Friday, April 2, 2010

Have a Ghettoblaster With Us

Kick It Duke - since you are Todays'Ghettoblaster

I'm sure you all enjoyed yesterdays' very entertaining dance segment (side-eye);  Today we're offering you a quick look at how We Kick Back. and no it does not involve any vogue-ing; uh uhhhh nope.. this is how 50+ year olds celebrate their birthdays. veryyyyyyy quietly... and no chair throwing

It's Friday and We're Starting the Weekend Early - not really but, Have a Brew Tour on Us. Remember NO Drinking and Driving. if you liked the video, leave a comment - it's from our new google phone, yepper uploaded right to google, from the spot. this my friends is an example of on the spot journalism. as you can see for us, Videoblogging has come of age.

So whatcha think, Thirsty yet ?


askcherlock said...

RE, great on-site reporting! You really showed us the nuances of the bar/restaurant and showed how inviting it is. You even showed us the lovely tile on the wall. Now that's what I call citizen journalism!

RE Ausetkmt said...

Thank You Cher. I love the fact that they are a microbrewery. they also have a fired brick oven for pizza. uuummmmm ummmmm. in the summer there is a deck upstairs which is wonderful at nite. it's packed on weekends and at nite all summer long.

so no response on Duke's Rant ?

I Loved It. He summed up most of our opinions so well. even peppered it with his own lil nuances. so clever.

I'm going to have to feature him soon.