Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Thirsty Thursday - do you know who becomes president in an emergency ?

Today is Thirsty Thursday and we want to play a lil drinking game..

Repiglicans Do Y'all Realize that if something Happens to the President  that Joe Biden becomes President ?  like the Head of This Country .. That's Right - a Blue Eyed Soul Brotha.

oooooo I can imagine that there are probably alot of really shook up
people out there right now, because for the life of me I can't see that
they understand that. and yes that is a Blue Eyed Soul Brotha to help you get the picture.

Like I said before "Break out the Dirty Gin and Vermouth Cher, it's gonna be a party".

OOooo, and somebody Remind Blanca DeBree to be sure to check on Rush becuz he reacts to changes very badly; and may try to drown his sorrows in a vat of propofol. {smh with a sidelook}

and As Always a Big Thanks to Dirty Mo, for the "Special Materials" found only on

Have Mercy Sweet Minty Jesus, Looks Like  Its Thirsty Thursday

Now On to the Party, as you are gonna want those drinks, I betcha


A Chicago gay men's beauty pageant ended in blood after a judge, unhappy with the results, beat another judge with the trophy while one of the contestants assaulted him with a sharp object, the Chicago Tribune reports. The victim suffered a broken jaw and required stitches on his hand:

"Leroy Tinch (left), 28, of the 2200 block of Emerson Street in Evanston and Anthony Johnson (right), 23, of the 8200 block of Keating Avenue in Skokie were both charged with aggravated battery with great bodily harm, a class one felony, said Andrew Conklin, a spokesman for the Cook County state's attorney's office. The men were ordered held on $75,000 bond by Circuit Court Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil. Prosecutors said the men were at the pageant at 3350 W. Jackson Blvd., where Johnson was a contestant and Tinch was a judge.

Johnson allegedly became angry with another judge after he voted for different contestant, grabbed the trophy and hit the judge in the head with it. Tinch then jumped in and began hitting the judge with a sharp object (a knife, according to NBC), cutting him over his left eye, Conklin said."

Cake Anyone ?

oooohh almost forgot our Dirty Martini's.. uuuuummmmm

Devil obsessed Gavin Paslow is turning himself into the Prince of Darkness

Gavin Paslow (Pic:Images Int)
Obsessed Gavin Paslow is turning himself into the Prince of Darkness... and pulled off a diabolical trick to pay for future operations.

Paslow has a forked tongue, pointed ears, implanted horns and fangs.

But the 39-year-old swindled £3,500 in benefits to pay for more dental work and ended up before magistrates.
The security guard said: "I'm not Gavin any more. I changed my name by deed poll to Diablo Delenfer."
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Ok WE Out


Daisy said...

After seeing some of those photos, I think I do need a drink! Can I have a catnip martini, please?

Babsy - RE said...

oooo one catnip martini comin right up miss.