Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Problem with these Supermodels and their Bloody Diamonds

There are Two Kinds of Super Models in the world. Those who come from Detroit, and all the rest of them. Yes Detroit has quite a crop of present and former Catwalkers. some are still working it like this chica,

We bring to you "Supermodel of the World"
- who at 15 escaped from the Brewster Projects of Detroit; to find fortune and fame on the catwalk of life.

RuPaul - Supermodel

Now that we've shown you a Detroit Super Model, you know we have to show you one from another Black Community in the world. so we pick London.

How Bout This Supermodel ?

Cheeky Isn't She ?

To say the least, cheeky is one of the words many people are calling Model number two. probably because she has no answers for her actions, on one big rock. We and the rest of the world wonder why she has such a closed mind toward answering a simple question. how hard is it to answer a question without getting all bloated ? and we all know that supermodels hate bloating. so why won't she answer ? 
Oooooooo Pretty Huh ?  pretty enough to cost thousands their lives ? pretty enough to hack up two generations for ? could it be that she's got a real secret, and she's not as green as she pretends. oooohhhh my could you imagine if this supermodel got upset ? hmmmmmmm..  this is about the size of the rock she supposedly received, late in the evening from one chuckie taylor. she revealed it to Mia Farrow - a non catwalker who is now telling everyone that shes' wondering why the catwalker won't talk about her big bloody rock ?  especially since it's been soooooooooo long ago and all.  especially since no one is sure why chuckie gave her the rock.. hmmm maybe its a payment on a private catwalk show. ohhhhh yeeesssssss. so why would she become so emotional when asked to flash up her bling ?  hey it's hers right ? why not flash it.

My My Supermodel - Calm Down no need to twirl to the left

It doesn't look like this supermodel is ready to sashay. So eventually if this keeps up, she like her pal chuckles taylor may have to sahsay away. to see the not so fashionably black attired judges in Den Hague. then they may sashay away together to a pair of very unfashionable jail cells; to hold private shows for a good while.

Hmmmm Like Supermodel of the World Number One says, "I think she betta work".. and turn to the Right

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askcherlock said...

I have little doubt that there is real blood on that diamond, as well as on the hands of Charles Taylor. How can a woman gifted with such beauty use that beauty in the most unlovely ways? Her temper is infamous and she has lost a good friend in Mia Farrow. And why is this trial taking so long?

RE Ausetkmt said...

Now Cher.. you know how these supermodels are. she's probably somewhere doing a photo shoot and getting some more bloody diamonds, before she shows up at the next united nations refugee party.

She's 100% jewel entrusted skank. and if Mia Farrow says it happened; then it happened.

jenskie said...

hi! gosh, shes really bad tempered supermodel! and now, i am so eager to know about these bloody diamonds...