Friday, September 11, 2009

Aww do it baby, do the humpty hump, do the humpty hump

We're starting a new Friday Tradition on BadGalSays - Fitness Friday.

We Believe that Friday calls for a Lil Booty Shakin - so lets do the Humpty Hump.
Most of the week we sit behind our desks and work, with little time to shake that body. that's just not right. so why not spend a few minutes with us Every Friday - and Shake That Funky Body. did you realize that if you danced for just one four minute video you could burn approximately 300 calories, and have a bunch of fun doing it.

I hope that by starting this tradition we'll encourage more of us to get up and Move Around. it's important to keep that body moving and to do it in ways that are fun, not like work. Your Heart, Your Back and Your Booty will Thank You - Trust Us.the endorphins released from dancing with Humpty are Healthy Benefits.

For Our Kickoff Today, we picked one of our most favorite Old Dance Videos from - Humpty Hump From Digital Underground.

The Band was from Oakland Ca. They worked really hard for a few years but this was their biggest hit in the early 90's.

Okay Lets Do The Humpty Hump.

Just a lil HipHop Fyi * Tupac Shakur was one of the back up dancers in Digital Underground - 

Yes I said Dancers. he got his start in Digital Underground as a dancer; before anybody would give him a break as an aspiring rapper. see if you can spot him in the Humpty Hump Video, it's not easy but he's there. (click the picture to open it in it's own screen to see the pictures more clearly. it's well worth it)

now for those of you who are unfamiliar with the dance, we've included the original Digital Underground video of Shock G and the Humpty Hump in action. this should help you to get your booty in gear and your attitude funky.

Turn Your Speakers UP LOUD And PUSH THAT CHAIR BACK, Lets Get It In Gear MY Fellow Funky Bloggers

Awww Do It Baby, Do The Humpty Hump, Do the Humpty Hump
(words from the first verse, so you can sing along confidently; and impress your officemates and friends who are close by. yes you too can look like a dancing fool who KNOWS The Words)

Now stop what ya doin, cause I'm about to ruin the image and the style that you're used to. I look funny but Yo I'm Makin Money See so Yo World I hope ya ready for me. Gather Round, I'm the new fool in town and my sounds laid down by the underground. I'll drink up all the hennesy you got on your shelf. so let me introduce myself. my name is Humpty - prounounced with a umpty. yo ladies oh how I like to funk thee. and all the rappers in the top ten, please allow me to bump thee. I'm steppin tall yal and just like humpty dumpty, you're gonna fall when the stereos pump me. I like to rhyme I like my beat funky; I'm spunky, I like my oatmeal lumpy; I'm sick with this, straight gangsta mack. sometimes I get ridiculous.. Oh Do It Baby Do The Humpty Hump, Do The Humpty Hump.

yes we know it's 911 but we think the whole scenario was a fraud; so we don't play the game.


THE GUYS said...

Great advice and encouragement!!

We are very familiar with Digital Underground. "The Humpty Dance" was one of our favorite songs when it came out. But it's not Digital's best song. That would be:


RE Ausetkmt said...

well what about Sex Packets ?
that started the whole crump dancing thing I think. wayyyyyyyyyy back before E40 was a lil drizzle in the bizzle.

so are ya getting the kiddies to do the Humpty Dance with you ? that would have to be fun.

Patrick said...

Haha! The Humpty Dance was on regular rotation on my Walkman during high school. Thanks for taking us back ... old school!

askcherlock said...

I'm dancin' all right. I need to burn off those calories because my mind is too fat today with all that's going down. Good break, RE. I needed that!