Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday's Feast is Healthy and Mucho Deliciousosooooo !

Hungry ?

Yes we're going to start making this a regular feature, so that folks know where we eat and where to go get the goodies. This particular restaurant is one that we've patronized over the years. Lots of Mexican Restaurants are competing to be the best at this and that. But this place is hands down the best in chicken. they put it on the grill outdoors - year round. even in snow storms they're out there barbequeing that chicken. And Yes they only barbeque chicken. no beef or pork. that's also why we like this place. we never have to worry about pork juice on the chicken.

It's Taqueria El Rey - Ten Years and still going strong

The rice is fluffy, and always well seasoned and the sides are just plain wonderful. The Tortillas are handmade daily. the salsa is a secret family recipe that is unbelievable. Honestly we just can't say more except that the help is friendly as all get out.  The lovely lady who makes the flans daily - well she's a sweetheart. she makes those fine sweet flans from scratch; each morning at 5am right in the kitchen of the restaurant.  and you know that everyday they sell out of flans. obtw, yes we did take two with us. 

The neighborhood in Mexican Village may not be the best economically or the most beautiful; but it's got soul and community spirit. you can go there on any day of the week and find families walking and shopping. there are always folks filling the restaurants, stores and little businesses located along vernor;  in abundance. there is just a spirit about Mexican Village that makes you enjoy just going there to do your errands. I often go there instead of to the larger supermarkets. it never bothers me to spend a few cents more to support a minority rich community, within Detroit.

Friday's Feast Today is Mexican and Healthy - No Cheese, Nothing Fried.
So Tell Us, Where do You Shop when You want to support Your Folks ?

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askcherlock said...

Oh, that all looks so yummy! I love little neighborhood restaurants, and what a good way to help boost the economy. I always find the prices to be reasonable too. Now I'm starved and will have to scour my kitchen and settle for cheese and crackers. :(

Dorothy L said...

Nice idea RE....everyone loves food not to mention those mouthwatering photo displays.
No matter where I have ever is an asset to know where all of the worthwhile smaller local diners are hidden. When I was in New York...I was more thankful that I knew someone from there so as to not waste time and money not to mention bad experience trying to find goo eateries.
Your topic will most certainly be a welcome to travelers~