Monday, August 31, 2009

Lets Mari-nate on this Economics Lesson

Can the Emerald Triangle Teach Us How to Fix our Economy ?

people seem to be unable to translate the value of economics to tangible crops in todays' market. this video is great because it breaks it down, and shows you the floating market for Marijuana in Mendecino County. it explains the dollars and sense of why people take the risk; and what that risk translates to financially for their families.

The economic issues bring us back to asking the question, why is it still illegal to grow such a cash ready in demand crop. Michigan Medical Marijuana Initiative advocates the legalization of the Tax Stamp Program for Michigan Growers.

We Support that tax stamp movement, and hope that our legislators consider the economic implications - in a state that is on the verge of bankruptcy.

get your favorite beverage and kick back; watch the whole video and then tell us what you think about the Cash Crop Initiative,
that Could Save America - because the market exists.

Decriminalize Marijuana and Save the Economy Immediately,


askcherlock said...

It seems such an obvious solution to our economic crisis, doesn't it? I don't think that Conservatives will go for it, at least not yet. The monet which could be gained in legalizzing pot and taxing it could go a long way to fix our economy, but also to deter some crime.

THE GUYS said...

THE GUYS still can't figure out why Pot is still illegal.

But of course alcohol is??!!

Hmmm.......Makes no sense to us.

You make some very valid points.


WillOaks Studio said...

I think this is such an obvious solution to a chunk of our "crime and prisons"-to some of our money problems-to defang the Mexican mafia and on and on. Personally? I'd like to see more US emphasis on education and the value of being brainy--which IMHO would discourage the USE of pot because it seems to make most folks stupid. But that's another story...

RE Ausetkmt said...

@Cherlock - Cher we come from the generation where we could look a person in the eye and know if they were a real person or not. today anybody can practice headgames and most do. the game they are playing with themselves on this economics issue are going to become more brutal. there's no doubt that eventually they WILL Legalize Marijuana again nationally.

at that point they will all claim victory as the originators of the idea. just let them roll up a fatty and get lifted.

then we can too. boy oh boy when will that day get here..

Thanks for your comment sweets

RE Ausetkmt said...

@The Guys - Sai you know that the reason Weed is illegal is about money and not about morals.

the tobacco lobby were the primary influencers of the legislation in the late 1920's. The Harrison Act will be my next essay on the evils of money and medicine.

Thanks for the homework assignment Guys from Pluto - We Love Your Blog, and your supersmart daddy powers.

and just so you know, Pluto Is A PLANET. Yeahhhhh.. screw nasa

RE Ausetkmt said...

@WillOaks Studio -
Ms. Karen, Au Contrare Mon Aime,

There is alot of scientific evidence that THC
re-enhances Brain Cells and in fact regenerates brain cells in people who have memory loss, following a head injury.

"Speaking from personal experience" it was the only NON Pharmacutical that helped me relax and recover any of my memories without the fogginess of anesthesia or narcotics pain medicines.

alot of people like to play stupid, when they consume any substance that allows them to expand their relaxation and chillzone.

read my next post on the harrison act and I'll include something to clarify the real pharmacopia of THC v. other class one's like heroin.

Thanks for your comment Karen