Thursday, July 23, 2009

Entrecard Has Massed OUT - Smilies Requested

Well Well Wellllll. Entrecard now has a staff - as we say in Jamaica "Dem Mass Out"

When we got the blog tonite, we noticed an immediate improvement. just the fact that we know what may or may-not be happening behind the scenes, makes us happier. There was a Professional air to blog, and the announcement of a New Director of Business Development. That means stuff is getting done.
She indicates that there is a plan being developed. Can You Imagine, Entrecard working with the rules in place, instead of changed to meet mood or needs of the previous owners.

A Couple of the most important changes were announced tonight. I belive they will have an immediate impact on the entrecard economy, and the morale or it's many members. I'm looking forward to seeing the categories finally cleaned up of dead blogs; and a real count put in place. This would allow for proper credit of popularity. that would be like a cherry ontop of the cake.

maybe if they finally get around to it, they'll also look at a system to allow user ratings and utilize that data to better assess the quality of a blog, instead of the ridiculous points system that is presently in place.  trust me, no blog should be in top place if they don't update at least every 7 days. how could they be current if they didn't. Blogs that get lots of comments should also be recognized for their popularity. this would I believe help to cut the problem we all see in bounce rate. You would read to be able to rate and then get the points;
extra points for leaving a rating and a comment. that's what blogs rely on. Comments and Return Visits.

Mostly the interaction with visitors is what we want, and what makes a blog's true popularity measurable. there must be some way to recognize the blogs that set trends as well, and that serve special populations. We do think that their first initiatives are spectacular; as they read with clarity; what Graham ignored vehemently.

The elimination of paid ads and the cashout programs are totally correct for a new startup. this is basically a new start up, because the owners are taking a barely functioning social network / virtual advertising company - and attempting to revive it;

to the delight of the users

We Wish Cindy Ung - Director of Business Development; and the new owners nothing but good will and fairness in their changeover process. it takes alot of grit to build a company from the ground. Graham had a vision, and maybe Andrew can make it a reality. We Sure Hope So.

So Did you hear about the changes to Entrecard, and how do you feel about them ?
HEY LEAVE US A SMILE And Tell Us Please, as we're lonely without your comments :.(

here's the note we received tonite,

Posted: 22 Jul 2009 08:18 AM PDT

Dear Entrecard Members,

My name is Cindy and I am the new Director of Business Development for Entrecard. I will be representing the Entrecard team in future posts and will be relaying information about new Entrecard changes and updates to users. I am excited to be working for Entrecard and look forward to reading your opinions and comments about Entrecard services.

We are making great progress with the transition and have come up with several ways to refine needed Entrecard services. I would like to inform you about two important changes.

Effective immediately, we will no longer accept applications for “paid ads” on your widget space. Based on user comments and blog posts, users have not been happy with the “paid ads” that was implemented a few months ago. Although a good portion of the revenue (75%) is given back to the users through the “credit cashout program,” we have found that most users would prefer not to have “paid ads” on their widgets at all. As a result, we have decided to eliminate “paid ads” on your widget. We are no longer accepting new “paid ads” and any ads currently in the system will continue to run until they are completed.

Second, we have received many user requests to redeem credits for cash through the “credit cashout program.” Some users have been paid while many users have not. Since we are ending the “paid ads” program, we are also eliminating the “credit cashout program.” As promised, we will continue to pay as many users as we can with the remaining funds from the “paid ads” system. Within the next 3 days, we will distribute the remaining funds from the “paid ads” to users on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once these funds run out, we will reissue credits back to those users who applied for the cashout program but did not receive money. An email notification will be sent out to our users.

We understand that eliminating the “credit cashout program” may upset some users. However, Entrecard is actively developing ways for Entrecard users to use, sell and trade their credits. This is on the top of our priority list.

Once again, we feel that ending the “paid ads” and “cashout” program will benefit Entrecard and its users in the long run. We understand what your concerns are and we intend to address them. Thank you for being a valued member. Stay tuned for updates.

Cindy Ung
Director of Business Development

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Dorothy L said...

There is an old saying girl....
'Dry dirt always falls off"

Even in Entrecard:)