Monday, August 10, 2009

MM/ PSA: We Are Not Disposable

this week for Music Monday we decided to do a little something different.
we're combining it with our PSA of the Week - Recycle Your Electronics.

Enjoy the Daft Punk Style Remix, and then share this message;

Tomorrow we post part two of our end the hate campaign.

Cheerios - My Cereal Killas,


askcherlock said...

Powerful video. You are truly getting the message out there. We are ALL responsible for what is happening and the truth is---we can do something. Great post!

Dorothy L said...

Whoa...that is wicked. How very creative and efficient.
I know I am not suppose to comment as I am not on the linky list, but I could not help it.

Very cool video:)
Thanks for the entertainment!

Babsy said...

@cherlock - Thanks Cher. we thought it would serve more of a purpose if we put it out there as a music monday piece and our weekly psa.

that's creative linking. did you see the companion pieces on my other sites. everybody is going green !!!

Babsy said...

@Dorothy aahhhh who says you can't comment ? heyyyy you can comment anytime you feel like it Ms.D. You got it like that. plus we know ya greeeeeeeeeeeeeen baby !

thanks for your comment sweets