her experiences. For most women who see it, the story rings within their soul. one of the characters will be easy to relate to.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

PODCAST - DOWNLOAD Gregory Isaacs A Timeless Rendition

Today In honor of the genius of Gregory Isaacs We Let Off A Lil Sumptin
We've put together just a very few of his hits to take us down memory lane. Do You Remember where you were when you heard your first Gregory Isaacs Tune? Who you were with. What you were doing. It's all key to your love affair with The Cool Ruler. Because once you heard him, you became a fan.

For Me, it was a tape given to me by a friend. In the old days Rastamen courted their potential queens with Music, Fruit, Incense and Ishens. yes those were the days.. The tape had alot of music on it, but most of it was Gregory Isaacs. That tape created an instant fan. from that day in 1977 I was hooked on the coolness of Gregory Isaacs.
This compilation is to highlight his career as an artist, producer and record label owner. Many people forget that his African Museum Label released all of Gregorys' music begining in the late 1990's. He did alot of tunes for a great many of the hottest producers of the day. But His Work came out of African Museum; and it had that special sound.
When you listen to his voice, you can't help but to feel the gritty smooth rudeness of the Kingston of the 1970's and 80's. Mostly because he croons it like thick coconut jelly. There will be many but there will only be One Cool Ruler.
This Tribute Contains the Following Twenty Tunes - along with a short two part biographical commentary. Next Week we will release the soundtrack minus narration; in two parts.

Be Sure You Subscribe so that you'll receive the first notice of the download.
To download this podcast - simply right click on the tape above and select Save As and download the file to your harddrive. For the sake of nostalgia, you can then burn it to CD Rom. Or you can just upload it to your mp3 player and enjoy.

  1. Ready We Ready - Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown
  2. Addicted to You - Gregory Isaacs
  3. Idlers Corner - Gregory Isaacs and the Mighty Diamonds
  4. Feeling Irie - Gregory Isaacs
  5. Something Nice - Gregory Isaacs
  6. Dreadlocks Love Affair - Gregory Isaacs
  7. Stranger in Your Town - Gregory Isaacs
  8. Cool Down the Pace - Gregory Isaacs
  9. Hush Darling - Gregory Isaacs
  10. Body Language - Gregory Isaacs
  11. Oh What a Feeling - Gregory Isaacs
  12. Raggamuffin - Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown
  13. Let Off Sumptin - Gregory Isaacs with Dennis Brown and Josie Wales
  14. Rumors - Gregory Isaacs
  15. Solitary Confinement - Gregory Isaacs
  16. The Border - Gregory Isaacs
  17. A Riot - Gregory Isaacs
  18. Mr Cop - Gregory Isaacs and Macka B
  19. Payroll - Gregory Isaacs
  20. Slavemaster - Gregory Isaacs
Duration : 77 Minutes / 64k Digital Media @ 256 MHZ for Maximum Boom

Produced : 11/09/10 by RE Ausetkmt for ASID Hi-Power Sound. UK/JM/US and

Copyright : all rights reserved to original copyright owners; RE Ausetkmt for; ASID Hi-Power SoundSystem and Studios UK/JM/US

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is Yeezie Smarter than ITunes ?

Recently Kanye West gave an impromptu in flight performance for co-passengers on Delta Air flying from Minneapolis to New York.

I think I'd love to have been on that flight -

This is clipped from Rollingstone

Friday, November 5, 2010

PODCAST HOTNESS - Welcome Into The Abyss of Blackness Mixtape

Click the Tape to Play/Download

Click the Tape to Play/Download

This is the first is a series of new pods / mixtapes dropping this fall from ASID Hi-Power Soundsystem. Our brand new Show is of course Mecca Amaru - Truth on a Platter.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sing along with Brown, Brady and Tyson The New BBWho ?

We're Having Fun with Bobby Brown and Friends - don't you just loooove Wayne Brady.. ooooooohhhhh Work it Boys

Who knew Mike Tyson could actually dance - amazing.
You can't help but laugh, because it's so damn funny.