Monday, August 24, 2009

PSA: Let Us Come Together and Fix This, Please

How much do you really know about Human Trafficking ?

Would you recognize the signs of a slave if you saw them ? Do you know what You Can Do to help stop this inhumanity ?

Take a moment today, think of those who hide in plain site; those who are silent and in bondage; those who will never know freedom. Commit to knowing the truth about Human Trafficking - and why there are more slaves today, than at anytime in history.

We Know your heart will bleed when you think of those 3 and 4 year olds sold into a life of forced bondage and brutality; never to know the simple freedom of being able to just sit and play.
Child Sex Slaves are the fastest growing segment of the abused population. unbelievable.. even the constant police stings, television show dragnets and numerous talk show set ups don't seem to deter these crimes. Why ?

there are children in America who are slaves, yes.
The Internet is said to have increased pedophilia more quickly than at anytime in history. there are more new registered sexual predators than at anytime in history; and many of them are children themselves. these children are the collateral damage because they were more than likely abused themselves before they became abusers. international child sex rings have proliferated so quickly that law enforcement agencies are hard pressed to keep up with even a fraction of their traffic and trade in pictures, movies and other items of exploitation.

BadGals will spend this week focusing on the America that Loves. we start by Asking You to Share Some Love, and Help to Free the Slaves.
Next Installment - a little frank talk about why abuse happens netstyle. we point to some troubling trends and danger signs. we let you take the test and see if you're setting yourself up to be a victim of netsploitation.

If We Don't Talk About it Who Will ?

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Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. Prevalent even in the United States, it's one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world and is not going away without our help!

Pledge to help end human trafficking in the United States today. »

Human trafficking subjects victims to violence, fraud and coercion for sexual exploitation or other forced labor. Every year, there are hundreds of thousands of victims in the U.S. The traffickers buy and sell humans, often targeting homeless women and children, stripping them of all their freedom.

Hidden from sight there are dangerous predators -- pimps, gangs and pornographers. But thankfully you can help break down these brutal criminal networks and stop the violence of human trafficking by learning to identify victims and report incidents.

Click here to learn the signs of human trafficking and how you can prevent these cases in your community. »
Thanks for taking action!


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If you thought slavery was long gone in the U.S., you're in for a real shock. Learn how you can end human-trafficking today!
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Bring Back Pluto said...

Thanks for bringing this ever so serious subject to more people's attention!!

We all have to be more aware.

Bring Back Pluto

RE Ausetkmt said...

@BringBackPluto - I wonder how many of us look at these empty faces and turn off the eyes to our hearts ?

maybe we can reach just one, so that they free one. Thanks for your comment Pluto.

politicus said...

That's a reminder for all of those gullible souls, who thought that slavery ended over 100 years ago.

askcherlock said...

This was a compelling post. We really do need to be more aware that all of this is taking place. The Internet is rife with predators. Add that to sanctioned slavery and you have diaster upon disaster. We cannot afford to turn our heads away.