Monday, September 28, 2009

MM: The Wu Tang Style is Mentally Strong

Talkin out both sides of your mouth and you still ain't sayin nothin, because whether you know it or not - the membership has spoken -

Pimpilicious - you are not Entrecard..

"The Wu Style is Mentally Strong"

Hello Entrecarders,

We just wanted to update everyone that the sponsor ads will be postponed for another week, until Oct. 5, 2009. When it is implemented, users will have the option to opt out of the sponsor ads program completely for a small fee. For just $50 a year, you can have your widget free of sponsor ads. We have provided this option for those of you who are concerned about the sponsor ads. Thank you for your support.

Now we get this $50.00 Hoe Ticket, that's what it is; Regardless of what they call it or how they try to dress it up - it's a Hoe Ticket.

Why would they say this after less than two months of really bad changes in succession ?

well it plays out like this, they have Money to Make and Pies to Bake !

Andrew.. ur ruh who ever this character in the Entredrama is; has decided that it's time to take the gloves off and see how the entrecarders will react to his stiff hand technique. Personally I'm a big fan of Wu Tang and Kung Fu Flicks so I recognized it as "Stiff Hand" or in America - "Pimp Hand" immediately.

The only remedy my Fellow Entrecarders is to either bow to the master and accept his "Pimp Hand Ticket"; or say that Your Wu Tang is Stronger.

we know our Wu Tang is Really Strong so We're going to see how they push their plan across the table on Oct 5th. We'll continue to see the battle from the inside for as long as our hummer holds out. then we're off to the bunker.
So What's It Gonna Be Carders - The Pimp Hand Ticket or A Stronger Wu-Tang ?

Why Don't You tell us what your plan is for the Entrewar,


One Creative Queen said...

You've got to be KIDDING me.

I haven't been reading their blog so I missed it...and I'm just STUNNED.

I'm outta there. Soon as my ads finish, I'm done. I'm sick of the crap - and will be making some major noise about it.

Thanks for the update...xx

RE Ausetkmt said...

Anytime Queenie Anytime..

Doctor Faustroll said...

Has the world gone crazy? Who could have ever seen this coming? They promised me a rose garden and delivered a truck load of infectious horse shit.

Some of my best friends are batshit insane but that doesn't mean I'd run their ads on my site by having them pay somebody else.

What a bunch of assholes run that MCF.

I guess I'll just admit I had too much to eat and cut an Entrefart.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Doc what I don't understand is how they think this is a solution ? it's obvious that they are pairing down their ranks to cut the operation off.

this is the shutdown mode

Doctor Faustroll said...

Yeah, it's too idiotically fixated to be called a death spiral. :-)