Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Reality Wednesday: TI - I did the crime, so I'm doin the time

When I watched this video, I was suprised at how candid TI was about his actions and the repercussions. he admits to his wrongs and says it's time to pay. Big Man Talk, and apparently Big Man Walk from this series.

I know what he's talking about when he says he was driven to the desperation of fear that put him in that parking lot where his odyssey began. this is one of the best tools I've seen any rapper create to pay for his crimes to society.

TI is a stand up guy, and he stands up and gets his house in order episode by episode. he spends each episode resolving one of his own issues, in action in another youths life. he meets them on their turf and talks about their beefs; because he knows them.

The fatherhood aspect of the show is what interested me, because he is after all - a father. his kids know exactly what he did and why. they also know that he is in jail because he decided to play outside the lines. apparently he wants them to be clear on how the mess hits the fan, and we admit that he's taking the hard approach to showing them, but no doubt it will work.

His childrens mom Tiny, has a show as well. shes' been very candid on why she thinks he did it, and why she thinks he won't do it again. it's a departure from the usual bad guy baby momma drama of reality tevee. this one we like and we hope that TI continues to help to mentor youth when he returns from prison.

TI, Keep Your Head Up - You Are A Star,


THE GUYS said...

I saw an interview with TI and I have to say I was very impressed with him. Refreshing indeed!!!

Ironically he seemed like a good role model even though he was headed to jail.

Big Props to him!

RE Ausetkmt said...

Sai, he is a father, and his mistakes seem to have forced him into a reality state. I wanted to share this for just that reason.

he is so so ready to share his story and we should make sure that if our kids are confused, that we take time and help them get it straight. That's TI's Message, and I Got It.

Thanks Guys, we always love your comments.

askcherlock said...

It takes a man of honor to own up to mistakes and that's what he did. Going beyond that in mentoring takes a man who is building character in himself, as well as others. That takes courage as well as one who is striving fir character. What a good lesson for all.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Cher - yeah he is a real father, and I think that scene with his Grandfather and He made me tear up bad. he is becoming the family man who raised him. Thank GOD.

it truly takes a man who can put himself in the kids shoes, to tell them not to make his mistakes.

You Hit It Cher. Thanks for your comment sweets

Dorothy L said...

I hear everything that you all are saying and I agree.
Although I am always amazed and puzzled at to the degree so many people have to go before they realize that wrong is wrong.

Ones upbringing so determines their challenges to stay the course and be right and be good and be what they are suppose to be.

In his life a gun is nothing more than a means to an end. To others it means a serious result and a huge price to pay.

Thanks RE for sharing this video. It is a true awareness outreach!