Friday, April 30, 2010

Halle Berry, Halle Berry - Free At Last, again..

Well Fellas Get Ya Ducats Together cause ya favorite girl is back on the blocks - that's right Halle Berry has called it off with her boy toy Gabrielle Aubry. word is he said he found somebody more in his age range who hit it for him.  Ms. Halle Berry is nine years older than gabby - he's 34 and she's 43. He is an idiot. She is just getting to the hotness. damn men can be stupid.  anyway he pulled the wandering eye, and Ms. Berry pulled out her fileofax and hit up her family law attorney to clean up their five year history.  Their daughter Nahla is two years old, and they've agreed to share joint custody.  Halle kept her hand in her pocket tight so gabby is paying his own way from here on out.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thirsty Thursday - Mr Biggs And Bosslady Kelis Do It Live

Yes that's what we said - Mr Biggs is on the streets again folks. Ronald Isley was released from prison this week after spending three years in the slam for tax evasion. Men get ready because your women will be getting those tickets, and you most likely won't be invited to the show. I also suggest you watch this video so that you can remember what it is that makes US Women So Interested in what he has to say, (to put it mildly)

Classic Mr Biggs - Busted - 2003 pre jail

Check out what Ronald Isley had to say to Steve Harvey about his Release and his time in the slammer :

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let a Real BadGal Tell Yuh bout it Baby,

Let a Real BadGal Tell Yuh bout it baby,

Some of you who listen to BadGalsRadio may have heard our Remixed version of this tune. since we're feeling extra generous today, We're Giving You a Free Remix Wednesday -
Enjoy Our Version of Kingston State of Mind, mixed in the Sunshineshop during the spring of 2009.

This is of course our clever way of alerting you to the impending release of Tivoli Stories Pt.4. expect to see it hit the airwaves within the next two weeks.  we are awaiting some court actions to take place before we drop this episode, to be more timely. We Promise much more hot news this episode.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who needs a new Fucci Bag when they don't have a closet to put it into ?

Yes Green is Good but how far should we take it honey ?
Lets just hope that these goods aren't in shreds by the time they arrive in Port au Prince, for distribution. The little fashionistas may be rolling in the streets if they don't move quickly. you know how hard it must be to get a knock off Ed Hardy shirt in Port au Prince These Days (side-eye) let alone some Fake Nikes ? yes I'm being a bit sarcastic because this whole scenario is sarcastic.  the people in Haiti need a place to live, not knockoff old clothes you educated bureaucrat

apparently the DA in  Kings County New York thinks he can do alot of good by dumping  OLD Counterfeit goods in Haiti. yeah I know what you're thinking - who needs a new Fucci or a  smokin new Fuis Vuitton when they don't have a closet to put it into ?  well lets see,,

We Nah Play.. We Come Fi Blaze it Up On Ya Block

Nas & Damian Marley - As We Enter [New]

Yes This is that hot new Nas and Gong Mix-up

Now Run Tweet Dis,

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Problem with these Supermodels and their Bloody Diamonds

There are Two Kinds of Super Models in the world. Those who come from Detroit, and all the rest of them. Yes Detroit has quite a crop of present and former Catwalkers. some are still working it like this chica,

We bring to you "Supermodel of the World"
- who at 15 escaped from the Brewster Projects of Detroit; to find fortune and fame on the catwalk of life.

RuPaul - Supermodel

Now that we've shown you a Detroit Super Model, you know we have to show you one from another Black Community in the world. so we pick London.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Badonkadonk - Is Afrocandy Softporn ? Watch and Tell Us

Today we want to highlight a Special Blog where a Woman Throws it Her Way. It Was So Much Easier.. by my Sisterfriend Solomonsydelle.

Recently she was discussing the new video by a Nollywood sexbomb and actress Judy Mazagwu - otherwise recently known as Afrocandy. Judy's newest music video has blown heads off from Lagos to Laos. it's all about her thoughts on Money, and Her Moneymaker. it's called Ikebe Na Moni. kinda it means show me your moneymaker, yeah..

You See in the Video Judy makes us understand that it's all about using The Badonkadonk.. Literally Ladies

Anyway Dear Sister Solomonsydelle wrote about the video and her thoughts about it in a recent episode of It Was So Much Easier When I Only Had One.

Here is the video before we continue - this is NOT Safe for Work or anyway..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earn Your Mothers Respect - Live Green and Clean

Earthday is Today - so we want to remind you that we are only renting the space we occupy and we should learn to be good tenants; or mom might get mad and cancel our leases. remember that each thing you have occupies space on the planet. make it worth that precious space - or discard it and get something green which will earn it's space.

Remember This - America, A Horse With No Name. 

Listen to the lyrics, because they are talking about what's coming if we keep burning up our planet. we'll all end up in a desert forgetting our names because there wont' be any rain or anyone body to give us anything. we will all be dead from thirst.
These are the Lyrics - to help you remember

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Remembering Guru - He Gave Us Real Understanding

Today We Lift Our Hands in Thanks for the Masterpiece of a Life


Guru Featuring Baybe - Lifesaver

We will be doing a more complete post highlighting the wonderful work and genius that IS Guru.
He Gave Us Real Understanding.. all the way to the end.
Reality is the lesson of selflessness and Guru was exactly that.  working tirelessly even after being diagnosed with cancer. yet never revealing it until the end. that was how private he was. always putting us first.
Today we just want to reflect and gather as much as we can of his career. when we've put together our true tribute we'll present it fittingly. Take a moment and remember your favorite Guru moment..

Then Smile

Bless Up Guru and Live Forever Amongst the Stars My Brother. we never met but I loved you just the same. the sadness that fulls us today is a reflection of how much we give to others who we don't know but who reached out for us. The Lessons of Supreme Living can all be found in his life.

420: US Flags Recalled due to massive death count

Am I Through, Well after this you may be too.

DEA Official Announces Successful Drug Bust On Son's Room

Hey Puff Puff Passssssssssssss.... cause the Onion is smokin for us today on 4/20/2010

DEA Recruits Lil Wayne To Use Up All Drugs In Mexico

U.S. Flag Recalled After Causing 143 Million Deaths

April 13, 2010 | ISSUE 46•15

Flags affected by the recall range from halftime-show extravaganza models to the smallest lapel pins.
WASHINGTON—Citing a series of fatal malfunctions dating back to 1777, flag manufacturer Annin & Company announced Monday that it would be recalling all makes and models of its popular American flag from both foreign and domestic markets.

Representatives from the nation's leading flag producer claimed that as many as 143 million deaths in the past two centuries can be attributed directly to the faulty U.S. models, which have been utilized extensively since the 18th century in sectors as diverse as government, the military, and public education.

"It has come to our attention that, due to the inherent risks and hazards it poses, the American flag is simply unfit for general use," said Annin & Company president Ronald Burman, who confirmed that the number of flag-related deaths had noticeably spiked since 2003. "I would like to strongly urge all U.S. citizens: If you have an American flag hanging in your home or place of business, please discontinue using it immediately."

Click to Enlarge The Image Below - it's absolutely hillarious


Added Burman, "The last thing we would want is for more innocent men and women around the world to die because of our product."

Millions of U.S. flag–related injuries and fatalities have been reported over a 230-year period in locations as far flung as Europe, Cuba, Korea, Gettysburg, PA, the Philippines, and Iraq. In addition, the company found that U.S. flag exports to Vietnam during the late 1960s and early 1970s resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, a clear sign that there was something seriously wrong with its product.
Despite fears about the flag's safety—especially when improperly used or manipulated in ways not originally intended—sales continued unabated over the years, potentially putting billions of unsuspecting people in danger.

"At first, we wanted one of our flags in every home in America," Burman said. "Unfortunately, the practical applications of this product are far outnumbered by the risks it presents. Millions have died needlessly, and when you ask people why, they point to the flag."

Unfortunate casualties of Old Glory’s near-continuous 230-year use.
Added Burman, "Frankly, we should have pulled it off the market decades ago."

Studies conducted by the Annin & Company research and development department revealed that faulty U.S. flags have caused more than just injuries and deaths. During the mid-1950s, the flags were found to have the bizarre side effect of causing fear, paranoia, and hysterical behavior among millions of Americans. This was dismissed as an isolated event until September 2001, when similar symptoms reemerged on a massive scale.
As hazardous as the flags may be on their own, Annin & Company officials claimed the products become even more dangerous when used in conjunction with other common household items.

"When combined with alcohol, excessive patriotism, grief, or well-intentioned but ultimately misguided ideals, U.S. flags transform into ticking time bombs, just waiting to go off," Burman said.

Manufacturers are addressing the flag's unsafe and potentially lethal alignment of stars and stripes by designing a revised model that they hope will cut down on deaths in the United States and overseas, where experts say the flag is nearly 1,000 times as deadly.

In the meantime, Annin & Company is advising all Americans to either ship their flags back to the manufacturer or, if no time permits, dispose of them in an efficient manner.
"I understand that people might be reluctant to stop using a product they have found to be reliable over the years," Burman told reporters. "But I can't in good conscience allow them to use something I know to be dangerous. We'll try to make adjustments soon and come up with something that benefits everybody rather than hurting them."

Added Burman, "In the interim, I would recommend that all Americans switch to the Canadian flag, which seems to be working just fine."

Monday, April 19, 2010

LA Opens a Huge Can of Whoop Ass

Saturday in Downtown LA; Madness broke out in the face of stupidity. yes that's what I said MADNESS. can you imagine the nutz who thought they could bus in and march all white pride and nazi'd up in the middle of Los Angeles ?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We're As Proud as Punch that Kathie Washington Represented.

We're As Proud as Punch that Kathie Washington Represented.

She's Notre Dame's First Black Valedictorian

(WBBM) -- History is being made at the University of Notre Dame this spring

In the 161 years the University of Notre Dame has been awarding degrees, never had there been an African-American as valedictorian.  Until this year.

She’s Katie Washington of Gary, Indiana.  She carries a 4.0 GPA majoring in biology and minoring in Catholic social teaching.

According to the Northwest Indiana Times, Washington plans to continue her studies at Johns Hopkins University and follow in her father’s footsteps into medicine.

Washington says she’s humbled by the honor of being named valedictorian. 

More information on Kathie Washington - from Notre Dame University:
Katie Washington, a biological sciences major from Gary, Ind., has been named valedictorian of the 2010 University of Notre Dame graduating class and will present the valedictory address during Commencement exercises May 16 (Sunday) in Notre Dame stadium.

Washington, who earned a 4.0 grade point average, has a minor in Catholic Social Teaching. She has conducted research on lung cancer at the Cold Spring Harbor labs and performed genetic studies in the University’s Eck Institute for Global Health on the mosquito that carries dengue and yellow fever. She is the co-author of a research paper with David Severson, professor of biological sciences.

Washington directs the Voices of Faith Gospel Choir at Notre Dame, is a mentor/tutor for the Sister-to-Sister program at South Bend’s Washington High School and serves as the student coordinator of the Center for Social Concerns’ “Lives in the Balance: Youth Violence and Society Seminar.”

Upon graduation, Washington plans to pursue a joint M.D./Ph.D program at Johns Hopkins University

We Think Its High Time a Womans' Place was in the LAB - You Go Girl !

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Lets Get That Faygo Shook it's Friday with the ICP

It's Friday and We're Gonna have a lil Grape Pop Fun. you all know that I'm a juggalo fan. I don't have any hard feelings about their grass roots approach to getting their platform out to the youth. I remember when Ozzie Osbourne bit the head off of a bat live on stage.  yeah talk about gruesome. now he's an elder statesman of rock and horrorcore. 

These guys are not youngsters, but they are changing the face of Horrorcore; and melding it with a gritty form of Detroit HipHop. it's created it's own fan base simply by being raw and funky.  that's why I like it.  it's real and you can't deny it. the lyrics are timely and they address current issues, without that stupidity of civility. they just put it out there like "Whatever Mannn".

Thursday, April 15, 2010

TT: Hey Sarah, Puff Puff Passsssssss

Do You think this could actually backfire, and put Palin back on the Presidential Path?

 --Today is Thirsty Thursday's First Ever Taxday Edition--

Just because we love our visitors so much,  we wanted to make it extra special . We went out and got the absolutely craziest, newest, most unbelievable stunt on tevee  The SNL Sarah Palin Network Previews. of course we also have to give you a big bong to puff it up so don't forget to Puff Puff, Passsssssssssssssss that Alaska.

Lets See What the Silver Medalist Has to Say about Her New Network

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Remember it is our hearts that heat the world

I got a letter earlier today from my friend Erin from the Womens' Refugee Commission. They've long been on a global quest to bring safer cooking stoves to women around the globe.  most of the problems women and their children face are from poor living conditions; such as only having a charcoal stove for heating and cooking.  in case you don't know, charcoal coats the lungs like it does their houses.  the children get lung disease and tuberculosis just like their mothers. Mainly because many of them are strapped to their moms, backs while she is working over that charcoal stove.

They are the Youngest Casualties, and we should start helping to prevent these casualties, today.
There are safer stoves and methods of cooking and heating for these families.  are you aware that a parabolic reflector stove can be used in many of these situations without any damage to the people or the planet ?

This is what the Women need - an alternative to Fire and Death

Sunday, April 11, 2010

an 11 year old brings it down in Dallas and We Puttin It Back UP ! How Bout Them Cowboys

Kids Do The Darnest Things,

This implosion was the work of an eleven year old. yep an eleven year old brought down the Former Home of the Dallas Cowboys on sunday morning. it was fantastique. Here are the shots from a helicopter and a ground based camera crew.  the only thing I wonder is where are the Particulate Masks to protect everyone from that huge cloud of dust.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday's Feast is Healthy and Mucho Deliciousosooooo !

Hungry ?

Yes we're going to start making this a regular feature, so that folks know where we eat and where to go get the goodies. This particular restaurant is one that we've patronized over the years. Lots of Mexican Restaurants are competing to be the best at this and that. But this place is hands down the best in chicken. they put it on the grill outdoors - year round. even in snow storms they're out there barbequeing that chicken. And Yes they only barbeque chicken. no beef or pork. that's also why we like this place. we never have to worry about pork juice on the chicken.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bare Your Soles Today.. and feel the Love

Show Us Your Tootsies Today for Toms 3rd Go Barefoot Day

Can You Walk in Toms' Shoes Today ?

Today's Poll from @ausetkmt on Twitter

are you going barefoot for Toms Shoes Today ? A) yes B) no C) I am now. Reply with @ausetkmt 1 a/b/c

We're Doing It - Check it out, and Join US

Today is Toms Shoe Day - 08 April, 2010; People all over the globe are supporting a movement to give shoes to people who desperately need them. I am for one so happy to go shoeless for a day that I can proudly admit that I go shoeless many days, by choice.  of course it's indoors mostly on carpeted floors. that means I truly am blessed to have a safe path to walk. but what if I was like many others in the world who didn't have such an easy path to trod, who would help put shoes on my feet ?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why Does Thailand Want to Send Bleaching Cream to Haiti ?

“Thailand is a compassionate nation,” said Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya - “We noticed in the news that the Haitians are all very dark-skinned. This is surely one of the reasons they are living in poverty. With lighter skin they could be more successful.” It is believed that the whitening cream can make the homeless, starving survivors of the earthquake look whiter and brighter in just 14 days, according to the Unilever brochure. It is hoped that by looking whiter, the Haitians might be able to secure more aid.

When I read this I was so angry - I need to make sure this is factual before I expend anymore negative energy. if any one of my Thai vistors can confirm this Please Leave A Comment. I know he does not speak for all the Thai People, obviously. He is just a skrate fool.  as far as Unilever I need to explore my cabinets and find out what won't be coming to my house anymore.

Unilever You Can Kiss My Money Goodbye

Thailand Donates 50,000 Bottles of Whitening Skin Cream To Haiti

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Performance Art for Politics ?

Last week we gave you JFK's Brains, and that didn't seem to get through to y'all. so this week we're going back to Dealey Plaza with our girl Erykah Badu. you see the police in Dallas have sited Badu for inappropriate conduct when filming her video monsterpiece "Window Seat".

Dig This,

Friday, April 2, 2010

Have a Ghettoblaster With Us

Kick It Duke - since you are Todays'Ghettoblaster

I'm sure you all enjoyed yesterdays' very entertaining dance segment (side-eye);  Today we're offering you a quick look at how We Kick Back. and no it does not involve any vogue-ing; uh uhhhh nope.. this is how 50+ year olds celebrate their birthdays. veryyyyyyy quietly... and no chair throwing

It's Friday and We're Starting the Weekend Early - not really but, Have a Brew Tour on Us. Remember NO Drinking and Driving. if you liked the video, leave a comment - it's from our new google phone, yepper uploaded right to google, from the spot. this my friends is an example of on the spot journalism. as you can see for us, Videoblogging has come of age.

So whatcha think, Thirsty yet ?