Sunday, August 9, 2009

What's Good for the Donkey is good for the Pigs damn it..

BOBO You Made Your Point - I Apologize

Earlier this week I went off on a political blog about the joker style photo of Barack Obama, shown above.

For the record we find it repulsive and hiddeous.

I must admit that I was totally insensed with the image when I saw it; even though I myself have seen and even posted some quite negative characterizations about Execs Bush and Cheney.

they however in my opinion earned it with their litany of evil deeds; most during their 8 years of world torture. some of which is still undergoing attempts at being undone. Iraq and Gitmo included.

Tonite when I saw this, I thought - hey this is kinda the same thing in a totally different way - President Obama is still portrayed in a somewhat unflattering terms; but not as a crazed criminal. this is just so crazy I don't know which side of the fence I'm going to get stabbed with on this issue.

This is a Public Apology to The BOBO who I said mean things to last week;

Honestly I really like Bob, as a guy without the politics. He's just an average Joe. BOB, I'm Apologizing for the mean comeback - even though I think you expected that fromthose of us who got pissed at your characterization of Barack Obama as the same as The Joker; or Heath Ledger, or George Bush. whatever.
He Was Elected and Is The President, So lets try to respect that please.

Honestly Bob, I forget that you are quite young; and still have alot to learn about politics and people. it's as though our paths crossed and you were supposed to have like myself,  the pedigree of the civil rights movement; the love generation of the 70's; and the womanhood 80's; experiences to use as your tools to reference before making blogging decisions. but alas, Bobo You Don't. maybe that's why many of your readers tend to think of you as an obstinante Old White Guy who IS as much of a clown politically; as his blogging persona. Heavens To Betsy Ross Bob, stop acting like that please.

PARDON MOI, but after re-reading your piece - I believe that we should expect nothing more from you Mr. Bobo than you've demonstrated up to this point. apparently to want more, is obviously a frivilous waste of time on my part.

Pardon me for believing that because I've become more accepting of americanism's flaws; that you would followsuit and become more accepting of it's realities. it's irrational and so democratic of me., sorry really Bob. It's this brain, I can't find the shut off switch - it just keeps working and working and.. well you know.

I am not backing down from my belief that the president deserves respect when he does right; and questions if he doesn't. that's why I think Former Execs Bush and Cheney deserve a Fair Trial. there's no way they can walk away from this mountain of catastrophy. Not Even if We Post Psychedelic posters of  Brotha Barack
in College Smokin a KOOL Cigarette; on Every Corner, and hand out a handful of  California Chronic pills to the masses.

America may be a buncha tokers, but we ain't stupid... 

Mr President: Will You Please Legalize the Damn Hemp and Medical Marijuana so you can fix the  republicans wagons. pay em off, and tie em up; apparently they like it that way.  let a freak be a freak, and a politician be a politician. what's fair for the donkey is fair for the Repiglicans dog gon-nit.

Tomorrow we post our Real Feelings about this 400% Increase in Death Threats toward President Obama. yes we said four hundred percent increase in presidential death threats. more than 30 per day.. presently.

We All Gotta Deal with this Issue of Fair Use Once and For All,

Everyone Please read this and lets all just think about this photo issue before we get any more wound up.
By Michael Masnick on just-can't-get-away-from-it
We all know about the ongoing legal fight over Shepard Fairey's iconic Obama poster, but it looks like there may be another potential battle over a different photo. After the election last year, Time Magazine published a bunch of photos of Obama in college, taken by a fellow student Lisa Jack, that had never been seen outside of a small group of people. One of the photos, showed Obama smoking a cigarette. It's probably not a huge surprise that a marijuana legalization group, NORML, has modified the image to create a poster. You can see the two juxtaposed here:

Not surprisingly, Jack is not at all happy about the use of the photo, leading to yet another set of questions about fair use:
"They do not have my permission," said Jack, a psychology professor in Minnesota. These photos "are absolutely not to be used in this way. ... I really made a grand effort to do this properly, and I'm very irritated. If I'd wanted these to be used for political purposes, I'd have sold them to Hillary years ago."
Now, of course you can appreciate her feelings on this, in that she doesn't want her photo used this way, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's not legal. And, even though it's buried at the end of the article, Jack later admits that "it's really cool" that her image is considered "iconic" enough to use in that manner. The real question is whether or not Jack will actually do anything about this. Copyright law is not designed to be used to stifle speech (especially political speech), but we could soon see yet another fair use battle over a famous Obama image.


askcherlock said...

I completely agree that depicting our President in this manner is disrespectful. Al Jolson was way before your time or mine. He used Black face for a long time in his vaudeville act and then realized it was unacceptable. The nation was moving forward. This photo is a set-back and I am appalled by it.

I am also frightened by the number of death threats the President has received. Depictions like the one above in white face just fan the flames. Will these people accept the burden if something horrible happens to Obama? I think not. The signs from the sixties still linger in my mind. I do not want to grieve over the loss of another president. Man-up folks and go at him with dignity, not the deployment of racism.

Babsy - RE said...

cher this must come to a head and pardon the pun but I think a pin head is not the one we want.

lots of these so called liberals think this is acceptable behaviour, because this generation has a higher level of gore - but it is not.

when they amp it up, they loose their relationship with reality because they don't exist within it's boundaries anylonger. sad and dangerous as a combo.

lets hope that this trend finds an end, soon.

thanks for your comment sweets

Denford said...

Nothing else can be expected of these guys. According to them, anyone who is not like them is "unAmerican".

It is not even about race, they did teh same thing Clinton. As far as they are concerned, and like the Nazis, anyone who is different ideologically and in any other way is not an American

Babsy said...

Denford Magora's Zimbabwe Blog : Live from Zimbabwe
8/10/09 05:06

Hi RE:

I really wanted to leave my piece of mind on the Obama joker thing, but no message box is coming up. I tried clicking on the "2 comments" three times. I tried clicking on the headline, still no message box comes up!!

The Repugnicans are the most intolerant people I have ever seen outside of the Nazis. Every single Democratic president elected is, to them, "unAmerican", "Illegitimate" and so on.

They did the same with Clinton. You remember Bob Dole saying after Bill beat George Senior, "There is not much of a mandate there". Dole was still senate leader at the time.

They hounded Bill, said he was not legitimate and now you even have people writing on Repugnicant blogs "Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him."

What the voters have to say appears not to matter. If Obama had won with a sliver-thin majority I would understand their position, but it appear these people do not believe in democracy unless that democracy buys into their fear mongering and bigotry.

I NEVER get worked up about attacks like this, be they here in Zimbabwe or in the USA. It is a sign of the impotent rage of these people.

I really do not think it is at all about race. It is simply that these people seem to think that anyone who is not a Repugnican is not an American and does not deserve to have an opinion.

Babsy said...

Thank You Denford, you put it in a nutshell.

maybe what we need is an investigation into repiglican fitness; as quite a few of them seem to be swinging like loose nuts on a tree. literally.

toasty aroma said...

Give it to the democrats to get their panties all in a twist about this poster. Don't you guys remember all the Bush posters depicting him as Hitler, satan, etc? I really don't give a crap; I am a libertarian. Republican and Democrat nominees are all crooks alike.

Babsy said...

aaawwww Tasty you showed your hand.
if you didn't care you wouldn't have commented. Thanks Repiglican. you're just trying to distract us with a different name for the same animal.

no dice, we know we gotcha by the balls. feeeelll the pain baby !