Monday, August 3, 2009

So Who's Running Entrecard - REALLY ?


yeah OMG,,, we got a comment that changed our view of this whole Entrecard Thing. it was from Entrecard Dropper Sheila - of  The Ad Master. She left her comments ON EntrePOD . her comment hit us in the forehead like a train running through dc at rush hour.

check this out:

Sheila : Are we even sure that "cindy" isn't another certain person who likes to masquerade under an alias?

and My Reply : Have Mercy Sheila - You Are Absolutely Right - OH MY GOD,, How Do We Know Who These Folks Are ?
marcel marceau and michael jackson

ok you win, thats the next post inspired by you. so here we gooooo

the suggestion was so spot on. We had to assume that her assumption couldn't make us asses; since we are of course Bloggers. LOL (yes this was our "obligatory" mime joke)

now otoh, we have to look at the masquerades we've all seen before from the Entrecard Posse'. the message has been and still apparently remains the same,
we don't care if you think you know who is running this thang, cause we will run it into the ground if we want to; and you won't have a word to say about it. nor  will you ever be sure of who is doing the driving.. (oh-yeah, just lean with it, and rock with it they say)

Do We  All Remember when Graham masqueraded as An Asian Women a few months back

The Trick (smdh) was unmasked by members - which resulted in him closing the forums and beginning the long walk to nowhere; that we are presently on, with somebody... yeah this is the somebody mime

WE Say Somebody because Sheila put it right out there for us

we aren't denying that we have no idea of who these people are and for that matter what they are doing. this is like a poker game without rules - which change on a daily basis, never remaining the same for any peroid of time. always shifting through time and circumstance. quite odd to say the kindest.

Do you know who these shapeshifters really are ?

If you do - why don't you tell the rest of us

Oneday we have Graham and Phirate and the next day we get Andrew and Cindy; Hmmmmm isn't it strange they come in pairs, like bookends ?

Do you really believe there is a new management team in place;  or is this the same old crew, pretending again?

Please Think About it and Leave Us a Comment - Everybody wants to know,

this appears to be one of the hottest threads around Entrecard, and we want to know what you think; since they are apparently listening and reading our responses as evidenced by their drop earlier this week.

So Who Is Really Running Entrecard ?


Recycled Mama said...

La Di Dah Di - the beat goes on at entrecard. just warming up the comments.

Doctor Faustroll said...

I promise neither one ain't me baby, although I am a mime leading the blind is my tagline.

I got about a dozen message last week closing old tickets because they hadn't heard from me in 48 hours. Hell, I ain't heard from them, period, outside the robo-answers.

Jude said...

I'm sure if anyone can get to the bottom of this it will be you or turnip.

askcherlock said...

Swamp land, that is what EC has become. It is swamped with blogs containing little more than pictures of kids. Heck if I want to look at those, I have about 10 dozen of my own photos with family blowing out birthday candles. I said it on your other blog and I'll say it again. Inquiring minds want to know, so come out of the closet and into the light. Give us the quality product which was promised.