Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thirsty Thursday: Congress Get Back To Work - NO Nipplegate For YOU !

Do you remember this Janet ?

It's Thirsty Thursday and it appears that the government is reexamining the Superbowl nipple-gate incident. why ? I think they're just a buncha Janet Jack-offs. really doh. the girl is hot, but damn leave her alone.

wasn't it enough that Justin snatched her top off exposing her nipple to the entire Superbowl world ? Gee.. when is enough, enough ?

just look at his face in the pic above, can't you see how mesmerized he is by her super boob ? it's not necessary to mezmerize the American people again is it ?

The facts are clear - it was a wardrobe malfunction and she grabbed herself to cover up so quickly; that you didn't even know what happened, until you read it in the newspaper the next day.

Most folks never even saw the nip slip until the newspapers showed blown up pics of it. that is the most famous nipple in the world, undoubtedly. now the government thinks it should be re-explored again, Why ?

maybe it's their distraction from the Health Care Reform Debates, sad.

Congress Get Back To Work - NO Nipplegate For YOU !


RE Ausetkmt said...

What Have You Done For Me Lately - that's the real question congress.

askcherlock said...

I dunno, RE, I still think the nip slip was planned and that Janet should have thought better of herself. If there was a chance it would slip (and who among us women doesn't know that?) then she could have taken precautions. All I know is, it did not effect Justin's career, but Janet has lost some respect. It's a man's world, always was, always will be.

Tina T said...

I love the term "nipplegate." It is very funny to picture Congress pouring over these photos trying to determine how long the nipple was shown before it was covered, how many people saw it, how it rates on a scale of 1 to 10.

OK maybe I made that last one up but it's not really more ridiculous than the fact that we're so worried about a breast, but kids watching graphic violence on TV is apparently not a problem to regulators.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Cher you are right, I think after looking at it from your eyes, it probably was planned.

she apparently had her career damaged, but they say any promo is useful. it certainly pushed her into the spotlight again.

lets hope she stays away from trolls henceforth.

thanks for your comment sweets

RE Ausetkmt said...

ahhhh Tina, yeah it is a catchy phrase. Nipplegate is just too catchy to not be something really special.(Wink*Wink) so you know Congress feels they have to get all up in it.

My wish is they'd see those tata's as the symbol for Better Healthcare for Women and decide to put some money into a real cure campaign for Breast Cancer. it's effected me in the loss of My Beloved Mom In Law Clara and countless friends and relatives who've fought it and are still fighting it. it's a terrible disease and somehow I think these tats's might make them think; Hey We Could Do Something.

do you think they will ?