Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who needs a new Fucci Bag when they don't have a closet to put it into ?

Yes Green is Good but how far should we take it honey ?
Lets just hope that these goods aren't in shreds by the time they arrive in Port au Prince, for distribution. The little fashionistas may be rolling in the streets if they don't move quickly. you know how hard it must be to get a knock off Ed Hardy shirt in Port au Prince These Days (side-eye) let alone some Fake Nikes ? yes I'm being a bit sarcastic because this whole scenario is sarcastic.  the people in Haiti need a place to live, not knockoff old clothes you educated bureaucrat

apparently the DA in  Kings County New York thinks he can do alot of good by dumping  OLD Counterfeit goods in Haiti. yeah I know what you're thinking - who needs a new Fucci or a  smokin new Fuis Vuitton when they don't have a closet to put it into ?  well lets see,,

Seven truckloads of confiscated counterfeit designer duds and shoes -- Ed Hardy, Nike and Diesel among the imitation brands -- are headed to earthquake victims in Haiti.
The 125,000 tons of clothing and shoes, valued at $10 million, were seized by New York police and would normally be destroyed, but in this case, the contraband will go to good use.
"Permission was obtained from manufacturers, including Nike, Timberland, Antik Denim Jeans, Black Label and Christian Audigier, to allow the knockoffs to be donated to charity," Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes told CNN affiliate WPIX.
Hynes' office came up the idea. It was decided the goods, warehoused for a while, would come to better use in Haiti.

This video shows you some of the "types of items confiscated and that will be shipped to Haiti, that are fakes". This is Not the New York shipment itself.

We Wonder how this is going to show up in his re-election campaign portfolio of humanitarian photo-ops ?
Some time it seems people have no sense at all, really doh.

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