Friday, April 30, 2010

Halle Berry, Halle Berry - Free At Last, again..

Well Fellas Get Ya Ducats Together cause ya favorite girl is back on the blocks - that's right Halle Berry has called it off with her boy toy Gabrielle Aubry. word is he said he found somebody more in his age range who hit it for him.  Ms. Halle Berry is nine years older than gabby - he's 34 and she's 43. He is an idiot. She is just getting to the hotness. damn men can be stupid.  anyway he pulled the wandering eye, and Ms. Berry pulled out her fileofax and hit up her family law attorney to clean up their five year history.  Their daughter Nahla is two years old, and they've agreed to share joint custody.  Halle kept her hand in her pocket tight so gabby is paying his own way from here on out.

Can you imagine she's a millionaire times over, has a baby for his ass, has been voted one of the Finest Women on the Planet several times, has songs made about how fine she is, has men stalking her for years, she even has Ellen swirlin over her and he thinks she's not hot enough for him -

Say What ?

Halle Berry is HOT and gabby is out. Work it Girl cause Hurricane Chris and the rest of the globe thinks ya fine.  You and I both know that his roving eye is because she refused to marry him to her bank account. Ms. Halle has been down that marriage aisle twice before and she clearly said - NO MAS.  so it looks like her fling with a canadian cutie booty is over.  Yes Halle Berry is doing Her Own Dance Now - with Ellen.
Go Halle, Go Ellen, Go Halle, Go Ellen, Go Halle, Go Ellen !!!

Can You Imagine Dumpin Halle Berry ? pffst, anyway the story goes that for the past couple months Halle and Gabby have been working on their own lives; seperately. now that the time has come, Halle got her custody agreement and ammicable split handled before she appeared on TMZ. that's class.

Tiger Woods Take a Note - this is how ya handle ya take out,

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msladydeborah said...


For real-Halley's baby is the best thing that he could do for her. She's looking better ever year. I have no doubt that she'll be okay without him. And we'll just have to see who is going to step up next.

askcherlock said...

Halle Berry has class, as well as amazing beauty. Why does she continue to pick losers?

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Deborah, you know she and toni braxton are at that age now. men are in trouble if they don't have gazillions trying to swoon these chicas. I can only dream.

her baby is so cute. I hope they raise the baby right. they have to give her a stable image of both parents even if they don't live together. the baby is the most important thing and it looks like Halle knows that.

Good Work Halle girl, you got a pretty baby, and a phat bank account without the hassles.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Hey Cher. you know I think he really wasn't a looser until he started seeing himself pictured in magazines with Halle, and she is beautiful. it's rumored that they actually had a cat fight in their chateau in montreal which is why Halle said Au Revoir Sucka. I'm glad she finally go her cute baby tho. wonder who shes' gonna have her rebound with ?
hmmmmm Idris Elba is one fioneeeee hot tamale. ooooohhh and then there's that lil Drake boy. umm ummmm..

you know Halle Berry is gonna bounce back

Dorothy L said...

She is a just goes to show you it really is not all about the outer shell. One's mind sees things so completely different than the people outside of it~
Sometimes beauty is more of a mask that continues to imprison a persons cry for help. It truly can be one's nightmare~
People choose partners for many different reasons...obviously he fulfilled her in some way and she did not fulfill him~

FishHawk said...

Have you just coined a new hip phrase? Yes, I do believe you have. Therefore, the next time I catch myself doing something really stupid, I'll think, "Boy, you sure pulled a gabby there!"

On the other hand, I have always thought of Halle Berry as probably being computer-generated. For she is just too gorgeous to be real. Oops, I just pulled another gabby--didn't I?

Dori said...

Great post! She did it right for sure and the baby is just beautiful.

Now I have "Go Halle, Go Ellen" in my head. LOL!

RE Ausetkmt said...

Ms D - oooo you hit it square in the middle of the forehead. somebody didn't fulfill somebody.

hopefully they will both end up with a beautiful well adjusted daughter. the baby is the most important person in this scenario anyway, so it looks like it's working out okay as long as she's okay.

although I must admit, he and she are both hot tamales. wow, maybe that's what happened, they were too hot for eachother. hmmmm that's something to think about.

RE Ausetkmt said...

OOoooo Fishhawk ! you are a mess.
yeah that Gabby thing is pretty widespread, because I see other people doing it too. (wink at shaq)

don't you think her daughter is so precious .. awwww, it took pretty genes to make a pretty baby. at least she's not a gabby.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Dori, didn't you just love her dance. Ellen makes everybody dance and I LOVE IT ! I Love Ellen, and having Halle dance to the song was pure genius. from what I hear it's one of the most watched shows for that week on TV. Good Work Ellen.

oooooo Did you say Award ?
oooooooo,,, we're heading your way right now.