Friday, April 23, 2010

Badonkadonk - Is Afrocandy Softporn ? Watch and Tell Us

Today we want to highlight a Special Blog where a Woman Throws it Her Way. It Was So Much Easier.. by my Sisterfriend Solomonsydelle.

Recently she was discussing the new video by a Nollywood sexbomb and actress Judy Mazagwu - otherwise recently known as Afrocandy. Judy's newest music video has blown heads off from Lagos to Laos. it's all about her thoughts on Money, and Her Moneymaker. it's called Ikebe Na Moni. kinda it means show me your moneymaker, yeah..

You See in the Video Judy makes us understand that it's all about using The Badonkadonk.. Literally Ladies

Anyway Dear Sister Solomonsydelle wrote about the video and her thoughts about it in a recent episode of It Was So Much Easier When I Only Had One.

Here is the video before we continue - this is NOT Safe for Work or anyway..

Okay now that we've all watched and men have thrown money at their screens..(sideeye) Lets Discuss.

I will say this, only a few posts from a few blogs have inspired me to write a post about the post, and the blog, because of the post. this is one of them. it's a special post and the blog is special; just like the author. she is showing us that regardless of what Afrocandy thinks, African Women don't think this way.

I For One Agree Wholeheartedly

I see myself as neither a comodity; nor a sex object. that is not to say that I am not sexy or wanted. I just don't think that my sex appeal is the major draw. sure I've got a lil bit to work with, like Afrocandy. but my sense of honesty and reality makes me keep it under wraps, so that we all respect eachother when it's over. yes I mean that. we all walk by people and encounter people everyday that make us blush. I do not want to be one of those people - unlike Afrocandy.

I have as much to work with as she does, and in fact even more because I have Real Long Hair; Real Green Eyes;  a pair of  Real 40 D's; a size 8 Badonkadonk; and none artificially lightened skin. sha,, I digress. that is in my own definition Not Afrocandy from my viewpoint; but I'm often told that I am an attractive woman, even at my advance age. I'm proud to have taken some care of myself. to have given myself enough respect that I didn't feel the need to go out and shake what my momma gave me, even though on occassion I have done it for the right man. notice I said MAN - not men, as Afrocandy seems to imply.  Self Esteem is the most important aspect of any womans development. mine was never based on how I looked; because that was often the bone of contention with most others.  so after a while, it got old..OLDDDddddddddd..

The tone of the responses to Solomonsydelles' post were clear and unmistakable. Real Women are not Afrocandy. Real Women are the wife, the mother, the sister, the teacher, the radio host, the librarian, the store clerk, the postal carrier, the doctor, the nurse, the mechanic, the chef, the business owner, and many many others. never did anyone say that we needed to be "Badonkadonks" to be accepted. Besides none of us has the time during our day to stop and throw on a pair of tight skank tights and bend over and show you our cracks.

Literally Her Butt Crack is the attraction in this video

Is that not a sad representation of a woman ? and she says she models herself after African American Hiphoper Lil Kim. yes we all know Lil Kim is a character, yet somehow I don't quite remember if Lil  Kim has made a whole video about the crack of her behind. has she ? if so please someone DO Tell Us in the comments (side-eye), as everyone of us needs to watch it.

Judy says the reason she's called Afrocandy is that when she attends African parties, men walk up to her and tell her that she's eye candy. so from that she decided to call herself Afrocandy. ahhhh very clever. I think that this is surely is a part of what will insure her fate.

Happy Dramaday My Peeples, and Badonkadonk Lovers

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FishHawk said...

Be assured that your commentary is far more appealing than her video, but I dare not say anything more. For even on my best day, I ain't even close to being as tough as my wife.

The Money Paradise said...

Nice videos.

RE Ausetkmt said...

FishHawk you think she's not gonna make it huh.. well honestly speaking, I think you're right. she seems to self assured to be hungry enough for our approval. after all she is Candy..(side-eye) for somebody.

RE Ausetkmt said...

MoneyParadise, you are kidding right?
or are you just here for the porn ?
ahhhhhh,,, you almost had me there. carry on.