Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Genius Will Always Prevail - Liu Wei Wows The World

Lets Look at Genius, this young man who has no arms is a world class pianist.
Yes he has no arms yet he is a classical pianist... In China.

Watch This Video and see for yourself,

Liu Wei - Armless Pianist - China's Got Talent 8-8-2010

This is from AP - It's Quite Informative

Chinese Man With No Arms Plays Piano With Toes

Man With No Arms Plays Piano With Toes, Highlighting Challenges For Disabled In China

(AP)  SHANGHAI (AP) - Pianist Liu Wei sits quietly to compose himself before plunging into the music. Then he takes off a sock.

The 23-year-old, whose arms were amputated after a childhood accident, plays the piano with his toes.

Liu was thrust into the limelight earlier this month when he performed on "China's Got Talent," the Chinese version of the TV show that helped make Britain's Susan Boyle a singing star.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Don't Forget About The Ninth Ward Mr Obama

This sign, in the Lower Ninth Ward, is aimed at tourists who come through the neighborhood on bus tours and is meant to remind those visitors that Hurricane Katrina exacted a horrible human cost that was largely paid by residents of poor areas like this.   (Photo Credit: Daniel Terdiman/CNET News.com)
This is a horrible anniversary of the death and destruction of New Orleans. it still pains us deeply to see the aftermath and to know that little has been done to help those who lost the most.


This is a collection of Videos hand collected to show you the view of Post Katrina New Orleans and specifically The Ninth Ward.

Why is America Not Making Good on It's Promise

The ignored nonrecovery of New Orleans

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Who a Pree Dis ? WE LOVE JAH ROOTS

Ignorance to no end -

Yutes Tek Weh Yuhself, nobody nah pree dat folly.

Dancehall Music Review you need to think before you start your camera nexttime.
It makes no sense to put videos on YouTube pretending that they're news.

what you put out there on youtube should reflect genius - not wha ?

We Nah Pree di Daggerin a news. Too much Crucial Ting agwan fi folly rite now mi yutes. it well time fi unu rise up.

Pree Dis - Roots Music from Jah Roots

Jah Roots _CRUCIAL_ Official Video

Now Hol Dat ! 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who Really Ah Lord of Di Rims Bounty and Ele ?

"Our goal is to stamp out this pervasive culture of tax evasion which has as its motto, 'catch me if you can'. Our response, resonant with steely determination will be, 'Yes, we can'," In a press conference with representatives of the International Monetary Fund  "I want to promise every recalcitrant, everyone who continues to plunder the public purse, be warned that we coming," the finance minister told Parliament.
Tjhese are the words of MP Audley Shaw - Aug 2010 Speaking about the tax issues before Jamaicas' Parliment; who convened to discuss Jamaicas' impending IMF Loan

HILLARIOUS That is the Only Word for this latest seizure, in Jamaicas' Entertainers tax row. apparently Bounty Killa now has to Hold DAT ! the tax man rolled into his yard this past week and took his Rover and His Landcruiser. so I guess it's true "he nah hav no lancruiser it's a bancruiser" as in banned to him driving it till he pays his taxes.

Do You Remember This Parody from Twin of Twins featuring Bounty Killer and Roundhead arguing over some Rims for Roundheads' Landcruiser ? Hillarious Indeed.. so now it look like unu a hafi bring breadfruit and banana to the tax man Bounty . eeehhhhh
 Trials and Crossed - Lord of the Rims by Twin of Twins

Please tell me why entertainers get flossy and forget their ice is blinging to the worrrrrld ? Big Entertainers Deh a Yard, remember that the tax man is paying attention to you more now that Dudus is locked away. You are the new money targets so unu bes fess up and pay unu taxes or the tax man a go rob unu blind. Mi Start Tink, them shoulda start grow Banana and Breadfruit fi pay off dem debts.

This is the Wrap Up of the Lord of Di Rims - You really want to listen to this one too.

Now Bounty and Ele You HOL DAT !

These Stories are from the Jamaica Gleaner from July and August. you can click the titles to go to the original stories

Taxman fed up - Authorities seize Bounty Killer's luxury vehicles

Tax officials are warning that there will be no ease-up in the intensity with which they are going after delinquent taxpayers, chief among them being entertainers, businessmen and professionals.

Yesterday, the authorities seized two high-end motor vehicles from the upper St Andrew home of dancehall superstar Rodney Pryce, otherwise known as 'Bounty Killer'.

The authorities say the entertainer, who was recently stripped of his US visa, was a delinquent taxpayer but would give no details about his case.

Pryce, whose Range Rover and a Land Cruiser were taken by the tax department's special enforcement team, is said to owe millions of dollars in taxes.

However, an attorney close to the case said the entertainer has been paying his taxes. The attorney said he has filed his annual returns and made payments, but objected when the tax department assessed him for far more than he had paid.

Communications director at the Tax Administration Department Merris Haughton told The Gleaner, "There is a serious problem with delinquency right across the board ... entertainers, business persons and professionals."

Last month, the tax department seized a luxury Mercedes-Benz motorcar from the Hillcrest Avenue home of dancehall star Elephant Man, whose real name is Oneil Bryan.

Grammy-award winning deejay 'Beenie Man', whose real name is Moses Davis, was also hauled before the tax court in 2008 for allegedly owing millions of dollars in taxes.

Haughton said the tax department was not singling out entertainers, but indicated that a number of them are in arrears.

However, since the crackdown against delinquent taxpayers, she said there has been a significant improvement in the number of persons who have come forward and made payments, or made arrangements to pay.


Meanwhile, Minister Audley Shaw again sounded the warning to tax dodgers yesterday during a joint press conference with representatives of the International Monetary Fund
"I want to promise every recalcitrant, everyone who continues to plunder the public purse, be warned that we coming," Shaw said.

During his budget presentation in April, Shaw announced that the taxman would be targeting professional groups such as lawyers and doctors, and artisans such as masons who, the minister said, are not paying their fair share of taxes.

"Our goal is to stamp out this pervasive culture of tax evasion which has as its motto, 'catch me if you can'. Our response, resonant with steely determination will be, 'Yes, we can'," the finance minister told Parliament.

"We need to stop paying lip service to combating the scourge of tax evasion," Shaw said as he promised to tighten laws and increase penalties, including custodial sentences, in the fight against tax cheats.

Taxman seizes Elephant Man's BENZ

Taxman grabs Ele's Benz - photo by Gladstone Taylor

Agents from the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) yesterday (july 2010) seized a posh Mercedes-Benz motor car valued at millions of dollars from dancehall star Elephant Man in a bid to collect taxes owed by the entertainer.

The car was taken from an upscale home at Hillcrest Avenue, St Andrew, believed to be owned by Elephant Man, whose real name is Oneil Bryan.

While the car was being placed on a tow truck, Elephant Man, who has done several collaborations with R&B stars in the United States, remained inside the house with his advisers and did not speak to reporters gathered outside.

Director of communications for the IRD, Meris Haughton, did not release the delinquent's name, but confirmed that its special enforcement team, supported by the St Andrew North police, "conducted an operation to seize an assetof a taxpayer for outstanding taxes". Haughton would not divulge how much money is involved.

Could face charges

Haughton explained that in cases where property is seized, delinquent taxpayers have 10 days to pay off their arrears or the confiscated asset would be auctioned. She said if the proceeds from the auction do not cover the debt, the taxpayer could face criminal or civil charges.

Police sources told The Gleaner that the IRD's special enforcement team first swooped down on Elephant Man's mansion overlooking Havendale, also in St Andrew, but nothing of significant value was identified.

However, one source involved in the operation said the team learnt of the Hillcrest Avenue home while searching the first residence.

Elephant Man, popular for his colourful hairstyles and zany performances on stage, shot to fame in the 1990s with the dancehall group Scare Dem Crew. He then went solo and recorded a string of hit songs, including dancing anthems Pon Di River, Gully Creepa and Sweep.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Gaga Goes Down.. Literally

Take a look at the boots, the chaps and the cape - What is wrong with this picture ?
This is Lady Gaga in London's Heathrow Airport recently. saying she was on a trip puts it rather mildly. she always appears to be on something or another to us.  
This Trip she was spotted wearing Leather Chapstyle Platform Frankenstein Boots, with a Full Dragging Leather Train..
She appears to be over 6 feet tall in these elevators. yes that's what you see. take a look and you can see it all. what we want to know is why would someone make something like this ? That person and Gaga need to be duct taped together and velcro'd to a bulletin board at Parsons.  Uuuhhh Ruuhhhh Fashiona, where are you ?

Newsflash Gaga, there is no invisible rope to grab - You Are Going Dooownnnnnnn Drama Queen

Loook at her expression, it's almost as though a bubble above her head should read
"Oooooh Oooooohhhhh,,,, We're Going Downnnnnnnn."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aaliyah - Remembering Our One in a Million Nine Years Later

So Young and Gone So Soon - Remembering

Aaliyah Haughton 01/16/1979 - 08/25/ 2001

WE Remember Aaliyah, the beautiful young singer from the D, who's star shot straight into the heavens. From the first time I heard her sing as a lil girl at Motown Studio B, I knew she was destined to become one of the great voices of my time. Her simple way of twisting her voice around a melody and making it her own.

She was truly One in a Million
Only Aaliyah.. she was an angel in every sense of the word.. here on earth. she left us in 2001 due to the stupidity of men who didn't think enough of the star to use proper protocols when her chartered jet took off; quite overloaded from the bahamas. Within moments everyone on the ground knew something was terribly wrong.

Then it happened.. the unthinkable.
Aaliyah Was Gone.. Snatched up in an instant

In a puff of smoke and flames, the young singer was snatched from our realm and propelled into her own premature superstardom. little did we know at that time just how much her voice would teach us. But now we are grateful, just to have had the chance to hear Lil Aaliyah singing her heart out that day. She will always remain one of our favorite young voices.

We saw 22 white doves and we knew You Were A Superstar Evermore, We Will Never Forget You Aaliyah,  You Are OUR Baby Girl..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Diggin in the Crates to remind y’all bout THE SUSS, IT’S ON SATURDAY

HEYYYYYYYY What’s Up With All Our Webites !!!!!!!!

Lady D and Mama ASID want to remind unu that The Suss will be returning to DAPowerhouse Radio this Saturday. we’re going to do a wind up to remind you about some of the stories that we have simmerin down inna di dutchpot.

Do You Remember This Show ???? It was in June of 2009 – and trust us it was more fun than being on vacation with us; in Jamaica MON.  Just Take a moment and listen to the chat and get your memory caps on because The Suss will be Live This Saturday With Lady D – and You Want to Tune In.

Remember This  ???

Have you ever noticed that Politics Stinks; and sometime it’s Rotten from the inside. We resumed Political Suss this week with Gusto.  “Lady D and Mama ASID burn out Corruption” – to quote the great rasta singer and philosopher Isiah Mentor.

It’s Time for the SUSS – Lady D and Mama ASID burn out Corruption AGAIN

Thursday, June 4, 2009
This episode we find ourselves refreshing from a few stories we did when we left off last season

  • Is Ninja Man a True Ninja ? – This is for Next Weeks Podcast, because we are shocked at his arrest and detention for not being a Ninja..WOW !
Lady D and Mama  
ASID burn out Corruption“Lady D and Mama ASID burn out Corruption”, AGAIN

Duration : 33 Minutes / 64k Digital Media

Produced : 05/29/09 by RE Ausetkmt/Lady D for ASID Hi-Power SoundStudios. UK/JM/US & Powerhouse WLMJ Radio.com  

Copyright : all rights reserved to original copyright owners; RE Ausetkmt for BadGalsRadio.com; ASID Hi-Power SoundSystem and Studios UK/JM/US

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Today we remember Harold Dow - A Face We Cannot Forget..

Today we remember Harold Dow - A Face We Cannot Forget..

Harold passed away on Sunday Morning at 62 years old. his work will never be forgotten.

Over the course of his distinguished career at the network, Dow served as a correspondent for the CBS News magazine "Street Stories" (1992-93) and reported for the "CBS Evening News with Dan Rather," "Sunday Morning" and the CBS News legal series, "Verdict." He served as co-anchor on "CBS News Nightwatch" (1982-83), prior to which he had been a correspondent (1977-82) and reporter (1973-77) at the CBS News Los Angeles bureau.
Do you remember this report when President Obama was elected ?

We Will Remember Harold Dow For His Strength and Words, ALWAYS.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Come Meet The Family at the African World Festival Saturday 08/21/2010

On Saturday 08/21/2010 at 3:00 p.m. the Entire Alghanee Family Invites You to Join in the celebration in honor of Empress Njeri Alghanee at the African World Festival in Detroits' Hart Plaza.
This year the festival celebrates Our Newest Shero Njeri Alghanee for her lifelong unselfish work as a freedom fighter and reparationist. Please come and be a part of the sharing of Love and Joy for Sister Njeri in her hometown of Detroit. The Official Mama Njeri Memorial Tee Shirt and Obituary will be available at the celebration. Be Sure to Get the Limited Edition before they're gone.

This is a taste of the Omowale Drummers and Dancers 

This wonderful dance and drum troop exists because of one of our local Detroit Heroes - Baba Sundiata Kieta who passed away three years ago. He was one of the most well known Djembe players from the area. He traveled globally and trained drummers and dancers in traditional Yoruba Drumming and Dance for over 30 years. We will never forget you Baba for you are the door..
BadGalsRadio will be there covering the entire fete live with the family.

Brostitutes - co'mon guys we know ya thirsty butterah ?

Men What is wrong with y'all - Brostitutes ?

Brostitute with Tim Roth from Tim Roth

This documentary takes a closer look at the seedy world of brostitution and brostitutes. This film digs deeper than any other film has when it comes to this secret world of bro-on-bro non-sexual love for profit.

Tim Roth's Pimp Hand is Strong in 'Brostitutes'

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spartacus R,Gone But Never to Be Forgotten

Early this week we received the news of the death of a friend, who for all intensive purposes was a star globally - My Friend and Former Boss Spartacus R.

The news of a death is never easy. but it's especially hard when it'd the news about a great old friend and artist from the UK and Grenada.  He Was After All Supposed to Live Forever - so said Spartacus R. in many conversations we had over the years.  I always secretly wished he could do it.

Tthe news was shocking, so much so that momentarialy when receiving it I denied it in my mind and told the person who told me that I'd have to write to the family to see what they had to say. wow..

This is a short bit about Spartacus R Bedeau - who was my friend, boss and sometimes human reminder that we all need to give back for people to remember that we were ever here.. we will always remember you Brother Spartacus because you shouted Jahmahariyah long before it was popular. You traveled to Fiji and made a new life; you reached out for your people where ever you may have found them globally. For that I am eternally grateful to have known you.

Spartacus R. came to prominence in the early 70s as the founder and driving force of the first internationally famous African Rock band, Osibisa, at the forefront of the genre now called World Music.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why Wednesday - Bangs got a commercial ? ohhelltothenawwww

Meet Bangs - uh ruhhh Bangs The Great, as he calls himself. He is one of  the reasons I avoid Facebook like the plague.  as many of you have already surmised Mr Bangs here is a Rapper of sorts. anyway, watch this video and then read the story below.  I have said wayyyyy to much already and believe me this will be repented for later this week.

No Do Not Ask Me ANYTHING at all..
thatisall; I am done (smdh)

FROM XXLmag.com - Before Kat Stacks had the whole Internet going nuts, ya boy Bangs the Great was serving hip-hop fans with the Planters and popcorn. At the top of the year, the Australian rapper by way of Sudan was an online sensation thanks to his ultra-catchy, yet super-hated on song, “Take U to Da Movies,” complete with its green screened video.

For better or worse, Bangs had the people’s ear. You couldn’t go to a hip-hop related site without seeing mention of the international phenom. While most hated on the 19-year-old, who only had learned English five years ago, there were some that saw potential in his catchy hooks. There were various rumors of various U.S.-based labels had reached out expressing interest in signing him, but last April Bangs signed a distribution deal with HSM Entertainment to release his debut album, Hard to Be Up.

With his hit single available on iTunes and via his website Bangs8.com, it looked like Bangs was not just taking ’em to the movies but the bank too. Then, as quickly as he had appeared on the scene, he was gone—but not for long.

Last week, Bangs reemerged online as part of the marketing plan for the new Honda Jazz. Featured in the automaker’s latest “Jazz Packing” commercial, Bangs and his self-produced track were back in the spotlight—bigger and deffer than before. Given the international star’s recent strides, XXLMag.com used up its daytime minutes to get in contact with Bangs to find out what he’s been up to and where he’s going to take the game next. - click here to read the entire interview over at xxlmag.com

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RIP Ron Allen - Money Greene you don earned that fleetwood my man, drive it well

Once again we are sad as we were shocked today to learn of the death of our longtime friend, Poet and Playwriter Ron Allen.

Ron was a fixture around the Cass Corridor for years. producing poetry events and eventually full length stage plays for the locals. he departed his beloved D for LA in 2007;  never looking back.

His work as "Money Greene" stole my heart. I so loved to see and talk with Ron. it was after a few illnesses and a stint as a local chef that he decided he needed to relocate to the hills of califor-n-i-a to find his fame and fortune; as his friend Ron Milner had done decades before.

when we heard the news it was startling, because like many others we thought of Ron as a kind of ageless character. always a 40ish comedic crumedgeon capable of entertaining everyone in earshot. Ron was a Genius in every sense of the word.

We are grateful to have known him so intimately for so long.
Money Greene, you done earned yo fleetwood now, so drive off with your backseat full of metaphoric lyricists and local legends. You Ron Will Outlive us all, as a legend my friend.

Ron Allen

Ron Allen performing with Code Zero in Los Angeles, 2009
Born September 13, 1947
Detroit, Michigan
Died August 10, 2010
Los Angeles, California, USA
Residence Los Angeles, California, USA
Ethnicity Zen Buddhist
Occupation Poet, Playwright, Teacher

Ron Allen (born September 13, 1947) is an Afro-American poet and playwright who describes his work as a "concert of language." The Detroit native employs intuitive configurations of language (i.e., image, trope, and metaphor) that invent new meaning and new structures for the exploration and expression of language arts, including poetry and theater.

Like fellow Detroit playwright Ron Milner, Allen's ear for the use of Afro-American language, particularly in Detroit, is exceptionally keen. Known for his experiments with poetic verse, character, theme and structure, Allen creates centers of language experiences and rhythm through his writing.
In 2007, Allen relocated to Los Angeles where he is presently in production of his recently completed screenplay “The Hieroglyph of the Cockatoo” which is scheduled for release in 2010. He released a new book of poetry in 2008 titled The Inkblot Theory, and performs with his L.A.-based jazz and poetry band Code Zero.

In a 2009 interview, Ron Allen described his artistic philosophy:
“My work is an exploration and expression of the abstract and physical nature of reality. Language or written text is the force that poetically drives the plot, character, and direction of my work. I use metaphor and trope to create landscapes of defamilarized environments and conditions that affect human consciousness.

“I attempt to walk the radical edge of meaning and theatricality in an assault on conditioned response in behavior and thinking in our culture. I am a critic of the norms that restrict innovation and restrict the search for freedom of ideas as a human imperative.

“My characters are social paradigms and objectified patterns of historical class and power. The point is the search for truth as undefined as that may be, but truth as realization on the scale of impersonal triumph and the struggle of more questions.

“The issue of race which I define as the ongoing muck of American culture is the center of much of my work. I strive to explore what it means to be black in an upside-down world – a world that makes the struggle for identity and power a radical act.”

He began his theatrical career in Detroit in 1997 when he formed his acting company “Thick Knot Rhythm Ensemble” which became the medium for the production of 13 plays he wrote and produced, including Last Church of the Twentieth Century, Aborigional Treatment Center, Twenty Plays in Twenty Minutes, Dreaming the Reality Room Yellow, WHAM!, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Relative Energy Sack Theory Museum, and The Heidelberg Project: Squatting in the Circle of the Elder Mind, a play loosely based on the life of Tyree Guyton and the struggle to create his Heidelberg Project.

After his move to Los Angeles in 2007, Allen has written three more plays: Swallow the Sun, My Eyes Are the Cage in My Head which was produced in 2008 by the Los Angeles Poverty Department Theater Company, and The Heiroglyph of the Cockatoo. His play Eye Mouth Graffiti Body Shop was produced in 2007 by the Theater of NOTE.

Ron Allen has published four books of critically acclaimed poetry, including I Want My Body Back and Neon Jawbone Riot. He is founder and director of Weightless Language Press. Ron Allen has taught poetry and theater for 13 years in the drug recovery community in Detroit and recently taught poetry and meditation in an assisted-living facility in Inglewood, California.
Ron Allen passed August 10, 2010 in Los Angeles.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

MM: Juve Baby put it into Slow Motion for a minute

Like Errybody else either from Nola or who loves Nola you expect to see somebody in the news. this time it's minimal but still it's there. Juve got a break on his feb 2010 case, where he was busted with a lil dro.he walked away easy with a suspended jail sit, just a lite countout and then 6 months on paper. tha's the hard part. but you know he can do it, in slow motion ... aaaawwwww work it baby, and keep it clean.

Rapper Juvenile pleads guilty in La. drug case

CHALMETTE, La. — New Orleans rapper Juvenile has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge in Louisiana.

The St. Bernard Parish sheriff's office says the 34-year-old, whose real name is Terius Gray, entered the plea Thursday. The rapper and an aquaintance were arrested Feb. 25.
He received a suspended sentence of three months in jail and must serve six months probation and pay a $250 fine and court costs.
Juvenile, best known for the song "Back That Thing Up," has been arrested at least four times on charges ranging from failure to pay child support to resisting an officer at a Florida mall in 1999. Most of the charges have been dismissed. In 2003, he was sentenced to 75 hours of community service for hitting a man on the head with a champagne bottle.

This is our Favorite of the Juvenile Hits. Ladies, Put on ya Big Girl Panties cause this is the UNCENSORED Version -  Lets Take it in Slow Motion, since it's Music Monday Y'all

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Who Run This Remix ? - Digital Dynasty thats' who

Awwwww Shucky Ducky our Money Making Mt Vernon Crew is back in the saddle riding it skrate to the Remix. Check out the behind the scenes action from Tha Advocates' new video -

I Run This Remix Video

The last few years myself, Ballerstatus.com, K-Lion and everyone involved with Digital Dynasty have put in alot of work! We are now gearing up for DD14 (Hosted by G Unit's 40 GLOCC aka Big Bad 40) and this year alone we dropped mixtapes with DJ Whookid, DJ Drama, Xzibit and Nore!

Not too mention started the Digital Dynasty R & B series, which was hosted by my homie, Mike Bivins. Before this year is out I am vowing to drop my personal mixtape "The Breaking Point", the "I Run This Remix" video shot by monstar films, A new exclusive mixtape from Killah Priest, and alot more!

We greatly appreciate everyone who has been involved with our digital movement. Digital Dynasty is rapidly growing and we continue to showcase unsigned talent aswell as some of your favorite stars. Recently Vibe Magazine wrote about Ballerstatus, Tha Advocate and Digital Dynasty. Pick up the Nicki Minaj Issue and check out page 18 ... or just download the attachment. If you want to be on Digital Dynasty Volume 14 (Hosted by 40 Glocc) get at me now! andddddddd check the link below to check out the behind the scenes of the "I Run This Remix" video (courtesy of Ballerstatus and Alkatraxx Films).


Tha Advocate / Digital Dynasty Mixtape Series
XXL was capturing all the behind the scenes action -
Our boy Tha Advocate, responsible for our free Digital Dynasty mixtape series, recently shot a music video for his new track "I Run This (Remix)", featuring several artists from all over the east -- including himself from Jersey, Mass from Philly, Shawn Blayze from Upstate New York, Whodini from London, and The Phenom Cartel from Elizabeth, New Jersey.
For more, make sure to check out ThaAdvocate.com.

Friday, August 13, 2010

PYNK.com and Alabama Mike help us make it Day to Day

Check out Day to Day from Alabama Mike

Yeah you know I love Blues, ooooh Chicago Blues, and Delta blues are my favorites. This is even more special because it's Family Blues. yes I said Family Blues. this is the brother of my friend and fellow blogger Jacqueline of PYNK.com.

I was first given a taste of Alabama Mike a few months ago and believe me I can hardly wait for that CD to arrive here at BadGalsRadio. Mike makes me feel some things that alot of bluesmen can't. he touches that part of my everyday soul that craves a good heapin helpin of reality. this tune Day to Day is all about just that.

there are never enough tunes to really touch the core of what we feel when we hit that down spot. some of us turn to rock, some love their spirituals, but for me it's Reggae or Blues. now don't get me wrong, I love most music - but when I have a headache, so to say; I wanna hear me some Blues Baby.

Today we salute Alabama Mike on the Release of His New CD -Tailor Made Blues

Alabama Mike Tailor Made Blues Alabama Mike: Tailor Made Blues

Jukehouse is proud to release in association with 9Below Productions, Alabama Mike’s sophomore release “Tailor Made Blues,” again showcasing Mike’s ability to not only deliver great singing, but also great songwriting. The official release of Tailor Made Blues is on August 15th.

“Tailor Made Blues” draws from many styles of Blues and American Soul Music, the album features the Bay Area guitar talents of Anthony Paule, Jon Lawton, Scot Brenton as well as James Cotton, and sideman, Tom Holland. Also on the recording is Thunderbird bass player, Randy Bermudes.

(Listen to Alabama Mike) Biography:

Alabama Mike is a hard-driving Chicago style blues singer with the ability to make you feel as if you’ve revisited the early CHESS RECORDS days.

Many things come to mind upon hearing Alabama Mike sing for the first time, but mostly it’s where has this guy been? With a soulful voice that brings such greats as Elmore James, Buddy Guy, Little Johnny Taylor and yes, even BB King to mind, you will be asking yourself, “Why haven’t I seen or heard of him before.”

Alabama Mike is a very unique talent, not only a gifted singer but also a very talented songwriter, having penned over half of the tunes on this impressive debut.

Born in Talladega, Alabama, in 1964, “Alabama” was influenced by the Gospel singing of his father at an early age, as well as his love for Chicago Blues. Alabama Mike is embarking upon a bright future. He is an artist that anybody that has any interest in the Blues will soon notice.

The Day to Day CD features the talents of Steve Freund; RJ Misho, John Nemeth; Charles Wheal, Chris Burns as well as members of his band, Third Degree.

Thanks Ms. Jacqueline for giving us all a taste of Alabama Mike

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Todays' trash is tomorrows Why - the Chippy D Tapes

Can you imagine the pain that Laurence Fishburne must be in right now. seeing these tapes certainly had to break his heart. more alike the pain was compounded when We found out how far his daughter Montana had slipped into the dark street lifestyle. sadly it has captured the attention of black hollywood and everybody in the porn and pimpin game.

Check Out the Reality of What Made Chippy D Turn into a Prostitute / Porn Star in the words of Her Friend and "Co-Hoe" Nene

Now this is Her Friend, and she is telling you what She and Chippy are doing now and what they did. to think that Montana left her fathers home to move in with Jeremy the Pimp, and become Chippy D the Hoe is just sad, honestly it's really sad.

Lets All Keep Chippy D / Montana Fishburne and Laurence Fishburne in our thoughts positively. One day hopefully this will be a forgotten memory of what caused Chippy D to become Montana Again.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Give Thanks for Women who bear the worlds pain and sorrow

Today we highlight a Blogger/Citizen Journalist who has reached out and touched the otherside of our hearts - Cher from AskCherlock.com.She recently did an interview with Mugisho Theophile of the DR Congo.  the efforts of Bro. Mugisho are outstanding and deserve to be publicized.  if you can spare a moment, please take time and visit the original post and leave a supportive comment, as it's the right thing to do.

To Read the Entire Piece Click the Title PLEASE

In February of 2010, I interviewed Mugisho Theophile regarding his efforts in the DR Congo for promoting rights of Congolese women who are suffering massive attacks of rape, mutilation and murder, not only themselves, but against their children. Mugisho has bravely set out to help these women under most dire circumstances. Mugisho and I decided to do a follow up interview on the progression of his organization COFAPRI.

Cher: Mugisho, I understand that the name of your organization has been changed. Can you tell us why? In addition, your organization has not been registered. What are the reasons for that?

Mugisho: Cher, I thank you very much for organizing this follow up interview. I am sure people need to know what has been done so far since we had our last interview of last February. It is true that the name of our organization has been a little bit modified. It is now called CONGOLESE FEMALES ACTION FOR PROMOTING RIGHTS AND DEVELOPMENT-COFAPRI. Such a change has occurred because of the precious advice we got from the registration officers. In fact, they want us not only to help Congolese and the Great Lakes Region –GLR-( region composed of three countries: the Democratic Republic of Congo- DRC-, Burundi and Rwanda) women and girls recover their social and home rights but also involve them in developing their respective biodiversities, environment, families and countries and everything around them. The point here is that no rights can be enjoyed if people are lagging behind in development. In general, if human rights are respected, this is development as well.

As for not having registration up to now, it is due to the process that takes long. In fact, as a young organization, we had first to make ready all the required documents that were required to present to registration officers, like the statutes, the regulations, the logo, etc., which took us a long period. Once we had drafted all those documents, we were required to get clarifications from the registration officers for approval. From the above, you can see that this truly requires a long process. It is in this context and following the recommendations we were given, that the organization name was also changed a little bit. As everything is now in the registration officers’ hands, we hope to get registration in the very near future. We will be pleased to inform you with every process done ahead.

Cher: What is your target population and what are the reasons for your choices?

Mugisho: Our prime target populations are the village women and the girls who have been victimized by violence either in the consecutive long lasting wars that devastated the Eastern part of the DRC in particular and the GLR in general or in their respective households. We focus more on remote villages because women and girls of this area suffer unimaginably, beyond what we expect. The international organizations based in the country fail to reach these areas because no roads lead to those areas and in case there are some, they are poorly maintained. The warfare that lasted for more than a decade caused people, particularly females and children suffer in different ways. In the case of the DRC, men were killed at the spot. Women, girls and children, who were the most victims, were also sometimes killed for sure but in an awful way.

They are raped, tortured and even mutilated, which made and still makes some of them suffer physically, morally and psychologically. Our focus is much directed toward the women, the girls and the children in remote villages in the Eastern DRC where wars were mostly terrible. In these conflicting zones, women and girls were massively raped and some of them got unwanted pregnancies. These odious acts occurred either in the home of the victim or in places where they were hiding in the bush; and sometimes this happened in the eyes of family members. Some boys and men were sometimes obliged to rape their mothers, sisters or daughters in the eyes of the criminals. Fathers were compelled to rape their daughters; the criminals would ask a relative to kill the member of the family. In the case of desistance, the recalcitrant was shot dead and if he was lucky, he only got tortured. Everything was done in public. Some of the girls who were raped gave birth to children who have no fathers.

As stated earlier, men were slaughtered, as these women are now widows and that they give birth to fatherless children and that most village women have no jobs, these children will not have any financial support. This situation puts these people into a quagmire and it pushes these children to become street children. The girls will mostly involve in early prostitution with the aim of supporting their families, which is a danger for security in the future. There are other women and girls who were contaminated AIDS and others died from the wounds they got in their genitals.

In the latter case, it has been proved via various international and local reports that in some areas, females were raped by exaggerating number of rapists: more than two rapists on a woman or a girl and this happened several times on the same individual, without not even considering the age and the conditions in which the unfortunate victim was. Women as old as 72 and children (girls and boys ) as young as 5 were raped. Pregnant women were also raped, most of them got abortion and others died in their hideouts. For the reasons above and many more I did not include, the Congolese woman and her daughter and the whole community were ridiculed to death through such odious treatment. Such barbarian domination of the woman reflects non respect of human beings. This caused trauma to these women and girls; physical, moral and psychological wounds remain in their brains. In this way, they need healing and support.

In addition to warfare violence in the DRC, there also exists household violence. This time, this is issue of culture. Over ages, the society has always been instilled that everything should be under man domination. The Great Lakes Region, in general and the DRC, in particular have never been exempted from such beliefs that weigh too much on women and girls because they hinder their integrative development. In the case of the DRC, mostly in villages, women and girls are totally deprived of their basic rights. In the same way, as they have no word in public, they hardly report sexual violence they underwent because it is shameful and prohibited for a woman to speak about sex in public as this is considered as a taboo issue.

Some other women and girls are denied the right to attend school because of the fallacies of some men and fathers, who are the family decision makers, believe that girls are not as performant as boys at school; that the girl will be married and so no use to spend on her since she will not be productive for her parents. In other areas, women are totally not allowed to eat some food, here called taboo food, which obviously contains vitamins and proteins necessary for body development, like eggs, chicken, meat of goat, etc. Such items of food are surrounded of lots of myths to make women and girls understand that they should not eat it, a sign of selfishness and greediness of those men.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ohhh La La Laaaaa, please Haiti do not be charmed by old music

Do You Remember when we talked about Wyclef Jeans’ political aspirations earlier this year ? Well Voila !  Apparently he wants them to change the law and allow him to run against sitting president Renee’ Preval in November.
Haitis’ constitution says all candidates must be 1. Haitian by Citizenship and 2. to have lived in the country for the previous Five Years to his candidacy.
Uhh Ruhhhh,, Wyclef are you aware of these two crucial requirements ? 
He thinks he can make it happen. And Take Notice Haiti and World - if his people are strong enough to make this happen; I suggest we may be watching the rebirth of another political strongman aka “Breddah Doc” like the previous DOC’s.  Please Haiti don’t forget about Wyclefs’ ownership of the media; his financial inability to tell the truth about even his own Yele Haiti Foundation; or his back hand dealing on making money on his own charity concert for Haiti.
Wyclef Brother Man, maybe you should get back in the studio with Dylan and come up with some Hot Burning Fyre before you try to burn out peoples memories.  most of us can’t remember anything you did musically since the Fugees’.

Oh La La Laaaaaa,

Wyclef Jean on Tuesday announced his bid to run for president of Haiti in the country’s Nov. 28 election. Analysts say Wyclef Jean is in a strong position to become Haiti president after René Préval.

Haitian musician Wyclef Jean, right, gives a pack of goods to a woman at a camp for people displaced by the January earthquake in Port-au-Prince, June 15. Wyclef announced on Tuesday he is officially running for president of Haiti.
Wyclef told TIME magazine and CNN on Tuesday that he will campaign in the Nov. 28 election. The Associated Press verified the announcement with Haitian political heavyweight Pierre Eric Jean-Jacques.

 Mr. Jean-Jacques, as the former leader of the country’s Chamber of Deputies (the lower house of Haiti’s parliament), is something akin to former House majority leader Newt Gingrich, though not ideologically. He now heads the one-year-old coalition party Ensemble Nous Faut (We Must Do It Together) that is putting forward Wyclef as its presidential candidate. The election law requires every candidate to register with a political party.
Alexandre Meneghini/AP

Thursday, August 5, 2010

SUN RA - Come With Us to a New Existence – Space is the Place

Come With Us to a New Existence – Space is the Place

Late in my undergrad college experience, I became interested in media production and cinematography. a wonderful opportunity to video tape Sun RA and the Arkestra presented itself; and I was magically transported into a world where music was a road map to reality. much the same as my reality now, at BadGalsRadio.

“Shadow World” – Sun RA Arkestra Live in West Berlin 

Seeing Sun RA on stage and the Arkestra fully engaged was one of the most enlightening musical experiences of my life. his spiritual rhythms seem to re program each of us, in attendance that night. Later in life I was again privileged to see Sun RA and the Arkestra perform – and again I was blown away to a far away reality, filled with Jazz, Philosophy and Reality. You see, once you’ve experienced Sun RA you have touched another world, literally.

Enjoy our short interplanetary journey today, with the High Priest of Jazz Dr. Sun RA and His Spiritual Arkestra.

This is a small bit of background on Sun Ra from Wikipedia
Sun Ra (born Herman Poole Blount, legal name Le Sony’r Ra[1]; May 22, 1914 – May 30, 1993) was born in Birmingham, Alabama. He was a prolific jazz composer, bandleader, piano and synthesizer player, poet and philosopher known for his “cosmic philosophy,” musical compositions and performances.
“Of all the jazz musicians, Sun Ra was probably the most controversial,” critic Scott Yanow said,[2] because of Sun Ra’s eclectic music and unorthodox lifestyle. Claiming that he was of the “Angel Race” and not from Earth, but from Saturn, Sun Ra developed a complex persona of “cosmic” philosophies and lyrical poetry that made him a pioneer of afrofuturism as he preached awareness and peace above all. He abandoned his birth name and took on the name and persona of Sun Ra (Ra being the ancient Egyptian god of the sun), and used several other names throughout his career, including Le Sonra and Sonny Lee.[3] Sun Ra denied any connection with his birth name, saying “That’s an imaginary person, never existed … Any name that I use other than Ra is a pseudonym.”[4]

From the mid-1950s to his death, Sun Ra led “The Arkestra” (a deliberate re-spelling of “orchestra“), an ensemble with an ever-changing lineup and name (it was also called “The Solar Myth Arkestra”, “His Cosmo Discipline Arkestra”, the “Blue Universe Arkestra”, “The Jet Set Omniverse Arkestra”, and many other permutations; Sun Ra asserted that the ever-changing name of his ensemble reflected the ever-changing nature of his music.) His mainstream success was limited, but Sun Ra was a prolific recording artist and frequent live performer, Sun Ra’s music ranged from keyboard solos to big bands of over 30 musicians; his music touched on virtually the entire history of jazz, from ragtime to swing music, from bebop to free jazz; he was also a pioneer of electronic music, space music,[5] and free improvisation, and was one of the first musicians, regardless of genre, to make extensive use of electronic keyboards.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jazz Unlike Any Other - Rashaan Roland Kirk

Today we remember Rashaan Roland Kirk - a Jazz and Horn Virtuoso.  Kirk is remembered for his amazing ability to play multiple parts on multiple horns in his mouth simultaneously. Yes Simultaneously.  don't believe us, take a look at the pic above which was taken during one of his performances.

Today join us and take a moment to listen to his soothing sounds. Then remember when you last heard music this smooth. This is for the True Music Lover.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Rahsaan Roland Kirk (August 7, 1936 - December 5, 1977):  Rahsaan was an American jazz multi-instrumentalist, playing tenor saxophone, flute and other reed instruments.  He was perhaps best known for his vitality on stage, where virtuoso improvisation was accompanied by comic banter, political ranting and his famous ability to play a number of instruments simultaneously.  Kirk was also very political, using the stage to talk on black history, civil rights and other issues, which he was always capable of tipping over into high comedy.  He went blind at an early age due to poor medical treatment.

If you love Jazz, support live music where you find it; and remember to buy a cd to support the artists efforts to bring you this wonderful gift of spirit in sound.

Monday, August 2, 2010

CONGRATS to TI and Tiny – It’s Official She’s MRS Harris

My Girl Tiny is BOSSIN – Tip Did the Thang on Friday and They’re Official.

Our Biggest Congrats and Love to the Happy Couple on their union.
May NO Man Put Asunder What GOD Kept Together