Saturday, October 29, 2005

"ASID Warnin - Funk Mob On The Loose !!!"

"ASID Warnin - Funk Mob On The Loose !!!"

PODCAST: The Funk Mob and Mama ASID bring ya that P-F U N K !!!
The Funk Mob and Mama ASID bring ya that front page F U N K.
Oh Yeahhhh.. you must catch this piece, if you are a true fan of the

We produced this for our Brothers and Sisters caught up
in the WarZone with NOFunk !
we heard ya cries, so we deliverin in SlipStream - Pure P-Funk !!
The Uncut Funk - You Know,, The Bomb !!!
Cause we know ya want to get Funky.

This Pod is Uncle Jam Endorsed

- So You Know This Ain’t No Dibby Dibby Biz-niz.
( this pod is a special dedication to all “Our Soldiers” Globally;
who wrote us for the classics, cause y’all know
Mama Loves Ya like Freedom, Fo-Sho ! )

Pure Funk and Funky Shiz-nit combined for a realll Funky Thang !!!

In this 77 minute Podcast, Mama ASID takes you on a tour of the news
and Funk - combining the happenings in Chocolate City and all our
Suburbs. Everybody’s at this par-tay !! The Whole Crew, You know you
gotta hear Bootzilla say “Wind Me Up Baby Babba” and of course the
President Dr Funkenstein tell us why “we got to get The Cobwebs Out Your
Then finally somebody listens when Sista Funkstress Chaka Khan asks why
the shrub can’t “Tell Me Somethin Good” ?

We also include a few clips from Janet “Maybe I Did Have a Baby”
latest Trip-ulation; and The Electric Spanking of War Babies - as a
tribute to
the 2000 Needlessly Squandered American Lives in Iraq. Not even our
“Bubbles Greenspan” escapes this one - because we get “Bulletproof”
and how could we forget our Movie Review of “.49’s new movie - you have
to listen
to hear what we say bout this Shiz-nit. We also give you a Little
Oh Yeah We Get Deeep,,,, Aquaboogie Knee Deep (15 minute version) and
shine a Flashlite on this whole “Scooter Plame Out”.. Damn now that’s
hot !!!

So remember “To Each is Reach, and if I don’t cop it ain’t mine to have,
but I’m reachin for ya, cause I love ya”.. to quote Dr Funkenstein -
So Reach out and Click In to this Funk Parade - All The Hitz in the
original format.
lots of scratchin, poppin and ambiance from the original dusty vinyl
we dug out the crates - just for You, Our Friends.

This 77 Minute Soundscape includes originals by :
Parliment, Funkadelics, Parli-Funkadeliment’s; The Brides of
Funkenstein; Parlet;
George “Dr Funkenstein” Clinton. Glen Goins on his classic solo “Swing
Down Sweet Chariot”
Phillipe Wynn of the Spinners gives his Premier Last Performance on
“Knee Deep’s 15 Min Version” and yes we play the whole thang. Dr Dre,
Ice Cube and a whole cast of Funksters.

We even include “I Betcha” the original Westbound Version with the Pop &
so snap it up. May We Bang You; Funk Gets Stronger; OH-I, with Sly
Stone; The “Live Version” of Children of Production; The Original
Chocolate City; Paint the White House Black;
and The (out of print) Electric Spanking of War Babies - (UK Full 9
Minute Version);

Now Don’t be Slow, cause when you click here ya betta be ready to go -
cause the Funk not only Cures it Re-Assures !!! and You Know This Mannnn

Produced by: Mama ASID / ~RE Ausetkmt for Realities Studios/BadGals
Produced : October 28, 2005 Copyright; All Rights Reserved to original
copyright holders.

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