Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Remembering Guru - He Gave Us Real Understanding

Today We Lift Our Hands in Thanks for the Masterpiece of a Life


Guru Featuring Baybe - Lifesaver

We will be doing a more complete post highlighting the wonderful work and genius that IS Guru.
He Gave Us Real Understanding.. all the way to the end.
Reality is the lesson of selflessness and Guru was exactly that.  working tirelessly even after being diagnosed with cancer. yet never revealing it until the end. that was how private he was. always putting us first.
Today we just want to reflect and gather as much as we can of his career. when we've put together our true tribute we'll present it fittingly. Take a moment and remember your favorite Guru moment..

Then Smile

Bless Up Guru and Live Forever Amongst the Stars My Brother. we never met but I loved you just the same. the sadness that fulls us today is a reflection of how much we give to others who we don't know but who reached out for us. The Lessons of Supreme Living can all be found in his life.

Knowledge+Wisdom = Logic

Rapper Guru dies at 43 after battle with cancer

BY Associated Press Writer Mesfin Fekadu - 04/20/2010
NEW YORK – Guru, the influential rapper known for his conscious and intellectual themes, his monotone delivery, and his combination of jazz sounds with hip-hop beats, has died after battling cancer, collaborators said. He was 43.

The world has lost "one of the best MCs and hip-hop icons of all time," according to a statement from Solar, Guru's producer. It was posted on the Web site of DJ Premier, who with Guru made up the rap duo Gang Starr. The site said Guru died Monday.

E-mails from The Associated Press to Solar and his assistant were not immediately returned.

The statement also features a letter Guru wrote before his death. In it, he thanks Solar for his friendship, speaks about his son KC and his nonprofit cancer organization, Each One Counts.

He also dismissed his relationship with Premier, saying, "I do not wish my ex-DJ to have anything to do with my name."

"I write this with tears in my eyes, not of sorrow but of joy for what a wonderful life I have enjoyed and how many great people I have had the pleasure of meeting," it read.

Guru, whose real name was Keith Elam, was born near Boston and later moved to New York. His first album as a member of Gang Starr, "No More Mr. Nice Guy," was released in 1989. They released more albums as a duo, including the gold-selling "Moment of Truth" in 1998.

The group's first hit was "Words I Manifest," which samples Miles Davis and Charlie Parker's "A Night In Tunisia." Other hits include "Dwyck," "Just to Get a Rep" and "Take It Personal."

Guru moved on as a solo artist in 1993, releasing "Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1," which featured a blend of jazz melodies and hip-hop sounds. He released four volumes of the "Jazzmatazz" series. He attended Morehouse College.

Guru worked with top musicians including Herbie Hancock, Isaac Hayes, Chaka Kahn, Erykah Badu, The Roots, Common, Jamiroquai, Macy Gray and Damian Marley.

AP National Writer Jesse Washington contributed to this report.

Billboard.com by Andre Paine, London  |   April 20, 2010 8:25 EDT

Rapper Guru has died at the age of 43 after a long battle with cancer, according to a statement released by his friend and producer Solar.

The New York MC - whose real name was Keith Elam - suffered cardiac arrest on March 2 and had been in a coma.

Gang Starr's Guru in Coma After Heart Attack

DJ Premier Says Guru Is Recovering from Surgery

"The world has lost one of the best MCs and hip-hop icons of all-time --my loyal best friend, partner, and brother, Guru," reads the statement. "Guru has been battling cancer for well over a year and has lost his battle! This is a matter that Guru wanted private until he could beat it, but tragically, this did not happen. The cancer took him. Now the world has lost a great man and a true genius."

Accompanying the statement was a letter, apparently written by Guru before his death and passed on to Solar, that would appear to maintain a beef Guru had with DJ Premier. Premier and Guru made up the hip-hop duo Gang Starr, which released six albums between 1989 and 2003.

Gang Starr ~Mass Appeal~

"I, Guru, am writing this letter to my fans, friends and loved ones around the world. I have had a long battle with cancer and have succumbed to the disease," the letter reads.

"I do not wish my ex-DJ to have anything to do with my name likeness, events, tributes etc. connected in anyway to my situation including any use of my name or circumstance for any reason and I have instructed my lawyers to enforce this," continues the letter. "I had nothing to do with him in life for over 7 years and want nothing to do with him in death. Solar has my life story and is well informed on my family situation, as well as the real reason for separating from my ex-DJ."

In addition to his work with Gang Starr, Guru released an acclaimed series of "Jazzmatazz" albums that fused hip-hop with jazz and featured collaborations with Cortney Pine, Roy Ayers and Kool Keith.

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FishHawk said...

Hey, I was really getting into that first video--and then that Guru feller took over! Okay, I was just trying to be funny again. For the message of what I consider to be an old-school rap was truly wonderful. Alas, we need more "lifesavers" like him, and it is a shame that our Heavenly Father took him so soon. Yet, is that not a blessing to him? For he no longer has to face the pain and sufferings of this world, and even though his friends and family will surely miss him dearly, I would hope that the day will come when they will be thankful that he did not have to languish longer.

RE Ausetkmt said...

FishHawk I think your words offered so much comfort. you are right, we should be glad he wouldn't have anymore suffering. God's Mercy is abundant, because you made us realize today how much we have from him to remember and give thanks for.
Thanks So Much My Friend you really make a difference when it counts. God Bless You Too, because I know you loved Guru and Gangstarr