Saturday, July 18, 2009

Who can Fly Pon Drivers License - L.A. Lewis; Who ?

in case you have no idea of Who L.A. Lewis Is - You Are Not Alone.. apparently he is collaborating with Michael Jacklson - Yeah Jacklson

Thank Jah most of the world has no idea of who L.A. Lewis Is.. he claims to be tight with the Queen of England and Tags Grafitti on Rocks under the Ocean; while making fake videos with Michael Jacklson ? I'm sure he is confused as well, since he claims he can "Fly Pon Drivers License".

Rubbish, and Foolishness. Listen in as the Twin of Twins ram out L.A. Lewis and his foolishness. this man is a bonified fool; L.A. Lewis that is.

Please Tell Me, Who can Fly Internationally On Their Drivers License ? he also claims he can pick up his cellphone and call straight to the "'Real Good Good Good Buckinham".

Who is this man getting his delusions from "Fools R Us" ? in any-case it takes a pair of comedy masters to grasp the shallowness of L.A. Lewis.

Big Up Twin of Twins - Yuh Bring Di Ting Rough rough roughhhhhh..

we want you to get a giggle on Saturday since we are taking the day off to attend to some grown folks business..

feel free to share the comedy with a friend, since a laugh is always better shared.

Happy Saturday,

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askcherlock said...

Thanks for the giggle and question mark on top of my cartoon head. This guy must be wacko. Ooops, sorry, that one's taken. Well, he is different....