Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Specials TOP SECRET Presents KRACKER - Hold On To Your Dreams

Since our Return and preview of our INBOX it appears that we've received some gems. lets share one of our new favorites with you today. This is a singer by the name of Kracker. The Track is Called - Hold On To Your Dreams.

Top Secret Studios - Kracker: Hold on to your dreams

The Real Reason we wanted to share this tune with you is because we are proud as peacocks. This tune came out of the newly tuned up and enlarged Top Secret Studios. it's fresh from Kingston; and the hands of Mark Rankin himself.

So Kick Back, Listen and Then Right Click the title of the tune to save a copy for yourself. we'll be sharing more from Top Secret over the next month, as we sort through our latest treasure drop.
Enjoy your treat and remember "Keep It Secret"

Friday, July 23, 2010

The A the T the L - That's Right it's HotLanta Time !

The A the T the L the A the n the t the A - That's Right it's HotLanta !

We'll be working the ATL Circuit this weekend and this is our itinerary. If You're In the ATL You can Link Us 561-584-9079 for info on our guest stops.

Saturday 7/24/2010
7/24 - Mama ASID will be Co Hosting the Lady D Show on DAPowerhouseradio 12 -2 pm. Call In for a chance to win Signed CD's and an Invite to the Ital Dinner with Mama and Mecca. Call In to the Lady D Show (706 955-2001) or click here to listen in live

7/24 - BadGals Reggae Break At The Initiators Giftshop in Cumberland Mall 7 - 9pm. CD Giveaways and Drawing for the Ital Dinner.

Sunday 7/25/2010

7/25 - The Ital Dinner with Mama and Mecca 3pm
7/25 - The Warrior Queen Mothers Day Hailabration 6pm

Monday 7/26/2010
7/26 - Elberton Georgia Special Show from the Georgia Guidestones

Tuesday 7/27/2010
7/27 - BadGals Reggae Break with Isiah Mentor at The Initiators Giftshop in Cumberland Mall 11am - 1pm CD Signing and Giveaways

remember to rsvp to 561.584.9079

Monday, July 19, 2010

Funny or Not - You Decide

It's Time to Play Funny Or Not -

this is the concentration camp line dance - they call it the Holocaust Survival Dance.

This is NOT Funny People, regardless of what you may thing - THIS IS NOT FUNNY.
Okayyyy I Lied, it's worth a lil chuckle. ahhhh go ahead. but know that many other people don't think this is funny. this man survived the nazi holocaust and if he wants to dance about it, why should we throw shade - I say, Do It My Boy, Shake a Leg.

I am personally more concerned about this next video - which effects me more personally since I eat shrimp regularly.

Please Keep Your Drugs Out of Our Seafood

This video is absolutely sad. this woman has no self esteem but the worlds title for largest artificial boobs. why would she risk her life to be a plastic queen ? We send her our best wishes for a quick recovery from the Deadly Staph Infection which is raviging her body; because of the new implants she received in Brazil.
when we saw this story, we were first shocked - now we're sad, what about you ?

Now You Tell Us - Which One Is Funny

Friday, July 16, 2010

Reminisce with us today - Trouble T-Roy we will never forget you

image from
Trouble T-Roy, Heavy D, G-Wiz, Eddie F - image from

Many of us have forgotten the legacy of Hip-Hop and the Founders. today we remember Trouble T-Roy Dixon of The Boys; Heavy D's Backup Group. you see twenty years ago in Cleveland, Trouble T Fell off a ramp to his death. it was unbelievable when I heard it. how could he just fall to his death that way if he was with his folks ?

well just like all youth, they were playing and boom he misstepped onto the edge of a ramp, which was in essence two stories high. why there was no encasement to protect against these types of accidents is still a mystery. but one fact remains - we lost a very talented man.

check out our favorite video on Remembering the Life of Trouble T. by C L Smooth and Pete Rock. We Reminisce,

Here's To You Trouble T - You'll always be with us in our hearts lil bro.

Why do the Good Die So Young ?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why do Leopards want to remove their spots, after they've been spotted ?

Do You Remember This Clown ?

Nazi Assasin asks for tattoo removal before prison asswhippings begin – What ?

 Listen to this bs, He is now asking to have his tattoos removed BEFORE he goes to prison. WTF is he talking about ?

Remember that this is the asswipe who wanted to ride up on President Obama in a convertible in a white tux and top hat; then open fire. He wanted to finish up his rampage by shooting at least 100 unnamed Blackfolks with multiple versions of automatic weapons, still from the convertible in a white tux and top hat.  we wrote about his stupidity and it is still one of our most popular posts

Please Somebody Shut The Noise..

somebody hand me a hot pot of grits, and I promise to do the job and feed him in the process – all for the nominal fee of $3.17 cents.  yes that’s just enough for the grits and some butter. I believe that grits always deserve butter; and since it supposedly is a remedy for a grit burn; we can call it a part of the fixins.

Yeah Fixins..

Lets fry some chicken while we’re at it, and call up the rest of the klan and have ourselves a good ole’ Picnic. yeah I said Picnic. we can pick their tatooed asses up from prison and take em out to a large area where we can either broast or fry and stew them down. why wait for them to die in prison ? they’re not coming out anyway so lets just make gravy, biscuits and have a colonels feast; fit for a nazi.

This is about the most ludicrous, yes Ludicrous not ludacris things I’ve ever heard. Everybody knows that this has run through many folks minds. these kids right here, these kids right here - need to be fried. and I mean in mazola canola oil, so it’s nice and healthy. then you can feed them to their folks; like cartman did on that episode of southpark where he feeds his enemy his OWN Parents in chili. yeahhh..

How Bout it Folks, Anybody Hungry for a Thigh ?

Skinhead Asks Feds To Pay For Nazi Tattoo Removal Before Prison:

Huffington Reports that Daniel Cowart, who plead guilty to 8 federal charges, including a plot to assassinate President Barack Obama and over 100 black people, has requested that he be moved to a county jail in Tennessee to undergo tattoo alterations before he is sent to federal prison, reports to The Jackson Sun.
The 21-year-old has a tattoo of an iron cross on his chest, as well as a swastika tattooed on his shoulder and is worried that they will draw the unwanted attention of other inmates while he is incarcerated.

The U.S. Marshals Service has objected to Cowart’s request for the cosmetic procedure, arguing that it would set an unwelcome precedent, reports the Sun:
In their response, they said, “The Marshals Service is wary of setting a precedent whereby they are obligated to devote substantial resources to transporting and escorting inmates between facilities for the purposes of voluntary cosmetic surgery.”

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Help Save Millions - Snitch On This Bitch EERYBODY

WANTED by ICC – OMAR al-Bashir; call 1 800 GENOCIDE for Instant Reward

If You Missed the News, here’s a flash from the ICC.
Finally the ICC Has Issued a New Arrest Warrant for Omar al-Bashir. his genocidal reign over Darfur is about to come to an end.
July 12 (Reuters) – The International Criminal Court issued a second arrest warrant on Monday for Sudan’s President Omar Hassan al-Bashir for the crime of genocide.

Yes, We can all help make that Appearance in the Hague happen by making One Phone Call..
Do Not Let Him Forget – This is His Promise

Yes just one call – to let President Barack Obama know that we want Bashir In the Docks Today. No More Stalling. it’s time for Darfur to be resolved; if ever. President Obama says that it’s on his list of things to accomplish. we suggest that instead of exhausting american military resources in Afghanistan and Iraq; that they move the front to Sudan.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Massive Music from Massicker PLUS His POD 313 Interview with Mama ASID

For Them who don't know, This is Massicker
We first met Massicker about 5 years ago, on the TCOOO Blog; making it clear that he was a man of conviction and presence. Massicker is a very talented youth from the Boston area, who began his career as a Reggae DJ spinning and not singing. Like many famous singers, all of his talents were revealed in time; and this is the first look at King Massicker in Wide Circulation. 
Yes Ladies He Is Single and Ready to Mingle

Back in 2007 Massicker and Mama ASID sat down for a chat and it was fabulous. you can check it out here.

This cd is sure to be a big hit for Massicker and the TCOOO Crew. Large Up Ya'selves cause you working hard to keep it level. Nuff Respect to Massicker and Brother Bookman of TCOOO. we suggest you rush right over to ITunes and download the entire CD because it's FYRE !

Saturday, July 10, 2010


June 2010 We Had 2 Million 3 Hundred Seventy Five Thousand 203 Visits


And You Listened to more than 73.27 GB of BadGals Radio

YOU are Large and Active in Yard and Abroad. We got 2 new countries; both European island states - The Aland Islands; and Guernsey. BadGals Is Reaching for the Top and Hitting the Stars with Your Help - THANKS FOR THE HITS

June 2010 was one of our biggest months in history
We Thank You Our Loyal Global Visitors and Listeners 

Please continue to drop in and listen to BadGals. We're in the process of upgrades to our sound and broadcast system. In August You'll notice the changes - and hopefully You'll continue to always remember to
Share U - S   W - I - D - E - L - Y.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Supermodel July 29th is the Date - and GIRLLLLL You Betta TALK !

It Looks Like it's time for you to TALK SUPERMODEL !

The UN-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone issued a subpoena forcing her to appear and said law enforcement agencies should ensure she does so.  On Thursday July 29th, 2010 she is scheduled to appear in the Hague to Give Testimony - hopefully Donatella Versace will have the room measured and the catwalk installed by then.  On July 29th looks like it's gonna be Lights, Camera, Talk Supermodel.

all we can say is "Supermodel - Leave Ya Blackberry At Home in Moscow; Nobody wants to see ya Pictures; They Want To See Ya Rocks"
 You've hit the big time anytime they demand you. Obviously it's your cachet and prominence that makes them want you allllll over the world. But this time My Girl, we have to say you've really Outdone Yourself, Reallly. No We Mean it - and apparently the bbc thinks so too.

We Remember Ya Hot Ass, dancin all nasty and grindin on Mike.. But This Time YOU Are Gonna Have to Come Outta That Closet Ms. Private Dancer.  The World Is Waiting for This Catwalk.

We wonder what it is about you babygirl, that makes men want to give it to you ..

Ya Dangerous Girlll - butterah, it looks like it's time to bust that rock up outta ya closet. Hopefully they won't slam that door like Mike did at the end of ya video. Just Remember, No More Regifting from ya Swag pile next-time Ms. Cat Walker.


The UN-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone issued a subpoena forcing her to appear and said law enforcement agencies should ensure she did so.

Prosecutors say Ms Campbell was given a "blood diamond" by Mr Taylor in 1997 at Nelson Mandela's house in South Africa.

Mr Taylor is accused of using such diamonds to fuel a war in Sierra Leone.
Ms Campbell had previously refused to provide testimony in the case.

'Material assistance'
In a ruling published on Thursday, the judges of the Special Court, which sits in The Hague, ordered the registrar to serve Ms Campbell the subpoena and transmit copies to the authorities in the country where she was currently living.

The prosecution has shown that there is at least a good chance that the information to be provided by Ms Campbell would be of material assistance to its case
Special Court for Sierra Leone

On Wednesday, the court agreed to a prosecution request to call Ms Campbell, as well as the actress Mia Farrow and Ms Campbell's former agent, Carole White.

Ms White has said she heard Mr Taylor say he was going to give Ms Campbell some diamonds and was there when she received them.

Ms Farrow, who attended the dinner, has said Ms Campbell told her about the gift of the diamond the following morning. Ms Campbell said she had been visited by Mr Taylor's aides during the night, and that they had given her a "huge" uncut diamond, according to Ms Farrow.

Prosecutors had complained that they had tried unsuccessfully to contact Ms Campbell several times since June 2009, when they first heard of the gift. They cited public statements in which she said she "does not want to be involved".


Charles Taylor in The Hague

  • 1997: Elected Liberian president
  • 2003: Arrest warrant issued, steps down, goes into exile in Nigeria
  • 2006: Arrested, sent to Sierra Leone
  • 2007: Trial opens in The Hague
Profile: Charles Taylor Q&A: Trying Charles Taylor

They said the model's testimony would support their contention that Mr Taylor lied when he testified that he never possessed rough diamonds.

Agreeing to the request on Wednesday, the court said: "The prosecution has shown that there is at least a good chance that the information to be provided by Ms Campbell would be of material assistance to its case."

Ms Farrow and Ms White were both willing to testify, prosecutors say.

Mr Taylor is accused of selling diamonds and buying weapons for Sierra Leone's Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels, who were notorious for hacking off the hands and legs of civilians during the brutal 1991-2001 civil war.

He pleaded not guilty to 11 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity stemming from the war when his trial opened in June 2007.

He has also dismissed the claims he presented Ms Campbell with a "blood diamond" - the name given to diamonds mined in areas of conflict that are sold to fund warfare.

The court said the three women should appear as soon as possible, before the close of the defence's case, expected by September.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who's Really getting licked here ?

Who's Really getting licked here America ?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Ma Birthday It's Ma Birthday !

Happy Earthborn Strong to the BadGal -It's A Beautiful Day to Be Born and to Live. 
All Thanks to the Most High for My Livity
All in all 2010 has been a marvelous year so far. filled with good tidings, constant renewals and challenges that rewarded us. Gifts of goodness are the kind that we most cherish; like good health, good spirit, and good life. the chance to see a little more of the wonder of this lifetime. That is truly a Gift, The Present of Today that we receive Each Day We Are Here on this Planet.

We've received a wonderful Gift - so wonderful that we had to take it out and play with it today. We'll be shooting a video of the entire event to let you see just how we roll, literally. Gifts are always what everybody wants on their birthday and usually we expect some tokens of appreciation from those we love, but I got the Ultimate Driving Machine; from My BadBwoy.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Empress Njeri Alghanee’s Homegoing Schedule

This is the Flag of the Republic of New Africa. It flies Today for Another Freedom Fighter – Empress Njeri Alghanee

This is a Rastafarian Orthodox Hymn by The Rastafarians

This tune was loved by Empress Njeri from her days in Detroit; where she began her career as a Wife, Mother, Student, Organizer, and Freedom Fighting Daughter of Zion. I watched in 80′ as Njeri and hundreds of other roots people crowded into a micro sized punk bar to see the Rastafarians perform this tune live. It was truly a royal site, with dreadlocked royalty swaying in time to the riddims of rightousness.  Njeri and Mausi were there, rocking and skanking..

The Alghanee Family invites you to celebrate with them the life of Empress Njeri at the following services and repast: