Friday, April 16, 2010

Lets Get That Faygo Shook it's Friday with the ICP

It's Friday and We're Gonna have a lil Grape Pop Fun. you all know that I'm a juggalo fan. I don't have any hard feelings about their grass roots approach to getting their platform out to the youth. I remember when Ozzie Osbourne bit the head off of a bat live on stage.  yeah talk about gruesome. now he's an elder statesman of rock and horrorcore. 

These guys are not youngsters, but they are changing the face of Horrorcore; and melding it with a gritty form of Detroit HipHop. it's created it's own fan base simply by being raw and funky.  that's why I like it.  it's real and you can't deny it. the lyrics are timely and they address current issues, without that stupidity of civility. they just put it out there like "Whatever Mannn".

Actually I think if more political candidates did what the ICP are doing, we'd see more youth involved and interested in politics. they put the plain words back into the sentence. so what if they cuss; who doesn't toss around a hot word here and there. sure they carry hatchets and talk about violence in their music. so does the majority of that age groups music. it's just what kids get geeked about, loud stuff.

Remember Marilyn Manson ?  oohhhh and what about Kiss ?

Check out this video of the ICP from the late 1990. It's from a local Detroit teevee station. this is quite rare and very revealing. they truly explain who they are and why they do what they do. these are the guys I've seen at Mickey D's and the party stores around town, exactly as they always are. and yes they always have that make up on. they are quite the pair and when you meet them you won't forget them. trust me.

Now since they've become more famous, lots of bigger figures have interviewed them, so to say. they were captured during a media stop talking to one of their younger fans; the same way  that they do any of their other fans and the media had a field day. check this out,

Who the hell is Bill O'Reily to think a 12 year old kid doesn't have his nuts sorted out already ? if he doesn't it's hopeful that after the question he will take care of it; because Bill O'Reily sure doesn't have his sorted out, clearly. (side-eye) I watched this video and thought to myself, what is it that makes people get so peeved off when they listen to the lyrics ? it's all about what's happening. None of it is fantasy or a lie. it's reality, and they aren't sparing you from it.

Kids are in the middle of the warzone. they know it more than the adults, who pretend they aren't aware of it. that little yellow bus is representative of our society today. regardless of what you think, these are some smart ass clowns, and they aren't kidding around. this symbolism reaches deeper than you could ever imagine.

In case you think you recognize the riddim, you're right - it's the same one used by DMX for Up In Here. Uh Huh.. Bloody Crazy Hot. who would turn down their money, and the potential for a top ten hit to sample this riff. NOBODY - (pfffst don't even go there with me, okay) DMX Got All His Money Off This ONE Riff.

Hey How Do You Think She Got Her Legs Behind Her Head Like That ?  this is a real freak show, if you know what I mean. they do however produce some very marketable music, with this mad concept. personally these are the only clown that don't scare me. the regular circus clowns scare the bejesus outta me.
these guys, well they just look like some of the same ole' freaks I've seen for the last 20+ years in my hood. yes you're right both of my homes are in some pretty interesting hoods.
  Now Aren't They Just Adorable ? these are the Kottonmouth Kings - ooooo baby, hotness.

For those of you who may be new to them, This Banger is from the Kottonmouth Kings. This is "Think For Yourself" featuring ICP and Lady Love.

This is some Radioactive Hot Detroit HipHop ish. this has bootays shaking from Delray to Delray Beach baby.  For some reason people seem to think that all of the HipHop music that comes out of the D is by Black Artists. Sorry to Dispell that rumor. ICP and their posse continue pushing the envelope and keeping it real. theres' no doobie in their funk baby. this is pure skrate Detroit HipHop.  also notice there is no mention of their supposed feud with eminem. whatever mannn..

Just Listen to Shaggy 2Dope, This is the reality of what a Juggalo is and why they do it. Family. In Detroit everybody knows that the Hallowicked Show is Wicked. it draws people in from a thousand miles away.

seeing how much their fans loved it; they took Hallowicked on the road so that Juggalos could get it easier, instead of having to travel to Devils' Night in Detroit. On Halloween in Detroit It's Wicked Bad; and the Juggalos love it. Halloween is the major holiday for Juggalos, and he talks about their use of Masks to hide their identitys. I see them all over the place, anyday of the week, anywhere; they're painted up and geeked. Faygo in hand and spoutin off wherever you encounter em. one thing tho, they got that wicked HipHop Flow. You can't deny that.

To All Those Cities out there who are afraid of the Juggalos, it's a little late because as you can now see, The ICP Is Global. Welcome To The Circus.
Now Take That To The Bank Baby,

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