Sunday, January 31, 2010

Americans Arrested; caught with Haitian Kids at border of the DR

Special Envoy for Haiti Gives Interview Outsid...

Last Week when we blogged about the Children of Haiti and their Dangerous circumstances; little did we know that we were uncovering the tip of the iceberg.  the 33 children were recovered and the americans now have to answer for their actions; in a haitian jail.

We hope that Everyone realizes that this is not a time to ignore the plight of children who are always societies most vunerable victims.  we need to keep asking questions and watching what is happening to these children. if we don't watch today, tomorrow we won't know.

Friday, January 29, 2010

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From Collages
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this is from my new years eve in studio party in 2007;
hours before the clock rang in 2008.  as you can tell things were quite lively.

just thought you'd enjoy a backside look at wha really agwan,

This is the Update on the Bob Marley Birthday Fest for Miami, FL

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Smile Jamaica - We're Emancipating Ourselves from Rita Marley

Sadly we report that the Annual Smile Jamaica Concert will not be held this year. Jamaican' reported today (01/26/2010)  that apparently there are some issues preventing the promoters, from making the 2010 Bob Marley Smile Jamaica Birthday Show from happening. they say that 2011 will be bigger and better. We will be waiting to see.

Remember The Smile Jamaica Concert ?

and Now for Part Two - take dat Rita !

Monday, January 25, 2010

Negrodamus Has a Brand New Book - Black Is The New White

Do You Remember Negrodamus ?

Chappelle's Show
Negrodamus - Wayne Brady
Buy Chappelle's Show DVDsBlack ComedyTrue Hollywood Story

We're Talking about Paul Mooney. Paul was most recently a writer and character on the Dave Chappell Show - Paul Mooney is brilliant and his comedy legacy is just as rich. he was the writing partner to Richard Pryor, Yes I said Richard Pryor. he was also in the Blazing Saddles Crew.  wayyyyyyyy back then.

Friday, January 22, 2010

NSFW: Peta is a buncha womanhating liars - see the blackstripper video here

Peta needs to take a loooooooooooooooooooong time out

PETA's 2010 State of the Union Undress

first off, didn't you see Michelle Obama sitting in the front row ? the unauthorized use of that image was totally outted recently, when the Whitehouse asked Peta to stop using the image of the First Lady in any of their advertising.

A parody logo created during PETA's 2001 campa...Image via Wikipedia
Peta makes my hair stand up with their sideline stupidity, claiming to have respect for animals. Aren't women supposed to get respect too ? this time I think they have totally lost me as a supporter.

first off, if this is a vegan, why does she have Fake Huge Boobs ?
be honest Peta, you are a buncha womanhating liars.

no poorwoman would pay you any attention, if you didn't engage in this ridiculous shock therapy. rightly speaking, I wonder if there is an attorney who would be willing to slap a cease and decist order up your alley; in the name of Women Of Good Sense Everywhere. this type of emotionally vaped drama does nothing for your cause and as quiet as it's kept, no one watches all the way through other than horny teens and men who only want to test their cialis - like bob dole, and john mccain.

Women shouldn't be exploited in this way. as well the image is offensive to me as a Blackwoman who's constantly stereotyped as being of lower moral standard. this is lower than any of that Peta, and maybe you should switch back to Animals to Help Animals; because this is not working with People, especially Women.

Peta Get a New Message, this one isn't working for anybody

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Remember Mr. Presidents, This is NOT a War Zone, it's an Earthquake - get it ?

Robert Gates - us sec of defense

How Much More Dirt will you allow Gates to throw on the American People Mr. President ?

Enough is Enough Damn It Barack, either get it together or step back and admit that America is only good for one thing - WAR MONGERING.

I think I have had enough of Bush era dinosaurs like Robert Gates. Why would President Obama not have his finger on the pulse of this dilemma enough to realize that they sent guns instead of water to Haiti ?
first responders to Haiti came from Iceland and China - two countries half a world away from Haiti.

for the record America is 700 nautical miles away from Haiti - yes just 700 Miles - 1.5 hours by air.

Uhhh-ruhhh, so how is it that CNN and other news services were able to get into Haiti and begin reporting before the mighty USA could get it's boots on the ground, so to say.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground!"

We Love This Man - General Larry Platt

"Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground!" 

some of our visitors may remember that we are not for the Saggin Game.  in fact we don't support any public displays of undergarments male or female. this is a major issue in social circles today; and this freedom fighter General Larry Pratt joined our ranks and wrote a rather catchy rap about it.
 our hope is that since this is a catchy tune gone video viral; that the message will get through to those who seem to not understand that this is just an expression of exported prison mentality; and a sexual identifier.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Say What, Ms Cleo has a helper now ? it's Preacher Pat Lets Call HIM NOOOWWW

It's January Fifteenth Two Thousand Ten and we're still talking about turning to the other cheek; but Dr. King has been gone almost fifty years, and we still don't know why.. Does This Guy Know ?

seeing the remarks made by a certain tevee preacher today, we were reminded that the message of Dr. King is still not being heard. Mr Robertson, why try to twist history that is already known FACT ? everyone knows that Haiti is a first in many ways - but since when did the devil show up in Haiti and start making deals for the soul of Haiti enmasse ? NEVER Preacher.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Join Me and Be a Hero for Haiti - TEXT 501501 PLEASE

This afternoon I received a personal note from President Obama asking for my Help on Haiti - please, won't you join me in texting 501501 - Be a Hero for Haiti, Now.

thirsty thursday - Joe and Henny, we put a camera on him and let him do his thing

Okay wait, just hold the damn phone..

what you mean you just put a camera on him and let him do his thang ? this ain't yo boy ye we chattin bout here; this is the VP Oooo kayyy.. ookay , aww hell no.we confused as hell  bout now.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why Wed: Why's there so much Crack at Walmart tonite ?

I did not look for this video, as it found me

Now don't get it twisted, YES I Have Shopped At Walmart; but helltothenaw these folks were not there. the only other blogging people I know; who check out the walmart action regularly, are Angelika and Staci.
oohhhh I forgot about Don - yeah he's had a few bigboxmart posts.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RIP Mrs. Eunice Johnson; Our Style and Culture Icon

Today We Pay Homage to One Of Our Fallen Cultural Icons Publisher, Fashionista and Socialite - Mrs. Eunice Johnson

Wayyyyyyyyyyy back when we were little fashionistas, we attended the Ebony Fashion Fair as a ritual. it was a beautiful worldclass runway show; focusing on Style. it was clear from the beautiful models to the most beautiful clothes, that Mrs. Johnson had a Haute Couture gene. Black Faces with only the finest fashions and trends - that is the legendary Ebony Fashion Fair. Mrs. Johnson started the event as a charity; and it's grown it to be the largest traveling fashion event in the world. once you go, you always return. the always wonderful fashion show includes a tax deductable ticket, and a year-long subscription to your choice of the fine Johnson Publishing co. magazines. that's what made it an easy sell in the early days.

Mrs. Johnson traveled the globe seasonally. Hand selecting only the finest clothes, designers and models. todays' black catwalkers come from the precious pedigree established by Mrs. Johnson. she was a constant at all the top fashion events globally. the designers who she selected to splash her catwalk were most lucky; because they'd be showcased to venues around the world - and finally given a full spread on the pages of Ebony and Jet Magazines - the top black magazines worldwide.

Many of those Mrs. Johnson selected to be clothes-horses went on to top posts in fashion and acting. the beautiful brown frames of  some of the worlds first super models - Pat Cleveland, Beverly Johnson, Judy Pace, Kimora Lee and Rashumba, all made it to the catwalk, on Mrs. Johnsons' watch. Richard Roundtree was selected to play the part of John Shaft, after being spotted in the Ebony Fashion Fair. recently when inteviewed, he says that if Mrs. Johnson had never seen him - he may never have gotten his chance to act.

That famous raincoat that stopped the show at the NY Hilton in 1974 was designed by my good friend and classmate Tracey Reese; who has gone on to become one of the hottest names in fashion globally. I had one of those raincoats, because we supported Tracey from the very beginning, as she was a homegirl sewing for her homegirls. Thanks to Mrs. Johnson my homegirl Tracey Reese is now a household name. talk about a small world.

Thank You Mrs. Johnson for giving Black People Style, during a troubled time in america.

Rest Peacefully Our Beautiful Black Swan

Eunice Johnson Dies at 93; Gave Ebony Its Name

New York Times 01/10/10  by - Dennis Helve

Eunice W. Johnson, the creator of the Ebony Fashion Fair, a celebrated annual tour of nearly 200 cities that has showcased haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion for a mostly African-American audience for more than 50 years, died on Jan. 3 at her home in Chicago. Mrs. Johnson, who was also one of the first entrepreneurs to market cosmetics made particularly for black women, was 93.

The cause was renal failure, said Wendy Parks, a spokeswoman for the Johnson Publishing Company, which publishes Ebony and Jet magazines and sponsors the Fashion Fair. Mrs. Johnson and her husband, John H. Johnson, who died in 2005, founded Ebony in 1945. It was Mrs. Johnson who suggested that the magazine, geared to black readers, be named for the fine-grain dark wood.

What started as a favor to a friend — production of a fashion show to raise money for a hospital in New Orleans in 1958 — evolved into a grand traveling tour that has brought the latest creations from designers like Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Oscar de la Renta and Valentino to runways throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Notable African-American models like Pat Cleveland, Judy Pace and Terri Springer have graced those runways. And the careers of black designers, including Lenora Levon, Quinton de’ Alexander and L’Amour, have been nurtured by the Ebony Fashion Fair.

One of the tour’s aims has been to bring attention to aspiring black designers. At the New York Hilton in 1974, for example, one showstopper was a white raincoat with loops dangling from the shoulders to hold an umbrella. The design, by a 17-year-old from Detroit, drew a standing ovation.

Over the years the fair has raised more than $55 million for civil rights groups, hospitals, community centers and scholarships.

It was not always easy. In the early years, when the chartered bus bearing the dozen or so models and the fashions selected by Mrs. Johnson stopped at gas stations in the segregated South, signs said, “No Blacks in the Ladies Room.”

Resistance also surfaced on renowned runways. “We were the ones who convinced Valentino to use black models in his shows back in the ’60s,” Mrs. Johnson told The New York Times in 2001. “I was in Paris, and I told him: ‘If you can’t find any black models, we’ll get some for you. And if you can’t use them, we’re not going to buy from you anymore.’ That was before he was famous.”

Something else perturbed Mrs. Johnson back then: the chore of mixing makeup colors to enhance the varied skin tones of her models. It gave her the idea of starting, in 1973, Fashion Fair Cosmetics, a prestige line that African-American women could buy, for the first time, in top department stores. Stars like Leontyne Price, Diahann Carroll and Aretha Franklin appeared in the company’s ads.

Within three years, the growing popularity of Fashion Fair Cosmetics prompted Revlon to introduce the Polished Ambers line for black skins, Avon to start Shades of Beauty and Max Factor to produce Beautiful Bronzes.

Eunice Walker was born in Selma, Ala., on April 4, 1916, one of four children of Nathaniel and Ethel McAlpine Walker. Her father was a physician, her mother a high school principal.
She graduated from Talladega College in Alabama in 1938 with a degree in sociology, and earned a master’s degree in social work from Loyola University in Chicago in 1941. She met Mr. Johnson at a dance in Chicago in 1940, and they married after she graduated from Loyola.

Mrs. Johnson is survived by her daughter, Linda Johnson Rice, who is chairwoman and chief executive of Johnson Publishing, and a granddaughter.

In 1942, with a $500 loan secured by furniture owned by Mr. Johnson’s mother, the Johnsons began publishing Negro Digest, a magazine modeled on Reader’s Digest. Within a year it had a circulation of 50,000. That inspired the couple to start Ebony, a monthly with flashy covers like those of Life magazine. Ebony now has a circulation of 1.25 million. Jet magazine, a weekly, was started in 1951 to highlight news of famous African-Americans; it now has a circulation of 900,000.

Mrs. Johnson, who was secretary-treasurer of the publishing company, continued to produce and direct the Ebony Fashion Fair through last year.

Over the years, hundreds of the shows have been held on Sunday afternoons, with women of all generations — many turned out in flowery hats, fine jewelry and proper dresses — leaving morning church services to get to the fair.

At the 1974 show in Manhattan, Mrs. Johnson drew a roar from the crowd when she stepped onstage during intermission and said that she could “run a fashion show from the audience.”

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

MM: What time is-it 4:20 ? ooooooo, SNOOP Daddy !

oooooooooo Big Snoop,, Have Mercy !

Today we're once again reminding all our friends that there is a solution to america's mounting debt and depresion - FEDERALLY LEGALIZED MEDICAL MARIJUANA.

We know that lots of states have legalized Medical Marijuana; but the federal laws still make it illegal.  isn't it about time we axed the Harrison Act; and beefed up our civil rights ?  

Snoop Dogg talks about his role in "Weeds"

If Medical Marijuana was legalized, many sufferers of longterm depression; and chronic pain wouldn't have to worry about getting their medicine. the fact remains that roughly 70% of the US population does or has used marijuana at one time or another one.

Hello America, isn't it time we stopped smoking in the closet? 

Snoop Dogg's Medical Marijuana Card: Don't Leave Home Without It

According to TMZ, Long Beach rapper Snoop Dogg chivalrously stepped into a potentially awkward situation at a Norfolk, Virginia hotel, when he claimed that a package of pot mailed from Canada to one of the Doggfather's crew -- was actually intended for him. Snoop then flashed his California medical marijuana card, but the entourage addressee was hauled off anyway. No word on who retained custody of the package.

I found this video answers alot of the basic questions most people have on the medical marijuana card. the guys talk frankly because they see the need to let you know what the real deal is on the card, and how it effects your personal security. most peoples biggest worries are about their personal security and who will know you have the card. watch ths short piece to put your mind a litle more at ease.

This is our Music Monday submission -Eek A Mouse "I Love Weed"

we love Eek a Mouse and these girls are so cute; just chillin and getting their prescriptions filled - at a legal co-op in california. this is how it should be, for those who need it. lets take weed out of the alley and put it into the hands of those who really need it.

"Legalize It and I Will Advertise It" - Peter Tosh

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

420 TV - Hey Look who's cookin with Martha - it's Snoop and Sluts On a Roll

Who Couldn't Love This ?

Saturday funnies with Snoop Doggy Dogg and his gal pal Martha.

they're baking Green Brownies yes green brownies. and no they don't let you see them add that "special spice", but they sure seem to have it in there since Ms. Martha Is Rappin. she tells him they won't be baking the brownies at 420.Yeah Riiiiiittte Martha; we ain't forgot you stuffin them special spices in yo bra up in the Big House Ms Lady,,


and just for those of you who need something with a tad bit more spice,

VH1 Reality Show Bus Crashes In California Causing Major Slut Spill

we were assured by the makers of this video that no sluts were left to pollute the pristine california countryside. yeah right, as though we can't see that these are locally grown strawberries.
to quote the california highway patrol - "Stay Safe Out There and don't f--k any of those sluts".

Yeah Right,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Try Calling Me a NEGRO - I promise to show you my Black Ass

Just What Am I Seeing Here ?

Hold On, Wait A Minute; that says NEGRO ?

I need a few minutes to catch my breath after that one folks. y'all know I started this year out on a NO BS Platform; and this is jumping up and down on that platform. when I saw this tonite on the Current TeeVee Site I was flumoxed. wtf ? this had to be a photoshop game ? oh noooo this is the actual copy of the form that the US Census will be asking it's citizens to complete. complete with the derogatory term clearly included.

well, lets just think about this Black People - this is not to cut out my Non Black readers; just specifically targeted to those who I believe are most impacted by it:

When in Your Lifetime Have YOU Been a NEGRO ? for me, Negro was on my original birth certificate from the 1950's. it was also on my moms birth certificate. that means at least from the 1950's it was seen. my son was born in 1973 and it isn't on his birth certificate at all. it says Black. my present birth certificate says African American. it was issued in the 1990's.  My Passport has NO Race in it. only nationality of US.

now just for the sake of argument, Black Peoples how do you like regressing thanks to the US Congress approval of this derogatory piece of us population documentation material ? I doubt anyone will say yes so I won't waste space putting up a poll.

just so you know i'm not trippin off my own supply - here's the real deal from Current's Site.

(Jan. 6) -- As the government prepares to roll out the 2010 Census on March 15, one of the 10 questions on the form already has people cringing. Question 9 asks respondents to designate their race and gives them the option of choosing "Negro," a term many have considered derogatory and antiquated for years.

The question asks "What is person 1's race?" Of the 15 possible options, one is "Black, African Am., or Negro."

The Office of Management and Budget sets racial definitions for the Census Bureau and all federal statistical reporting. In its standards, it says a "Black or African American" person is "A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa. Terms such as 'Haitian' or 'Negro' can be used in addition to 'Black or African American.'"

The agency last revised its standards in 1997, and the new definitions first appeared on the 2000 Census, which was also the first time people could identify as more than one race.

A U.S. Census Bureau spokesperson told the Web site The Grio that while the word "Negro" may be old-fashioned, there are still people who prefer to use it to identify themselves. She said the census questions were well-tested and that it was determined that using the word "outweighed the potential negatives."

Still, to many the word "Negro" is a throwback to Lester Walton's days, to slavery, Jim Crow laws and segregation.

The term may have been a preferable delineation of black heritage in 1913 when Lester A. Walton, managing editor of the New York Age, the country's first African-American newspaper, wrote a letter to The Associated Press imploring the group to use the term to refer to a race of people, not a skin color.

"The Census Bureau, in taking the last census, defined as Negroes those who were black. As the majority of my people are not black, in making out the census papers submitted by the enumerators, thousands classed themselves as either mulattoes or of mixed parentage. Others who were not black classed themselves as Negroes," he wrote.

But a century later, the distinction is antiquated and reprehensible to many.

"I don't think my ancestors would appreciate it in 2010," Pamela Reese Smith, a 56-year-old Rochester, N.Y., native, told the New York Daily News. "I don't want my grandchildren being called Negroes."

Look since this is Tricky Thursday - Everybody Please, for the safety of everybody's safety; lets not get into the habit of calling each other Negroes. Because trust me - it could get physical, esepcially if it's me you try to refer to as a negro in 2010. I promise you it will get physical, with the quickness babies.


this is clipped from the original post on BlackVoices

Chicken conglomerate KFC is claiming that a controversial ad playing in Australia wasn't racist, even though it shows a white man passing out a bucket of chicken to raucous black sports fans sitting near him.
The ad, which has been pulled by KFC, was never intended for U.S. broadcast, but when it was posted on YouTube, the ad caused a stir worldwide.

The commercial features a white Australian cricket fan looking exasperated as black supporters of a rival team are loudly cheering. The white fan asks aloud how to get out of an "awkward situation." He then whips out a bucket of KFC chicken, and the black fans greedily start munching.
 A racial conflagration is averted, and the white man says aloud, "Too easy."
There is no doubt that if you are looking to be offended, the commercial supplies plenty of ammo. Here in the United States, the stereotype of black people loving fried chicken has been a staple of racist jokes for generations.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

SBF's Ignore Beyaki, Watch This Quick

It's the First Sunday and today we're talking about what's goin on around us. When Black Women Talk - Black Men Should Listen more sincerely if they want a Mate; instead of a date. Black Women in their 20's, 30's and some even older are experiencing the worst side of being professional, and having standards - Being ALONE.

Recently Comic and Commentator Steve Harvey wrote a book on relationships. According to those in the know, like our friend Bria, much of what he says is true. Steve has a point about Beautiful Blackwomen. SBL's need to look UP instead of Across. too often we look at the pool we swim in; instead of the whole beach. Black Ladies take it from me, there are men out there who will treat you right, and Marry You. you just need to stop looking in the wrong places. Open Up Your Options and Toss That list. it's not going to help you. Open Yourself Up for More Possiblities. set some guidelines and get in the game.

Steve says that men want to know what you WILL Accept; and expect - rather than what you want. that really cuts through the butter. imagine if everywoman knew this at 13 years old. talk about a drastically different world.

Steve Harvey's Relationship Rules

How can it even be realistic that White Women get married at Twice the Rate of Black Women; especially Professional Black Women ?

Trust Me Sista Becky (apologies to My White Ladies, but Becky is the name most folks use commonly to associate with you all - no offense intended), that's why you get the shifty eye in the checkout line when you step up there with your  frozen pizza and rollers in your hair; and your muffintop rollin out; next to the Sister who has taken all she has to try to make herself look like a million dollar designer doll; just to pick up some Skim Milk.

Sisters, it's a very ugly feeling knowing you are beautiful and smart, yet a man will choose Becky instead of you; because he thinks you are another Beyaki.  Men You Need To Think A Little More before you Dismiss a Beautiful Black Woman; or to think that you can corral us in a herd, like horses waiting for a ride. too many of us are bound to the past pain from parental mistakes, early relationship crisis and the drag of day to day stress. time can heal if you allow it to act as a lesson, instead of embittering your heart. Open up your doors to new and fresh possibilities. accept that change and variety, are the spices of life.

Believe me, after two marriages; I ought to know. this marriage is built on more years of dating then slowly deciding. when he felt it was time to get married, He Popped the question. I had to decide if I was ready to make that commitment. he knew that he wanted a good women. I had doubts that he could and would make that same commitment towards me. I turned him down the first few times he asked. sure I had options, and I made sure he recognized it, Everyday.

my options were not only my career and school but my  large international social structure and the folks who were a part of it; not including HIM. FYI - My Well Traveled Passport Was and and Still Is in my purse, Always. Options are a very important point in any mans mind, so make sure your man knows You Have SOME, Always.

men seem to have a greater respect for a fair exchange. I was told as a young woman that "Fair Exchange is No Robbery". what exactly does that mean ? to me it means being able to receive exactly what I give; without a second consideration. that's what a firm and transparent relationship feels like - Fair Exchange. it's not always fair in each persons eyes, but by the time karma sorts it out, it's fair.

For Us, Finally, after we had a major break up after He Cheated. I said  Fuck Off. Then He saw the error in his ways and decided to play the game fairly. No Ladies Don't put yourself out there for a ZERO. You Can All Find Your Hero, just listen to what Steve is saying and Ignore Beyaki and her fake asspads and yakibrain.

Steve says Ladies Start Thinking Like a Man; Don't give away your benefits before 90 days. not even ford motor company does that. Sweet Minty Jesus, Have Mercy Steve. those are some great words there brother.
Believe Me if you are Real and Stick to Your principals; Someone Wonderful Will Put a Ring On It,

Friday, January 1, 2010

FAF: Reciprocity - that's the tone for the 2010

My Prayer This Year is for Reciprocity Across the Board - NO MORE FRIENEMIES

we want to start the year out right; so were starting it on Fake Ass Friday.

We've spent so much time doing for others; that  there are times when we wonder when someone will do something for us. that is why this year we will have Reciprocity Across The Board. some of our visitors may wonder what this means, and quite frankly if you don't understand; honestly we're not suprised. so much has happened and so many stood back and looked as though there was nothing they could DO or SAY.
If we gave you love and you didn't return it -  That Ended 12/31/2009 - Starting Today, Reciprocity Across the Board is how it's working here. sadly  too many adults don't seem to understand common respect. if that's the issue, expect we won't be far from your lead. people need to understand that WORDS ARE THINGS AND THEY MATTER.

We've endured enough FAKE ASS Frienemies; Little Minded Gamers; Generalized Manipulators; Cheap Ass F/Tools; Broke Ass Users and LIARS; so many that infact We've decided it's ENOUGH.  No we're not gonna call names because YOU ALL Know Who You Are. Speaking plainly, Everyone Else Does Too - so this year I'm Setting an early Tone for ALL Of YOU,