Sunday, April 4, 2010

Performance Art for Politics ?

Last week we gave you JFK's Brains, and that didn't seem to get through to y'all. so this week we're going back to Dealey Plaza with our girl Erykah Badu. you see the police in Dallas have sited Badu for inappropriate conduct when filming her video monsterpiece "Window Seat".

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As You See, Badu Gets down to the real in this video. Her idea was to get people to pay attention to the gravity of the situation. I'd say it worked, since the Dallas Police have made it clear that they are paying attention.

As Badu Walks down the street stripping to get our attention, We are mesmerized as she continues to strip down from her clothes to her lingerie. Then as she continues to walk oblivious to the onlookers; she takes off her Bra first, exposing her breasts. It seems that no one is watching as she is walking and stripping. That in itself is amazing to me, since this is Erykah Badu and She's Topless.

She continues walking on down the street, finally taking a moment and dropping her bikini panties. Suddenly she collapses into a pile on the ground as she is shot in the head and words spill out of her head. very graphic and apparently done to provoke thought. Badu has more sides to her performance art than most of us perceive. this time she has crossed the line and become a part of the audience.

The Dallas Police have charged her with Indecent Exposure; which is a $500 fine. no one from the FatBellyBella Camp has come forth to offer any clues as to what she plans next.

She says the message is intended to provoke "Group Think"

We Sure Hope So,

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askcherlock said...

Her message was good but perhaps her strategy was a 'distraction.' We do need to delve into the way we think as individuals and within groups. She is great at performance art, I'm sure. I'm just not certain that this will be viewed as anything more than a publicity stunt and dismissed.

Jacqueline said...

All I can say is, "Hmmm...I wonder how it feels to be FREE enough to do something like this."

RE Ausetkmt said...

Cher she's been on talk shows all over the place talking about how before she did this, no one was talking about her politics. I think she may have gone hard core to get her attention quote filled. lets hope that there aren't too many other fines forthcoming from this videoshoot.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Jacqueline you and me both. but to be honest, I think I'd still pass.
she's a performer, I'm just a voice behind a veil of secrecy. I kinda like it that way too. ;)

I wonder when the politics behind this will finally become the topic instead of her nakedness ? I'm sure she's asking that very same question too. I also wonder how many times the dallas police have played the uncensored version to watch her strip. no doubt too many.

I, like Badu; also lived in Dallas for a lil while and I can assure you that they watched it, outside of necessity. trust me they are a bunch of skunky armadillos.