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Yeeee-aaaaaaahhh, it's the SUSSSSS - The Badness Continues.. Rite-chere Rite Naawwww

Yeeee-aaaaaaahhh, it's the SUSSSSS.. luscious and lacivious as ever on a fry-day. today is all about the nastiness of people who just dont' get it. why do you put yourself out there like this fam ?

Lady D and Mama ASID Cruci-fry and Crisp up the craziness in 29 minutes. it's a flash show and you're invited to spread the word, to all ya peeples.

The Badness Continues.. Rite-chere Rite Naawwww

Luciano will face trial on October 20

The trial date was set in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on Tuesday following a hearing at which the singer was absent.

His attorney, Delano Franklyn, told the court that his client was sick and could not attend court.

Luciano, born Jepther McClymont, is charged with harbouring a criminal, following a gun battle between a wanted man and the police at the artiste's studio on Westminster Crescent in St Andrew.

According to reports, about 4:45 a.m., the police went to the complex in search of Andrew Senior, also called 'Conqueror' who was reportedly wanted for several counts of shooting and murders.

There was a reported shoot-out in which three policemen were shot and injured and Senior fatally shot.

The singer's wife and children, who were in the house, escaped injury.

The police subsequently alleged that Luciano knew that Senior was wanted but still harboured him as part of his security team.

Luciano denies the allegations.

Cops say... 14-year-old PREGNANT FOR 53-Y-O BLIND MAN

Michael Lee, Staff Reporter

A blind 53-year-old shopkeeper is now in police custody after he was accused of getting a 14-year-old girl pregnant.

It is further alleged that the man was in a sexual relationship with the minor since she was 12 years old.

Sources disclosed to THE STAR that the man was linked with the youngster since February 2007. It is alleged that after the young girl's first sexual encounter, she was given a bag juice and $150.

four times each month

The allegations are that the blind man, who is also the father of a five-year-old girl, had sex with the teen at least four times each month. Information states that a condom was never used.

THE STAR learnt that the teen's mother became suspicious about her daughter's activities after observing changes in her bodily structure. She subsequently gave her daughter a pregnancy test and discovered that the child was pregnant.
It is further alleged that after hearing of the rumoured involvement of her daughter and the old man, the enraged mother confronted the accused who operates a shop from his house.

During the confrontation, it is alleged that the elderly Blind man came outside wildly swinging his machete and the child's mother had to run for her life.

A report was made to the police about the situation and the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse apprehended the accused man and slapped him with carnal abuse charges.

The man is set to appear in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on August 12.

Investigators declined to give any comments on the case when their offices were contacted, stating the accused was currently being interviewed.

NO JUSTICE FOR GIRL ABUSED WITH PEPPER - Scotch bonnet rubbed in vagina as punishment

Two years after she was reportedly sexually assaulted and Scotch bonnet pepper rubbed inside her vagina, the family of a 12-year-old girl is still trying to bring to justice the persons behind the attack.

The child, who was staying with a female relative in St Ann, was allegedly being molested by that relative's son. It is alleged that the assault began when the child was only 10 years old and her alleged attacker was 28.

During the time that the child was staying with her relative, it is alleged that the 28-year-old molested her for about a year and a half. It is reported that after she made a report to the female relative, she was accused of lying and the Scotch bonnet was rubbed inside her vagina, allegedly as a means of punishment.

The child's stepmother, Mitzy* told THE STAR that when the child came to Kingston to spend time with them, she told them of the incident. The matter was reported to the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) on August 13 last year.

heard nothing

Her family, however, told THE STAR that since then, they have heard nothing more of the matter.

"Wi made the report and everything and the medical was done. It confirm the abuse and everything, but we haven't heard anything from the police." They are concerned that the attackers might be allowed to go free after committing such an act.

Investigators from CISOCA, however, told THE STAR that because the incident happened outside of the Corporate Area, the investigation was being handled primarily by the CISOCA office in that parish. She explained, however, that the police were having difficulty locating the woman and her son as they were only given a general address. The investigator explained that the district was a very big one and was also very rural, where houses were not properly numbered. She advised the family to visit the police in the community and help them to identify the attackers, whether by providing more detailed addresses or by actually pointing them out.

The police say they are ready to prosecute as soon as the suspects are held.

*Name Changed upon request

The Badness Continues.. Rite-chere Rite Naawwww

BEATEN FOR 'GULLY' MUSIC - Driver assaulted, householder threatened after playing Mavado songs
The Gully/Gaza feud that has divided both the entertainment world and society, in general, has seemingly gone to a frightening new level.

While it has almost become the norm for the feud to rear its head at parties and for party-goers and even some selectors to choose sides, innocent householders are now being dragged into the dispute.

The latest incident, inspired by the Gully/Gaza madness, reportedly took place in St Andrew about three weeks ago. THE STAR was informed that the householder, a female we will call Milli, was at home listening to a mixed tape featuring both Vybz Kartel and Mavado. It is alleged that she was approached by some supporters of Vybz Kartel, who demanded that she turn down the music because a Mavado selection was being played.

This incident would not be the last in the community either, as about two weeks later, a motorist visiting someone was also subjected to the 'no Mavado law'. A source told THE STAR, "Dem tell him fi turn off di music 'cause dem nuh play dem bwoy deh song dem. So im seh dem can't tell him wha fi play inna him car." He was reportedly slapped across the face for disobeying and questioning the order.

Although the divide has been making headlines for months and has caught the attention of many, our source believes that it has got out of hand if innocent people cannot listen to the music of their choice. He told THE STAR, "I don't like Gully or Gaza because of the whole violence thing. They are using it to separate people. Cause if you seh Gaza and me seh Gully, wi a nuh fren. That's how dem looking at it."

When THE STAR contacted Vybz Kartel, he dismissed suggestions that his 'followers' were using violence to intimidate others and to dictate who or what they listen to . He said, "No one in my immediate surroundings as it relates to entourage, so to speak, has any desire to dictate what people listen to nor do we care. And in the same breath of air, I want no one who is a Gaza supporter to be intolerant to other people's choice of music, much less react in any violent way, shape or form, 'cause that's not what the Gaza is about."

*Name Changed.

Please Do Not Try to Get Ganjah out of Jamaica as Fish, it won't work. especially if it smells "Fishy" - get it, Kingfish. yeah right..

Ganja, fish seized in igloo

A bail application on the behalf of 32-year-old Canadian woman accused of attempting to smuggle ganja through the Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) was last week denied in court as the forensic certificate in that matter was still outstanding.

The accused woman, Veronica Kelly, will now remain in custody until August 7 when the case returns to the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court.

THE STAR was told that the woman was about to board a flight destined for Canada when sniffer dogs at the airport brought the attention of security personnel to an igloo she was travelling with.

vegetable matter

The container, which had fishes in it, was searched and vegetable matter resembling ganja was found. She was subsequently arrested for the offence.

In court last week, the woman's lawyer said that she was given the fish in the igloo to take back home for her friend and had no idea it was padded with the illegal matter.

His comments did not deter the judge's ruling, however.

WOMEN IN WILD URINE BATTLE - 63-year-old and other woman clash

It was a stand-off that would have made any cowboy proud. Two women, one 63-year-old and her 24-year-old rival, drew their weapons in broad daylight.

The only difference between the scene in Chapelton, Clarendon, on Sunday and an old western movie, however, was that the women were armed with bottles of urine.

When the dust cleared, both parties were left soaked and the stench of the stale urine floated through the air.

THE STAR heard that the women battled each other after an incident that happened almost a month ago. The younger woman had allegedly slapped the older woman's stepson in the face.

The 11-year-old child is said to have visited a friend's house where the 24-year-old woman also lives.

too noisy

Both kids were reportedly playing in the yard but were told to stop by the woman who allegedly complained that they were making too much noise.

The kids are said to have ignored the woman's request but were soon verbally attacked by the woman who became enraged.

She also allegedly threw a pan of water at them, and the 11-year-old retaliated by throwing water back at her. The child was then slapped across the face.

After returning home, the child told his mother about the incident, who then visited her child's alleged attacker but did not find her as she had gone to work.

THE STAR also heard that the 63-year-old woman tried on a number of occasions to confront the younger woman. Each time however, the woman was said to be at work.

The woman would leave the home each time promising that she was going to douse the woman in urine upon seeing her.

According to Corporal Desmond Powell of the Area 3 police that confrontation occurred on Sunday evening.

The corporal told THE STAR that based on what eyewitnesses report, both women upon seeing each other were quick to draw their weapons.

After a brief exchange of words, including a string of expletives, the wetting began.

They also got into a tussle which left them both topless, the police said.

"When the police arrived on the scene, the women were still quarrelling and topless," Corporal Powell said.

They were arrested by the police but later freed after a stern warning.

The Badness Continues.. Rite-chere Rite Naawwww


It was a quite a sight yesterday at the Kingston Public Hospital when two teenage girls got into a brawl over a man who was at the facility under police guard, THE STAR has learnt.

The fight is said to have started after 4 p.m. on the Mary Seacole Ward when the 15-year-old girlfriend of the man turned up at the hospital and encountered her 14-year-old matie.

"They started fighting on the ward and the security managed to get them off. We got the call about the situation, so we came here," one policeman said. The lawman told THE STAR that the man the teens came to visit was recently injured in a shooting incident. He has since been in hospital under police guard as he in someone of interest to the police.

Information reaching this newspaper is that the man had called the 15-year-old and advised her to not visit him that day as the police would detain her if she did. This, the policeman said, seemed to be a plot to keep both girls from facing off as the 14-year-old was already on her way to see the man.

scratches and blows

A friend of the 15-year-old, however, convinced her to visit the hospital nonetheless, and that was when all hell broke loose. Both youngsters allegedly exchanged harsh words, scratches and blows in full view of the entire ward.

A source also disclosed that the 15-year-old got pregnant when she was 14 years old. The pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage, however.

The Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse could not immediately confirm if the man in custody was someone of interest to them. The unit, however, promised to make checks and provide a later update.


It is common to hear of men making sexual advances to women that walk pass them; however, in a section of Grateful Hill in Red Hills, St Andrew, things are a bit different.

THE WEEKEND STAR has learnt that a group of women from the community have been posting themselves on corners and have been preying on other women as they pass by.

Residents claim that the actions of these women are not limited to just words. They even go as far as to touch the passing women on their buttocks.

The situation, residents say, is becoming annoying and dangerous, to say the least. According to them, it is only a matter of time until someone gets seriously hurt.

As a matter of fact, at least two women have already been injured during altercations with those who tried to 'hit' on them.

THE WEEKEND STAR got a chance to see the women in action last weekend during a visit to the community.

A party which was in session received little attention from the team after two women were seen locked in a corner, while one whispered in the other's ear.

One of the women did a good job of trying to look like a male clad in a baseball cap, T-shirt, baggy jeans, high-top sneakers and a kerchief which hung from one of her back pockets.

During further inquiries, one resident, 22-year-old Keisha Williams said, "Yu waa come ya one next day when di whole a dem siddung pon di corner ... . Yu frighten fi hear dem a look di woman dem jus like how any man woulda do it ... dem disgusting man."

Another resident, Sherine Panton, 24, added, "Is like dem don't care, dem jus sit down pon di corner 'bout six a dem and call to di woman dem weh pass ... Dem seh anyting dem feel fi seh and dem nuh fraid fi seh weh dem waa do wid dem."

Both women say they come across the troublemakers on a daily basis and some times resort to alternative routes just to avoid them.

THE WEEKEND STAR managed to source a contact number for one of the women involved in this behaviour and she admitted to being a lesbian. However when asked about their bold actions, the 22-year-old said, "A our business dat, nobody nuh seh nuttin when man a look woman."

The police say they have heard of the situation but only became aware after a stabbing incident occurred approximately three weeks ago.

alleged lesbians

"We have heard talks about it. We heard they were two stabbing incidents which stemmed from it, but the women who were stabbed were alleged lesbians and they are said to be the ones who provoked the other women, so no report was made," said Inspector Travis McCalla from the Area five police.

Although no actual reports were made, the police say they heard that a woman had been walking in a section of the community when she was approached, her hand held and sexual advances made at her. The woman is said to have become upset and during a dispute one of the persons was cut on the hand.

Two weeks prior to that incident, another woman was stabbed in her back during a fight which began after she reportedly pinched another woman on her buttocks.

The police say they will be warning the women about the dangers of their actions as the two stabbing incidents could have ended in fatalities.
"Knives were drawn in both instances, so things could have been deadly ... . We will be looking to warn these women about their actions because it sounds simple until some enraged person takes matters into their own hands," Inspector McCalla told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The Badness Continues.. Rite-chere Rite Naawwww

- Residents claim he was caught in act with animal

The lives of a pig and an 18-year-old youth from a Westmoreland address will never be the same after Sunday, July 12.

Locals in the Harvey River district of Hanover area are alleging that they caught the teen in the heights of ecstasy with the animal along a river bank recently.

The Lucea police say that a report was made and they have since arrested and charged a man of a Westmoreland address with the offence. The man faced the court yesterday on a charge of bestiality.

Reports reaching THE STAR are that the incident took place sometime in the afternoon. One resident said that the 14-year-old son of the owner of the pig made the discovery.

This newspaper was told that a man who was nude was seen by the eyewitness and his nephew washing the rear section of the pig. The alarmed nephew attempted to scream but was restrained by his uncle.

It is alleged that the man proceeded to have sexual intercourse with the pig. It was at this point that the 14-year-old summoned other family members via text messaging.

ran leaving his pants

When they arrived, an alarm was raised and the man ran leaving his pants and underwear behind.

The accused was later held and hauled to the square where a mob was waiting, some to catch a glimpse of him and others to execute judgement.

He is said to have received several machete slaps before a female resident in an attempt to save his life laid on top of him until the police came.

In the aftermath of the incident, there is a claim that the pig is pregnant and residents are anxiously waiting to see the offspring.

MoBay media boss attacked, stabbed - Alleged attacker had circulated freaky email

Montego Bay-based media boss and political analyst Lloyd B. Smith was the victim of a recent attack that police say resulted in him being stabbed a number of times.

Sources yesterday told THE STAR that a report made to the police on June 26 by Smith, managing director and editor of the Western Mirror newspaper, states that he was at the Texaco service station at Fairview, Bogue, around 9:30 p.m. when he was attacked.

Ian Croll, 26, a man said to be known to Smith, was arrested and charged with assault at common law following the incident. He was released on bail yesterday and is set to attend court in the matter on July 27.

ratchet knife

Allegations are that Croll, who THE STAR has learnt is a freelance writer of Johnson Town, Hanover, opened the front-passenger door of the vehicle and used a ratchet knife to stab Smith a number of times.

Earlier this week, this newspaper received a copy of a letter being circulated by the accused attacker, addressed to Prime Minister Bruce Golding. In the document titled 'Young man sexually exploited needs help from PM', the man raised several allegations and questions about the publisher.

Efforts by THE STAR to contact Smith proved futile up to press time.

The Badness Continues.. Rite-chere Rite Naawwww

WANNABE ROBBER BEATEN, KILLED - Man overpowered after pulling gun in bus

An unidentified man who held up and attempted to rob passengers on a Coaster bus was set upon and beaten to death by his would-be victims and citizens at River Road, St Catherine on Saturday. A firearm was handed over to the police following the incident.

The dead man is believed to be in his mid 20s, is of dark complexion, stout build, about 172 centimetres (5feet 8inches) tall and was dressed in a short black jeans pants, black and yellow shirt and black shoes.

Reports from the CCN's liaison officer for St Catherine North are that about 3:15 p.m., the bus was en route to Ocho Rios from Spanish Town when a man brandished a firearm and tried to rob passengers. He was overpowered but managed to escape from the vehicle.

He was then chased and beaten by citizens before being rescued by police officers and taken to the Spanish Town Hospital where he died. A Taurus revolver - serial number illegible - and five spent shells was handed over to the police.

The Spanish Town CIB is investigating


Not even the church is safe from extortionists.

A St Catherine pastor is claiming that extortionists have been targeting his church and he now fears for his life as well as those of his congregation.

The pastor, who requested anonymity, said that his place of worship is now being told to pay a monthly sum of $50,000.

According to Pastor Joe, the thugs have contacted him on several occasions over the past two weeks in an attempt to collect the money.

The problem he said began after he gave the thugs money on two occasions after they came begging.

"They visited me at the church two times before begging me for some help and I helped them out. Two times to be exact and gave them $40,000 totally out of the kindness of my heart," he said before adding: "It was money from my pocket not the church because the church cannot afford to give so much money away."

As a result of his kindness, Pastor Joe said he believes the men came up with the idea to extort the church.

"Is like they took my kindness for weakness. They asked two times and they received, so it's like they want to continue receiving," Pastor Joe said.

In the meantime, Pastor Joe said that the situation has forced him to consider moving the church elsewhere.

"Fifty thousand dollars is what they say they want every month end and there is no way the church can pay that. Not only that, but I have to think about my people as well as my own life. We're living in some serious times," he explained.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted the Area 3 police, Inspector George Kingsley said that they had heard of the situation and the pastor has scheduled with them for a meeting next week Wednesday.

"It is not something we have looked into just yet. The pastor contacted us and we are to speak with him next week, after that we most definitely will be investigating," the officer said.

Man robbed after sex transaction

Rasbert Turner, Star Writer

A St Catherine woman who is accused of organising for a man to be robbed of more than $80,000 after having sex with him was granted bail when she appeared in court yesterday.

The woman of a Spanish Town, St Catherine, address was offered $60,000 bail when she appeared to answer robbery charges.

money and cellphone

Constable Gregory McLeod of the Spanish Town Police Station told the court that on Thursday, July 29, about 8:30 p.m., the complainant was walking along Young Street when he was robbed of his money and two cellphones.

He added that the complainant and the accused went to a local hotel and during their business transaction he paid her $2,000 for her services.

Her demands for more money were not met, although the complainant had a large sum of money in his possession.


The complainant allegedly told her that the money was to be used to do business. It is alleged that the accused made a number of calls and sent several text messages while they were in the room.

The policeman told the court that his investigations revealed that the accused was connected to the robbery of the complainant.

The accused woman's lawyer successfully made a bail application for his client after stating that she knew nothing of the robbery and had been cooperating fully with the investigation.

Beatin - Twin of Twins claymotion movie - weeeeee !!!!

Twin of Twins freed in court
-- Entertainers Twin of Twins

The fraud charge against dancehall group Twin of Twins was yesterday dissolved in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court after the lawyer for the complainant, Andre Minott, said his client did not wish to pursue the matter.

Allegations are that the twins, real name Paul and Patrick Gaynor, took $50,000 from an upcoming artiste under the guise that they were able to give him the opportunity to go the United States of America to perform.

It is further alleged that they failed to deliver on their promise and subsequently refused to return the complainant's money. The act is alleged to have taken place earlier this year and was reported to the police in February.

The twins were subsequently taken into custody by the Half-Way Tree police on reasonable suspicion of fraud.

The entertainers' lawyer pointed out to the court that the situation was nothing more that a misunderstanding between the parties. He said his clients were actually on tour and attempts by the complainant to contact them regarding the agreement were unsuccessful. As a result, the complainant made a report to the police. The attorney added that his clients made repayments to the complainant after they returned from their tour. However, the police were not advised, hence they acted upon the report that was made initially.

Resident Magistrate Georgi-anna Frazer subsequently made a no-order ruling in the case and warned the complainant not to waste the state's time if he had no real issue.

The Twin of Twins are known for their comedic routines featuring witty social commentary and jabs at popular figures in the entertainment and political worlds.

Their latest release, Trial and Crosses, has been getting rave reviews from fans.

The Badness Continues.. Rite-chere Rite Naawwww


Tuesday morning started off normal for the police personnel attached to the Manchioneal Police Station in Portland. Before long however, with a gunshot, the day turned into one they will remember for years to come.

Shortly after 7 a.m., while officers were issuing morning meals to the prisoners in the lock-up, 59-year-old District Constable Neville Afflick, also called 'Texas Ranger', shot and killed himself with a colleague's pistol by the entrance to the cell block.

According to reports from the parish's liaison officer, Corporal Debbie Ellis, a colleague who was about to enter the cell block asked Afflick to hold his service pistol, as officers are not allowed to enter with their weapons. Moments later, a single gunshot was heard and Afflick's body was seen sprawled outside the cells with a gunshot wound to the head.

expressed disbelief

As news of the tragedy spread, Afflick's colleagues and family, and in essence the entire community were plunged into a pit of sadness, disbelief and despair. His brother, Clement, could not hold back the tears as he expressed disbelief at his brother's death. He said he could not believe that he had taken his own life.

Inspector Pauline Wood, head of the station, told THE STAR that she was shocked to hear of Afflick's death as when she last saw him he was in good spirits. She said, "It is a total shock to me and other members of staff here, he was in good spirits when I left him and I was expecting to come back and see him very much alive."

Afflick, his colleagues and residents say, was a devoted lawman, who had served as a sergeant for 13 years in the Jamaica Defence Force. He was also a devout Christian and lay preacher who gave his last sermon at the Scotts Run Seventh-day Adventist Church on Saturday. Residents who gathered at the station described him as a "Christian and a very good man". Many wept openly and bitterly.

The lawman leaves behind a wife and several children , including a two-year-old daughter.

Police fraud probe - Investigation launched into $1.5m fund transfer

Published: Wednesday | August 12, 2009
Glenroy Sinclair, Assignment Coordinator

Fraud Squad detectives have been called in to investigate apparent financial irregularities at the Jamaica Police Academy (JPA) in St Catherine.

The investigators are hoping to shed light on the circumstances under which $1.5 million was allegedly transferred from the coffers of the JPA to the personal account of a senior officer

The Gleaner has learned that the alleged irregularities were uncovered during an audit conducted by the Inspectorate of the Constabulary, led by Deputy Commissioner of Police Charles Scarlett, the inspector general.

Money sent back

It is alleged that after persons got wind of the transaction, the money was transferred back to the JPA's account in two instalments - first $1 million, then $500,000.

"I did some administrative investigation and based on the investigation, the matter was turned over to the Fraud Squad. That is all I am prepared to say at this time," Scarlett told The Gleaner yesterday.

At the time the alleged irregularities were uncovered, Senior Superintendent James Palmer was the officer-in-charge of the JPA. Responding to questions about the alleged discrepancies at the academy, Palmer referred The Gleaner to Police Commissioner Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin.

A staff member at the JPA who spoke to The Gleaner on condition of anonymity said thousands of dollars from the canteen or kitchen and a chicken-farm programme were unaccounted for.

Director of communications for the JCF, Karl Angell, confirmed the audit. He said it began about three weeks ago, but declined to say anything further until the results of the audit are available.

Police probing JPA money transfer
by Daily Nation

Posted: Aug 13, 2009 10:22 UTC

KINGSTON - Fraud Squad detectives have been called in to investigate apparent financial irregularities at the Jamaica Police Academy (JPA) in St Catherine.

The investigators are hoping to shed light on the circumstances under which JAM$1.5 million (BDS$ 34 880) was allegedly transferred from the coffers of the JPA to the personal account of a senior police officer.

The Gleaner has learnt that the alleged irregularities were uncovered during an audit conducted by the inspectorate of the constabulary, led by Deputy Commissioner of Police Charles Scarlett, the inspector general.

It is alleged that after people got wind of the transaction, the money was transferred back to the JPA's account in two instalments - first $1 million, then $500 000.

"I did some administrative investigation and based on the investigation, the matter was turned over to the Fraud Squad. That is all I am prepared to say at this time," Scarlett told The Gleaner on Tuesday.

At the time the alleged irregularities were uncovered, Senior Superintendent James Palmer was the officer in charge of the JPA. Responding to questions about the alleged discrepancies at the academy, Palmer referred The Gleaner to Police Commissioner Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin.

A staff member at the JPA, who spoke to The Gleaner on condition of anonymity, said thousands of dollars from the canteen or kitchen and a chicken farm programme were unaccounted for.

Director of communications of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Karl Angell, confirmed the audit. He said it began about three weeks ago, but declined to comment further until the audit results were out. (Jamaica Gleaner)

Lawman shoots self after spot check

A police constable from the parish of Hanover had to be rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital on Sunday after he shot himself in the leg.

The 26-year-old policeman shot himself with his MP5 sub-machine gun, which was carrying 60 rounds, THE STAR learnt.

The incident, which took place close to 2 a.m., left his colleagues in shock.

car was stopped

A source disclosed that the constable and others were conducting spot checks in Hopewell in the vicinity of the Shell service station. A car was stopped and the four occupants on-board searched. After the travellers were allowed to continue their journey, the constable and his colleagues boarded their service vehicle and explosions were heard, followed by a distressing shout by the policeman. Checks by colleagues revealed that the man had shot himself in his left leg.

rushed to hospital

The wounded policeman was rushed to hospital where he was treated and released, THE STAR was told.

Reports are that the firearm at the centre of the incident has since been tagged, taken out of service and sent for testing in the event that malfunctioning may have caused the accident. Investigations continue in the matter.

an openface kingfish sandwich

Operation Kingfish needs the public's help

Following a number of incidents in the Newlands area of Portmore in St Catherine and the adjoining communities of Southboro, Naggo Head, Portmore Lane and Cumberland, the police have identified eight major persons of interest.

They are:

1) Luke Young

2) Ricky Trooper

3) Patrick Morris, otherwise called Max

4) Rasania Alexander, otherwise called Dutty

5) Tafari

6) Dudu

7) Parrie

8)-Devon Williams, otherwise called Dego

These persons are being asked to immediately contact Operation Kingfish at 811.

Residents of Newlands, Southboro, Naggo Head, Portmore Lane and Cumberland who have information on the whereabouts of these persons are also being asked to contact Operation Kingfish at 811.

Another police gun missing

A policeman from Clarendon is currently under probe following allegations that a high-powered weapon went missing from the station after he was the last person to have had access to it, THE STAR was told.

Information is that at the time when the firearm was discovered missing, log information was also torn from the record books arousing further suspicion. THE STAR has also learnt that the same policeman was an alleged suspect in the case of a missing pistol sometime ago.


One policeman from the May Pen Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) with whom THE STAR spoke confirmed that a colleague was at the centre of such an investigation but declined to give details as the matter was very "delicate".

This recent case comes after a special constable attached to the New Kingston Police Post was arrested last month after it was alleged that he sold a colleague's service weapon to gunmen.

check-off procedures

According to police reports, that incident took place on Sunday, July 12, at the New Kingston Police Post during a scheduled handover-and-takeover procedure. It is said that a Glock 9mm pistol was unintentionally left out of check-off procedures and put in a locker for safety by a supervising officer before stepping out to amend the error. The accused special constable is said to have removed the firearm without the consent of the supervisor and left the premises. The weapon was discovered missing shortly afterwards.

Speculations are that the gun was sold to men from the August Town area for a $150,000. Police are now seeking the public's assistance in retrieving the weapon.

The director of public prose-cutions last week ruled that criminal charges be laid against the special constable.

Tree 'rises' from the dead - 'Resurrection' sparks excitement, fear in St Elizabeth community

Published: Wednesday | August 12, 2009
Gary Spaulding, Senior Gleaner Writer
Residents gather around an ackee tree which has captured the interest of citizens in Burnt Ground, St Elizabeth. - Ian Allen/Staff Photographer

An ackee tree which "miraculously rose from the dead" in the middle of the afternoon last Thursday has left scores of residents of Burnt Ground in St Elizabeth thoroughly mystified.

Awestruck community members, who seemed rooted to the spot where the 'resurrection' is alleged to have taken place, said the tree was felled by the wrath of Hurricane Ivan five years ago. The tree, they said, had lain unprovoked at the same spot where it surrendered to the fury of the winds and rains.

When a Gleaner news team visited Burnt Ground 48 hours later, the tree stood erect, with an intricate network of knobbly roots.

The brown earth around the massive root system had clearly been recently disturbed, an indication that the tree had been uprooted.
Unable to contain their excitement, the villagers came out to tell of the incident that has gripped their little community.

>The common theme: Behold a mystery or a miracle! Before their very eyes, the tree rose from its horizontal position of half a decade and stood firm, to the utter amazement of many!

"There was nothing, no earthquake, no breeze," it jus stan up!" one elderly woman declared, as mesmerised as others around her.

"Ten of us couldn't lift it," another chimed in. "It get up an' stay the same it was when it was alive."

Charmaine Dockey, who lives a stone's throw away from the now-popular tree, told The Gleaner she actually witnessed, in speechless amazement, when the old tree stood.
"I couldn't believe my eyes when it jus' took its time and just stan' up," she declared. "It got up and set back himself the same way him used to stay," she said.

However, amid the consternation, a young man named Dwayne Wray calmly sought to demystify the situation.
"The roots which held down the tree after it was blown down seem to have broken free, releasing the tree from its grasp."

Wray believes the branches had, over the years, been chopped and used for firewood.

"As a result, the tree became lighter and when the roots broke the upper part returned to standing position," he added.
But many of the residents of the quiet, agricultural district located in Jamaica's Breadbasket Parish were not prepared to listen to such theories.

"It is a time sign of the times," one elderly woman declared. "It is showing us that we must repent."

Harvesting the dream - Manchester women aid community with juice factory

Published: Tuesday | August 11, 2009
Gary Spaulding, Senior Gleaner Writer

Wendy Mitchell (left) and Carmen Wilson, residents of Huntley, Manchester, show off equipment for the conveyor belt to be assembled for a juice factory in the community. - Ian Allen/Staff Photographer

Wendy Mitchell, a resident of Huntley, Manchester, has for 10 years, through rain and drought, been involved in the establishment of a juice factory in the community.

"It was the dream of four women to have a cottage industry or a purée factory in the community," Mitchell told The Gleaner.

Corine Richards, Veta Cowan, Jasmine Dwyer and Iredel Rattray, who cultivated a strong interest in community development, planted the all-important seed in the psyche of the people of the small agricultural district.

Great anticipation

Cowan has not lived to witness the day of harvest when something bigger materialised from her dream, but it is clear that her legacy lives on.

A decade later, after much hard work, trying times and a host of other challenges, the three women are among a community of people who wait with bated breath as any day now the conveyor belts will begin to chug juice into containers to be sold.

Mitchell recounted how, after the women took the idea to a community meeting and it was accepted, they wrestled with the next big challenge - finding the money to finance the project, estimated to cost in excess of $17 million - an expensive expenditure by the standard of a struggling farming community.

Ready assistance

Mitchell recalled that the idea was submitted to and accepted by the Agriculture Support Service project to the great joy of community members.

"They liked the idea and decided to assist the community by providing 80 per cent of the financing if the community would find the other 20," Carmen Wilson, another community member, explained.

"This means that the community would find labour, material and other costs associated with construction of the factory."

Mitchell revealed that the project commenced at a snail's pace, but the community's devotion to the cause never wavered.

"Building started more than five years ago," she said.
The deadline for start-up of the operation of the factory has passed and patience threatens to wear thin at times but, until the machine begins to function, Mitchell said the adrenaline of the people will continue to pump in anticipation of the big day.

"We are now doing the electrical work and most of the machinery has already been purchased," Wilson declared. She said these included the conveyor belt and cold-storage facilities.

Future plans

"We will be starting with carrot purée and then move on to other fruits," she gushed. "We have adequate supply to meet the demands."
Wilson disclosed that plans were afoot to obtain other fruits, such as mangoes and cherries, to expand the variety of the products.

She said that 40 members of the community had already bought shares in the company and a management team, under the direction of an experienced general manager, was being established to operate the facility.

Donkey Race Extravaganza
Rasbert Turner, Star Writer

Veteran and champion donkey rider John Dawkins leads in one of the races at the Annual Emancipation Day Donkey Racing in Top Hill, St Catherine. - Ian Allen

While it may be said that numerous local pastimes are being replaced by foreign activities with the advent of the Internet and cable television, the sight in Top Hill, St Catherine, last Saturday would have made Ms Lou proud.

The community celebrated it's 10th annual Donkey Race Extra-vaganza. And, as expected, the culturally charged event lived up to it's expectation pulling out hundreds of spectators to the streets to witness the ass jockeys gallop down the racecourse. Among the persons in attendance was Member of Parliament Robert Pickersgill.

'turbo-charged' animals

Bets flew in from left, right and centre as 'the beasts of burden' took centre stage at the show and each race sparked new excitement, sending fans searching for every vantage pointthey could find to get an upfront and unobstructed view of the 'turbo-charged' animals.

"Yes, dem ready fi start the race now, so clear the track," came the initial word from the microphone.

The first race began and was won by Speechless, which was ridden by Everton Robinson. Many betters cashed in on the sprint.

But as if the first run was not exciting enough, the second leg, won by Kirkland Jones on his mount 'Blue', was even more thrilling. The rider told THE STAR in an interview afterwards that he used good riding technique to outsprint his competitor. Jones would again get the better of Robinson in the third race and by the end of the day's activities he was the day's top rider with three wins, from four rides.

ass to victory

The excitement went to fever pitch, however, when veteran rider John Dawkins piloted his ass to victory.

The 60-year-old Dawkins said he has been riding for 20 years and has much love for it. ''Is a long time now me a ride donkey and none of de lickle bwoy dem can't ride more than me, because the experience goes a very long way man," Dawkins remarked while drinking a cold Dragon Stout.

Patrons who spoke with The Star said the annual donkey show was one of their favourite pastimes and they wanted the function to get better in upcoming years. One such person, Cyrel Crosby, said: ''I travelled from Toronto, Canada, to the racing each year for the last four years and it is really good that the rural folks are finding entertainment in their own unique way.''

The organisers of the event said they would be doing all they can to make it a household function for Top Hill.

Kirkland Jones leads Everton Robinson in one of the races.

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