Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let a Real BadGal Tell Yuh bout it Baby,

Let a Real BadGal Tell Yuh bout it baby,

Some of you who listen to BadGalsRadio may have heard our Remixed version of this tune. since we're feeling extra generous today, We're Giving You a Free Remix Wednesday -
Enjoy Our Version of Kingston State of Mind, mixed in the Sunshineshop during the spring of 2009.

This is of course our clever way of alerting you to the impending release of Tivoli Stories Pt.4. expect to see it hit the airwaves within the next two weeks.  we are awaiting some court actions to take place before we drop this episode, to be more timely. We Promise much more hot news this episode.

Enjoy Babies, cause this is the reality of Kingston Today

Some men reconsider fighting for Dudus

file - Christopher 'Dudus' Coke
is wanted in the United States on drug-related charges.

As the extradition issue concerning Tivoli Gardens strongman Christopher 'Dudus' Coke gets more intense, thugs who earlier vowed that they would fight for him are now having second thoughts.

Investigations by THE WEEKEND STAR have revealed that persons who had once claimed they would have even sacrificed their own lives to defend Dudus are now wishing they could fly away, literally.

"Jah know if mi did have a visa
mi gone wid di wind ... It might sound a way my yute but dis look like is a war weh wi cyaa win," one thug, Dawg is from Tivoli Gardens said. 

Like other persons with whom THE WEEKEND STAR spoke, Dawgis was one of those thugs who earlier vowed to defend Dudus.

"Memba seh man come in and get gun and agree seh dem wouldn't run from di war ... A fret dem a fret now, some a dem all waa run weh cause dem realise seh dis ting bigga dan we," another known thug, Dawdie explained. 

extradition process 
According to the thugs, they believe the extradition process will include the works of the United States military along with local security
forces and say they simply wont be able to take on such a team.

"Yu see if a did jus regular police wi woulda good trust mi ... But fi go tek on dem plus man from foreign a go too wicked ... A too much dat fi wi tek on," Dawdie added. 

Other persons have also began to distance themselves from west Kingston, as they are said to be fearing the possibility of losing their United States visas, THE WEEKEND STAR also heard.
Recently, Prime Minister Bruce Golding instructed Attorney General Dorothy Lightbourne to seek a declaration from the court as to whether she was right to deny the extradition request for Coke to answer to drug and weapons charges.

distance themselves
With everyone eagerly awaiting the court's decision, there are those who have already drawn their own conclusion as to how the saga will end and are even trying to distance themselves from Tivoli Gardens, even though that may come with serious implications.

"A nuh play ting di man dem a deal wid ... Any man weh run from di gideon a go get pree (looked at) a way ...," Dawgis claimed. 

Police sources are reluctant in speaking to any issue concerning or relating to the extradition of Dudus, however, after much deliberation, one high-ranking officer from the Kingston West Division said, "This is far greater than you and me but there are words on the street ... that there are men down in Tivoli that are now scared out of their wits ..."

He further said; "But they chose to live such a life so it's their problem and they will have an even bigger problem if they think they can fight the law." 

Coke was featured on the United States' Justice Department's list of the world's most dangerous drug kingpins. Jamaica has been asked to extradite him to face federal drug and weapons charges in New York. He is charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana and conspiracy to traffiking firearms.
The Jamaican Government is contending that the United States obtained the information illegally.
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