Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hot Dog! Have a Beer with Ricky "So Not the Boss" Ross, he got ganked by chicks, AGAIN

Ricky Ross You Ain't No Boss

Today is Thirsty Thursday and again we see Ricky Ross flat on his back underneath some booty. his female fans robbed his fat ass. Whooo HA ! talkin about he's a miami roughneck boss; a big baller, and a shot caller. all that woofin he's been doing and now we SEE how much bite is behind that rah rah.. NONE..

Today we're Dishin out Hot Dogs and Beer in honor of Ricky "SOOO Not the Boss" Ross. cause he can't afford to floss us off with cristal on that Non Boss Budget, grab one on ya way through. Ricky Deserves nothin but dirty sideeye today. such an impersonator.

Fat Ricky, A Real Boss doesn't Have to tell anybody - You Already Know

Check this out -Rick Ross Robbed in Nashville

According to a CBS news report, the "Boss" and his associates had valuables stolen from them in a Nashville hotel.

"Metro police are looking for party crashers at the downtown Hilton Hotel," a news reporter said in a broadcast. "They're suspected of stealing thousands of dollars worth of a rapper's personal belongings right out of his hotel room. The crime was caught on tape and the police need your help to identify the thieves...A call to Crime Stoppers can earn you lots of cash." (CBS News)

Details of the stolen items landed online Tuesday (September 22) morning.

In Rick Ross' case, he was apparently seduced before his shines got the boost. According to CBS affiliate Channel 5 News in Nashville, the Boss got got for over $60,000 worth of his personal belongs including jewelry and a laptop. The four sticky-fingered women then proceeded to do their best Set It Off impersonation, sans the guns and violence, by relieving Ricky of his items and making what they thought was a clean getaway. But cameras in the hotel have caught the suspects and now Crime Stoppers are looking for them. (Lime Wire)


THE GUYS said...

At some point this type of lifestyle catches up to you. Whether you're the boss or not!

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Sai! you know it's already caught up with him, when women rob him - twice. Please Ricky Ross go sit down and get you some female help.