Sunday, April 11, 2010

an 11 year old brings it down in Dallas and We Puttin It Back UP ! How Bout Them Cowboys

Kids Do The Darnest Things,

This implosion was the work of an eleven year old. yep an eleven year old brought down the Former Home of the Dallas Cowboys on sunday morning. it was fantastique. Here are the shots from a helicopter and a ground based camera crew.  the only thing I wonder is where are the Particulate Masks to protect everyone from that huge cloud of dust.

The 11 year old was selected from a writing contest. his essay was all about how he'd like to bring down the old Dallas Cowboys Stadium.  His entry won from out of thousands.  I wonder if it wasn't helped out by the fact that he was also eleven years old ? hmmmm you know those numbers really play a large part in your success.  we'll have to do a post on numerology real soon.  Anyway back to the story -

Actually they took it down because they want to highlight this

I however want to focus on this - How Bout Them Cowboys !!!!

So I Guess You Know Who My Team Is.

Now How Bout Them Cowboys !!!!

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fickleinpink said...

great choice!

xoxo, fickle

my Monday sound

FishHawk said...

I was absolutely shocked the first time I actually got to see Cowboys Stadium in person back in the middle 90's (I think). For it looked so run-down on the outside. Granted, it may have looked a lot better inside. For I just saw it from the road as I drove past it in a big truck, but I wonder if that was by design in order to encourage the powers that be in the Dallas area to pave the way for a new stadium? Yeah, it took a while, but oh my, what a stadium the new one is! (Umm, that wasn't any sort of an "official" theme song--was it?)

cher said...

That implosion was amazing. I always wonder about where all that dust goes too!

Good hing you like the Cowboys. Today the Steelers lost Santonio Holmes (bad boy behavior) and later today we will get an update on Big Ben and whether a case against him will go forward. Guys take these things really hard, but everyone in Pittsburgh is wondering what will happen to Big Ben.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Fickleinpink - Thanks. who can ignore a cute lil kid. even if the building didn't implode, the kid was still cute for all of 3 seconds.

RE Ausetkmt said...

FishHawk, it was truly a grey place in the old days. the inside was okay, in the sense of the older stadiums. nothing plush for the fans, just plain old stadium seating. now it appears they have the cadillac of stadiums. so that means another ring added to the box in 2010. and you know this maynnnn.

well in terms of official, yeah it is official that the dallas fans love that song. it's been hot since TO was there and people just love the beat. they played it at the games till they offed TO. now you just hear fans playing it.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Cher, You and I both knew Ben would walk. it's the nature of the game when you are HIM. (wink-wink) Ben like alot of BadBoys in sports got a pass. not all of them do, like Santonio didn't but welll,, they get paid the big bucks to do what we love. run that ball boys run that ball.

I thought about the high levels of asbestos that has to be in that dust, and wondered it there was a certification in place for the removal and air filtration in the area ? wow, that's a great follow up question Cher. now I'll have to look into it. here I come DALLAS !!!