Monday, January 31, 2011

Jamaica is overdosing on Salt and Copper

Today we are so sad it's taken us two days to ask this question - Jamaica Blackberry nah feed unnu; but pure coppershot yuh reap - Why ?
Murder seems to be the season in Jamaica this January. unfortunantly many of those who are cut down are innocent victims of violence a yard. Just like this nice likkle yute Copper Cat.

Listen to his message - pure peace, and love even at 8 years old

How Come Dem murda him right infronta mi gate? I don't understand dis atall. copper dont get into nuttin, mi don't get into nuttin wit why dis happen, right in front of Mi Gate - I don't understand dis at all ?
Richie Stephens talking about the murder of His Artist/Son Demar "Copper Cat" Graham on the doorstep of his home - for a blackberry phone. 01/28/2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

What kinda brownies are they baking up in that capital cafeteria ?

Most types of drug tests fail to detect alcohol abuse – the most commonly abused substance among Americans – and are most likely to detect marijuana use since the active ingredient in marijuana stays in the body’s system longer than any other illicit substance. Therefore, drug tests often fail to identify people who are using more powerful, more addictive and more dangerous drugs like methamphetamine or cocaine, which exit the body’s system in a matter of hours or days. If you really want to deal with the problem of addiction, provide treatment on demand," Wexler offered.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big Up Michael Fabulous, because a good man is hard to find

Today we bring you a brand new tune from one of our favorite singers - Michael Fabulous; entitled Just The Way You Are. Click the link and you'll be able to download and listen to the tune.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Time for The 2011 BadGalsRadio Black History Blog Carnival

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Haven't You Had Enough Of Macy Gray ?

Today we want to give you two worthless stories in one - Taxes, Hoes and Macy Gray. this is what made this story possible :
"What the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinians is disgusting, but I wana go. I gotta lotta fans there I dont want to cancel on and I dont know how my NOT going changes anything. What do you think? Stay or go?"
After receiving almost 4,000 often impassioned messages in just four days, Gray has announced via Twitter that she would indeed sing in Tel Aviv next month.
"Dear Israel fans. Me and the band will be there in 20 days. Can't wait. See you then. Peace," she wrote in a Tweet.
This is What Macy is IGNORING - THE more than 4 million plus Imprisoned REAL PEOPLE OF PALESTINE - Held there by Israel.

Yeahhhh Right Macy and now we really need to move on to more important matters. butterah we'll get back to Ms. Macy in a few moments.

Being that its' just about Tax Time Papa ASID thought you might find this interesting

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Miss Etta Gets some RESPECT

Our Blues Lovers can now feel momentarily safer as the courts have okay-ed the use of Etta James money to pay for her medical care. Her money is under a conservator-ship since she had so many issues with her royalties. This keeps it under the scrutiny of an outside party to prevent pilfering. Ms Etta's had a bad spate of health lately and she really needed that money put in play to help get her the best care possible.
Many of you youngins only remember her from the movie Cadillac Records; where Bey portrayed her in her early days.

Yeah Ms Etta she is really stepping wayyy outside of you.
but we remember the Real Etta James. Her Wailing and Moaning was legendary and hopefully the doctors can keep her around a lil bit longer. We think that the documentarians need to get their cameras set up and start work on recording her words now; because unfortunately there aren't many of our Blues Queens left.
Good Health Ms Etta and we look forward to seeing you on the road to good health once again soon.

Do You Remember This Tune ?

This is the latest news on her health and the court decision from googlenews

Judge: Etta James' husband may use $60K for care

(AP) – 1 day ago
RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) — A Southern California judge has ruled that Etta James' husband may use $60,000 of the ailing R&B singer's savings to pay for her medical care.
Riverside County Superior Court Judge Thomas Cahraman said at a hearing Friday that the money should last until Feb. 24, when Artis Mills is expected back in court to continue seeking control of more than $1 million of James' money.
The Riverside Press-Enterprise says Mills is challenging the legitimacy of a claim by James' son, Donto James, that his mother gave him power of attorney in 2008.
Court documents show the 72-year-old singer of "At Last" and other standards lives in the Woodcrest area of Riverside County, has been diagnosed with dementia and is undergoing treatment for leukemia.
We send our sincerest wishes for Better Health and good spirit to Ms Etta as she battles Leukemia. Only God knows the time but we all know the moment.. we first heard Etta James.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Remembering Teena - They laid our ivory queen of soul to rest the other day

They laid our ivory queen of soul to rest the other day

We Loved Teena Marie and followed her throughout her whole career.  Our Sadness at her sudden death meant that we had to follow it to the end. This is some of the last footage of Teena and her band rehearsing for Her fall 2010 Tour. this was shot in early September 2010 as she prepared to rock the world one more time.

Yeah Teena, we'll always be Suckers For Your Love Baby..

Just watch her fingers glide over the strings; it just as if she wrote this music yesterday. Her music is  emotionally timeless and will remain a part of our generations dna mindmap. watch her starting at the 7:10 mark and you know she's all IN the music.  She's jumping and putting her whole funk into the mix. Thats' Teena.  The coroners report says she passed away of a cerebral hemmorage; in her sleep thankfully.

For those who may have missed this - it's from the memorial service for Teena Marie.

Some folks don't know the real story about Teenas' relationship with Rick James. This is a short clip of what she sums up as Rick Using Her. The way it looked to us - is that they were so deep that you couldn't tell what it really was - but we all loved it.  Seeing them on stage performing is an experience I can never forget. the funk hung in the air like a cloud. the emotion was palpable and Teena was on fire. Rick was a master at manipulating the crowd and his band - and in his hands Teena was C4.

Oh Yes Shes' Definately Loved, cause She's Still Rockin Our World.  If You are a fan, just think of her when you look up and hear a funky song. 

That's Teena twinkling ever so brightly just above our heads. Loving Us Still.

We Were So Glad To Know You Teena Marie,

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Remembering Miss Mississippi Winn

Today is a day to Reminisce about those who paved the way for us. when most of us weren't even DNA yet, Ms Winn was living her life and blazing trails.

Ms Winn was much like today's senior citizens, using the computer and enjoying life everyday. she in fact had her own facebook page which is now filled with tributes to her longevity.

We Simply ask you to consider Her favorite quote from the Bible: "Be ye kind one to another."

For That is Testament Enough, if we do it everyday.
God Bless Miss Mississippi Sweetie Winn; and may her relatives be proud of the wonderful life and example she set for us all.

(AP) – 23 hours ago
SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) — When she turned 113, Mississippi Winn could still stand up on her own and never thought her age was a detriment to her life.
The upbeat former domestic worker from Shreveport, known in the city as "Sweetie," died Friday afternoon at Magnolia Manor Nursing Home, said Milton Carroll, an investigator with the Caddo Parish Coroner's Office. He said he could not release her cause of death.
Winn was believed to be the oldest living African-American in the U.S. and the seventh-oldest living person in the world, said Robert Young of the Gerontology Research Group, which verifies information for Guinness World Records.
Young said Winn was one of two known people left in the United States whose parents both were almost certainly born into slavery because documents show they were born before the end of the Civil War, though her great-niece Mary C. Hollins says Winn never acknowledged that.
"I don't know much about that," Hollins recalled Winn saying when asked about her parents' early years.
Young visited Winn in July 2010 and remembered her being much more fit than others her age.
"When I asked her how old she was, she knew she was 113 but she thought she was young," he said. "She always thought there would be a next year. Unfortunately that didn't happen. That was just the thing — she had a very positive attitude."
With Winn's death, Young's Los Angeles-based gerontology group has verified Mamie Rearden, 112, of Edgefield, S.C., as the current oldest known living African-American in the U.S. He said Eunice Sanborn, 114, of Jacksonville, Texas, is the world's oldest known living person.
Hollins said Friday evening that Winn was in good health and mentally sharp until recently.
She described her great-aunt as "a strong-willed person, a disciplinarian" who believed that elders should be respected.
"She was living on her own until she was 103," Hollins said, cooking for herself and taking walks. "She just believed she could handle anything."
Winn, who never married, was a caretaker of children and a cook. She lived nearly her entire life in Louisiana, though she resided in Seattle, Wash. from 1957 to 1975, Hollins said. She had been a member of Shreveport's Avenue Baptist Church since 1927 and used to say, "I am gonna stay here as long as he wants me to stay here."
"One of the reasons for her longevity was that she just kind of took things as they'd come, everyday life and living. She didn't let nothing upset her and get all hyped up by some of the things as we do," Hollins said.
Carroll said Winn was well-known in Shreveport. Last spring, the mayor declared "Miss Mississippi Winn Day" on March 31 when she turned 113.
"She was just a vibrant lady," he said. "Once you came in contact with her, you were impacted."
According to a biography released by the city, Winn was one of eight children, including a sister who died in 2000 at age 100.
"Her father named her Mississippi but her mother always called her Sweetie," the bio said. "Her favorite hobby is sewing and favorite book is the Bible."
Her favorite quote from the Bible: "Be ye kind one to another."

Many come this way - but few leave something. She Did - Will YOU ?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why did he have a baby by his brothers baby momma ?

Do You Remember This Jermaine -

It's Sunday so today we're going to Chuuch - with the Jacksons.
Today we draft our first member of the 2011 ID10T Team - Jermaine Jackson
It Seems Jermaine Jackson's passport expired while he was overseas, and he cannot renew it. He owes $91,000 to Alejandra Oaziaza, mother of two of his sons; and the new US Tax Laws won't allow him to renew his passport until he pays his back child support. plus he filed papers recently asking his child support to be reduced from $3K a month to a measly $215.00 - yeah right.
So Now he has No Passport, Or Drivers License - Yet Jermaine we see you flossing in a gated community in calabasas; rollin in a White Rolls Royce; Shopping on Rodeo Drive; and you only make $1000.00 a month income ?

Co'mon Jermaine.. Who do you think is using your brain to figure this out ?

Look at The Flossiness -

Can the Chuuch Say AMEN

What is wrong with You Jermaine Jackson - going to Africa and not paying for your babies to be taken care of in California ?

First off did you realize he has 8 babies - yeah by various assorted baby mommas..
So Jermaine, why not bring your expired passport home and handle your business cause your kids are waiting for that moment - and so is Your Momma and your baby momma. In case you've Forgotten - both are waiting for you to handle your business on Jackson Drive.

Click the title to see the whole post

Friday, January 7, 2011

PODCAST * Welcome to the 2011 Insecurity Zone

Hello 2011 and Welcome to the Insecurity Zone,

Episode 1 includes this nuclear soundtrack :
  • American Terrorist - Lupe Fiasco
  • Bad Reputation - Vybz Kartel
  • Self Defense - Agent Sasco
  • Friend or Foe - Chase Cross
  • Buddah in The Air - The Beatnuts
  • History Time - Mos Def in Dub
  • Listen To Hear - Talib Kweli
  • Sleepin with the Enemy Remix - Diamond D
  • Mama Say - Versatile

Duration : 39:17 in 256k / 44.1 mb Stereo Format

Produced : 01/04/2011 - at the Sunshine Shop in Tampa Florida

Producers: Mama ASID/ RE Ausetkmt and Papa ASID

Copyrights: BadGalsRadio - ASID Hi-Power Soundsystem 2011 for the podcast. All Rights Reserved to Original Musical Copyright Holders.

We Welcome You to our new Series -

The Insecurity Zone

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ooooo baby bump ?

Can You Say Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ?

it's the newest dirt being shoveled around on the internet and it's deliciously crazy news. it's had twitter popping for days and now we're all wondering if it could be true. could Mr and Mrs Obama be adding to the family ? hmmmmmm inquiring minds surely want to know.

this is the clipping from the weeklyworldnews which we know is wackyville.

OAHU, HI - The White House announced today that Michelle Obama is pregnant with the couple’s third child.

“Michelle Obama is pregnant,” White House sources said. White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, told reporters in Hawaii today that he would not confirm or deny the rumor. But WWN has confirmed that Michelle Obama is about two months into her pregnancy and the President and First Lady expect to have the baby sometime in late July, 2011.

There was a great deal of mystery about the whereabouts of the President and First Lady on Election Night this year. There were many rumors about where they might be - but now we know. The happy couple was spending quality time together, making a new baby.

The last time a baby was born in the White House was Patrick Bouvier Kennedy. He was born on August 7, 1963 and only lived two days. Patrick was the youngest child of President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and brother to Caroline Kennedy and John F. Kennedy Jr.

The President and First Lady are “ecstatic” about the news of a new baby. Michelle Obama, 46, and Barack Obama, 49, waited almost seven years before having children. Their first daughter, Malia Ann Obama was born on July 4, 1999 and Natasha (often called “Sasha”)was born two years later on June 10, 2001.

It is too early to determine if the baby is a boy or a girl, but David Axelrod, the President’s Senior Adviser, said that the President is hoping to have a boy.

President Obama turns 50 on August 4th of this year, and there is a chance that the baby will be born on his birthday.
Can You Say Ooooooooo A HU !

Sunday, January 2, 2011

they need to at least Throttle Back

2011 opens with video made on a us aircraft carrier - by a commander. not your normal war video; but the commanders way of showcasing his sailors. many women found this distaseful and harrassing. we think that when US Government equipment, and personnel utilize their time to create these types of productions, they should be subject to civil penalties for their uncivil actions.

this clipping is from the huffington - and the rest is well worth reading.

USS Enterprise Video Scandal: Navy Commander Revealed As Mastermind Behind Raunchy Videos

Owen Honors, Captain of the Norfolk-based USS Enterprise, was revealed as the producer of a series of "raunchy" videos made aboard the Navy carrier several years ago in a report released by the Virginian-Pilot on Saturday.

Filmed in 2006 and 2007 when Honors was the Enterprises's executive officer, the clips were reportedly shown to 6,000 sailers and U.S. Marines on the ship as part of what was called "XO Movie Night."

The Pilot reports:

In one scene, two female Navy sailors stand in a shower stall aboard the aircraft carrier, pretending to wash each other. They joke about how they should get six minutes under the water instead of the mandated three.

In other skits, sailors parade in drag, use anti-gay slurs, and simulate masturbation and a rectal exam. Another scene implies that an officer is having sex in his stateroom with a donkey.

According to the Virginia-based outlet, the videos were made with government equipment. Some were reportedly produced at times when the ship was actively deployed to help the country's war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sailors, who declined to be identified by name, indicated to the Pilot that the footage in question was broadcast on a weekly basis aboard the ship.

Honors, who is expected to deploy in upcoming weeks, suggests in the videos that his intent in generating the content was for entertainment purposes. The Pilot reports that the clips drew complaints from female sailors aboard the carrier who found the material offensive

If you'd like to see the video - click the title to go to huff and watch. we decided not to give our bandwidth to the long bs video, but to let you know that theres' a much better way to conduct alerts. this is it.

all in all, to requote the commander - I'd say they need to at least Throttle Back.