Saturday, September 26, 2009

Please Tell Us, how do little children fit into the Glenn Beck drama ?

why are we teaching our children to be fearful of praising the good works they see ?

when we read this story earlier it was appalling to see how these children are being made pawns of stupidity. how do little children fit into the glenn beck drama ? it appears the kids made a little video singing during a celebration at their school; presented it to an author of a childrens book on Barack Obama as a gift; and her pr people capitalized on the kids cuteness factor and put them on YouTube.

What are these kids doing wrong ?

YouTube seems to be getting the rep as the place you find anything to use to stick someone else in the eye with. but why kids and why now ?

the tune is "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" Why is this wrong ?

apparently when they (the political pootbutts) discovered the video it had been up for months, and the becks' folks just discovered it.

Utterly amazing, they are searching for kids videos now to use as fodder in their war of stupidity 

Glenn Beck has turned a page in our nations political history, with his step to a lower level. he thinks kids should be used as tools. how crass and totally idiotic. the kids are not praising any political party or actions; they are only singing about their president, much as other kids have done about other presidents of this very nation.

anything that comes up about Barack Obama seems to make Glenn Beck believe he is writing a new page in history. but who's going to read that misinformation and get anything usable out of it ? we doubt anyone who can read the news in comparison, will know that this is a lame attempt to remain in the media - by a personality with little appeal and less common sense.

Glenn Beck take your finger out of your nose and go sit down somewhere,

Scrutiny rises over NJ kids singing Obama song


BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) - A school for kindergartners through second-graders in a comfortable Philadelphia suburb has become the latest target of accusations by conservatives that schoolchildren are being indoctrinated to idolize President Barack Obama.

The controversy grows out of a school assembly during Black History Month in February, when gripes about the freshly inaugurated president were still mostly hushed.
That month, a group of smiley and fidgety students at B. Bernice Young School sang a medley of two short songs praising the president.

The first song begins, "Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama/He said that all must lend a hand/To make this country strong again."

The second one was set to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and included the refrain, "Hooray, Mr. President."

While the performance is seven months old, the outrage is new and came about because of the discovery of a YouTube video.

It's been fodder for conservative opinion leaders such as columnist and blogger Michelle Malkin and Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck.

The notion that schoolchildren are being subjected to partisan politics rather than taught civics emerged earlier this month before an Obama speech to students was played in thousands of schools.

By then, unlike February, there was broader mistrust of Obama, particularly over his health insurance overhaul plans. Concerns that he would use his speech to students as a political tool grew partly because the White House initially released a lesson plan encouraging students to "help the president."

The plan was revised and the message to students was not overtly political.
News about the song brought a quick response from New Jersey's Department of Education. Spokeswoman Beth Auerswald said the department wants "to ensure students can celebrate the achievements of African Americans during Black History Month without inappropriate partisan politics in the classroom."

Auerswald said the state would also look into whether posting the video online violated the privacy of students.

Superintendent Christopher Manno defended the performance in Friday's editions of the Burlington County Times.

"There was no intention to indoctrinate children," he said. "The teacher's intention was to engage the children in an activity to recognize famous and accomplished African Americans."
He said he would not identify the teacher who led the song. State education officials said she retired at the end of the last school year.

The source of the video is not entirely clear. In Malkin's column, she said it was posted in June on the YouTube channel of author Charisse Carney-Nunes, who wrote the children's book "I Am Barack Obama."

The song medley was presented to Carney-Nunes, who had been invited to the school, as a demonstration of a project the children had put together, her public relations firm said in a statement.

"Charisse feels it is unfortunate that an event put together with sincere intentions to encourage literacy while celebrating the contributions of African Americans to our great nation has become political fodder and hopes cooler heads will prevail," the hoverFly media statement said.
The video was ubiquitous online Friday but was not listed under Carney-Nunes' feed.
Officials at the Burlington Township Board of Education did not return calls Friday to discuss the incident or how much public response it received, and the district's Web site was not available.
Leslie Gibson, the mother of a kindergartner and a second-grader, said the incident was not addressed in Thursday evening's back-to-school assembly.

Gibson said that while parents had different views about how problematic the song may have been, one thing was unanimous: They don't like having television trucks and reporters camped out on the streets near the school.

Friday afternoon, there were two police cars posted outside the building.
There wasn't much protest, though. One man, Chris Concannon, from nearby Magnolia, was outside hoping to speak with school officials about what happened.
"It's just like the Hitler Youth all over again," said Concannon, an unemployed 26-year-old former National Guardsman. "They should be learning history, but instead they're being taught to worship the president."


WillOaks Studio said...

Oh that it were so simple as to get him to just zip his lip! He's a symptom of a HUGE effort to discredit and distort ANYTHING the current administration is trying to do AND positive responses to it. He's vile, IMHO, and it's hard to believe there are any folks who take him seriously, although I know they are out there, sigh.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Karen, you are a level head. he is a cracked pot. otherwise he's shut up his lil spout. they say if you keep your mouth closed no one knows how stupid you are. do you think anyone has ever told him that ?

somehow I doubt it.
thanks for your comment sweets

THE GUYS said...

He's insane! And what's worse is, there are many people who believe every word he, and the rest of his gang say.

We're scared for this country. It seems it's becoming more and more divided. And the sad thing is, our current president is trying desperately to unify the country and get past all this BS!! But people only see what they want to see. Or what they're told to see!

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