Monday, April 19, 2010

LA Opens a Huge Can of Whoop Ass

Saturday in Downtown LA; Madness broke out in the face of stupidity. yes that's what I said MADNESS. can you imagine the nutz who thought they could bus in and march all white pride and nazi'd up in the middle of Los Angeles ?

Aww co'mon, anybody knows that's a death march. This had to be planned to elicit the asswhopping of a lifetime.  Can you imagine taking a bus from as far as Kentucky, or Michigan or Indiana all the way to LA to get your Ass Whooped ?  Apparently they didn't have enough local klansmen participation so they had to put out the word to bus em in from the east coast and Middle America. Now That's Sad.. really.
Apparently the Police were the saving grace of the nazi protesters after they had their human mascot tossed and moshed by the protesters. they stone cold whooped his be-hind. there was no reason for him to be there thinking he could taunt the whole of Los Angeles with His Racism and Stupidity. so they showed him that it's not tolerated. they whooped him like a recalcitrant child, while the police watched. Eventually after the Police saw blood they wedged themselves around the now bloody nazi hype man and pulled him to safety.
The anti racism protesters were there in triplicate  because they were there for an Immigration March; and apparently because they are tired of this mess. I for one got a phone call from a friend who was witnessing the melee live  and said this seemed like the one thing Los Angeles hadn't had in a long time - a Reverse Lynching. WOW. 

This call was coming from a Little 60+ year old lady. She told me that she stopped her car, got out and stood on the side of the street to see if the anti racist protesters were going to get a beating, and apparently after the police saw the huge crowd of onlookers, they just shooed everybody to the front of the court house to keep order. She said she stood firm on the sidewalk as the police swept people toward the City Hall Plaza. none of the police saw her as a protester but as an onlooker and simply walked by her as though she wasn't there. 

She remarked that it was like being a ghost. She equated it to watching as a child in Mississippi when people got beaten by the racist cops who beat the black protesters, and let the white crowd continue to jeer, toss things and scream racist epithets. She said she kept hearing the nazi hypeman screaming about how Obama is ruining America and how Obama is a Fascist and how Obama is Destroying America and it's Way of Life. 
That's apparently what set off the bulk of the fracas - the anti-racism people were tired of hearing such blatant lies. they started literally whooping the single Nazi with their protest signs. then moshing him like he was a beach ball. tossing him back and forth until he fell. then the crowd started to get rough with him, before the BLACK Women and Men and a Black Policemen rescued him. watch the  first video it shows the whole thing from start to finish 3:25.

Yes a bunch of Black People and Black Cops Rescued The White Man from a  Mixed Minority Crowd Wow.. in 2010 it seems we have really crossed up the roles in protests even.

Can you imagine, a basic Black, White, Latino and nazi street fight at Los Angeles City Hall ? we should all get prepared, because this is the way the white supremacists get press. they come looking for a crowd to whoop them up on TV and then they get sympathy from their supporters off camera and recruitment begins.  this fellow above is from Spain, yeah.. so why does he have all that nazi ink ? Recruiting at a football game.  You see in europe the skinheads and racists recruit and disrupt football regularly. it's like a part of their agenda.  apparently their racist taunts have gotten them ejected from some stadiums, with others promising to follow suit if this unruly hooliganism continues.

Yes This is from YouTube - where they Advertise for Members.
Recruitment - that's what they do; get their asses beat for membership as a sign of why you should join them. Thats' A Real Smart way to get new members if you ask me. Getting Jumped In by a Crowd of Protesters who literally beat your head to the white meat. they got what they wanted.  apparently others like the beatings and sign on immediately.  that to me signals some strong need of social and emotional treatment, immediately by Professionals with the need for lifetime monitoring as a requirement.  Racism is a Mental Illness and needs treatment.  some don't see it this way, but if you keep reading at the end you'll see my proof.

This is what happened when the Nazi's marched in DC Recently

I was initially mildly suprised when I saw the protest;  but I was sure that this was a marketing op made in hollywood for the skinheads. This is exactly what they did in Holly Mich a few years ago. they stirred up the good old white people of holly who then called in the black folks from close surrounding communities. the community folks mixed up together and literally drove the nazi's and klansmen straight out of the county. yes I mean out of the county in trucks, Following them; and the police were again the wedge between the nazis' kkk and the community. These are folks who hated these racists using their community in their campaign of hate.  If you remember your american history, you know that the Klan and the White Racist movement has deep roots in Holly Michigan.  In fact it was once their headquarters under Robert Miles; who had a private compound and church there.  now it's just one of the places that collects the memorabilia of their hate to teach a new generation, what not to accept - EVER.

I'll say this, for any nazi's or klansmen who read this - Feel Free to Come Try that Mess IN Detroit and Plan to get lots of sympathy because I can assure you that you will get the beating of a lifetime - probably on tevee.
oh and from what I hear, Mayor Bing will be happy to give you a permit to stand right under Our Black Joe Louis FIST.  Smack dead in the middle of traffic where you'll be safe from the hoards who will crowd the sidewalks on both sides of the street waiting for you to make your move. uh huh.. co'mon boys, we're waiting.  Remember the last time ?  ahhhhhhhhhh...

Hey nazi boys, we hear that your easter egg campaign didn't go so well huh ?

Can You Imagine these racists put hateful messages into plastic easter eggs and left them on the lawns of houses for children to find ?  talk about lower than dirt. this is the type of coward that dominates their ranks. fake ass child baiters. Really it's sad that they would even stoop to this level just to get attention. People are tired of being harassed and harangued by racists and teabaggers alike. they seem to be getting as my older friend said "Thick as A Pack of Wolves".

Wow what an appropriate comparison. she also said that the LA Police were not interested in getting licks for the racists and were basically standing in a line to separate the anti racists from the nazi's. The Police clearly were just there to do their jobs; of protecting the City Hall and not those Asses who chose to bus themselves in especially to get their lumps from the citizens of Los Angeles.  the nazi's marched Inside the steel chain link fence Behind City Hall where no one could see, Hear, Film or Join them.

The LA Police made sure that they were protected like caged guinea pigs in a sub-urban kids bedroom. totally locked in. Even their pa system was drowned out as you can hear from the videos.  it's clear that this was only for one reason - recruitment.  notice their matching outfits and camera man. awwwww,,, they co-ordinated as John Witherspoon would say. 

For Once I can say that I think the Los Angelenos have stood together and it's a good thing. maybe Mayor Vilaraigosa will understand why he can't allow anymore cuts to city services.

In contrast, This is Daryl Davis,  a man who has found a way to reach the klan on their own ground. check this out and then ask yourself if this isn't the reality of 2010. Darryl's book  - Klan Destined Relationships; is a bestseller.  we hope to read it this summer, and when we do we'll post a review for your perusal.

Just Imagine that, A Black Man; who has KKKlan Robes and KKK Medallions. so it just goes to show you that even if you are stupid enough to get your head beat down to the white meat, you are still able to stop and take a deep breath and come up for reality after the fog of racism clears from your head.

This is our Music Monday Submission -
War, Why Can't We Be Friends

Live Up My Peeples, Alla Y'all,

Apr 17, 2010 1:13 pm US/Pacific


Violence has erupted after hundreds of counter-protesters carrying anti-Nazi signs have gathered in downtown Los Angeles where a white supremacist group is rallying.

Before a group of neo-Nazis arrived for their scheduled rally at City Hall, some of the counter-protesters beat up a man with Nazi skin tattoos who had antagonized the crowd.

He was moved down the street by an angry mob of protesters, who beat him with signs, causing him to bleed from the head.

Police formed a wedge and took the man away. Officers with riot helmets strapped to their belts stood between the crowd and the steps of City Hall.

The neo-Nazis waved American flags and a banner with a swastika.

Forty-year-old Michael Arnold held a sign that said "Defend Human Rights" and said he was there protest racism.

Police have cordoned off the south lawn of City Hall and blocked Spring Street at First Street.

No arrests have been made.
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askcherlock said...

RE, I am so distraught after seeing what this nation is becoming. Turn around is fair play, I guess, but really, this is heating up to something I do not even want to think about. Is THIS what Americans want? It is disgusting; it is horrifying, and it makes me ashamed, so ashamed. FOX be damned and all the rest of the hate-mongers. Whatever the consequences, these people will have a lot on their conscience. They do NOT in any way represent me, a free white person who loves her country. This is what our troops are fighting to protect? God help us all.

RE Ausetkmt said...

somehow Cher I think most people regardless of color are tired of this level of instability and incivility on a daily basis.

just watch, somebody high up is gonna get bitch slapped hard real soon. this type of stuff has to change, and change quick. that clown and drughead dog and pony show needs to meet the requirements of hate speech, and at this rate I'd say that these idiots will insure that.

no doubt they are all lined up tonite having a prayer somewhere for White America.. Hot Damn !

FishHawk said...

Wow, this is a truly amazing piece. Talk about being exhaustive--and by a BLACK WOMAN? No, I did not know such was possible. (LOL?)

Yeah, it is pretty stupid of me to try to poke you with a sarcastic stick. For that will probably result in you breaking it off in me.

In all seriousness, I am so impressed with the goodness in the hearts of those people who rescued that white power idiot from that rabid mob. Hopefully, he will get a clue that his way of thinking is not even close to being right.

We have some white supremacists (Neo-Nazi uniforms and all) living two houses down from us, and in between is one of nicest black ladies I have ever had the privilege to meet. There hasn't been any trouble so far, and I hope it stays that way.

By the way, permanent links to your sites are now up under "Places of Interest" on my sidebar.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Fishhawk you are amazing. you have me crying and cracking up at the sametime over here early in the mo'nin. remember dear, manypeople see me as Barack Obama Black.. (side-eye) and we both know that only leads to me and michelle obama putting on our keds and kickin into our supremes routine. it's gonna be a whole lotta Stop in the Name of Love if they mess with a chica like me. cause much as you suggested, I'd break that stick off in their.. well wherever it might fit that was quick and convenient. pffst.. anyway.

Thanks so very much for the linkage, it means so much to me. you are a very good friend and a funny blogger who consistently supports me and encourages me in so many ways. (hint - more whiteheart mondays !!!) most folks who visit our blogs wouldn't see the common thread unless they happen to speak COMMON SENSE.

Thanks My Friend, You are a Comfort even in Comedy. so do you think we could posse up on Glenn Becks Clown Ass ? I got some silly string if you got a lighter. you know they don't let us mental patients have fire, we get too giddy. just like nowwwww...

Where's the ICP When Ya Need Em ? they woulda been great entertainment for that nazi march. could you imagine them and weird al. man oh man.

so you got nazi neighbors, hot damn. I bet that makes for a fun fourth of july and juventeenth.
be glad I don't live near cause I decorate for Chanukah and Kwanzaa.

FishHawk said...

Speaking of the bombastic Mr. Beck, my wife's sister (which would make her my sister-in-law, I think) absolutely loves the guy. Now, I love her to death, but I really don't understand why she thinks some much of that fake. For she takes him seriously! You have heard the news that he doesn't give two true hoots about politics, and that all of his "stuff" is just meant for the entertainment of his viewers--haven't you? Yeah, I suppose it would be worse if he really did believe what he spews.

On a related note, I used to be a devoted follower of Rush Limbaugh (I had a ditto-head tattoo on my tookis and everything), but then our Heavenly Father changed my way of looking at things. Now, I can't stand to listen to him--even when it is obvious that he is kidding.