Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lemme See Ya Moonwalk for the King - Happy Birthday Michael

Michael Jackson left us too soon. his genius and spirit were like a fire that ignited generations. we are remembering him today, by playing
Michael Jackson on BadGalsRadio this entire weekend - we're spinning more than 100 Michael Jackson Tunes in 24 hrs. some favorites, some new, some old but all Classic Michael Jackson.

we hope you'll join us in celebrating what should have been Michaels'
51st Birthday August 29th, 2009.

Michael Left us a wealth of great videos - we selected a few just for today. many of them are old favorites and some are just shots of The King of Pop at his best, with his adoring public.

Feel free to repost this video player and share it with a friend.

Michael, You Taught Us So Much, and we shall never forget you because of it. Long Live the King of Pop.


askcherlock said...

What a beautiful tribute to Michael. One of my favorites is "You Are Not Alone." When my mom passed away in 1997, a friend bought the 45 (record) of it and had it beautifully framed. When I got into my car after her funeral, I turned on the car radio and that song came on. The irony....

It is a beautiful song that only Michael could have done.

Dori said...

He was truly gifted and he is so missed.

Bring Back Pluto said...

Michael is the man!!

My son and I loved the video!!

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