Sunday, August 30, 2009

We Are The Gorgeous, The Abundant, The Delicious,

We Are The Gorgeous, The Abundant, The Delicious,
We Are The True Amazona's Baby

This is Ms. Wendy Williams, a glamarous amazon from Daytime TV.
she ditched her 20 years in radio, for her own nationally syndicated
hourlong talk show. Wendy is Hot, Brassy and Buxon and she makes
No Apologies. Girls Get With the Program - "How You Doinnnn?.."

Who else but the Hotness Herself, Ms. Jackee Harry.

She' Gorgeous and Sexy at sixty plus. Jackee is Sexxxxxx....
Her co-starring role in 227 blossomed into a career for this bronze bombshell.
she worked on major film projects, television and is presently doing
stage work. she's on Broadway six days a week -  Glamming it Up.
the next time you see Jackee, just say - "Heyyyy Marryyyyyy,"
I'm sure she'll smile.   Sexy but Never Trashy that's Our Jackee

Look at Ms. Jennifer Hudson - Shes' One Hot Momma
the recently married mom has her own style and sexiness that ooozes.. right off the screen. singing her way into our hearts on American Idol - this winner has pushed the envelope from songs to stage.  recently giving birth to a son, Jennifer seems headed for stardom and much more success. Her Style and Elegance let us know that She Wears Her Style like the true Amazona she is. "Hot Chocolate in a Phat ass cup.." that's Jennifer Hudson.

Bey Bey Beyyyyy,, Golden Glamour in a modern package.
Mrs Carter is a glamazon. she's not even 30 yet so she's just starting
to fill in her curves. lets see what she looks like in 10 years. we've seen her mom
and she has the curves that stop traffic from Amsterdam to Zurich. this golden beauty has the brains, bucks and body to control the show.Her marriage to rapper Jay Z made them the most powerful couple in popular music today. their combined net
worth exceeds 150 million. That's A Whooooooooole Lotta Beyyyyyy, Baby.

Yes it's the Foxy Ms.Vivica A Fox
Auntee Viv is everybody's favorite pin up. sexy, sassy and oh so amazona.
This chica has busted hearts from 50 cent to 6'9. Auntee Viv ain't nothing to mess wit fellas. Vivica has showcased her style in Movies, on Stage, Television and of course The Red Carpet. roles as a badgal seem to fit her steelo like a glove. she icy hot. Its Rumored that her "Steamy Hot Cougar Status makes her one of Hollywoods' Most Wanted"
we can see why. Keep it Trill Ms. Fox cause you run tings baby.

Meet Niecy Nash - some of you may remember her as Bernie Mac's Sister.
she's bubbly, beautiful and has played a host of roles from disney to
the sound stage. Niecy has the curves, the class and the cash to put her into
a whole new class of Amazons - chicks with power. her role in Ice Cube's
Next Friday pushed her career into high gear, and it been Niecey on Red
Carpets and Premiers globally from that point forward.
"You Work it Girllllll Cause You Are Marvelous Ms. Nash.."

Ms. Loretta Devine, a beautiful face and foxy curves;
Ms. Devine is and always will be one of our most favorite classy amazons.
her acting roles have ranged from comedic to dramatic and never left us disappointed.
don't let the pretty face fool you - this is an award winning actress, director and producer.
Most of us remember her from her role in Waiting to Exale; She left us breathless as she walks away in the final scene of the movie, as her new man is unloading his truck..
Our Ms. Loretta is truly Divine.

Ms.Oprah Winfrey is the epitome of Glamour and wears her Amazon proud.
We've watched her go from the big screen to the little screen, Oprah rules them all. a multi billionaire shotcallin momma, Ms. Oprah struts her curves with the confidence that only a true amazon can posess. Television Producer, Movie Producer, Broadway Producer, Movie Star, Philanthropist, Talk Show Host, Entrepreneur; Mentor;  there isn't enough time in the day to showcase Our Star Amazon, Oprah. 
You just gotta give it up to the baddest Amazon on the block.

And Our Cape Wearin Queen of the Amazons, is none other than the baddest catwalka around, Tyra Banks.

She ain't called Ms. Banks for nothing. This chica has legs that reach to the ceiling, and a boo-tay on top. she's made men swoon and toss millions at her feet; from the time she was discovered at 14 years old, to her retirement from the catwalk a few years ago - Tyra Has Ruled. Producer, Model, Designer, Talk Show Host, Reality Show Host, and Swimsuit Model. What Doesn't She Have ? Tyra has parleyed her brains and beauty into big bucks. she's talked openly about the struggles to reach her career goals. she makes no apologies and pushes her guests to be the absolute best they can be, on all her shows.

The Tyra Show, Her award winning daytime talk show returns this fall with a whole new look - when we see Ms. Tyra Without Her Weave for the First Time. I can hardly wait.

She's opened up doors for women of all sizes, ages and abilities with her internationally syndicated reality show - Americas' Next Top Model; which has spawned other Top Model Shows globally. Ms. Banks continues to show the world - that we can accept a wider range of Beauty, than was previously defined. We Love Tyra for Keeping It Glamourous and Amazon - cause US Big Girls Have More to Work With - And Love.

Just so you know A Big Beautiful Woman Writes This Blog Proudly. We Love ALL Of Our Visitors and wanted you to know that Glamour, Brains and Body have Made Our Blog possible today. The Next Time You see a Big Beautiful Woman, walk right up and say "Hey Girllll You Know You Lookin Good". trust me, we won't fight ya off unlike them skinny camera hatin heffas. we'll probably give ya a hug and show ya some love. just so ya know -

If You Love Big Girls, Shout It Out in the Comments,

Big Gals Run Things, All OVER.


Daisy said...

A great collection of glamorous and beautiful women. My Mommeh keeps trying to lose 10 pounds but I tell her that I like her little tummy.

Dori said...

Great, great post!!! :) You make me proud to be a woman, you beautiful lady. Thank you for the uplifting post!

askcherlock said...

Well, you certainly are beautiful, RE! So are each of the women whose photos you have here. Let's get out of the super-skinny mode and encourage women to have the bodies God designed for them. Healthy is good, but normal is so much better!

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Daisy - Awwww Mommeh, stop tryin to keep that natural curve off. you exercise and work out so you can shake that thang, and still look great. Shake It Daisy !!!

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Dori awwww You Gorgeous Gal, you know you fit right in with the pack.

Beautiful and Proud, We Are Woman !!!

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Cher - You are the Epitome of Gorgeous. We could all learn alot from You Cher. Stylish, Chic and Oh So Hot. You Go Girl !!!!!

Dorothy L said...

Hot mommas for sure...I especially soooo love that hot redhead under Tyra Banks:P

Hugzzzz for that hot momma :P

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Dorothy - Awwwwwww,,, you just tryin to make my head explode.
Yay-YAhhh You Foxy Chica !
Hey You - it takes One to Know One !
I am sure I have the best looking blog visitors on entrecard, I Am Sure of It. Just Look AT Y'all,
a buncha beauty queens - from all over. even a GLAMOR PUSS, no pun intended.

this is why I love to blog for my friends; because you love me back.

RE Ausetkmt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dorothy L said...

Indeed we have heart my dear sweet thang and that is rare :)