Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thirsty Thursday - Mr Biggs And Bosslady Kelis Do It Live

Yes that's what we said - Mr Biggs is on the streets again folks. Ronald Isley was released from prison this week after spending three years in the slam for tax evasion. Men get ready because your women will be getting those tickets, and you most likely won't be invited to the show. I also suggest you watch this video so that you can remember what it is that makes US Women So Interested in what he has to say, (to put it mildly)

Classic Mr Biggs - Busted - 2003 pre jail

Check out what Ronald Isley had to say to Steve Harvey about his Release and his time in the slammer :

I'm overjoyed to be home and to be able to do everything that I want to do.  I'm in love with this record business and I'm in love with the fans and everything and I just couldn't wait to get back to doing that. I'm working on another album and this album is gonna mean so much.  I've been thinking about it for 3 years and wondering what it was gone be like and what it was gonna be like to sing certain songs and wanting to sing certain songs and now I got that chance to do that.”
“Some of the people that I'm working with on this album  will be Lauryn Hill, T.I., Rick Ross and   Burt Bacharach.   The group is back and they  were just waiting.  I would like to also thank L.A. Reid and the staff at Def Jam and Fox Entertainment and Elise Murray. Just  all the people that were just waiting for me to come home and for putting this together and supporting everything I'm doing.  I feel like I'm 18 again and starting a new career.
His tour is expected to sweep across america, before the end of summer. Watch for the announcement for dates in your area.  one of the things that his statement affirms is that it's amazing how much Jail seems to refresh the talent of some of our stagnant masters ..Hmmmm ?  Whitney Houston,, do you have any warrants that we can help you with girlfriend ?  judging by her tour fail, she needs some; FAST.

Representing for the Women Bosses This Week -  KELIS

We have Our favorite New Mama Boss. Still shaking it like a milkshake. None other than Ms. Kelis.  Fresh off her babymaking duties, Longlegged and Freshly Mohawked; it looks like the soon to be former Mrs. Rogers is ready for prime time. This video is Kelis at a  very recent performance. Check out the cape and her wild head gear.

Yes It's Kelis - Live from Santos House in New York

As Expected, This chica is making her way back onto the charts. With her bold look and flashy new stage show, she's shooting to the top. Kelis has never been one to stick to convention; so this was kind of expected. It's amazing how much baby weight you can shake off when you stop serving those milkshakes. Oh I'm Sure Nas can attest to that because word has it that he is holding up the divorce, Not Kelis.

Big Up Rockstars. We're thirsty so splash us up large

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