Friday, August 7, 2009

What are You Doing this Saturday at 4:20 ?

I'm goin to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Expo on Saturday to see what's really cookin in the world of Medical Marijuana. You remember Medical Marijuana right ?

Mama Afrika Co-op's 420 hour is starting on so be sure to click in for a 420 min hooka of hot hits. to the Worldddddd

I'm in constant pain, but I never speak about it or let it stop me from doing much if anything. I take it like I take life, one breath at a time. the MMMExpo 2009 is probably going to be a big hit. I can imagine that other states will be having their own expo's. This one is specifically about exposing the options that are available to treat chronic pain and conditions which require consistent management.

This afternoon I spoke to a clinic called Compassionate Care. a nice man there told me that they will be hosting a booth at the expo. He invited me to stop by, and talk with them about my feelings and needs. If you are in Michigan and looking for a Doctor who understands the needs of patients with chronic conditions, using alternative pain management methods I'd highly suggest you contact them. They're in Troy MI - easy to get to, and offer flexible appointments.

I am not their patient YET, NOR is this a Paid Endorsement. I think they're worth it and I'm planning on making an appt with them quite soon.Clinic for Compassionate Care * 1 (269) 290-0114

many of us constant pain sufferers have grown tired of the traditional treatments, which offer little relief; as well as longterm side effects. I know that the medical community is adverse basically to anything that does not fatten their nests. As a patient I feel that "I should have the right to decide how to treat my pain"; and if I want to deal with the side effects, that invariably come with that treatment.

OOOOKKK We got our laugh out of the way

I read in the news recently about a well known rapper who was on tour and his tour bus was stopped for suspicion of possession of narcotics. welll, they barked up the wrong tree that time, because said performer produced his legal medical marijuana card and was instantly released.

that's not to say I plan to smoke like Snoop Dogg but I'm tired of having to always deal with the side effects of pain meds that leave me foggy and unable to deal with peroids of long term thinking. when you forget that alternatives exist; you are tricking yourself out of the chance, to find a viable and less harmful alternative to your present predicament.

Barack Obama understands that he needs to act on this, so lets see what he does next on the National Front. Barney Frank has introduced a bill to call for national decriminalization of Marijuana. it has yet to reach the floor for a vote; but we are hoping it will before the end of the next session of congress. Barack Obama is apparently thinking about it and so is Eric Holder. lets just hope they are aware of all the finer points of the argument; and the real need that exists - in the medical community. the health care bill should include an amendment to decriminalize and permit the dispensation of Medical Marijuana in all fifty states immediately.

saying to stop the raids is one thing; but making it happen is something all together different, because we all see it in the news happening over and over again - why ? is the fbi crazy or what ?

I have to take toxic pain meds daily and I think I should have that chance. I deserve my right to choose less harmful and less toxic treaments.

This is in Cali - some Kids are taking their rights seriously, dont' you think it's time we adults did the same thing ?

What About You - Do You think that Medical Marijuana should be approved Nationwide ?


Babsy said...

Warm it Up Y'all..
it's time for a good discussion on the virtues of making your own decisions. I'm taking the first step tomorrow. How do You Feel ?

Angelika said...

How YOU doin?

I wish marijuana was legal! The side effects are much easier (and pleasant) to deal with than all the effing pills & shots I have to take!

Babsy said...

Angelika, we should all be demanding it since we have chronic pain and debilitation is worsened by the side effects of these pills.

"Legalize IT and BadGals Will Advertise It"

nice to see you again, and thanks for the comment sweets