Monday, August 17, 2009

This week we take the box off of this lil game

This Lil Baby Doll is a Mess -

Each of the different news stations that covered this story, in their local area; showed different versions. This was clear, and it prompted us to wonder why the stories were shot differently ?
  1. were they catering to their locality ?
  2. was there a Black Producer on One and a White Producer on the other one ?
  3. what made this story appear differently in all the versions of this tape and the story; that we've read over the past few days ?
  4. is american racism now hybridizing ? it appears that there seems to be regionalism coming into play in these cases.
during this week - we'll again be pointing out examples of regionalizm of racism and it's hybridization. strange but of course, american still - sadly.

The "Cuddle with Me" doll package he complained about includes an African-American doll and a plush monkey. The baby doll is wearing a hat that reads, "Lil' Monkey."

The dolls were sold exclusively at Costco stores in the Northeast and Southeast.

The Reporting of the story has taken several slants - and we wonder if the doll; or the reporting is more of a problem. the doll is absolutely racist - but the reporters in each case seem to be looking at it differently.
the two white reporters shown first seem trapped into reporting it - where the Black and White Reporters shown second, seem to give more attention to detail - Why is it that this would be a choice in attitude when reporting a very worthy news story ?

Does the news media really think we see things differently if we're different races ? could it be true ? Racism is Racism and it's Wrong - regardless of who you are. when you grow up in America - you know it's wrong. so why are these reports so much different on the same story by two different news teams ?

The bottom line is that this story like the one on the kids drill team before it;  says that America is still attempting to silently program racism into it's children; and maintain it inside societal mores'; however covertly. as well it seems, the media still continues to instill its racial mores' into the adults; who watch the news and are buying these toys.

Brutally Sad but True... right before our eyes, on the National News.

Is this another thing to make ya go HHHMMMmmmmm,


Internation Musing said...

Dear RE,
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Doctor Faustroll said...

The Biraq Chia Pet is really a hooter. I think we need to start promoting the idea that all this hatred comes from the fact that Michelle is lobbying to get the whole family on Mt. Rushmore.

Factoid: in the 1960s there was still a law on the books in South Carolina that made it illegal for a black and a white to look out the same window.

askcherlock said...

There is nothing subliminal about these dolls. The intent had to be racism, and I am very unforgiving of that. I must wonder whether all the politics which are stirring that simmering pot are the impetus of such "toys." Adults have seen the Obama in white face depiction. Maybe these "dolls" were not intended for children at all, but rather for the adults who get drunk on racial epithets and laugh while they slither into hell. Sometimes I am ashamed of my race, the white one. It's the same one that wears sheets in the night and burns crosses. I'm sick of this "shite" (term used by Stephen King in a novel). Same difference.

Babsy - RE said...

@hans - sweets, you need to hit that dashboard hard. you write message after message to them from the dashboard. trust me they hate to credit you with 25 ec's per message. but that's your revenge - forced payment to you. I suggeswt you make them 1-2 lines per mail. start them a a request for assistance. then start to make them suggestions on how to do things better on entrecard.
after about three days and probably 500 credits you'll get a response. just be sure to keep sending those messages frm the dashboard to get that 25 ec credit per message.

yes sweet revenge and recoupment.
hope this helps hans

Babsy - RE said...

@doc faustroll - you know you make me crack up. sometimes we know that the idea will make money. but why can't they transport that logic into usable cash for our economic repair.

I think the legislators all need to come back to a test conducted by those three card monty guys. two bucks says they all pick the empty cup. and we know there's no cups in that game. they're just lame - as the healthcare townhall mtgs have shown lately.

Internation Musing said...

Dear RE,
And so I did..))
Back after 3 days..))!