Tuesday, September 8, 2009

OOOHH WU-TANG ! Are My EC's NO GOOD For YOU Grasshopper ?

No This Post is NOT About the WU, But About the WOOOOOOOO,,

Earlier today when returning drops to my visitors, I began to notice a disturbing trend -

EC Widgets Basically HIDDEN or On the Bottom of Pages.

What's Up With That Folks ?

I decided to rethink my drop policy and make myself a part of the solution not the problem - I'm taking personal responsibility; and thats' what I feel we can each do if we feel personally about this issue.
FYI - If I drop my hard earned ec's into an ad on your site, you can bet it's not going to be on a widget below the fold.

Uh Uhhhhhh NO MORE

I also decided to send a few notes to those who dropped on me and who's widgets were in a place on the page that made me wonder

"why they even bothered to put the widget on their page"

- some of those I wrote will probably send me back some nasty reply - which I expect; but honestly I tried to find a way to word my note to them that wouldn't be SO Offensive.

So If You Got one of my notes, think about what the note said before you fire off an angry response about the issue; And Above All - PLEASE think of those who are dropping ec's to put their ad on your blog, ONE Drop Per EC, NO MORE Two Ec's Per Drop. your goodthing is over now..

We Are The Folks Who Support YOU, NOT Who Tear You Down

this is my note :

Hello Fellow ER Blogger:
I returnd your drop today, and I wondered if you considered what it means to your entrecard advertisers to see their hard earned ec's basically on the BOTTOM ON YOUR PAGE ..

maybe you could consider that before droppin on my blog again -

Thanks !


OOOHH WU-TANG ! Are My EC's NO GOOD For YOU Grasshopper ?

Okay I've Got my Fire Retardant Granny Panties on - So Fire Away,

here's a lil WU Tang to remind you of how it used to be Back IN The Day of TWO EC's, Yeah It Was All So Simple Thennnnn..


zizzybob said...

Your widget is just below the crease or at least that's how it appears when I look at it. I still had to scroll to find it.
And BTW, there is so much "stuff" on your site that some of it overlaps. It is hard to find the blog from the ads.
Don't dish it out if you can't take it.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Oh Gee ! I guess that key that says "Page Down" on your computer keyboard doesn't give you a full page. hmmm could it be you are using a 8" screen. gtf-outta here with that lie.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Whooo HOOOOO !!! I just looked at your page and now I know why you said what you said. Your Comment is Now Certified as 100% Comedy Indeed.
You Are a FUNNY Lady Indeed. (smdh)

Doctor Faustroll said...

I noticed that Today.com appears to be allowing the widget again and that BadGals is back over there. They make you an offer you couldn't refuse? Whenever I am troubled by events of the day, I ask myself "What would Rod Blagojevich do?"

RE Ausetkmt said...

Faustroll they are holding my old today content but you can see that nothing there is NEW or BY ME after I left. if that widget gets hits, well thats great for me, since I am not even thinking about it.

today is a buncha scumsucking dead brain no blogging thieves. simply.