Thursday, August 27, 2009

We Got Champagne Poppin with Serena, and Venus Plus their Miami Dolphins

We're Poppin Champagne with Venus and Serena, cause they are the First Blacks to ever own a stake in an NFL Team. The First Women of Tennis take the keys and drive right into NFL HERSTORY.

FYI  - In addition to the 18 Grand Slam titles, the Williams sisters have combined for nine Grand Slam doubles titles, 62 WTA Tour titles and three Olympic gold medals. These Girls are WINNERS Across The Board.  Having them as Minority Owners will undoubtably increase the Dolphins worth in the largest segment
of sports fans - Women. Yes Women.  Women are taking to football in record numbers, and we're glad. maybe this will help to degentrify the ownership ranks of all major sports teams.

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We're as Proud as Punch and Offer you an Open Bar on Thirsty Thursday compliments of the Williams Sisters. Let the Champagne Flow, We've Seen a Goal.

"Yes Mi Gals, You Represent For Allawi"

"The Williams Sistas Sell Off Miami - They Are The Chicks with Change"

The Williams Sisters Show Sista Power

This is Black Power.

You ever watch Big Valley; Nick, Jarred, Heath, Audrey and Miss Victoria Barkley. The Williams move was a Ms. Barkley move. It insulted the other big time cattlemen in the NFL Ranchers association who can’t be too happy these "gals" got into their exclusive country club.

The NFL roundtable, like board rooms across the land, are not lily white . . . because of happenstance. One of their unspoken rules; Women, gals of color, should be seldom seen and hardly ever heard. . . . .

Forgive me, but the contempt, the scorn . . . the envy harbored for these two lovely ladies . . . would require hours to spell-out and break down, but it is rooted primarily in the fact they are Black women, rich Black women.

On top of that, their appearance is not of the preferred house Negro "mulatto" look, you know; Lena Horn, Dorothy Dandridge, Dianne Carroll, Vanessa Williams, Mariah Carey or Beyonce.

They were being called nappy headed hoes . . . long before the Syracuse women were insulted.

They are, more then full featured women, one lean, fluent and eloquent, the other thick, explosive and curvaceous. Too much woman for some guys. See "Field Slave."

The type of Ebony beauties which created the . . . once you go Black. You never want to go back. Ask Vanessa’s man. . . . Or maybe a little more accurate, the darker the berry, the sweater the juice . . ..

Lip and hip implants . . . don’t need em’ born with em’ baby.

Here’s the curve ball – Black American’s color, flavor and features - span the spectrum, primarily due to the European’s uncontrollable desires . . . Call it Jungle fever.

I just like to make sure I state that fact, because this country is successful at slighting the Black woman’s vast beauty, while coronating Sandy-the-Snowflake as the worlds standard of beauty.

(to read the complete piece at Straight No Chaser Click Here)

Williams sisters buy into NFL's Dolphins

(AFP) – 1 day ago

MIAMI — American tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams have bought an ownership stake in the National Football League's Miami Dolphins.

"We are thrilled to have Venus and Serena join the Dolphins as limited partners," owner and managing general partner Stephen M. Ross said Tuesday.

"They are among the most admired athletes in the world and have become global ambassadors for the game of tennis.

"Their addition to our ownership group further reflects our commitment to connect with aggressively and embrace the great diversity that makes South Florida a multicultural gem."

Details of the minority purchase were not released.

In addition to the 18 Grand Slam titles, the Williams sisters have combined for nine Grand Slam doubles titles, 62 WTA Tour titles and three Olympic gold medals.


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Serena and Venus Williams are beauty in motion...always.

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