Friday, October 29, 2010

Tricks or Treats - all we want to know is why ?

Brittany what are you and Heather doing ?

Why that's all I want to know is why ?
Consider this the Halloween Post since we dont' do halloween.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love Was Overdue for Gregory

Early Monday Morning a voice was stilled in London - it was an angelic voice that will forever grace our memories.  This morning we lost Gregory Anthony Isaacs to Lung Cancer. This is the Video announcing the death of Gregory Isaacs on TV Jamaica

Many of you only know the later Gregory Isaacs. Personally, We remember Gregory from the 70's rocking the soundsystems in town and country.
He was very popular in New York, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas and even Los Angeles; with the expat Reggae loving community. When the word came out that he was coming; we jammed into any small hole in the wall to get to hear the smooth strains of Gregory singing anytime he blew through.

Remember this gem - it was his most requested tune - Night Nurse

I was at this Sunsplash and got to see him with the Roots Radics. this is real music and this is a real singer. today this voice has left us but we shall not forget him.

Jah Gregory as we affectionately refer to him,  Has became the symbol for Reggae Royalty. His cool moves, smooth sounds and stellar shows set a whole new standard for those who would follow him. Seeing him live was an unforgettable experience.

He would glide onto the stage with his ever present Bossalini cocked to the side jammed down  tight ontop of  a mound of Dreadlocks spilling out here and there.  His suited up and shinny shoe style made many of the raggamuffin stylists of the day wish that they could garner the love from audiences that Gregory's sheer appearance brought.  Gregory was a Trendsetter Always -

You may remember this tune - Slave Master, which is a twist from his usual tunes.
even the track sounds rather bossa nova-ish. Mr Cool however never lets you forget that this is a revolutionary tune - smooth but deadly.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Good Luck Willow - You're Star is Bright and Climbing,

Earlier we were bloghopping and visiting spots we like alot. we kept running into this Willow Smith Joint with positive comments. Last place we touched it was over on Inconsequential Logic where Roschelle was bigging up the lil girls talent. It's a nice post and well worth checking out.

We watched Willow Smith rocking the internets waving her hair back and forth the day it came out. Early last week the we found this Sesame Street Remix on our sistergirls site - It Was So Much Easier. We Loves It !!!! so Ladies and Girls - go ahead and Wave Your Hair Back and Forth.
We give this Sesame Street Remix a Big 5 Stars !

Her Talent is Remarkable. No doubt the parents are proud of this lil stick of dynamite. she has a very Rihannaesque sound to her voice. even at this young age, Willow has a professionalism to her performance. that could only come from watching great stars closely, and copying their moves. she's already got her own steelo and her swagger is tight. no-doubt this mini chica will be rich real quick. watch out mylie cyrus she's comin fo ya ass. we bet there won't be no skripper poles in her future on award shows.

All My Ladies (and fellas if you're so inclined ) it don't mattter if it's long or short - Just do it with your hair. Wave Your Hair Back and Forth; Wave Your Hair Back and Forth.

Good Luck Willow - You're Star is Bright and Climbing,

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hilton Brothels For the Pampered and Privileged Sex Trafficker

When we heard the news about Hilton Hotels being involved in sex trafficking we were flabbergasted. then it hit us, Paris Hilton is one of the family trademarks - sadly she represents the face of abuse. she has abused us over the years in so many ways. so this shouldn't be a suprise afterall. but this is not a stunt - this is a real situation and we all can do something to address it.

After brothels were found in Hilton hotels in Ireland and China, thousands sent letters to the hotel chain in protest, and Hilton acknowledged its need to address the problem of child prostitution. But to date no concrete steps have been taken. By shaming Hilton CEO Nasetta in his own home town with a slew of newspaper ads and calling on him to implement The Code, we could force him and his employees to protect children in the most effective way, worldwide.

Ask Yourself How could such an esteemed chain become embroiled in such a terrible crime ? well that's all public knowlege all over the world now. today we ask you to support our friends at AVAAZ.ORG.  Read  and Then Sign the Petition against Sex Trafficking.

We've Signed and We Hope you will too

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oxycontin is not your friend Tip

We want to put a moment of thought out there to inspire our young general - Clifford Harris Jr. Otherwise and more popularly known as T.I or Tip.

Dear Tip, 
Oxycontin is NOT Your Friend, Believe Us the only thing it can do is take you to places you don't like to go like Painville.

It looks like TI is headed back behind bars for his parole violation in California last month. The Judge gave him eleven months behind bars beginning November 1st. hopefully this time when he comes out we'll see no paper trail back to the courts.

What makes no sense is that this is a prescription for a medication - not an illegal or street drug. It was prescribed by a Dentist for after care following verifiable extensive dental surgery. How can you go to jail for your own prescription ? and what do they do when he goes to jail if he is supposedly addicted to the oxycodone ? does he go through some kind of rapid detox program ? or do they just put him in jail to sweat it out ? this makes little to no sense to us, from both a legal and or a medical standpoint.

According to T.I.’s legal team, a prescription of addicting oxycodone was prescribed to him after having a dental procedure which consisted of seven root canals and two extractions earlier this year, this is what allegedly helped to pushed him off the wagon.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Antoine Opens the BET Awards - You Gone Boy

For those who wondered if Antoine Dodson's fame would continue..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A painful view of fear dressed up; with no where to go..

As I sat tonite and read the piece below I had a few thoughts of my own. first off I want to say to the writer Tami, Yes you have it right indeed.

The writer put it perfectly when she wrote :
it seems, in the end, the blackness preferred by the fashion industry is a "blackness" best supplied by someone who is not black at all

As a light-skinned curly haired Black Woman, I'm even asking myself What's up with this Black-face instead of Black Faces in Fashion Lately

For too long Black Models, Designers and Consumers have complained about exactly this. Why are you making the Black Supermodels Disappear Fashion Designers ? Aren't they as beautiful as your non ethnic models in your ethnic inspired fashion shows ? Or are you just going Colorblind - Literally ?

Now we see it becoming mainstreamed as a fashion concept for what ? Exotica; more alike Rubbish..

Europe has long thought that it could mask it's racism behind standards for models; that excluded Ethnic looking features. Yet these are the very same features they are imitating in the French Vogue Black-face model shoot. look closely at the vogue photo shoot below. Clearly this European girl is dressed in 1970's ethnic style fashion doing a 1900 style impersonation from a minstrel show. So why is she modeling 1970's ethnic style In Black-face and an Afro wig with a Real Black Baby ? The whole mix is too racist to decipher.

This only happens inside the mind of a white racist. it's a painful view of their fears dressed up; with no where to go..

When I read this piece it just instantly made me want to scream Hallelujah ! oh yes tonite that was the whole experience in a word - we are so damn tired of this Black-face BS in Fashion that this article touched off a torrent of feelings.

Please take a moment and Read the piece below. We are in TOTAL Agreement.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We all need to Try a lil Tenderness - RIP Solomon Burke

This morning we lost a legend. a man who is a part of the soundscape of my childhood memories - Solomon Burke. he was the gentle giant of Blues. he died on an airplane at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam this morning. he and his band had just arrived and were scheduled to play in Amsterdam this week.

Yes Mr Burke We Are Calling You This Morning Sir..
such a loss can not go ignored..

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wesssssssss Siiiiiiiiiide !

We Lovin Too West Coast - that new joint by Ice Cube, WC and Maylay

many folks seem to think that the westcoast sound is all about oldstyle. but this is something new in that funk vein from the veterans and a youngin. the new Ice Cube dropped about two weeks ago and the reports are great. it's holding it's own and climbing the charts, as expected.

so what do you think - are they Too West Coast For You ?

Friday, October 8, 2010

What's Up Your Butt - No Jesus, Please not today..

Please tell me this is not true..

You Hid Something IN YOUR OWN ASS, Butterahhhhh it ain't yourn ?
No Jesus, Please not today..  another Nunu Puss Imitator.

And For The Record this is real :

Cell phone up your bottom

In the real world, this is probably the most unlikely way to injure oneself with a cell phone…But in the prison world, this is actually a fairly common occurrence. Prisoners are often caught with various items in their… umm ‘puckered starfish.’ Cell phones are banned in prison and inmates are forced to… uhhh force cell phones in places where only boarder guards dare to probe.


MANATEE, Fla., Oct. 1 (UPI) — Police in Florida said a suspect arrested for drug possession denied ownership of the cocaine he was found to be concealing in his buttocks.

The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said Raymond Stanley Roberts, 25, was pulled over at 8:40 a.m. Wednesday in Manatee and the deputy writing the speeding ticket detected the odor of marijuana in the car, The Bradenton Herald reported Friday.

Roberts admitted to smoking marijuana the previous evening and invited deputies to search his car, the sheriff’s office report said.

Deputies searching Roberts’ person discovered a soft object in his buttocks that Roberts then took out and gave to the deputies, who identified it as a baggie of marijuana. Deputies said they found a second soft object in Roberts’ buttocks that was removed and identified as cocaine.

“The white stuff is not mine, but the weed is,” the report quotes Roberts as saying to deputies.

Roberts was charged with possession of rock cocaine and marijuana and was released from jail Wednesday after posting $1,120 bond.

And You Say the White Stuff is Not Yourn Son ?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

No this is not a dramatization - this is real Americana

The other day we posted a piece with a former klansman telling us how he recovered from racism. today we bring you a woman who recently called into a national radio show and went "Colored" yes Colored..take into account that she's 90 years old and in Naples Fl.  that's not exactly the ghetto of republica.  she is however listening to a conservative radio talk show on politics.

Watch This and no this is not a dramatization - this is real

CALLER: I'm 90 years old and I just wanted to ask the colored man, why don't colored people instead of saying what we did to them, why don't they say what we did for them? They talk about the slavery but since then they have been given welfare, free medicine, free everything.
HARLESTON: Ma'am I think this is more of a conversation about the relationship between the administration and the people on Wall Street and not necessarily one that's based on race.
CALLER: Oh, okay. I'm not a racist. That was my comment. Thank you.

now of course we have a snappy retort on this little incident. you see this is the mentality of 90 year olds who vote. if you sit home in november, she and her camomile tea partiers will take over the recently in the process of being reformed government; and set us back to Colored.

Yes White and Black People we will again be dealing with this old and tired addage. just think of how easy it is to equate it with todays ills.

1. Healthcare -
2. Economics -
3. Free Everything..

She says she's not a racist, but please tell me where I go to get that Free Everything ?
Anybody ?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Go Ahead Hug a Fool This week, they may hug ya back

Many of you may never have seen this piece. it's a classic interview video from the 1980's entitled How One Black Man Defeated the KKK. the man who is being interviewed is Johnny. he's the klansman who was defeated by this marvelous Old Black Preacher - Rev Wade Watts.  even after the klan burned down this Preachers Church, he still showed em his best character.  the lesson in this is that you never know what a person may do to you, but you can always think before you return the gesture.  it doesn't take much to realize that an angry fool is the looser in any exchange.

This is from

In this cheering interview, former Ku Klux Klan leader Johnny Lee Clary opens up about his time in the KKK and how the restraint and dignity of the preacher Wade Watts, who Clary regularly racially abused, was instrumental to him leaving the Klan.

Clary discusses one occasion, when a group of 30 or more clans men surrounded him in a restaurant, he told Watts to "think very carefully about what you do to that piece of chicken in front of you, because what ever you do to that chicken, we're going to do to you" upon which Watts picked up the chicken and kissed it causing even the clan members to laugh at his daring. When Clary renounced the KKK, he and Watts became close friends
This just goes to show you that you never really know how a person will react to kindness.  so this week we want to encourage kindness. the next time you are approached wrong, just  stop and take a moment and disarm the idiot.

Go Ahead Hug a Fool This week, they may hug ya back.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Jimmy, Justin and the Real Roots of HipHop

Not everybody could do this but they did it. Big Up to Jimmy and Justin with The Roots,, cause they rocked the oldschool history of HipHop. I must admit it was nice hearing all those artists and those tunes again. Old School is Always Cool.

A Hip and A Hop and it Don't Stopppppp,

we're bringing your attention back to HipHop because has a brand new HipHop Show premiering with our own Mecca Amaru - Truth on a Platter.  Be sure to check it out over on BadGalsRadio premiering Monday 10/04/10.

This is a clipping from the Sydney Herald

Fallon, Timberlake's hip-hop clip a viral hit
October 4, 2010 - 11:57AM

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are the hottest duo in hip-hop — for the moment.

They performed a medley of rap hits on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last week, and the clip is becoming a viral hit.

Fallon and Timberlake started off with Sugarhill Gang's classic Rapper's Delight and then performed jams from artists including the Beastie Boys, the Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and Eminem.

Fallon, 36, said he's surprised by the success of the skit.

"We never know what's going to viral or get picked up, and this one's beyond what we thought it would do," he said.

Though the clip looks all fun, he said, he took the time to get it right before taking the stage.

"You know I really needed to practice. You know I can't rap," said Fallon, who also performed songs by Missy Elliott, Tupac, Kanye West and Snoop Dogg. "I was in my apartment till two in the morning the night before doing (the) Soulja Boy (dance) and my wife was like, 'You're crazy!'"

Though Fallon needed to rehearse, he said, Timberlake was obviously a natural: "(He) knew all of his parts, all his rhythm was amazing, so much better than mine. Mine was so bad, my gosh, (I thought), 'I'm going to screw this up,'" Fallon said.

The performance was backed by the house band for the NBC show, the Grammy-winning hip-hop group The Roots. Fallon said that much of the success goes to the rap band and that the skit was a homage to today's generation.
(end clipping)

Today we're in Musical Monday with our friend Jamerican Spice
And We're in Meet ME Monday - Won't You Join Us.